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The way to a man’s heart Episode 4 & 5

The Way To A Man’s Heart💌💌
💌💌By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy Short Story Series)
Chapter 4💌💌
“I said she’s just my chef. Nothing more” I said and ruffled my hair. Alyson is just overreacting. She thinks I brou-ght home a girl that’s why I refused to let her come over
“and I thought Chefs were either middle aged men and women. Why is this [email protected] chef young, beautiful, tall and S-xy!” she yelled
“I don’t know. My mom hired her from Italy.”
She huffed and sat beside me
“she’s not even as S-xy as I am” she muttered and I chuckled
“come on Alyson, we both know your doctor made you like this”
“so what?” she said and scoffed
“ever wondered why people prefer natural fruits to cloned ones?”
She [email protected] and stood up
“what do you mean by that?” she asked and I sm-irked. She [email protected] me
“ouch!” I said
“she’s not even your chef. You’re just lying to me. Wait… Why do I even care? I’m not even your girlfriend. I’m leaving” she said and stomped out of the house
Why is she even angry? I don’t get angry when I meet her with another guy. This is business.
I sighed and stood up then walked to the kitchen to get water. Louisa was standing by the fridge and leaning on the counter beside it.
“are you done? I’m quite hungry now” I said as I opened the door to the fridge
“it will be re-ady in thirty minutes” she said
“it smells good alre-ady” I said and she smiled
“uhm, sorry about that… Uhh.. Girl” I apologized
“it’s nothing. Girlfriends are usually like that but why didn’t you tell her I was here?” she asked and I opened my bottle water
“that’s because she’s not my girlfriend” I said and drank the water
“what is she? Your friend?” she asked
“uhh… Somehow” I replied and she nodded and crossed her arms.
I noticed something about Louisa, she doesn’t speak too much. During dinner she just says a few words. Words like, is the food okay? Are you okay with the salt? plea-se pas-s me ketchup. And thank you whenever I say the food is delicious.
We haven’t really had a real conversation before and I un-derstand she looks at me as her boss.
“uhm, have you made up your mind about the university you want to go?” I asked, trying to start a conversation
“I haven’t because I don’t know any university in London here” she said
“there’s a university that is close by, would you prefer a close-by one?” I asked while looking at her but she wasn’t looking at me
“yes I would. It would be better to be able to come home on time in order to get your meals re-ady” she replied and opened the fridge. She brou-ght out a bowl of popcorn. How did that get there?
“I forgot to give you this. I made it today and left this one for you” she said and stretched it towards me
“oh… Uhm… Thanks” I said and collected it from her. It was a bit cold, but it wasn’t frozen yet. I liked it that way.
Louisa leaned back on the counter and stared at the floor.
I began to slowly eat the popcorn and I found myself looking at her. I remembered the drama Alyson had put up. She said Louisa was S-xy.
Is Louisa S-xy?
I looked her over. Maybe she is. She’s got long straight legs, flat tummy and wi-de h!ps. Her hands and f!ngersare quite slender and she has a V-shaped face. Her hair is brown and straight.
No wonder Alyson thought she was a model
“do you know you could fit into the modelling industry?” I asked and she looked at me
“I don’t think so. But why do you ask?”
“well you’ve got the b©dy” I simply said without going into detail
“I never liked modelling. I’m the shy type”
“it’s written all over you. You’re quite shy” I said and she chuckled and ran her f!ngerson one of her [email protected]
“I’m also the indoor type” she added
“how about I change that tonight?” I asked and she looked into my eyes
“how?” she asked then dropped her hand
“let’s go out for dinner. You’re not gonna prepare anything, I’ll take you out” I said and I knew she was surprised because her eyes wi-de-ned
“uhm… I don’t think so sir. I really don’t want …”
“…Louisa you don’t have a choice okay? We’re going out for dinner” I said, cutting her short
“but Sir I’m just your employee. I’m just your worker” she protested
“no you’re not. You and I can be friends. Besides I’m not paying you. You’re just someone who’s helping me out because I’m a foodie that can’t cook and it’s expedient for me to help my helper out”
She laughed when I called myself a foodie that can’t cook.
“so don’t look at yourself like you’re my employee. You’re not” I finalized
“okay sir”
“and…” I moved closer to her. I was just a few centimeters from her face and our arms even ru-bbe-d on each other. She froze. Her breath hooked.
“st©p calling me sir” I whispered and shifted from her
“I’ll be in the living room” I said and left
I heard her heave a de-ep sigh as I was leaving
I felt like I was electrocuted when Jesse [email protected]£ close to me. I was taken by surprise and I couldn’t even breath.
His arms brushed on mine and his face [email protected]£ too close.
“st©p calling me sir” he looked into my eyes then whispered.
He then shifted back
“I’ll be in the living room” he said, he sm-irked at me and left. Immediately he reached the door, I re-leased all the air I’ve been holding in.
“what was that?” I asked myself.
For a few seconds I thought he was trying to flir-t with me. Wasn’t that flir-ting? Is this what his mother meant by him being [email protected]ûghty?
I exhaled again and opened the fridge to take water. I took a bottle then closed the fridge. I was about opening it when I sighted the popcorn on the counter. He forgot to take it. Or maybe he didn’t want it.
I drank the water and took the popcorn. I began to eat.
Jesse opened the door and [email protected]£ in. He saw me eating the popcorn.
“my popcorn” he said
“oh… I thought you didn’t want it…. anymore” I mumbled
He walked to my front and took a pinch from the bowl then put it in his mouth.
“your popcorn is tasty. It takes better” he said and took another popcorn.
My left arm was clutched around the big red bowl and I hvgged it against my che-st. I would have given it to him but I was busy an-alysing his face as he was eating the popcorn.
He had black curly hair and his beards were well trimmed and short. Hisl-ips were light pink. Mine is more like light red though.
He had short eye lashes but thick and well-lined brows.
He was good looking but not more than Lucas though. Or maybe it’s because Lucas is way younger and has a child-like freshness.
“you’re handsome” I said and he immediately looked at me
“oh my God!” I exclaimed when I found out I actually said that out loud.
“I’m so sorry I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud. It was supposed to be a thought” I apologized and he sm-irked
“I hope you’re not flir-ting with me in that mind of yours” he said
“what? No. I’m not.” I affirmed
He looked de-ep into my eyes that I felt like he could actually see throu-gh them to the back of my head.
“should I tell you something?” he asked
I was still clutching on to the red bowl
“yes” I answered
He blinked his eyes and was about to talk when the oven began to beep. The pizza’s re-ady
“oh, the pizza is re-ady. I have to re-move it” I said and quic-kly moved away from him because I was becoming uncomfortable with that stare.
I dropped the bowl and wore an oven glove then I brou-ght the pizza out.
He smiled as I sliced it.
“I’ll set the table” I said
“no I’ll do it.”
“then what would I do?” I asked
“you can go take a shower or get the clothes you’re wearing to the dinner re-ady” he replied and began to take the plates. He took them to the dinning and I just stood there watching as he got the things re-ady. He took the pizza to the table.
“hey go get re-ady” he said as he entered again to probably get the drinks
“uhm… Okay” I said and left the dining. I went upstairs and showered. Then I wore a white silk dress and let my hair fall.
I wore white fl!pflops and went downstairs
I looked up and saw Louisa standing. I had opened the French door which was opposite the dining table. It led to my backyard and it had trees. It was actually a windy afternoon.
She looked like an angel with her hair flowing smoothly in the air behind her. And her white dress which was carried about by the wind from the backyard
“hey” she said as she gently walked towards me. I was pouring tamarind jui-ce into a glas-s when she [email protected]£ and my hands hooked.
“you look beautiful” I said and her eyes wi-de-ned
The Way To A Man’s Heart💌💌
💌💌By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy Short Story Series)
Chapter 5💌💌
Did I hear right? Jesse said I was beautiful?
“uhmm I…. Thank… Thank you” I stammered then began to fiddle with my f!ngers.
“you can sit down and eat now” he said and sat down himself.
I nodded and sat opposite him. He had served two slices each and I knew two wasn’t enough for him
“aren’t you going to take more slices. I know you can finish the whole pizza” I said and he looked up at me and chuckled
“actually, I’m going to finish everything. I haven’t had margherita in a very long time and this is like the best one I’ve had” he said and took a decent bite
I smiled and bent my head. Jesse keeps flattering me in every meal I prepare. It makes me want to cook differs meals for him.
I looked up and caught him staring at me.
“uhmm…” I muttered
“I’m just imagining what you’d look like in a ball go-wn” he said
“I’m not a princess and I certainly won’t be nee-ding a ball go-wn” I said and he chuckled
“let’s see about that then” he said and took two more slices of pizza. I took my lower l!pinto my mouth and kept looking at him. How can someone like food this much? Or rather how can someone like good food this much? His every action fascinates me. Except the action he put up in the kitchen earlier
“Alyson I have plans for the evening.” I said over the phone
“yes. I know. But not tonight okay?” I said as I brushed my hair in front of the mirror
“okay okay. You can come over. But it should be by 9pm. And make sure you have your dinner before coming” I said and dropped my hair brush
“my chef is not preparing dinner tonight because I have an appointment and I’m gonna have dinner outside”
“Alyson, you’re disturbing me. Bye I’m hanging up” I said and hung up.
I sighed and dropped the phone on the be-d
What a troublesome lady. Why does she even want me tonight after the drama she put on earlier today? Too bad I can’t say no. I pay her for this $h!t we do.
I took one last look at the mirror and li-cked myl-ips to make them moist. Then I took my phone and wallet and car keys. I headed out of my room and as I closed my door, Louisa was coming out from her own hallway.
She was wearing an orange shi-t with her name on it in black italics. She wore a black flayed high [email protected]!st Sk-irt and orange sneakers. Her hair was in a neat ponytail.
Who knew a native R0m-n girl could have a beautiful fashion s-en-se like this?
“hey” she said
“hey” I replied.
She scratched her head with her index f!nger and I chuckled
“are you nervous? Don’t worry I’m not taking you on a first-time rollercoaster ride” I said and she laughed
“come on, let’s go” I said and walked to her. Something in me said I should take her hand but I rejected that. What message would I pas-s out to her if I do that?
She walked before me as we climbe-d down the stairs. I remembered how Alyson describe-d her. Tall and S-xy.
I sm-irked. That was true. She is tall and S-xy.
We got outside and I led her to my car. The one I don’t normally use.
She was about to open the door but I quic-kly held the handle first and looked at her “I should be the one opening the door for you”
“hop in” I said as I opened the door for her. She smiled lightly and entered the car
I closed it and went throu-gh the other side. I started the car and drove to a five star restaurant.
“I’m opening the door for you. Don’t try opening it” I said as I parked the car.
“are you always a gentleman?” she asked
“it depends on the lady” I replied and got out of the car. I opened the door for her and actually pu-ll-ed her out gently
“thank you” she said as she stepped out. I closed the door and stupidly put my hand around her [email protected]!st. She looked at me and I win-ked.
“I hope you’re not cold?” I asked
“it’s a pretty warm night actually” she answered and I nodded
“it is” I said and we walked into the restaurant
I knew nothing about the meals I was staring at on the menu because I was not conversant with them. But J managed to pick out something. I liked the picture of it so I took it. And thank God I didn’t make a mistake. It takes just like I imagined. Delicious!
“cauliflower and cheese and mushrooms and eggs” Jesse said, re-ading out the content of my dish
“why are you re-ading them out?” I asked and took a little into my mouth
“it’s because I wish I could eat it with you” he replied
“well, I can give you mine” I said and he chuckled
“I’m allergic to cauliflower” he said and took a spoon of his meal
“oh. I’m allergic to rabbits” I said
“those cute animals?”
“those cute animals turn my face pink with rashes all over in two minutes” I cooed and he smiled and li-cked hisl-ips
“cauliflower gives me a very very so-re throat whenever I inhale or eat them” he said
“do you have any other allergies?” I asked
“nope” he replied
“what do you want to study in the University again?” he asked
[email protected]” I replied and he looked at me with surprise
“are you for real? Wow. I might have to make you a permanent position in my house” he said and I laughed
“just because I wanna study something that has to do with food?” I asked and he nodded
“oh Jesse” I cooed
“that’s like the first time you’re calling my name”
“what? No. I always call your name” I defended
“you do? Then why don’t I hear it?” he asked but I didn’t answer
Well, it’s because I always call his name in my mind.
The rest of the night was fun. He took me to an ice-cream shop after dinner and I got chocolate flavor, my favorite. He got orange flavor.
Every minute I spent with him was fun. Except of course the awkward moments when he does something I don’t expect.
After the ice-cream, we got burgers and fries and headed home.
“that was when I was 15 years” he said and I laughed. He had stolen a sausage roll with great effort and risk from a neighbors house, even got injured with a broken glas-s. Only for him to get home and find out it was stocked with cauliflower.
“that serves you right” I joked and he laughed and nodded.
“what’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?” he asked as he took a turn down another road
“chocolate. How about you?”
He looked at me “orange”
I smiled
The rest of the drive home was silent. I kept looking out the window throu-ghout.
When we got home, he opened the door for me and as I got out, I stepped on his leg. I lost my balance and almost fell but he held me. Thank God he did. I don’t wanna loose my ice-cream.
“be careful okay” he said gently
“thanks. And sorry for stepping on your feet” I apologized and he chuckled and wra-pped his arm around my [email protected]!st. Another awkward position.
“let’s go in” he said and we began to walk inside. As we got to the door, he was going to bring out his key but I quic-kly brou-ght out mine and opened the door.
“seriously? You had the key and you made me stress myself trying to bring mine out”
“haha. I guess it was fun” I said and entered the house first. He shook his head and entered.
“tonight was fun. Wasn’t it?” he asked as he sunk into the couch
“yes it was. Thanks for taking me out”
“we should do this some other time, right?”
“I… I don’t know. Should we?”
He stared intently at me then chuckled
“you should go get a shower. Then come watch TV with me” he said and I scratched my head. I don’t want to watch TV with him. Things are getting too awkward alre-ady.
“okay” I said and turned. I went upstairs and showered. I was still with my ice-cream and the fries and burgers. I just finished up with the ice-cream as I [email protected] my be-d.
I was about taking one of the fries when I remembered that Jesse said I should come and watch TV with him.
“well, here goes nothing” I said as I arranged my pyjamas. I took the ice-cream can and headed downstairs. When I got to the bo-ttomof the staircase, about three steps away from the floor, my eyes met a scene that made me wish I had stayed upstairs in my room. Jesse and Alyson were on the couch, ma-king out. Alyson was almost n-ked with her brea-sts totally ba-re before Jesse. Her right leg was on the t©p of the couch while the other was on the floor with Jesse doing God-knows-what between them.
“oh my God” I mumbled un-der my breath. I decided to stealthily go back upstairs but the ice-cream can fell down and made a terrible noise. I [email protected] as the two of them looked at me
“oh my God! Louisa” Jesse said
“what is wrong with you? Why barge in on us like that? Are you stalking me or what?” Alyson blurted out. But with the look on her face, she was happy I saw them.
“I’m sorry” I said and began to race up the stairs
“Louisa! Louisa wait!” that was Jesse’s voice
“come back here and finish what you started baby. Come on” Alyson said and I scoffed and entered my hallway which led to my room
Immediately Louisa went upstairs, the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyb©dy so I had no idea who it was. I stood up and opened the door.
Oh great! Alyson
“hey babe” she said and then catwalk inside. She stood behind me and pressed her b©dy against mine then ru-bs her hands all over me from my che-st down
“hey” I said and closed the door
“I forgot you were supposed to come over” I said and she chuckled and began to k!ssme.
“hey why aren’t you responding?” she asked after k!ss!ngme for awhile and I didn’t k!ssback
“tired” I replied and began to move away from her
She threw something at me and I turned to look at her. She sm-irked. I looked at the floor and saw what it was. Her [email protected] and a packet of sheaths.
“seriously?” I asked and she sm-irked
“yeah seriously” she said and walked to me. She began to k!ssme again. This time I k!$$£d back.
I carried her to the couch and dropped her, still k!ss!ngher. She unZi-pped the Zi-pper in front of her dress and I re-moved her [email protected]
“I’ve missed you so much Jesse” she said, ru-bbing her hands on my face
I rolled my eyes
“like that’s true”
“Jesse among my boys, you have the magic t©uçh. I love you most” she said
The next thing we heard was something falling. We quic-kly looked at the direction of the sound and Louisa was standing on the stairs like a sheep drenched by the rain
“oh my God! Louisa” I said with remorse. I forgot she was supposed to come watch TV with me
“what is wrong with you? Why barge in on us like that? Are you stalking me or what?” Alyson yelled
“I’m sorry” Louisa said and began to run up the stairs
“Louisa! Louisa wait!” I called after her and ran off the couch.
“come back here and finish what you started baby. Come on” Alyson said and tried pu-lling me back
I looked at her with disgust
“bit-ch” I muttered and left
.To Be Continued

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