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The oath Episode 5 to 8

Episode 5
It was done few minutes past 2am when I felt a tap on my shoulder, at first I wondered if I was still slee-ping or awake or dreaming. But then I felt it again and I opened my eyes.
“Jesus” I screamed and jumped up. Three hefty men all dressed in red surrounded my be-d. Fear gr!pp£dme as I looked from one to the other.
“who are you? ” I managed to ask, plea-se don’t hurt me plea-se I beg you” Their faces was all painted in white, it was scary so I could ba-rely look at them.
“They ignored all of the nons-en-se I was ranting from my mouth. The only word I heard was…. “come with us”
“Ehn? ” I stammered. “Come with you? To where? Who are you? What business do I have with you? ” plea-se sirs, I don’t know who you are, but whoever you might be, you are speaking with the wrong guy. Definitely the wrong guy”
“come with us” they repeated. I was confused, I didn’t know if to follow them or not, who are they? And what business do they have with me? Where is Klein? How did this men enter his house? This and many more thoughts ran throu-gh my head that I didn’t hear the next words from them.
The next thing I knew o was flying in the air, these guys lifted me up like I was a piece of paper. I tried to struggle but I couldn’t.
Me: plea-se don’t hurt me, let me go, plea-se, you’ve got the wrong guy plea-se. He….. lp, kleeeeeeiiiiinnnn, Kleeeiiinnnnn,
I kept on screaming and calling my friend for help but it seems like I was all alone in the house.
Shouting and screaming felt like it was not doing any good and so I decided to relax and watch what was going to happen. The men moved from one room to the other closing and shutting doors.
I didn’t know where I was. The last thing I remembered was jumping in the be-d that the beautiful maid that Klein showed to me showed me. I was so tired that I sle-pt off immediately and now this was happening. It all felt like a dream. However I relaxed and watched them carry me forward. Finally they st©pped.
They dropped me on the floor, I tried to look around and I saw other men standing and wearing same clothes as the ones that carried me.
“Blood of Jesus” I muttered slowly. They were about seventeen of them in numbers and there was somewhere that looked like an alter. A big black man was sitter at the alter. He was the only man sitter of all the men, and he was the only one wearing a black robe.
I looked around to see of I know anyone, and just then I saw him. “KLEIN”
Episode 6
When I saw Klein I was both surprised and shocked. I didn’t un-derstand what was going on, I was confused.
“what was he doing in the midst of these strange men, and why was he dressed like this.?
Somehow my [email protected] explained what was going on for me, my b©dy could guess and un-derstand the scenario but I nee-ded to be sure and so I asked.
“Klein, what is going on here? Who are these men? Why are they dressed like this? And why are you dressed like them? What do they want from me? Why have they brou-ght me here? ”
The questions just kept pumping from my mouth and I couldn’t st©p. I waited for an answer from Klein but got non. Instead I saw two hands forcing me to sit on the gold plated floor. I couldn’t help but notice it because of the way it was shinning.
I didn’t bother to struggle. They wanted me to sit and so I will sit. I sat quietly and waited for what’s next.
I watched silently as they held their meeting. A young man was brou-ght in and bathed in a basin filled with blood. After which a plate of roasted meat was brou-ght and shared among them. The men are excitedly. And after some incantation by the man who seemed to be their leader, they brou-ght out the same robe they wore and placed it in the man’s hand.
Slowly he wore the robe as the men began shaking hands with him. It was then I got the message clearly.
No doubt Klein is a cultist, and the young man has just being initiated into the cult.
But what am I doing here? I never told Klein I wanted to be a cultist? Why did they bring me here? All of these thoughts went throu-gh my head without any answers coming forth.
And just as I was still wondering two men [email protected]£d me and tied my eyes and dragged me away. When I opened my eyes, I was back to the room where they picked me from. I began to wonder, what just happened? Was it all a dream? I checked my time it was almost 5am. I la-id on the be-d but still I couldn’t sleep.
Episode 7.
It was the sound of opening doors that woke Tunde up. He quic-kly jumped and sat on the be-d waiting for whoever it is that was coming inside his room. His head was thinking fast as he recalled all the things he saw and experienced last night. He had sat down after his return with the conviction that Klein was a cultist and he was not going to have anything ever to do with him, he had also felt that he would not be able to sleep but unfortunately the spirit is willing but the b©dy was weak. He had falling asleep without knowing when or how.
The door flunged open and Klein [email protected]£ in looking tired and exhausted. He fell straight on the be-d.
Klein : [email protected] my friend, you are alre-ady awake. You are really a de-ep sleeper. Good morning my friend.
” Tunde looked at him and began to wonder what kind of actor he was. Acting and sounding like nothing happened in the night. Tunde decided to bring it up.”
Tunde : Klein, what was that about last night? Why did you have to get me involved?
Klein suddenly sat up and looked at him before answering.
Klein: my guy, you are a bad guy, you are really a bad guy, so you heard when we were waking you up, you heard and you pretended like you didn’t know. I know you were just too tired to stand up and that’s why I asked the gateman to leave you to rest since you were very tired.
Tunde was lost, he didn’t un-derstand what Klein was talking about. “what are you talking about? ” he asked.
Klein: Oh! What were you talking about? I thought you were talking about what happened last night?
“of course I was talking of last night.” what are you talking about? ”
Klein : you are really getting me confused. Last night Janet my cook had one of her usual atsmatic attacks, only that this time it was very serious. Her inhaler wasn’t working and so we had to rush her to the hospital, I tried waking you up but you were very fast asleep and so I decided to let you rest. We have been in the hospital since last night and I just [email protected]£ in now with her. She is currently in her room resting. What are you talking about?
Tunde [email protected]£ confused, he didn’t know or un-derstand anything that Klein was talking about?
“I’m talking about those men that [email protected]£ here to take me last night”
Klein: what men?
Tunde : those men dressed in those ugly robes with the ugly and scary things on their faces, the meeting, the man, that skeleton, that scary place, the blood?
Klein was looking at Tunde, he was looking more confused than Tune.
Klein : Are you alright bro? Are you sure the accident is not affecting your thinking somehow?
Tunde [email protected]£ even more confused as he asked to see Janet. Klein esc-rted him to Janet’s room and she confirmed the story. Tunde greeted her and then went back to his room.
Klein has said he was going to his own room to sleep a bit as he has not sle-pt a bit since last night. He asked Tunde to make himself comfortable. Tunde ran outside the house to speak to the gate man who also confirmed Klein’s story and added. “But bros, you day sleep de-ep o.
Tunde ignored and went back inside. Could it have been a dream? “he asked himself” , But dew minutes ago he would have sworn that it all happened here in this same room. But after hearing from the other person’s around, he couldn’t help but conclude that it was all a dream. And a terrible one at that.
He was a bit relaxed however that it was a dream. Klein is not a cultist. Now he can relax and be comfortable. He la-id his head down and before some minutes he was alre-ady snoring.
Episode 8.
Tunde was filled with thoughts as he approached his house. ”Did anyone look for him in this nine days that he was away,did anyone miss him? Did anyone even notice his abs£nce? Was his mom still very angry at him?”
At a point he wanted to just turn and go back but just to satisfy his curiosity he decided to move on. He saw his younger brother driving off in a new Toyota Venza, obviously he has gotten himself a new ride and has come to show their mom and [email protected] about his success.
He hid in a corner as he saw his mom waving delightfully at his brother, laughing and smiling. His brother must have given her a hvge sum if money. Tunde was tem-pted. If he wanted to join this G-boys and make money their ways he would have done and be a very big boy and successful one at that, because he has always being the smartest amongst his mate. But he made a promise to his kat dad and to himself that he will never make money the wrong way.
If he becomes rich today it would be in a legal way. Besides he was a Christian and would never go against the teachings of the ways of Jesus.
He waited for some minutes for his brother to disappear from sight and then he saw his mom walk inside the house.
Then slowly he carried his legs and walk up to their door and knocked.
”Who is it?” was the reply he got from inside. He turned the knob and went straight inside the house. The big smile on Maimi face suddenly disappeared. She stood and looked at Jim from head to toe as if she was trying to find her next word.
”Good evening mum” Tunde greeted. He got no reply as Miami stood with her gaze on him.
Tunde who was not expecting anything good from her stood wondering why she suddenley [email protected]£ mute and what she was staring at. And then finally she spoke.
”Did you rise from the grave?, because I actually thought you were dead”.
Tunde: mama, is that your wish for me?
Miami: Is it not better? Is the dead nor better than you? Or would you call this life you are living a life? When I didn’t see you for three days I thought you were dead. Because there is no way you can survive out there alone without money and food. When you didn’t show up after a week it was concluded by me that you are really dead. Your siblings and I even cried a bit for you. Its obvious now that we wasted our tears.
Tunde was not surprised at his mom. Instead he walked pas-sed her and went straight to his room. He was shocked at what he saw. The whole place was messed up and smelling. His clothes and little things was no where to be found. Instead he saw fowls everywhere.
”Blood of Jesus”, he shouted as he turned and went back to his mom.
Tunde: what happened here mama. What happened to my room. Where are my stuffs.
Miami: which room? What smelling stuff? Anyways like I told you earlier, I thought you were dead. And so when your brother gave me money to start up a business, I decided to do poultry. And I got those birds. There was no where to train them and since that room was vacant, I decided to store them there.
Tunde: in my room mama, inside a house mama! Why? What have i done to you to deserve all this hatred you are given to me? Why mama, why?
Miami: Hatred? Who hates you?/have you seen hatred?
”Anyways mama, where are my things? Tunde asked
”What things?” She asked pretending like she does not un-derstand what he was talking about.
”My clothes, my bags. Everything mama”
”Those rags? Anyways like I earlier told you, we thought you were dead, so I burnt those rags”
Tunde: Burnt? Mama you burnt my things? Jesus Christ you burnt my things? Mama why?
Miami: hey hey hey st©p shouting in my ears. I thought you were dead and that was why I burnt them.
Tunde fell on the ground and started crying. ”Mama my certificate, mama, that is all I have in life and you burnt it all”
”What stupid certificates? How long have you graduated from school, what has those stupid papers done for you? plea-se plea-se plea-se, I have things to do, don’t come and spoil my very good day with your bad luck” she turns and walks out of the house.
To be continued

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