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When I met you Episode 29 & 30

When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 29
Damon POV
It has been four weeks since Parker arrest , everything was going on smoothly . Dad was recovering fas-ter and Tonia was alre-ady on her feet.
Nora and I were waxing stronger in our relationsh!p
I drove over to to Nora’s place , she called to tell me she was feeling sick
Zara ran out to meet me immediately I drove into the compound…
“Damon”. she screamed in excitement
I bent down and hvgged her
“ how are you?”. I asked ruffling her hair
She held my hands as we walked inside the mansion
“ helo ma”. I greeted Nora mum
“Damon”. She called flashing me a smile, how are you?”she asked
“ I am fine ma”. I replied
“Where is Nora?”. I asked
“ she is in her room”.her mother replied
I climbe-d up the stairs and pushed the door to her room opened .
“hey”.i greeted, how are you feeling?”. I asked walking in
She was laying on her be-d covered up with a blanket
“ Damon”. She called weakly
I went over to the be-d and sat down beside her
“ what is wrong?”. I asked
“ I am feeling feverish”. She replied
“ Have you gone to…………I st©pped when She jo-lted up from the be-d and ran into the bathroom.
“What is wrong with her”. I wondered.
She returned to the room with a gloomy face
“What exactly is wrong with you?”. I asked her
“ I don’t know”. She replied, I have been puking
“ when did it start?”. I asked her
“Three days ago”.She replied
“ do you feel dizzy?”. I asked her
“ yes” she replied
“do you have weird cravings?”. I asked
“I don’t think so”. She replied
“ Are you pregnant?”. I asked
“ no way”. She replied
“ put on something proper”. I instructed her
“ why? are we going somewhere?”. She asked
I nodded
“ where ?”. She asked
“To the hospital”. I replied
We got to the hospital and headed towards the doctor office
“ Doctor Steve”. I greeted the doctor as I walked in
“ Damon”. he called flashing me a smile
“ Are you here to see your dad?”. he asked as I sat down opposite him
“Yes”. I nodded, I also want you to run a test on her”.i said pointing at Nora who was beside me
“ okay”.he said, what is wrong with you?”. he asked Nora
“I feel feverish and dizzy most times”. She complained
He looked at me and grinned
“Do you puke?”. he asked her
she nodded
“ Let me run a test on her for proper confirmation”. he said
I watched Nora winced in Pain as the Doctor drew blood from her
“Ouch!, it hurts”. She exclaimed
I looked at her and smiled
“She is pregnant, Nora is carrying my child”. I thought
“ congratulation Damon, you will soon be a father”. The doctor said handing the test result to me
I glanced at the result and smiled
“What does that mean?”.Nora asked squee-zing her face
“ you are pregnant “. the doctor replied her
“ really?”. She asked tearing up
“ why are you crying?”. I asked , aren’t you happy?
“ I am Damon, I am very happy”. She replied, I am carrying your baby “. She said and hvgged me..
“Congratulations once again”. The Doctor said smiling……
.we went over to my father ward and he smiled as soon as we walked in..
“ Father”. I called , how are you feeling
“ I am as agile as a monkey”. he replied and we all laughed
“Good evening sir”.Nora greeted
“Evening dear”.he replied, how are you?
“Guess what Dad!”. I asked before Nora could reply
“ what is it son?”. My dad asked
“I am going to be a father soon”. I replied grinning
“Really?”. My father asked excitedly, This calls for [email protected]
“ sure”. I replied
“ Thanks Nora for ma-king my son happy”.he said to Nora
“ it is nothing. Nora replied shyly
“Dad”. I called, Thanks for being a great father”. I told him
He looked at me in surprise
“ does it mean you have forgiven me?”. he asked
“ sure”. I nodded, with all of my heart
“Thanks Son”. he said gesturing me to come closer to him
He pu-ll-ed me into a hvg
“Thanks Son, Thanks so much Son”.he repeated
Nora POV
Damon held my hands as we walked out of the hospital
“Thanks”. He said
“ for what?”. I asked
“ Everything “. he muttered
“ I should be thanking you”. I said to him
He pu-ll-ed me closer to him and k!$$£d me when someone bu-mped into us
“ Are you blin………?”.Damon asked but st©pped when he saw it was Bella
“Why would you k!ssin front of a public place?”. She asked
“I don’t see how that affects you”. Damon replied
“ can we go?”. I asked Damon
“ sure Princess”. He replied and held my hand to leave when the bit-ch dragged the result from my hands
She glanced at it and scoffed
“How dare you?”. I asked her and snatched the result from her
“ I am sorry”. She mumbled as she walked into the hospital
“She is really a bit-ch”. I said in anger
“Let her be, don’t let her ruin your mood” Damon adviced
“ sure”. I replied as we headed towards the car park….
Damon drove into My mother’s mansion
“I don’t know how my mom will react if I tell her about the pregnancy”. I said in worry
“ I will tell her myself if you can’t do it”.Damon said as-suring me
We walked into the room and met my mum in the sitting room with her eyes glued to the television
“ Mum”. I called
“Nora”.she sighed, what exactly is wrong with you? have you done a test?”. She asked
“ I am ammm”. I stammered
“ what?”. She asked raising an eyebrow
“ she is pregnant”.Damon blurted out
Mum looked at me
“ is that true?”. She asked
I nodded and she smiled
“ I trust Damon will treat you right”. She said as she looked at him
“ is that all?”. I asked
“ what else were you expecting?”. She asked ,you both can go over to the room, I am watching an interesting movie I don’t want to be disturbe-d”. She said as she continued with the movie.
“I will be on my way now”. Damon said
“ why?”. I asked
“ I have to go over to the company, I have lot of things to do”.he replied, I [email protected]£ over because you called you were sick
“ Ok love “. I replied
“ see you tomorrow”. he said as he k!$$£d me…….
I got to my room after Damon left , I la-id on my be-d
I t©uçhed my flat stomach and smiled
“Damon child is inside me, I am going to be a mother soon”……
I kept on wondering who the child will take after ……..
. Bella PoV
“ aaaaarrrrrrrrgh”. I screamed as I threw everything I could [email protected] hands on
That bit-ch is pregnant for my Damon, I have to get rid of her very fast
I picked my phone and dialled a number
“Helo Lito”.i called as soon as he picked it
“Bella”. He called , what can I do for you?”. he asked
“I want that lady dead”. I replied
“ which lady?”. he asked
“ The one I paid you to keep track on”. I replied
“Cool”. he replied, how do you want her death to be”. he asked
“I will kill her myself”. I replied, just abduct her”……
“ when do you want her kidnapped?”. he asked
“ Today”. I replied
“Ok boss, I will call you as soon as we have her”. He said and ended the call
“ I will make sure I stab that bastard out of her “..I yelled
Nora PoV
“Nora”. Zara called storming into my room, what are you still doing? we will be late
“ I am sorry”. I replied as I hurriedly dressed up
I brou-ght out myl-ipstick and applied it
I stared at myself in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction
“ can we go now?”. She asked tapping her feet
“ sure”. I replied as i [email protected]£d my bag, Let us go……
The driver drove to Adams college after dropping Zara off at her school . Damon called earlier to explain he was very busy at the office and wont be coming to school …..
I am really going to be lonely today”, I thought
I walked into the clas-s and smiled when I saw Tonia seated in clas-s
“Tonia”. I called in excitement, how are you?
She looked at me and smiled
“ I am fine”. She replied, thanks for caring for me throu-ghout my stay in the hospital
“ it is nothing”. I replied, I believed it was all my fault
“ No it isn’t”. She replied, it was my fault, I shouldn’t have bullied you and I am very sorry for all I have done to you in the past
I looked at her in surprise
“ is this really Tonia”. I thought
“ can we be friends?”. She asked
“ sure”. I nodded
“ I mean real friends”. She said and I smiled
I sat down beside Tonia during lectures and I must admit she was fun to be with
“Bye”. I waved to her as we walked out of the school building
“ what of Damon?”. She asked , isn’t he taking you home
“ he is very busy”. I replied and she nodded
“ see you tomorrow”. She said as she got into her car and drove off
I dialled the driver number and it was not going throu-gh
“Damn, I will have to make use of a taxi”
I flagged down a taxi
“Petra Estate”. I said as I got in ………
I alighted from the taxi and paid the driver
“ Thanks ma’am”. He said as he drove off
I dusted my clothes and was about walking into the Estate when a black car pu-ll-ed in front of me and a fat man got out
“ who are you?”. I asked
“A friend “. he replied grinning
I tried to run but he caught me and gave me a thun-derous [email protected]
“ pleaaaaaseeee sssirrrrr Leet me gooo”. I stammered
He brou-ght out a cloth from his back pocket and placed it on my nose
I suddenly felt weak and soon blacked out……….
Episode 30
Nora PoV continues
I woke up feeling nauseous and noticed I was tied up to a chair
“ where am I?”. I asked , my whole b©dy was hurting and I was really scared
I sobbe-d when I remembered I was being kidnapped ..
“ what will happen to me?, is this how I will die”.I wondered
The door suddenly flung opened and a man with mask walked in
“plea-se don’t hurt me”. I pleaded as he walked towards me
“Nora , it is me”.he said as re-moved the mask.
My eyes almost popped out in surprise
“Anthony”. I called , what are you doing here?”. I asked
“I had to do it to get money but I never knew you were the one they planned on kidnapping,I only knew it was you when they brou-ght you in unconscious”. he explained
I looked at my best friend in surprise
“ when did you join the gang?”. I asked
“Not quite long”. He replied shrugging his shoulders…
“ you have got to help me”. I pleaded
“ that is why I am here “.he replied, I am confused I don’t know how I will distract the three armed men
“ you don’t nee-d to do that”. I told him, you just have to contact Damon
“ I don’t want to go to Jail Nora”.he said worriedly
“ you won’t”. I as-sured him, just save me and my unborn child “. I pleaded
“ are you pregnant?”. he asked in surprise
“ yes”. I nodded
“ Damn”. He cursed, do you know Damon number?”. he asked
I nodded as I called it out to him
“ I will call him”. he promised as he walked out of the room
“I forgot to ask Anthony who was behind it”. I looked up to heaven and prayed for a miracle
Damon PoV
I sighed in relief as I arranged the files neatly inside a drawer
I glanced at my wristwatch
“ really?”. I scoffed, I was surprised Nora hasn’t called to check on me”
“ is she angry?”. I asked myself, but I explained everything to her
I dialled her number, it was not going throu-gh , I decided to call her mom
“hello ma”.i greeted as soon as she picked it
“Damon “. She called ,how are you?”. She asked
“ fine”. I replied, can you plea-se give the phone to Nora?”. I asked
“Nora is not back from school, I thought she was with you”. She replied
“She should be my home then”. I as-sured her and ended the call
I was alre-ady getting worried
I dialled Petra number immediately
“ Is Nora at home?”. I asked immediately she picked it
“No”.she replied, is an…………………..
I ban-ged the call on her before she could ask any questions
“Nora is missing” I muttered
I dialled the driver number and he picked it up immediately
“Sir Damon”. he called
“ Is Nora by any chance with you?”. I asked him
“I did not see her when I went over to her school so I thought she was with you”. he explained
I ended the call.
I was really confused .” Where is Nora?
I picked up my phone and was about to dial my uncle number when a call [email protected]£ him, it was an unknown number, I picked it up
“Who is this?”. I drawled
“I am Anthony”. he replied, Nora friend
“ is Nora alright?”. I asked in alarm
“ you nee-d to come over here, Nora is in danger “.he said
“ is this some kind of prank?”. I asked him
“ I am damn serious”. he replied, Nora asked me to call you, she said you should save her and your unborn child
I immediately [email protected]£ calm
“ where is she?”. I asked
“ I will s£nd you the address now,plea-se be fast about it and make sure you involve the cops.”He advised and ended the call
My phone buzzed as the message entered, I cli-cked on it and studied the address….
“ who the hell kidnap Nora”. I wondered
I quic-kly rushed out of the company,got into my car and drove off to the police station….
I got to the station and headed straight to my uncle office
I pushed the door opened and walked in
“Damon”. He called, what Is wrong?. He asked
“ Nora has been kidnapped “. I replied
“ how?, where?”. he asked
“ There is no time uncle”. I replied, we nee-d to go save her
“ do you know where she is?”. he asked
I nodded
“ Good “. He replied and we headed downstairs
He gave signals to six cops and they immediately left what they were doing and followed us..
We got into the car and drove off …..
Bella PoV
I got to the place where Nora was kept and nodded when Lito and his boys greeted me
“ where is the bit-ch?”. I asked
“There”. Lito said pointing to a tiny room
I walked into the room and smiled when I saw the bit-ch tied up to a chair
“Bella”. She called in surprise immediately she saw me……
Nora PoV
I [email protected] in surprise Immediately Bella walked in,
“ Bella”. I called
She looked me and laughed.
“ what did I do to deserve this”.I asked her
“ Are you really asking me? You humiliated me , you took Damon away from me”. She replied
“ Damon never loved you”. I told her
“ really, she said moving closer to me, that is why I will have to kill you and that bastard inside of you so he can look at me again”. She said grinning
I was really scared, It was obvious she was obsessed with Damon
“ plea-se don’t kill me”.i pleaded
She smiled and gave me a thun-derous [email protected]
“ help”. I screamed
“No one can help you honey”. She was about to [email protected] me again when we heard gunsh0ts
Damon POV
“ Drive fas-ter”. I urged my uncle, my heart was racing fas-ter
“ if anything happens to Nora ,I really don’t know how I will handle it…
“ she will be fine”.he as-sured me
We soon got to the building, it was an abandoned building..
My uncle Parked beside the building .
“ will you stay in the car?”. he asked
“hell no”. I replied , what is the plan?”. I asked
We will go in there and open fire on the criminals”. He replied
He walked to the door and pushed it opened and we all walked in
We saw three men in the room , they looked so surprise to see us
“They immediately wanted to escape and the police sh0t them dead
I ran towards a room that was slightly opened and [email protected] at what i saw …
“ Bella, what are you doing here?”. I asked
“ I am sorry Damon”. She pleaded
I ignored the bit-ch and went over to untie Nora when I heard the bit-ch laughed
I turned to look at her and she was pointing a gun aiming it directly at me
“ what are you doing Bella?”. I asked her
“ if I can’t have you Damon, then no one else will “
She was about to pu-ll the trigger when my uncle rushed into the room and sh0t her shoulders
“ arrrrrrgh”. She gro-an ed in pain as she fell on the floor
“ why did you do it?”. I asked her
“I wanted you all to my self “. She replied .i love you Damon , I even killed my sister Noami because it you…..
“ what!!”. I exclaimed, you are a murderer, you are a bit-ch , you are a beast and you are obviously crazy “. I told her
She looked at me and began to sob. You once love me Damon
“And I will regret that for the rest of my life “. I replied
“ Arrest her”.My uncle barked
She immediately picked up the gun beside her and pointed it to the police
“ come close to me and I will shoot”. She said as she laughed crazily
She tried to pu-ll the trigger and the cops opened fire on her….
I looked at the lifeless b©dy on the ground and shook my head
“ Nora”.i called as I untied her completely,
“Damon”. She called and began to sob
“ it is alright baby”. I as-sured her , it is alright.

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