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The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 21 & 22

Danny’s POV
Raymond finally picked and I warned him about Derek, he as-sured me that he was safe with Dianne, they had just retrieved the original do¢v-ments from Morgana’s place and were on their way back, now I was just worried about Jessie, her number is still switched off, and it’s getting me worried, she must be done with her exam so why is it still switched off.
I drove to her [email protected] with my [email protected], Ray had said she went home last night so I’ll check there first, we got to her [email protected], “why is her window broken” I said and rushed out, my [email protected] following behind.
“wait, is that not the Derek guy” he said pointing to a man who just left the opposite shop, putting on a face cap and holding a smoothie, I looked at him closely. It was him “Jessie” I thought.
“go get him make sure he doesn’t escape” I told my [email protected] and rushed into the [email protected] “JESSIE” I called but there was no response “or is she not in” I thought and was about to go back, to help in catching Derek, when I heard a whimper coming from the bathroom.
“Jessie are you in there?” I said and walked to the bathroom, opening it “JESSIE” I yelled when I saw her lying there in her a pool of her own blood, she had been sh0t, I just hope the dress she was wearing now was one of those I had got her “stay with me baby, don’t you dare close your eyes” I said picking her from the floor.
“Da..Danny, I’m cold” she said weakly
“don’t talk, everything will be okay soon” I said covering her with my jacket as I rushed to my car, I quic-kly got in the car and drove to the nearest hospital, I could feel the tears rolling down my eyes, I don’t want anything happening to her, I can’t afford to lose Jessie.
I got to the hospital, I rushed into the lobby with her in my arms, the doctors didn’t even nee-d to be told that this was an emergency, they immediately took her from me, placed her on a stretcher and rushed her to the emergency “sir it would be best for her if you wait outside” the doctor said as I attem-pted to follow them into the ward. I sat down on the floor lost in thought, we’ve always been too busy to spend enough time together; what if I never get that chance again.
my phone rang and I picked it up, Theo, “where the hell are you, with the car man?, I sh0t Derek he’s injured” he said, I had even forgotten about him
“Take a taxi and bring him to city hospital” I said and ended the call “I’m going to kill that son of a bit-ch when he gets here. I nee-d to call Ray.
Dianne’s POV
We were able to get the original Do¢v-ment without any has-sle, Ray was busy talking to some lawyers, while Jeff was busy sorting the do¢v-ments, he had earlier [email protected] about how he gave Morgana a [email protected] time at the meeting. I tried calling Jessie, but her phone was switched off, that’s strange.
Ray [email protected]£ in later, when he was done meeting with the Lawyers “Ray, I’m worried about Jessie, she’s supposed to be here by now, but she’s not and her phone is switched off” I said worried.
“don’t worry yourself too much, she had an exam, that’s probably why her phone is switched off, and Danny said he was going to meet her, maybe that’s why she’s not here” he said then his phone rang “speak of the devil, he’s the one calling” he said and picked the call “hey man, are you with Jessie, Dianne is…” “what?, which hospital?” he said and my b©dy went rigid
“hospital?, what are…” I was about to ask what he was talking about but he shushed me with the raise of his f!nger
“ok, we are on our way” he said and ended the call.
“what the hell is going on Ray, who’s in a hospital” I asked anxiously
“it’s Jessie, she was sh0t by Derek , she’s in really bad condition, we have to go right now” Ray said, we immediately rushed to the car, Ray gave the address to the driver and he drove us there. We got to the hospital and the receptionist showed us the emergency room, we got there and met the doctor talking to Danny.
“she’s still un-der critical condition but she will survive, , we were able to re-move some of the bullets, but we still have to re-move the ones that pene-trated de-ep into her b©dy. she was sh0t multi-ple times, it’s a good thing her cloth was laced with bullet proof, or else she would have died even before you got there”
I covered my mouth in shock, she was sh0t multi-ple times?, I was alre-ady in tears, I walked to the theatre door and watched as the doctors operated on.
“I’m going to kill that monster, I’m going to kill him” Danny said and he rushed off, Ray followed him probably to st©p him from doing something drastic. I walked to the theatre door and watched as the doctors operated on. I covered my mouth in shock, she was sh0t multi-ple times?, I was alre-ady in tears, I did this to her?, I dragged her into my problems and now this”
“Dianne don’t cry, you heard the doctor, she would be okay” Ray said behind me, trying to comfort me, I turned and hvgged him
“Ray I’m such a bad friend, I caused this to Jessie, she was always there for me but I, I…” I stammered and bur-st out crying and Ray wiped my tears “I’m done hiding, it’s me she wants and I’m going to face her, I’ll ruin her completely, she’ll beg for the air she breathes”.
Clarissa’s POV
“are you sure of what you’re saying” mom asked in disbelieve.
“how can I be sure of anything right now, I’m shaking with fear. But everything just adds up, I mean, no one knows much about her except for the fact that she’s a rich supermodel and she’s [email protected]!ngRaymond, Diamond’s best friend is also her best friend, and from the first time she saw me, she had always hated me, and had always threatened to take everything from me”
“if this is true, we have a bigger problem at hand, we nee-d to deal with her and fast”
“mom what if she’s really Diamond, what if she’s here for revenge, I mean she wasn’t really dead when you had her buried, what if… gosh, you know what, I think I’m just being paranoid, there’s no fv¢king way that she can still be alive” I said and slumped on a chair, I really want to believe this, that I’m just being paranoid but de-ep inside, something keeps telling me that she’s Diamond, that explains why she and Raymond trust each other so much, that means Raymond knows she’s Diamond, that means he knows everything. “mom, I don’t want to go to jail” I said in tears to my mom who’s de-ep in thought
“nob©dy’s going to jail, don’t worry your Dad is alre-ady on his way to take care of her, I’ll just call him to take care of Raymond also” mom said and my head sh0t up “Raymond?”
“mom, you want to kill Raymond also, but I love him” I said and she sh0t me an angry look
“will you shut up, we’re talking about our future here, you want to put the life of someone who doesn’t love you back over your future, the guy doesn’t even look at you, he loves your enemy, remember what I always tell you, in this world love doesn’t matter, don’t let movies and novels deceive you, what matters is money and power, that is what makes the world go round” she said and I agreed, she’s right I don’t nee-d Ray, and if he has to go down for me to be safe so be it, he should have choose me when he had the chance.
I watched mom, she looked worried as she called Derek’s line “what’s wrong mom?” I asked
“your Dad isn’t picking up, he always picks up” mom said
“ why don’t you call him later maybe he’s in the middle of the operation, you don’t want to ruin the mission, do you?”
“yeah, you’re right, I hope he gets this over with soon” mom said
“I hope so too” I thought.
I’m glad they’ve caught Derek, but what is going to happen to Jessie,
Raymond’s POV
We’ve been in the hospital for five hours now, Jessie’s bullet removal operation was successful, she was still unconscious but at least she was out of danger, and her recovery rate had increa-sed, I really nee-d to tell Danny to get me a cloth like that for Dianne, especially now that Morgana and Clarissa knows or rather suspect that she was Diamond. It’s a good thing Danny caught Derek on time, his next target was Dianne and I. Danny had seen the text message Morgana s£nt to Derek’s phone, and we had also listened to the recording from the mic.
I walked into Jessie’s ward, Dianne sat beside her, holding her hands, while trying to hold back tears, her eyes were alre-ady red and bulgy from earlier, I smiled, she always liked to act like she was tough, but she was actually a big crybaby, I went behind her and hvgged her
“I alre-ady called Jessie’s mom, she’ll be here tomorrow, st©p crying alre-ady, Jessie is save, or do you want to show your enemies that your weak” I said to her
“I’m not weak, it’s just my eyes, it won’t st©p watering, I think something entered” she said
“let me see” I said and took her face in my hands checking her eyes seriously even when I knew she was lying. “oh I see what entered, it’s sadness, it’s very funny, I’m everyone’s ray of sunshine but I can’t seem to make my own girlfriend smile” I said pouting sadly and she smiled
“That’s not true, you’re my ray of hope and prince charming, did you talk to the lawyers?” she asked
“yes I did, I s£nt them the original do¢v-ments, they had confirmed that Morgana’s do¢v-ment was fake , they had promise to suspend all of Morgana’s authority on the Company. But they still nee-d prove that you’re indeed Diamond before they can put the company in your name, legal formalities” I said.
Dianne was about to say something else when Danny entered, the poor guy, he had to guard the same man that tried to kill his girlfriend due to his Job, even though he was just guarding him to prevent escape, it was still annoying. “Hey man, you cool now” I asked as he sat on the other side of the be-d.
“maybe, you know I would have kill the guy, if you hadn’t st©pped me” he said and I nodded. I knew he would have killed him, that’s why I had to st©p him, Derek was still important, if he died, then Morgana might go scot free and we don’t want that.
“Sorry for the disturbance” Danny’s [email protected] said poking his head throu-gh the door “Danny, I just wanted to ask, the Derek guy, I only sh0t him twice, how’s it that he has three gun wounds”
“yeah, I sh0t him, when you left he tried to escape and also tried to kill me, so I sh0t him in self defense” Danny said and I scoffed. Big liar, he had walked into Derek’s ward, put the pillow over the gun and sh0t him, then poured mentholated spirit on it before calling the nurse, that’s the only reason why he’s calm down a bit.
“But he was cuffed to the… you know what, never mind, hope your girl is doing okay now, I’m taking Derek to the station, you can come later” the [email protected] said and Danny nodded before he left..
“so what’s the plan, plea-se tell me Morgana’s going to jail” Dianne asked
“yes and no, she’s going to be taken in for questioning, but if Derek doesn’t confess, she’ll be re-leased, but once the police prove that you’re Diamond, your parent’s case will be re-opened, but that will take about two weeks” Derek explained
“ two weeks, I allowed them to dig out my parent’s grave to do a DNA test, but it still going to take them two weeks. what’s there to even confirm, don’t I look like Diamond, or at least like my mother, they should just look at my eyes instead of taking time, at least that’s how those witches discovered” she said ma-king me smile. but she’s right, that’s too far ahead, and the award show was in a week time, everything had to be done before then, because if there’s any chance for them to do anything it’ll be there.
“ Danny there must be a way to move the time ahead, you know that everything now depends on proving that Dianne is Diamond” I said
“trust me, I pu-ll-ed all the strings on this one, it normally takes about two months, you can still talk to them though” he said and I nodded
“you’re taking Morgana in for Questioning tomorrow right” Dianne asked and Danny nodded “I would like to go with you, I want to see her face when that happens” Dianne said
“what! no way, I’m not going to let you go there, I’m even thinking of locking you in a room till all this is over and you’re talking about going there, now that she knows you’re Diamond” I said
“plea-se Ray, don’t take this chance away from me, I want to see the way Morgana looks at me now that she knows that I’m Diamond, now that she knows that her plan to destroy the whole Knights family didn’t work, plea-se prince charming” she said giving me the puppy dog eyes, have I mentioned before that nob©dy can resist Diamond, geez, this girl is going to put herself in trouble. “well since you want to face those ‘witches’ head on as Diamond, you’re going to be surrounded by guards and I will have to ask Danny get some of those bullet proof dress he got for Jessie, and you’re goanna wear it everyday till Morgana and Clarissa are gone for good, and don’t you even try to complain about it” I said when I saw her facial expression change.
“ah, so you want to be the over-protective b©yfri£nd, what if I die of claustrophobia?” she said and I frowned
“so you can still joke about death , trust me I’ve had a near death experience and you don’t want it” Jessie said weakly and we all turned to her direction.
Jessie’s POV
I had woken up five minutes ago, waiting for them to notice me, but they were just busy talking so I knew I had to say something to get their attention. “ water” I complained and Dianne immediately brou-ght me water.
“thanks” Danny said collecting the water from Dianne and helped me drink it. “what are you doing awake, you should be resting, you’ve lost a lot of blood, lie down, let me get the doctor” Danny said pushing me back on the be-d. Then left to call a doctor
“I have to say, you’re really strong, I know of some people who would have gone into Coma by now” Ray said, I nearly laughed out, because of the look Dianne gave him, but was too weak to do so.
“hahaha, easy for you to say, try falling almost ten thousand feet, let’s see if you’ll survive” Dianne said obviously angry
“sorry baby, I didn’t mean to tease you, come on smile princess” Ray said and Dianne smiled
“excuse me, I said you should rest, or do you want me to cuff you to the be-d” Danny said coming in with a doctor
“if you want me to rest, you should take me out of this god forsaken hospital, no offence doctor, I just hate hospitals” I said and the doctor gave me an un-derstanding smile.
“well the good news is that she’s stable now, she just nee-ds a lot of rest, and constant medication, I think a week in the hospital will do her a lot of good” the doctor said. I wanted to cry
“Danny, is this doctor crazy, I said I hate hospitals and he’s telling me to stay a week, no I won’t stay”
“gosh, you’re so stubborn, you’re so weak and can ba-rely talk but you still don’t want your medication” Danny complained
“I didn’t say I don’t want my medication, I said I don’t want to stay in the hospital” I complained again, Danny looked like he really wanted to cuff me.
“Doctor, she doesn’t nee-d to un-dergo any other operation again right” Danny asked and the doctor shook his head negative “we’ll take her home, the family doctor will continue with the treatment” he said and I smiled “you better not smile, come on doctor, lets settle the bill” the doctor nodded and they both left, with Ray following behind.
“you’re enjoying this aren’t you” Dianne said coming to sit beside me on the be-d, I smiled in response
“Dianne, I have to say, we’re really best friends, not long ago you were in a hospital be-d, and now it’s my turn, but to be sincere, I was really scared, I thought I would be long dead by now” I said, my eyes brimming with tears as I remembered being sh0t
“I’m really sorry for causing you so much pain Jessie, I dragged you into this, but don’t worry everything will be alright soon, the person who did this to you is going to pay” Dianne said and wiped my tears.
Morgana’s POV.
I was worried beyond worried, if Dianne was Diamond like Clarissa had said that means she had the original do¢v-ments, it won’t take her anything to prove that she’s Diamond and take Knights Empire away from me, I can’t lose the company just like that, I’ve worked so [email protected] for it, it was the source of my wealth, my power. I won’t let go just like that. And to add to my worries Derek wasn’t picking up and I’ve been trying to reach him since yesterday, Derek is not stupid enough to get himself caught is he?. I watched Clarissa as she walked up to her room, she had decided to stay with me till all this died down, and I think it was a good idea.
I called Derek again, crossing my f!ngersfor luck, childish? , I know, but I was really desperate, he picked the call and I was beyond glad. “why didn’t you pick up all the time I was calling you, I was worried” I said into the phone
“you were worried?, wow that’s a surprise to me, I never knew you were capable of being worried, to be sincere I always thought you had a heart of stone” a female voice said at the other end of the line. It sounded like Dianne’s voice, could it be that…
“who’s this?” I asked to be sure
“Morgana, I’m sure you alre-ady know who I am, you crossed the line when you s£nt a killer to my friend, I’m going to give you a head start, the police is going to be in your house in ten minutes time, so you still have time to run” she said and ended the call.
What’s this?, does this mean they’ve caught Derek. “Clarissa!” I yelled and she rushed down with a questioning look “we have to go now, you were right Dianne is Diamond and the police are on their way” I said and I could see the fear in her eyes
“, ok.., uhm, I have to pack my things, i..i” she stuttered
“Clarissa, we have to leave now, I’ll talk to the Chief of police later and have this settled” I said and pu-ll-ed her towards the front door “if anyone comes to look for me, tell them I’m away” I told our head maid and took my car keys, I opened the door and [email protected]£ face to face with Dianne.
“hello step mum” she said sm-irking

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