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The oath Episode 13 to 16

Episode 13.
Tunde got up immediately and went straight to Klein’s room. He knocked and opened the door and found him slee-ping. Tunde was confused as he went back into his room. He was more determined to get his own [email protected] because this seemed more than a dream.
In the morning he decided to speak to Klein about it. And so at the dinning table, he brou-ght up the discussion.
Tunde: I wanted to inform you that I will be moving out very soon.
Klein: And why is that?
Tunde: its nothing, my business is doing fine and I think it’s time I begin to st©p depending on you. I really appreciate all you have done for me but it is time.
Klein: It’s alright [email protected] , you can do that but that will be after you have done what you ought to do.
Tunde was confused as he didn’t un-derstand what Klein meant by that statement.
Tunde: what I ought to do, I don’t un-derstand.
Klein: Yes Tunde, you can move to your own place after you’ve pres£nted the sacrifice demanded by our Lord Spiritual.
Tunde: What? What did you just say.
Klein: you heard me Tunde so st©p acting. Like you didn’t.
Tunde: so all that was real? I thought it was a dream. So it was real? So you are a cultist Klein?
Klein: It’s not a cult bro, it’s a brotherhood.
Tunde: cut the cra-p Klein, you know it’s a cult. A brotherhood who sacrificed human blood is called what?
Klein: well, it’s your choice of words. Call it whatever you wish, but you cannot leave this place without submitting your sacrifice.
Tunde: Never Klein, I will never kill my mother. How can you ask me to kill my own mother. Same person am struggling and working [email protected] to prove myself to, you want me to kill her and have blood stains on my hand and above all sin against God? How can you even think of that?
Klein:Listen [email protected],you are not the first. You should even jump at this opportunity, after all your mom hates you, this should be easy for you.
Tunde: my mother does not hate me, she just wishes I had more money than I have.
Klein: it’s the same thing. She hates you. If she doesn’t she will gladly follow you to be sacrificed. See! My mom knew the sufferings was too much for us. She got strucked down by a strange ailment. And even though she knew with money she can be healed she also un-derstood that we didn’t have that kind of cash. And so she willingly followed me to be sacrificed. She gave herself up just to redeem my family.
Tunde: so you killed your own mother?
Klein: The wealth you and I have enjoyed and arc still enjoying now is as a result od my mother’s sacrifice, you have tasted from blood money, you’ve eaten from blood money and now it’s time for you to drop your own sacrifice.
Tunde began dropping everything he had gotten from Klein. Here is the phone I bought from your money, here is the shop keys, here is my ATM card and the pin. Take everything, am not interested and I don’t nee-d any thing else from you.
Klein bur-st out laughing ridiculously. You surprise me bro. We call you [email protected] yet you seem to not have any [email protected] at all. You are dropping everything , how about the food and drinks that you have eating mad taken in. Can you return them? How bout the clothes you are wearing now? The creams you’ve been using, the be-d you’ve sle-pt on. The money you’ve spent and s£nt to your lovely mom all this while. Can you return those ones? plea-se st©p being a child and do what you are supposed to do.
Tunde: By killing my mom? I will never do that? Go and tell your Lord Spiritual that the things you have to me I never asked for them. And I never knew it was blood money if not I wouldn’t have even smelt your gate not to talk of eating in your house. However all I did was out of ignorance. I will never kill my mom. Never.
Klein: (angry) then be re-ady to die in three weeks. The choice is yours. Your mom or your life. Simple.
He picks up the glas-s of wine he was drinking and walks away living a confused Tunde who suddenly went mute and stood looking at him leaving.
Episode 14.
Tunde stood transfixed to a post for more than three hours, after some time he decides to go away from Klein’s house. As he was about walking out the gate, Klein called out to him.
[email protected], before you step out I want you to know that there is no way out of this. You are in you are in alre-ady. You’ve tasted of blood money an now you must pres£nt your own blood for others to enjoy too
Tunde: But Klein I never asked for any of those things and I felt you were just being generous to me which was why I accepted them. If I had known that it was blood money, I never would have accepted anything from you.
Klein: Am sorry [email protected], I know you wouldn’t un-derstand bthsis but I time you would. This is my third sacrifice for the brother hood. Sacrifice is done every five years. My mom was the first, I didn’t really feel bad about it because she knew and willingly followed me to save our family from the anguish of suffering and also to save my life.
It was my second sacrifice that made me feel really bad. I had to sacrifice my wife. You didn’t know I was married right? I never mentioned it so you won’t ask so many questions. I sacrificed her with our two months baby growing in her wo-mb, this is what has kept me for seven years until now when my next task was to bring someone into the brotherhood.
I was glad it was not a blood sacrifice this time. This was easy and then things [email protected]£ easier. You [email protected]£ along the way. [email protected], am really sorry but I don’t want to die which was why you had to be brou-ght in.
I have seen people who fault the Lord spiritual die and waste off like that. I don’t want to be [email protected] of them.
You wouldn’t have been dragged in if you didn’t spend my money. But the minute you spent the money, buying phones and helping your family, you signed the Oath of the brotherhood. Am really sorry [email protected] Besides I never knew it would be so difficult for you to sacrifice your mom, considering how bad she had treated you.
Tunde: No matter how bad she has treated me or will treat me, she is still my mom and even if she isn’t I still won’t have any blood on my hand.
Klein turns and walks away from him back to his house. But he st©pped and turned to Jim and said.
“Three weeks Tim, three weeks, he wasn’t joking when he told you. You will die mysteriously in three weeks except you give in to his demands. There is no escape. Am sorry.
Klein turns and walks away. A confused Timothy opens the gate and steps out of the house. He has never been so confused in his entire life. Big even when his certificate was burnt. He didn’t know where to go to. He has vowed never to go back to the shop, nor Klein’s [email protected]
He had no choice than to head back to his mother’s house. Not knowing what to expect from his future
Episode 15.
Tunde walked liked a ghost into the house. He met his mom and sister eating in the sitting room. A plate of fried rice, it’s obvious she just [email protected]£ from an outing.
His sister rushed to him and gave him a warm [email protected] He didn’t even act like he saw her, instead he just walked past her straight to his former room. The place looked messed up but he didn’t seem to notice, he just la-id down and folded like a baby on the ba-re floor.
Miami: What is worng with that one?
Cynthia: Mummy, something is wrong with brother, did you see that he didn’t even notice me? Even when I gave him a hvg.
Miami: Something has always been wrong with him, is there anytime he has been okay?
Cynthia: oh oh mummy, you are too strict on brother sef. Even. After those times he s£nt you money, now you see him, you didn’t even greet him and he is looking like that, you don’t even care.
Miami: Shut up there, what do you know? So because he gave me money two or three times I should stray dancing anytime I see him. Ehn?
She walks away and approached Tunde who was weeping bitterly.
Miami: Hey! I thought you were never coming back. The people who [email protected]£d you , have they finally gotten tired of you and s£nt you away? Is that why you are crying?
Tunde ignores her.
Miami: That’s how life is, which is why am so angry at you. Your mates are out there ma-king money and changing thier lives, you are there depending on people. Your mates have built houses for thier moms, they even placed thier mother’s on monthly salaries even weekly salaries but you, all you know how to do is depend on me and your younger ones. How long will you live your life like that.
You are just a waste. All the school you went to is just a waste. Your mates were ma-king money you were struggling to go to school. Now see you. What has your school given to you? Nothing!
Listen. When you left this house I was happy, I had peace because your feeding was no longer my concern, now that you are back, I hope you [email protected]£ back with money o, if not this house will not contain you. You will have to return back to wherever you have been.
Mimai, walks away from the room. Tunde keeps crying and crying until he sleeps off. It was the coldness of the water that made him jump from his sleep. He looked up and saw his mom with a cold bucket of water obviously from the fridge .
Miami: How dare you? I was talking to you and you decided to keep me silent, you have grown wings right?
Tunde: Mom, this water is from the fridge, why did you pour it on me.
Before he could finish his statement a long [email protected] landed on his face.
Miami: shut up there, God punish your miserable life. Don’t you dare ask me stupid questions. I hate you Tunde, you hear me? I hate you? Mere seeing you irritates me. Because you are a disgrace to me. I would rather exchange you for a bottle of cold maltina than call you my son. ru-bbish!
She walks away from him. As tears keeps flowing from Tunde’s eyes.
Tunde: Mom you hate me because I choose to stand by a right path and life. What would you have me do? Should I go and steal? Or rather do rituals for you to be happy?
Miami: The people stealing and doing rituals are you better than them? At least they are ma-king thier parents enjoy life.
See if you want to steal or kill or even use yourself for rituals, I don’t care, as long as you bring money to this house. You hear me? ru-bbish!
She walks away. Tunde looks at himself drenched in water, he just puts on his sli-ppers and walks out of the house……
Episode 16.
As Tunde la-id on the long chair thinking of what just happened and how he had challenged his mom,. He dozed off.
Miami [email protected]£ inside the house and looked at Tunde. She wanted to do something to him but for the first time she got scared of how he would react. Her son had never ever challenged her, despite all she had done to him.
She took a look at him to see if it was the same Tunde she knew, and without saying anything she walked away. Cynthia also [email protected]£ staring at her brother.
Though she was surprised at his reaction , [email protected] of her was glad because she really didn’t like the way thier mother treated thier elder brother. She had silently prayed that he should speak out for ones but she never expected that it was going to be this strong. She watched him for a while before walking to her own room.
Tunde sle-pt and dreamt of his father. In his dream he was in a two road junction. One was filled with stones and rou-gh edges, the other was smooth and well decorated with street lights. His dad was standing at the middle.
Tunde: Dad what are you doing here?
“My son, I am here waiting for you. These two roads are before you, and both leads you to success. One is a short path and the other is a long, bitter and scary path, but they both leads to success.
Tunde: Then I should take the short path since they both arrive at same destination.
”yes son, both leads to same place but the difference is this. The quic-ker and fas-ter you arrive at your destination the fas-ter you will also leave that destination, but if you take the longer path, I can as-sure you that your success will be everlasting.
Tunde: so dad are you saying I should pas-s the crooked road?
” Son, the decision is yours to make, for there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end is the way of death”
And as Tunde was still trying to un-derstand his dad. He disappeared and Tunde jumped up from his sleep. Only to see Klein sitted by the chair.
Tunde: Jesus, how did you get in here
Klein: [email protected] I just [email protected]£ to tell you that the clock is ticking and every seconds wasted is a second closer to your death. This is to also let you know that there is no escape for you.
If I can locate and meet you wherever you are, then you should un-derstand that the Lord spiritual will find you anywhere you go.
And then Klein suddenly disappeared.
Tunde screamed out in terror and Miami and Cynthia [email protected]£ running in.
Miami: Just one night and you are alre-ady disturbing our peace in this house. What is your problem? Why are you screaming or have you suddenly ran mad?
Cynthia: Brother what happened you are shivering!
Miami: why won’t he shiver, maybe he has joined a secret cult and the ghost of people he has killed are now hunting him.
Cynthia: Mama pelase st©p it.
Miami: shut up there stupid girl. (To Tunde) like I was saying, if you actually joined a secret society and the ghost of people you’ve killed are now hunting you then you are very daft, because you didn’t use the right head that would make you rich, very rich. Nons-en-se!
She hissed and walks away with Cynthia and Tunde looking at him.
To be continued!

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