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When I met you Episode 24 & 25

When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 24
Nora POV
I woke up the next morning feeling so-re, Damon was not beside me. I looked around the room it was neat .I glanced at the time
“ Damn”. I sle-pt for long, I tried to stand up but I couldn’t
Is this what S-x feels like
The door opened and Damon walked in holding a tray
“ Hey”. He greeted lazily, I brou-ght you breakfast
“ what of school?”. I asked him
“ can you walk properly?”. he asked placing the tray on the stool beside the be-d
“ No”. I shook my head
“ then school will have to wait”.he replied
“ what of Zara?”. I asked him
“ she should be in school”. He replied
“ how will she get to school”. I asked him worriedly
“ she has a personal driver”. He replied and I looked at him in surprise
“ Thanks”. I muttered and started eating. He watched me quietly as I ate
“ what?”. I asked him
“Do you always rush your meal?”. He asked
“ I am really hungry”. I replied as I continued rushing the meal
“ I nee-d to freshen up”. I said as I tried to stand up
“ can I help?”. Damon asked staring at my n-kedness
“ why are you looking at me like that?”.I asked
he flashed me a smile
“ I know I am acting selfish but I nee-d you again”.he said lvstfully
“ what!!!!”. I exclaimed
Damon POV
I chuckled when she looked at me in surprise.she brou-ght out the S-x beast in me and I am add!çted to her ….
“ are you kidding me?”. She asked
“ do I look like a joker?”. I asked her
“ pls Damon I am hurting”. She pleaded
“ I will take it easy on you”. I promised moving closer to her
“ No Damon”. She tried to say but I shut her up with a k!ssand smiled when she k!$$£d me back
I turned her over and bent her in a doggy position
“ what are you doing Damon?.she asked
“ ban-ging You”. I replied as I pene-trated into her
“ Damn”. She is fv¢king ti-ght”
I continued ban-ging her fas-ter and ha-rder as she screamed in plea-sure
“Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamoooon”. She [email protected] ed loudly and I grunted in plea-sure as I re-leased into her and we both [email protected] on the be-d
“Are you on pills?”. I asked her
“ what is that?”. She asked
“ forget it”. I muttered…
I helped her to the bathroom and watched her as she bath
“Can I join you?”. I asked her
“ no”. She replied sharply
“ really”. I said laughing loudly
We both returned to the room and I gave her one of my shi-t to wear
It looked like a go-wn when she wore it
“ when will you take me home?”. She asked laying down beside me
“ you are spending the night again”. I replied
“you have to ask my mother for permission?”. She said
“ I will do that”. I replied
She moved closer to me and leaned on my che-st as I pla-yed with her hair
“ will you like to stay with me?”. I asked her
“ is that some kind of proposal?”.she asked
“ is it?”. I asked back
“ who am I to you?”. She asked, am I your girlfriend
“ you are more than that”. I replied
“ I like that”. She said smiling
Noami POV
I walked throu-gh the hall way heading to the car park, Nora and Damon were abs£nt in school today
“I bet they’ are busy scre-wing themselves”
“Why won’t sister just let Damon be? It is obvious he is in love with Nora
I got into my car and drove over to her new home
“ Noami”.she called immediately she saw me, did you see my Damon
“ forget Damon sis, he is long gone”. I replied
“ what do you mean?” She asked
“ The love birds didn’t come to school”. I replied
I watched her bit herl-ips in anger
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarhh”. She screamed, I looked at her with fear
“Is she crazy “. I thought
“ Damon can’t throw me away, he can’t throw me”.She kept on saying as she paced up and down the room
“ calm down sis, you will just hurt yourself
“ shut up”. She barked. I watched her as she brou-ght al-ipstick from her bag and applied it
“ where are you going?”. I asked her
“ To see my Damon”.she replied
“ you are really talking this far”. I shouted but she was alre-ady gone………
Damon POV
I was stro-king Nora hair as she sle-pt when I heard noises downstairs
“ what is happening ?”. I muttered as I rushed down the stairs
“ what is going on here?”. I asked the guards
“ Damon”. a voice called, tell then to let me in
I scoffed when I recognised the voice
“ let her in”. I commanded
“ yes sir”. They replied
I scoffed when Bella walked in looking pathetic
“ what do you want?”. I asked her
“Damon”. I missed you, she said moving closer
“ really?”. I asked , are you done slee-ping around
“ what?”.she asked in shock, what do you mean
“I know about everything Bella, you are nothing but a bit-ch”. I said
“ I can explain Damon”.she pleaded
“ There is nothing to be explain, I am done with you”. I replied
“ your father approached me first”.She yelled
“ and you gladly opened your legs for him and his friends “.i huffed , why didn’t you tell me? I asked
“ I am sorry”. She pleaded
“ There is nothing to be sorry about, it is your life “.
“ I love you Damon, I still do”. She said sobbing
I was about replying when I heard my name
“ Damon”
I turned to look back and I saw Nora walking down the stairs looking S-xy in my shi-t
“ Baby”. I called , you are awake
“ who is she?”. She asked
“ no one important”. I replied
“ I am his girlfriend”. Bella yelled
Nora looked at her and then at me
“ what is she saying?”. She asked me
“ she is crazy”. I told her
“You are just his toy?”. Bella yelled
“ baby she is………..”
“ let me handle it Damon”.she said cutting me short
“ I don’t care whoever you her but you heard what Damon said, you are nob©dy important to him so get your as-s out of my b©yfri£ndhouse”. She yelled
“ what!!”. Bella exclaimed in shock
“ you heard her, get your as-s out of my house”. I repeated
“ Damon”. She called in shock , you can’t do this to me
“ watch me as I do it, guards esc-rt this bit-ch out of here”. I roared
“Damon”.she kept on screaming as the guards dragged her out
I look and Nora and smiled
“ I never knew you had that in you”. I said
“That is the power of love”. She replied as she hvgged me, you still have to explain to me who that bit-ch is
“ sure”. I replied as I k!$$£d her
“ Get a room “. Petra who have been watching the happenings quietly yelled
Episode 25
Nora PoV
I listened to Damon as he told me everything about Bella
” she is really a bit-ch”. I said after he was done
He nodded .
” you have to forgive your father”. I told him
” he does not nee-d it”. He replied scoffing
“He did what he thought was best for you Damon so plea-se forgive him”. I pleaded
” really?”. he asked
I nodded
” I just nee-d time “. he said after giving it a thought
” sure”. I replied smiling .Thanks for choosing a poor girl like me”.i said pe-cking him
He smiled
” why do you love me?”. I asked him
” because of who you are”. He replied
” why do you love me?”. He asked
“I don’t know, it just happened”. I replied. you were rude the first time I saw you”.i said with a pout
” when was that?”. he asked
” the day you splashed water on me”. I replied
” really, I can’t remember”.he said
” oh yeah”.i replied , you were a j£rk then………..
Noami PoV
” I warned you not to go but you didn’t listen”. I scolded her
” shut up”.she barked
I looked at her, she looked pathetic
” you have told give up on Damon”.i tried advising and she gave me a deadly glare
Ok, fine what will you do about it?”. I asked her
She looked at me and smiled
“help me”.she said
” help you on what?”. I asked
” help me get my love back “.she pleaded
” how can I help you?”. I asked her in confusion
” I nee-d Nora out of the way and you are going to help me”. She replied sm-irking
” what!!!”. I exclaimed in shock
” help your big sister”.she pleaded with puppy eyes , will you? She asked
I nodded
” Good “. She said
Damon POV
I drove to Nora’s place in the evening, I glanced at her, she was humming a song
” what song is that?”. I asked her
“It is a Shayne’s Adam song”. She replied , I am a hvge fan of his
” really, I love him also”. I replied
” did you listen to the song he sang at his last concert?”. She asked
“No”. I replied
“That is my favourite……..
I parked in front of the house and Zara immediately [email protected]£ running to us
” Damon , Nora”. She called
” how are you?”. I greeted her
” I am fine”. She replied excitedly, I love my school
” hope your teachers aren’t harsh on you”. I asked
“No, they aren’t” she replied
” They dare not”. I muttered
I walked into the house holding an envelope and met Nora mother laying on the be-d
” hello ma”. I greeted
” Damon”. She called , Thanks for everything
” it is nothing ma”. I said
“Nora will be staying with me for a week and I [email protected]£ over to ask for your permission”. I said
” a week?”. Nora asked in surprise, you are unbelievable.
“She is free to stay with you”. her mother permitted, but you could have just called
“Nora wanted us to come over and also I am here to fulfill my promise To Zara”. I explained and handed her the envelope I was holding
Zara looked at me in surprise and ran to give me a hvg
” Thanks Damon”. She appreciated
I watched Nora mom open the envelope and re-ad it with tears flowing down her eyes
” Mother, was it it?”. Nora asked looking confused
” Nora”. her mother called , Damon bought us a house
“What!!”. She looked at me and hvgged me ti-ghtly, Thanks Damon
“You said you like it”. I said reminding her
” when ?”. She asked staring at me
” The mansions I asked you to choose from or have you forgotten?”. I asked her
“You mean the blue roof mansion belongs to my mother?”. She asked
I nodded
” Thanks so much Damon, Thanks so much”. She said
” when are we moving to our mansion?”. Zara asked me excitedly
“Whenever you like”. I replied
” Thank you for keeping your promise”. Zara said
” I am glad I did”………..
We got to the house late at night, Nora’s mother made us wait for dinner
We walked into the room and met only Petra seated in the dinning
” where is Dad?”. I asked her
” he is in his room”. she replied
” Good”. I said holding Nora as we climbe-d up the stairs
She fell on the be-d as soon as we got to my room
” I am very tired”
I looked and her and huffed
” aren’t you gonna freshen up?”. I asked her
” I will “.she replied weakly
I went into the bathroom to shower and when I returned to the room, Nora was fast asleep
“really”.i said smiling
I re-moved her shoes and covered her up with the blanket as I watched her sleep
” she looked beautiful even when she sleeps”
I kept staring at her till I drifted off to sleep
Nora POV
I woke up the next and felt a hand around me. I smiled when I saw Damon slee-ping n-ked beside me
” he is so handsome.”.i thought
I pe-cked him and stood up from the be-d , I walked into the bathroom to freshen up
I was scru-bbing my b©dy inside the bathtub when Damon walked into the bathroom n-ked
” Good morning”.I greeted
“morning, why didn’t you wake me ?”. he asked
” you were slee-ping peacefully”.i replied, I didn’t want to disturb you
” fine”. he said as he joined me inside the bathtub
” what are you doing?”. I asked him
” I want to bath with you?”. he replied
he sat down in the tub and I felt his hands around me
” what again?”. I asked
He chuckled and I closed when he f!ngered me
“AaaaaDamon”. I [email protected] ed in plea-sure
” stand up”. He grunted . He made me hold the walls as ban-ged me from behind…..
“Nora , we will be late “. he said watching me dress
” Just a minute plea-se”.I pleaded as I applied myl-ipstick
” you don’t nee-d this stuff”. He said scoffing
” I am done “I replied
” Good, can we go now?”. he asked and I nodded
We headed downstairs and I greeted his father while he nodded
” when will you forgive your father?”. I asked him
” I have forgiven him”. he replied
” Then why do you give him attitude?”. I asked
” I don’t feel like talking to him”. he replied
“Why d……………..
” Get in the car”. he commanded cutting my short….
” what a snub”. I thought…….
I sat down in the clas-s re-ading When Noami walked up to me
“Noami”. I called , you are late”. I queried
” how are you?”. She greeted me, why were you not in school yesterday? She asked
” I was too weak to come”. I replied
” Did Damon drill you too [email protected]”. She asked laughing
” Go away”. I laughed giving her a pla-yful punch
” I miss you Nora”. She said
” I miss you too Darling”. I said
She opened her bag and brou-ght out a fruit drink
“Take”. She said giving it to me, My mother just [email protected]£ back from Paris and she brou-ght lot of this with her
” Thanks”. I replied smiling
” It is rich In taste, make sure you drink it”.she instructed
” sure”. I nodded
” I nee-d to go to the bathroom room”. She said
“Don’t be long”. I told her and she gave me a smile before leaving
I opened the drink and was about gulping it down when Tonia dragged it from me
” Give it back”.i yelled
She looked at the drink and laughed
” what if I don’t ?”.she asked with a sm-irk
” you dare not”. I replied
” really”. She scoffed and sipped from the drink and poured the remnants on the floor
” why?”. I asked her
” I just……….
She fell to the ground and started [email protected]
” what is wrong”. I asked in surprise as the whole clas-s gathered around her
I [email protected] in shock when she started vomiting blood
“Tonia”… I screamed…..::
What the hell just happened?

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