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A v!rg!nfor the wolf Episode 3

🍆🍆A v!rg!nFOR THE WOLF. 🍆🍆😋
🥛🥛You Are My Mate🥛🥛🤗
Rated 18+🔞
Episode 3.
A visit to my mate.
Miss Ellie Carter walked back to her desk, head held high. She nodded and smiled to her work colleagues, as though everything was normal.
Sliding into her seat she quic-kly took the ph0togra-ph of Thomas, and the few other personal items she had brou-ght in and put them in her bag.
She glanced at the clock, five minutes until it was time to leave, she couldn’t wait that long. Luckily her bag was small so she took some files from her desk and hid it beneath them, and walked out of the office.
Placing the files down on an empty desk on the way to the elevator, she left the floor of Greystone Holdings and went down to the foyer.
Trying to look normal she headed towards the main doors, feeling guilty when security watched her. Ellie kept her cool, and left the building.
It took her an hour to get home, and only when she was safe in the shabby [email protected] she shared with Thomas, who thankfully wasn’t home yet, did she let her emotions go.
Almost staggering to the sofa she [email protected] in a heap and began to cry.
It had all been going so well, she had worked ha-rder than anyone else in the office, Mrs Pierce had praised her, letting her know she would be getting a permanent contract if she kept up her [email protected] work.
It wasn’t fair that just because she hadn’t got a stupid piece of paper that confirmed that she was qualified to do the job she had lost out again.
Failure, that was what she was. Would nothing ever go right?
After five minutes of self pity she pu-ll-ed herself together, as she always did. She would have to work out what she was going to do now, there wasn’t enough money in her bank account for more than one month’s rent, and she certainly wouldn’t be getting a pay check for the two weeks she had worked at Greystone.
She tried not to berate herself over what had happened. It had been done for a reason, a chance to make a better life for her and Thomas; if she had been careful with the money she would have been able to save enough for a college fund for him.
Tomorrow she would simply have to go back to Scottie’s and ask for her old job back, they had been sorry to see her go so hopefully she might be able to pick up some shifts.
Maybe that was where she belonged anyway. Perhaps the only thing she would ever be good at was being a waitress.
Wiping her eyes she went to the small kitchen and began to prepare dinner. Thomas would be back soon, and he was always hungry when he [email protected]£ home.
They could sit down and he could tell her all about his day, and tomorrow she would start to pick the pieces up again, certainly she’d had enough practice at that.
pu-lling pans out of the cu-pboard, and heating the oven she set to work on dinner. Nothing fancy, money didn’t stretch far, but at least they would not go to be-d hungry.
Ellie had done that a few times in the past too, not that it had ever made her shift a few pounds, which seemed impossible. She smiled, at least if she got her job back at Scottie’s they would eat well, the owner knew her situation and was always generous with the leftovers. No, she could make things work, a second job, perhaps at the grocery store, would make life easier.
The door opened and Thomas [email protected]£ in. “Hey, Ellie, something smells good.”
“Hi, Tom. Get washed up and we can sit and eat. Had a good day?” she asked.
“Yeah, how about you? The new job still going great?” His voice got closer, and then he was in front of her and she knew she would have to tell him her news.
“No. I got fired, they found out I didn’t actually pas-s my exams.” She st©pped what she was doing and looked at him.
“Really, I thought you said it was going well?” He opened the fridge and took out a soda.
“It was, and then the boss himself, Mr Greystone, [email protected]£ back.” She could picture him vividly, too vividly, the things she wanted him to do to her, the places she wanted him to t©uçh.
Clearing her throat she tried to concentrate on Tom.
“How bad was it?” Tom [email protected]£ and put his arm around
her, she leaned on his shoulder, goodness he was growing into a young man, trouble was he constantly nee-ded new clothes as he grew out of everything so fast.
“Could have been worse, but it’s done with now.” Although the thought of never seeing Nathaniel Greystone did not sit well with her emotions.
Maybe she should have listened to his offer of an arrangement; it was probably the only way she would
ever know what it was like to be with a man. Wow, she sounded desperate.
“I know, but you were best in your clas-s, it’s not fair that that counts for nothing, I bet you would have got the highest mark out of your whole clas-s if you had sat the exam.”
The hvgged him. “Thanks, Tom, but the fact that I didn’t sit the exam means I wasted two years of my life.”
“Look, I’ll ask around see if there is any work I can do, to help out here while you get straight.”
“No, Tom. The best thing you can do is study, get good grades, perhaps you might get a scholarsh!p, your head teacher thinks it is a real possibility.” Tom being successful and happy would make up for all the sacrifices she had made.
“I feel bad though, you having to work so [email protected]
“It’ll be worth it when you become a successful and then you can buy me a nice house, with a garden.”
“You’re on,” he said giving her a big squee-ze. “Right I’ll get changed and wash my hands, I am starving.” He left the kitchen, walking to his be-droom when there was a knock at the front door.
“Can you get that?” Ellie called. “It will probably be for you anyway.”
“Sure,” he answered.
Ellie went back to preparing dinner, wondering if she would have to make it go three ways, Tom always had friends around.
It was something she encouraged, because it was something her mother had never liked her to do.
“Ellie,” Tom said, poking his head back around the door. “It’s for you.”
“Who is it?” she mouthed. No one ever [email protected]£ to see her, unless she owed them money.
Tom shrugged.
Wiping her hands on a cloth she went out to see who it was, shocked to find Nat Greystone standing in her shabby [email protected]
Tom stood looking at Nat, she could tell by his expression he was intrigued as to why a man like this was coming to see his plump sister, men basically ignored her, she was invisible to the opposite S-x unless she was bringing them their order.
“Mr Greystone,” she said giving Tom a look that said make yourself invisible. “I believe our business was concluded at your office.”
“I am afraid I don’t see it that way, Miss Carter,” Nat said smoothly.
Ellie felt the colour drain from her face; he was going to press charges.
Could you be charged with falsifying your CV? She wasn’t sure, but if a rich and powerful man such as Nathaniel Greystone wanted it, she thought he would probably be able to persuade the right person it was in the public interest.
Tom saw her face too, and sprang to her defence, much to Ellie’s horror. “My sister was just trying to make things better for us.”
“Sister, ah, now it makes a bit more s-en-se,” Nat said looking at Ellie. “Where are your parents?”
“That is none of your business.” Ellie moved to the door. “plea-se leave, Mr Greystone. I’m sure the police have better things to do than deal with any charges you might want to press.”
“You made it my business when you falsified information on your application, so I’m not going anywhere until you have heard me out.” Nat went over to the sofa and sat down.
“Don’t worry; I am not interested in involving the police, as long as you do as I ask. Now plea-se sit down, Miss Carter, and I’m sure your brother has somewhere he could go to give us some privacy.”
Ellie thought back to what Nat Greystone had implied
in his office, and despite her earlier thoughts, she had no real intention of being persuaded to do him any personal favours.
“This is not a good time, we were about to eat.”
Nat crossed his legs, leaning back and ma-king himself comfortable. “plea-se don’t let me st©p you, I will be quite happy to wait.”
Ellie looked at Tom who stood with his fists clenched; angry at the way Nathaniel Greystone was talking to them, or [email protected] his sister, who he always felt was his duty to defend.
“Come on Tom, let’s eat.”
Tom looked at her as though she was crazy, but she nodded towards the kitchen, and so he headed towards the door.
Ellie followed and once she had quic-kly finished preparing the food they sat down at the small table, and ate in silence.
Unable to bear the atmosphere, Ellie tried to think of something to say. “Do you have homework?”
Tom looked at her oddly. “Homework?”
“Yes, do you have homework to do tonight?”
He thought for a moment. “No.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I only have math and that is not due for two days.”
Ellie would normally have pressed him to finish it tonight, but she thought it would be better if he was out of earsh0t of whatever it was Nathaniel Greystone wanted to say to her.
“If I have enough money in my purse do you want to ring Jimmy and see if he can go to the movies with you tonight?”
Ellie knew that the movies were such a rare treat that he would go without any more persuasion.
“Can I go and see that new action movie? It has some great car chases.” Tom alre-ady sounded excited.
“Sure,” she said rolling her eyes at him.
He laughed. “If you weren’t so boring you never know
you might enjoy it.”
“Boring. Wow, thanks.” She laughed too, forgetting for one moment there was a very powerful man sitting in the other room looking to take control of some [email protected] of her.
“Well, you are.” He finished shoving his dinner into his mouth and [email protected]£d her bag.
Handing it over, he waited patiently while she counted out the last remaining cash. “Thanks, Sis.”
He k!$$£d her on the cheek and was reaching for his coat and heading out the door. With phone in hand he was so busy texting Jimmy he almost forgot to scowl at Nat who was still sat on the shabby sofa, having listened to the exchange in the kitchen, smiling to himself.
As the front door ban-ged behind Tom he waited for Ellie to come back out, after exactly one minute he thought he had waited long enough and headed to the small kitchen to find her.

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