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When I met you finale

When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Final & Epilogue
Finally at peace
Nora PoV
I watched as the Bella lifeless b©dy was being carried into an ambulance
“I can’t believe she almost killed me, I could have been dead “.
I looked at Damon and smiled, he was talking to his uncle
“he is mine , he is really mine”
“ Damon”. I called as I walked closer to him
“ yes”.he replied
“Can we go?”. I asked
“ sure”.he replied
“ how are you feeling?”. I asked on our way home
“happy”.he replied
“ are you sure?”. I asked
“ Yes”. he replied, Who is Anthony?”. he asked
“ he is my best friend”. I replied
“ how did he know you were in there?”. he asked
“ he was among the kidnappers”. I replied , I guess he joined the gangs because of money
“ oh!”. he exclaimed
He drove into my compound and my mom and Zara immediately ran outside
“ Nora”. My mom called and hvgged me immediately I got out of the car, Thank God you are safe
I smiled as I hvgged her back
“ Damon”. Thanks for bringing my sister back home safely”. Zara said as she hvgged him
We walked into the house and headed to my room leaving my mom and Zara watching movie in the sitting room
“You are spending the night at my place”. I told him
“ sure”. he replied, I went over to the bathroom to freshen up and when I returned to the room, he was alre-ady asleep
I stared at him while he sle-pt, he is really mine……..
We drove over to Anthony the next morning .Damon insisted on seeing him
I sighted Anthony pla-ying with some guys in front of his house
“Anthony”. I called getting down from the car
“Nora”. He called excitedly and ran to hvg me, I am glad you are fine
He looked at Damon and immediately [email protected]£ scared
“I dddid nnnot mean to kk!sssnapp her”. he stammered
“Thank you for saving her”. Damon said smiling and Anthony looked at him in surprise
“We are here to thank you Anthony”. I repeated and he smiled
“Why did you join the gang?”. Damon asked him
“I nee-ded money”. he replied
“ really?”. Damon asked . He brou-ght out his business card and handed it to Anthony , call me whenever you nee-d anything
“ can I really do that?”. Anthony asked
“ sure”. Damon replied, and make sure you don’t go back to the gangs, it did not befit you
“ Thank you sir”.Anthony replied smiling
“ it is Damon”. Damon corrected
“ Thank you very much Damon”.Anthony beamed happily
I looked at him and smiled,he has really being a good friend to me. we pla-yed together, danced together and even lied together……
“ Thanks Anthony”.I hvgged him before leaving
Damon PoV
I was really happy when I found Nora unhurt, I never expected Bella to react that way.
We drove to my home after leaving Anthony place
“ how many days am I staying with you?”. Nora asked
I looked at her and grinned
“ how many days?”. she asked again
“ can you spend your whole life with me?”. I asked her
“ are you trying to propose to me?”. She asked
“ something like that?”. I replied smiling
“Oh!, you are really something else”. She said , you dis flowered me while standing and now you are proposing to me while driving without a ring
“ I can get the ring”. I replied grinning
“ get away Damon”. She said giving me a pla-ying punch
We drove into the compound and I held her hands as we walked inside
I [email protected] in surprise when I saw my dad and Petra k!ssing
“ wow!”. I exclaimed and they immediately broke the k!ss
“ when did you get home?”. I asked him, you ought to be in the hospital
“ i don’t like the smell of hospital so I discharged myself “.he replied grinning
“ Are you two couples?”. I asked him looking at Petra
“ yes”. he replied grinning
“Nora, he called , I am glad you are safe
“Thanks”. She muttered
“ how did you know?”, I asked him
“ The news”. He replied
“Oh, I almost forgot those gossips reporters were pres£nt at the scene
“Bella is really a bit-ch”. he muttered
“ sure”. I replied with a scoff
have fun. I said holding Nora as we headed to my room
We walked into the room and I immediately went to the bathroom to shower. I was surprised to see Nora n-ked when I returned to the room
“ what are you trying to do?”. I asked her , are you trying to s£dûç£me
“ I nee-d you Damon”. She replied pouting
I looked at her and smiled
“ is it the baby disturbing you?” I asked her
“ I nee-d you”. She repeated.
I chucked and walked towards her, I placed my l!pon hers and k!$$£d her pas-sionately
“Do you regret being with me?”. She asked
“ hell no”. I replied, you gave my life meaning WHEN I MET YOU
I carried her to the be-d and we made love throu-ghout the night
Nora PoV
“ push”. the doctor urged me
“Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh”. I screamed as I pushed [email protected]
“ you nee-d to push ha-rder Mrs Adams”. The doctor told me
I held my breath and pushed with all the strength I had
“The baby is here”.the doctor shouted as he helped bring the baby out.
“It is a girl “. he told me
I smiled when I heard the cry of my baby, I tried tou-ching the baby when I suddenly has another contraction…
“There is another baby”. the doctor said as he handed the first baby to a nurse
“We can do this Mrs Adams”.he urged me
“ I am weak”.i replied
“ you have got to do this”.he said. The door to the room opened and Damon walked in with a nurse
“ I am sorry sir but he insisted on Coming in”.The nurse apologised
“ it is alright”. The doctor said , we nee-d your help here Damon
Damon walked towards me and held my hands
“You really nee-d to push ha-rder”.he encouraged
“ I don’t have strength”. I replied
“Do it for me and our children”. He said brushing the hair off my face
“ fine”. I nodded and screamed pushing the second baby out
“ it is a girl”. I heard the doctor say before I blacked out
I woke up and smiled when I saw Damon seated beside me and holding the twins
“Hey”.he greeted, you are finally awake
“Let me hold them”. I said and Damon gently placed the tiny babies on my arms..I stared at them , they were so beautiful
“ what should we name them?”. I asked
“ I don’t know”.he replied shrugging, you can do that
“Fine”. I will name the first one Sofia and the second one Sonia “,I replied grinning
He looked at me in surprise. I named the twins after his mother
“how do you know her names?”. he asked
“I saw it in your diary”.i replied
“ really?”, he asked, I don’t make use of it again
“ I know”. I replied smiling
I was soon discharged from the hospital and Damon us home
We parked in front of our mansion and the maids quic-kly ran to help but Damon insisted on carrying the twins
We walked in and I was surprised to see both families seated in the sitting room
“ Congratulations”.They screamed excitedly
“Thanks so much”. I replied smiling
Damon threw a [email protected] to [email protected] the arrival of the twins, he was very much proud of his little darlings
“ Congratulations Nora”. Tonia greeted hvgging me
“Thanks baby”.i replied giving her a pe-ck
“Guess what!”. She exclaimed
“ what?”. I asked her
“ Mikel proposed to me yesterday”
“Wow!”.i exclaimed, I am happy for you bestie…..
I looked around the hall for Damon and smiled when I saw him laughing with his friends
I walked towards him and gave him a back hvg
“My husband”. I called.he married me two months after he proposed to me in the car
he turned back and k!$$£d me
“ where are the kids?”. he asked
“ They are with my Mother?”. I replied
“Damon”. I called
“Yes”.he answered
“Thanks for coming into my life “. I said
“ I should be the one thanking you”.he replied pu-lling me closer as he k!$$£d me……
The end
Thanks for re-ading

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