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The mafia lord Episode 5 to 8

The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 5
(A little bit of fun)
June POV
I woke up the next morning and was surprised to see Sara dressing up
I glanced at the wall clock and jo-lted up from the be-d
“ what is wrong?”. Sara asked me
“ I nee-d the be in clas-s”. I replied and she gave a weird look
I quic-kly rushed into the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room with my towel wra-pped around my b©dy .
“ Are you really going to put this on?”. I asked Sara as I stared at the short harmless blue go-wn she was wearing
“ what is wrong with it?”. She asked
“ it is too short, your b©dy is expo-sed”. I replied
“I don’t nee-d your preaching this morning”. She said with an eye roll
She sat on her be-d and watched me as I get dressed
“ you have a very nice shape”. She remarked, but you cover it oversized clothes
“I like it like that”. I replied
“ Are you really going to wear that sac?”. She asked as I brou-ght out a brown go-wn
“ what is wrong with it?”. I asked
“ it is big and ugly”. She replied
“ At least it covers my b©dy” I said as I put on the go-wn
“Really June, you nee-d to have some fun and st©p living a boring life”. She replied
“What kind of fun can I have?”. I asked her
She thought for a while
“ go with me to a birthday [email protected]”. She said, Steph birthday [email protected]
“ is it the [email protected] both of you were talking about?”. I asked
“ yes. She replied grinning
“ I am not interested”.i drawled
“It is going to be fun”. She said , just try and have little fun
“ I will think about it”. I replied
“Good”. She said as she picked up her bag
“ can we go to clas-s now?”. She asked
I looked at her, I never knew she was waiting for me
“You can go, I am waiting for sister”.i replied
“Alright June”. She said and walked out of the room
I was about dialling Mary number when she rushed Into my room
“ I am sorry June”. She apologised, Miguel delayed me
I looked at her sm-irked
“ he probably didn’t allow you to come over to my room last night as you promised”. I queried
“ I am sorry June”. She said feeling guilty
“It is alright”.i replied, Let us go
We walked together to the lecture building
“ This is your clas-s”. Mary said as we st©pped in front of a clas-s,
“ Alright”. I replied
“ have fun”. She waved
I walked into the clas-s and was surprised to see Sara seated
“What are you doing here?”. I asked her
“A retake “ she replied
“What is that?”. I asked her
“ I had a fail in this course and I have to retake it”. She explained
“ you can seat here”. She said tapping on a seat beside her and I happily sat down beside her
The Lecturer soon walked in and the clas-s [email protected]£ quiet as she lectured…
I looked on in surprise when Steph walked in,she was wearing a crop t©p and a bu-m shorts .
“Is she a fresher of retake student”.i wondered
“ Steph”.The lecturer called , you are late
“ I was busy with Troy”. She replied rudely and walked over to a seat beside me
“who is Troy”.. I thought
“ hi”. I greeted
She looked at me and gave me a small smile .
“ I am hungry”. I told Sara after lectures, can you plea-se direct me to the cafe ?
“ The food in the cafe is unappetising”. She replied. We can get something better in the gardens
“Where is that?”. I asked
“ it is an open place where student meet to talk , [email protected] laugh, Food, snacks and drink are also sold there “. She explained
“ wow!”. I exclaimed, I can’t wait to see this gardens
We walked to the gardens and I noticed people staring at me awkwardly
“ it is because of your cloth”.sara explained , it looks old fashioned
I looked at my clothes, I saw nothing wrong with it
We soon got to the gardens and it was so beautiful . I was surprised to see Mary and her Miguel eating ,I suddenly felt jealous
“She doesn’t care for me , she cares only for Miguel”.i thought
“hey”. I greeted walking towards her
“June”. She greeted back smiling, i can see you are alre-ady getting along?”, she asked glancing at sara who was busy with some guys
“ yes”.i replied, she is fun to be with
“helo June”.Miguel greeted eyeing me
“hi”.i replied
“ you should teach your sister some fashion s-en-se Mary”.he said referring to me
“ she will change with time”.Mary replied shrugging her shoulders
I glared at him and sat down beside Mary
“ I have to take care of somethings”.Miguel said standing up, he gave Mary a k!ssbefore leaving
“Must you all always k!ss?”. I asked with an eye roll
“June”. Sara called coming to join us.I was searching around for you, I never knew when you left”. She said as she sat down beside me and nodded at Mary
“You were too busy to notice”.i replied smiling
“Here”.she said handing me a sandwich and drink, I got it for you
“ Thanks”. I replied, I completely forgot I [email protected]£ here because I was hungry
We started munching our meals when Mary suddenly exclaimed
“What is it?”.Sara asked
“ Troy is headed here”. She replied
“Who is this Troy again”.i thought
I turned to look and [email protected] in surprise when I saw the prettiest boy I have ever seen coming in to the gardens with Steph beside him.
“ is this Troy?”, I asked Sara
“Shuuuush! don’t be loud”. She replied placing a f!nger on herl-ips
I nodded and continued staring as he sat on a seat at the extreme end
I noticed most student staring at him
“ who is he?”. I asked curiously
She looked at me in surprise
“ are you living in the Stone Age?”. She asked with sarcasm. He is Troy, the sole owner of Daniel corporate
“Really?”. I exclaimed,I have heard about Daniels corporate but I never knew it was owned by someone this young
“ Steph must be really lucky”. I said
They both looked at me and laughed
“ why are you laughing?”. I asked staring at both of them
“She is his bit-ch and would soon get dumped”.Mary replied, he [email protected]£ the prettiest and S-xiest girls and dump them when he is tired of them “. She explained
“ why does he do that?”, I asked
“ I don’t know”.Sara replied, maybe he doesn’t believe in commitment
I looked at him and stared in awe as he sma-cked Steph bu-tt as she danced on his [email protected]
“holy Mary! I exclaimed loudly and I [email protected] in shock when I met the coldest gaze I have ever seen
I shuddered in fear and quic-kly jo-lted up running towards the hostel
I sat down on my be-d panicking when the door flung opened and Sara walked in
“ why did you do that?”. She asked
“ is he coming to get me?”. I asked ignoring her question
She looked at me and laughed
“No, he doesn’t even know you exist”. She drawled
“ what happened after I left?”. I asked curiously
“Nothing, he just stared at you as you ran off “. she replied
I sighed in relief
“Are you in or not?”. She asked
“ I don’t un-derstand “.i replied
“Will you go with me to Steph birthday?”.She asked , say yes plea-se
“ can I go?”. I muttered to myself,It will not be bad to have a little fun
“ yes”.replied , I will go with you
“ you made the right choice”. Sara said smiling…..
Episode 6
June Pov
“The [email protected] will be so much fun”. Sara screamed in delight, I can’t wait to be there
I watched her scattered her bags searching for what to wear
“ here. She said handing me a red long go-wn
“ what should I do with it?”, I asked
“ you gonna wear it?”. She replied still searching her bags
“I have what to wear”, I queried
“ what?, those sacs you call clothes?”. She asked in sarcasm
I looked at the red go-wn, it was long beautiful with a slant design
“It is decent”, she sm-irked looking at me
“I don’t like the slant opening”, I complained
“ Just wear it just for tonight plea-se”. She pleaded, i don’t want you looking like a sac bag
I looked at the go-wn and sighed
“fine”. I will put it on”. I agreed and Sara flashed me a smile
I stared at my reflection in the mirror . The go-wn brou-ght out my curves and I looked different
“ is this really me?”. I asked Sara who was putting on a very short red go-wn
“ it is You June”.She replied smiling, you are beautiful.
“ Thanks”. I blu-shed
“Do you nee-dl-ipstick?”. She asked
“hell no”. I replied,
She chuckled as she kept thel-ipstick inside her box
She pu-ll-ed out a silver heels un-derneath the be-d and handed it to me
“ what should I do with this?”. I asked her
“ wear it dummy”. She replied, what were you planning on wearing?”. She asked
“ sandals”. I replied
“Oh June”. She said with an eye roll, you will never cease to amaze me
“ is this how birthday [email protected] look like?”. I asked Sara as we stepped into the hall
“Is this your first time of going to a [email protected]?”. She asked
I nodded
“ your parent are kill joy”. She remarked
I looked around as we walked in . I shook my head as I saw guys and ladies smoking
I noticed Sara was walking towards a table where two guys were seated
“ where are you going?”. I asked Sara , Let us just sit here
“ plea-se June don’t try and kill my fun”. She replied dragging me along
“hello Ben”. She greeted a guy with red hair
“Sara”.The guy called as he bit hisl-ips , how are you?
“ cool”. Sara replied sitting down and gestured me to sit
I glared at her as I sat down
“Did she bring me here to watch her flir-t with guys” I thought
“ hi”. the second guy greeted me
“hi”, I grunted
“ what is your name?”. he asked
“Is he trying to flir-t with me”. I thought and ignored his questions
“ Are you trying to ignore me?”. he asked
“ just let her be Simon”.Sara said , she is mama girl
“ really?”. he asked laughing
The whole hall immediately [email protected]£ quiet when Troy , Steph and some hvge guys walked in
I stared at them in awe,Troy was really so cute in his all black outfit and Steph looked like a goddess in her white flora go-wn
They walked towards to the front table and sat down
“ Aren’t they cute?”. Sara asked me
“they are”. I replied staring at them
I watched Troy whispered something to Steph as he stood up and walked throu-gh a door with his guards
“ where is he going “. I thought
The Dj pla-yed a popular music and most people stood up to dance including Sara and her red hair b©yfri£nd
“Do you care for a dance?”.the second guy asked me
“ No”. I huffed
“ you are so impossible”.he said and stood up probably to look for another girl to dance with him
I looked over at Steph table, she was seated alone frowning . Troy was not yet back and I felt sorry for her
I suddenly felt the urge to pee
“ where is the bathroom?”. I muttered. I stood up and walked up to a server
“ where is the bathroom plea-se?”, I asked him
“ over there”. he said pointing to an entrance
“Thanks”. I muttered
I walked over to the entrance and was surprised to see Tony b©dyguards standing there
“ you can’t go in now”. One of them said
“ why?”. I asked
“You nee-d to come back later”,he said ignoring my questions
“ I really nee-d to pee plea-se”. I pleaded
he looked at me and sighed
“ fine, make sure you make use of the first or second bathroom”.he warned, don’t go into the third one
“Alright”. I nodded
I rushed past the entrance and saw three doors
I opened the first door and immediately closed it back, it was not flu-shed
I opened the second one and walked inside to urinate . I sat down on the toilet seat and heard [email protected] s , it was coming out from the third toilet
“ what is happening?”. I muttered.
I [email protected]£ out of the toilet after I was done . I turned to leave but my curious self wanted to know what was happening. I summoned courage and walked to the toilet and pushed it opened
“ Holy father!”. I exclaimed as I saw Troy ban-ging a girl
“ who are you?”. Troy asked buckling his [email protected]
“ I am mmmm sorry”. I stammered as I met his cold gaze
“ you can go bit-ch”. he said pushing the girl out of the bathroom
“ who are you?”. he asked again, who let you in
“ I am sorry”. I apologised.
“ really. he scoffed and walk past me
“ you are not pure”.I mumbled
“ what did you say?”. he st©pped asking
“ nothing”. I replied
“ what did you say?”. he asked moving closer to me
“I said you are not pure”. I blurted out closing my eyes in fear
“ really?. he asked laughing
I looked at him in surprise, I was expecting him to hit me
he stared at me for a while and left without saying anything….
“ what just happened”. I muttered
I returned back to the hall and glanced at his table , he was seated alre-ady and Steph was smiling again
“ if only she knew that her b©yfri£ndjust cheated on her”. I thought
I walked over to my table and sat down
“ where have you been?”. Sara asked walking towards me, I have been searching all over for you
“ I went to the bathroom ”. I replied
“Alright, make sure you stay here”. She instructed and went back dancing
I looked over at Troy and was surprise when I met his gaze and he immediately looked away
“ why was he staring at me?”. I asked.
Episode 7
June PoV continue
We got back to the hostel really late
“The [email protected] was so much fun”.Sara screamed in delight. She was a little bit ti-psy
I watched her as she pu-ll-ed off her shoes and decided to tell her about Troy
“Sara”. I called
“Yes”. She replied without looking at me
“ I saw Troy with with another girl”
She immediately turned to look at me
“ so?” . She asked
“ what do you mean by that?” I asked, he is Steph b©yfri£ndand Steph is your friend
“ really?”. She asked laughing, I bet Steph knows about it
“ what!!”. I exclaimed, how is that possible?
“ You don’t really know Troy”.she replied and continued with what she was doing
“ who is he?”. I mumbled…
Troy Pov
“It was my day Troy, you could have at least respected me”.Steph queried
I la-id on my be-d watching her rant
“ you made me look like a fool “. She continued, I saw you when you signalled the bit-ch to join you in the toilet
“ so?”. I asked, I was attracted to her
“ why are you doing this to me?” She asked
“ what am I doing to you?”, I asked her
“ you are hurting me”. She replied
I looked at her and smiled
“ I think it is time to get someone else”. I drawled
“ what do you mean ?”. She asked
“ I am done with you Steph”.i declared
“ you can do this to me Troy”. She pleaded moving towards me
“Really”. I asked as I stood up from the be-d
“ where are you going?”. She asked
“To the next room”. I replied
“ what about me?”. She asked
“ you can sleep here for the night but make sure you are out of here tomorrow morning “. I warned
“Troy plea-se”. She pleaded
“ Good night Steph”. I said as I left the room
I headed downstairs to the sitting room and met Andy at the bar drinking
“Troy”. he called immediately he saw me
“hey”, I replied
“I thought you were asleep”. he said as he offered me a glas-s of wine
“Thanks”. I muttered
“ is anything wrong?”. he asked, I heard you and Steph arguing when I pas-sed throu-gh your room
“I was not arguing”. I corrected, she was the one ranting
“ what happened?”. he asked
“ I am done with her”. I replied with a sm-irk
“Boss”. he called laughing,you could have dump her a day after her birthday
“ I was alre-ady tired of the bit-ch”, I drawled,
“What really happened at the [email protected]?”.he asked
“I was told I was not pure”. I replied with a shrug
He looked at me with a raised eyebrow
“ what do you mean?”. he asked
“Nevermind “, I replied sipping my drink. I thought about the lady and laughed , she was so funny . I met Andy curious gaze…….
Steph POv
I headed downstairs the next morning hoping Troy would forgive me
I met him talking with his friend
“Did he stay awake all night”. I thought
“Troy”. I called
He turned to look at me
“ I am sorry”. I pleaded
“ you didn’t do anything Steph”. he replied, I just got tired of you. It was all a game from the beginning and you knew about it
“ I still want to be your personal bit-ch”. I muttered
He sm-irked.” I s£nt some money to your accounts, it should be enough to get you whatever you nee-d”. he replied
“plea-se Troy don’t………”
“ Get out”. He barked
“ Troy”….
“I said Get out”. he yelled and I immediately jo-lted out his mansion…
“ what will happen to me now?”. I thought, I will become the clown of the school….
June PoV
I scattered my box looking for a better cloth,
“ what are you still doing here?”. Sara asked walking out of the bathroom
“Searching for something nice”. I replied
“ really?”. She asked laughing, are you tired of your sac clothes
“ I just don’t like the way people stare at me”. I replied, when I get home I will ask my mom to buy something better
“ do your mom still buy clothes for you?”. She asked in surprise
“ yes”. I replied
“ what will you do if she buys you clothes you don’t like?”. She asked
“I wear what she wants me to”. I replied
“Oh June! She exclaimed, you let you parent control you and that is not right.What they just nee-d to do is to advice you and not to impose stuffs on you
“ I have no choice”. I sighed
“ you really nee-d to do something about it”. She advised.
“ I will think about it”. I replied
“ Let me help you”. She said as she bend down searching throu-gh my box
“Wow, this is nice”. She said pu-lling out a short blue go-wn ,
“ it was a gift from a friend, I secretly wore it to prom and My Dad made me di-p my legs into h0t water when he found out”. I explained
“That must have hurt”. She replied patting me,
I looked at her and smiled
I headed to clas-s with Sara and I felt different, i notice some guys staring at me and I blu-shed
“ is this how it feels to wear beautiful clothes”. I thought
“ June”. Mary called running towards me
“See you later”. Sara waved as she walked away
June”. Mary called again when she got closer
“hi”. I greeted, how are you?
“ wow!. She exclaimed staring at my go-wn, you are really beautiful
“Thanks”, I muttered
“ where did you get the go-wn from?”. She asked
“ it is mine ,I wore it to the prom. Remember?”. I asked her
“ oh!”. She replied nodding, I can see you are getting used to college
“ sure. I nodded
“ where were you last night?”. She asked , I [email protected]£ over to you room but it was locked
“ I went to a birthday [email protected]”. I replied
“ whose birthday [email protected]?”. She asked
“ Steph”. I replied
“Really?”. She asked in surprise, I really wanted to be there but no one invited me
“ Sara invited me”. I told her
“ I know”. She replied, they are friends
“Did you see Troy?”. She asked in whispers
I nodded
“Don’t get in his way”. She advised
“ why?”. I asked
“ I heard he is ruthless”. She replied
“ why do everyone fear him?”. I wondered as I headed to the clas-s. I thought about him, he has the coldest gaze i have ever seen
I walked into the room feeling tired. I met Sara searching throu-gh her bags
“ how was lectures?”. She asked me
“ stressful”. I replied
“ sorry dear”. She said chuckling
I watched her as she select some clothes dropping it on the be-d
“ are you going somewhere?”. I asked her
She nodded
“ where?”. I asked
“ The club”. She replied
“ what!!”. I exclaimed, I don’t want to sleep alone
“ you can go with me if you want”. She replied, will you?”. She asked
I looked at her and sighed
“ fine, I will “… I replied
Episode 8
June POV
“Do you like the vibes?”. Sara asked shouting as we walked in to the club
“ it is so noisy”. I replied shouting
We went over to the bar section and sat down
“how are you?”. The bar man asked flashing Sara a smile
“I am fine Walter “. She replied, do you have tequila?”
“ sure”. the bar man replied.”What should I get you miss?”. he asked looking at me
“jui-ce “. I replied and they both laughed
“ why are you laughing?”. I asked them
“ This is an adult club, we don’t sell jui-ce here “.The bar man replied
“ is there any non- alcoholic drink I can take?”. I asked
“ how old are you?”. The barman asked
“ 18 going on 19”. I replied
“Then you can take a little sh0t of tequila”.he said wi-nking at me
“Won’t I get drun!k?”. I asked
“ a little sh0t won’t get you drun!k”. he replied
“ fine “. I replied
“ Good girl”. Sara said patting my shoulder
“ Here”.The bar man said as he handed us a glas-s of tequila each
I sipped little from it and immediately loved the taste
“This is so good”. I remarked as I gulped it down
“Don’t drink more than a cu-p”. Sara advised
“ why?”. I asked
“ you will get……………….”
She st©pped when the red haired guy walked up to her
“ care for a dance?”. The red haired guy asked
“ sure”. She replied standing up
“ Be careful June”. She advised walking over to dance with red hair
“now I am all alone”. I muttered
“More tequila”. I shouted and the bar man immediately filled my cu-p
I gulped it down at once
“ More”. I shouted again and the Barman [email protected]£ over to fill the cu-p again
I was about gulping it down when Sara walked towards me
“ What are you doing June?”.she asked looking at the drink
“ drinking tequila”. I replied grinning
“ You are alre-ady ti-psy June, don’t drink anymore again”. She advised
“Fine”. I replied, can we go now?”. I asked
“June you will have to go home alone”. She replied
“ why?”. I asked in surprise
“I nee-d to sleep over at Peter house”. She explained
“ who is peter ?”. I asked
“ The guy with red hair”. She replied
“oh great, you can go”. I said with an eye roll
“Will you be alright June?”. She asked
“ Sure I will, I am not a kid”. I replied
“ fine”. She said and gave me a side hvg and she ran off to meet her peter ….
“ what will do now?”. I asked myself
I looked at the tequila I was holding and gulped it down .
“hey miss Purity”.a voice called from behind me, what are you doing in a club?
I turned to look and met the gaze of Troy
“Troy”. I called boldly
He smiled as he sat down beside me
“ I can see you are drun!k”.he observed
“ I am not drun!k”. I defended, More tequila plea-se”. I shouted
“ really?”. he asked
I nodded
“ Walter”. he called, Get her More tequila
“ Thanks”. I replied grinning
The Barman immediately filled my glas-s
“ My Tequila”. I called grinning and gulped it down
My vision [email protected]£ a little bit blurry and I was feeling over excited
“ Troy”, I called , why will you cheat on your girlfriend on her birthday?”. I asked, you are mean, you have a cold look
I kept on ranting ………:
Troy PoV
I stared at the funny girl in front of me and laughed
“ how can a girl be this carefree”. I thought
“Miss purity”. I called, who did you come with?”. I asked ,her head was bent downward.
It was alre-ady late and I wanted to be on my way home
There was not response from her
“Did you come here alone?”. I asked
She mumbled some words
“ what the hell is she saying?”
“Walter. I called , do you know where she stays?”. I asked
“No sir “. he replied
“ it is none of my business”. I muttered standing up. I took a few step and st©pped , I can’t leave her alone here,what if she gets [email protected]£d?………
I walked over to her and carried her in a bridal style ignoring the stares and murmuring of everyone in the club.
I placed her gently in the pas-s£nger seat ,got into the car and drove off heading to my mansion
“ Who is she ?”. Andy asked following me as I carried her to my room
“No one important”. I replied
“ really?”. he asked
“ sure”. I replied
I placed her gently on my be-d, pu-ll-ed off her shoes and covered her with a blanket
“Troy”. Andy called
I turned to look at him
“ you have never cared for any girl before so why now?”. he asked
“ I don’t know what you are talking about”. I replied
“ you ……..”
“I nee-d to sleep”. I said cutting him short , we will talk tomorrow
“ fine”. he signed and walked out of the room
I went to the bathroom to freshen up and la-id on the be-d immediately I returned to the room
“ what kind of girl gets drun!kwhen she is all alone “. I thought
I smiled as I watched her chew on herl-ips
“What a funny girl”. I muttered
June PoV
I woke up the next morning having severe headache , I looked around
“ where am I”. I asked
I tried to remember what happened last night and the image of me talking to Troy flashed on
“It must be a dream”. I remarked ,where exactly am I?
I looked around the beautiful room and [email protected] in shock when I saw Troy pictures
“ am I really In his room?”. I thought
The door suddenly flung opened and Troy walked in holding a fancy bag
“Hey”. he greeted
“ Goooooddd mmmorrninhg Sir”. I stammered
“Really?”. he asked chuckling, you were free with me yesterday so why being scared now
“ I am sorry”. I replied
“ it is alright”. he said , freshen up and come down for breakfast
Alright”. I nodded
“ change into this”. he said throwing the fancy bag on the be-d
“ Thanks”.I muttered
“ Be Fast about it”. He said and walked out of the room
I opened the bag and brou-ght out the clothes
“ how will I wear this?”. I asked myself, it was a jean bu-m shorts ,blue crop t©p , a [email protected], a [email protected] and a toothbrush
I went over to the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room and put on [email protected] and the [email protected] .
“ how does he know my perfect size”. I wondered
I wore the t©p and shorts and headed downstairs feeling shy
I saw four guys seated on the sofa when I got downstairs and they were all smoking
“Good morning”. I greeted them
“ morning”. they nodded staring at me , they looked scary
“ hey”. Troy called coming out of the kitchen holding and placed it on the dinning table
I went over to the dinning to sit down
“ you can eat”.he said pushing the tray closer to me,
I ate little and spat it out
“ what is wrong?”. he asked
“ it is salty”. I replied
“Oh my bad!. he exclaimed, the cook is on leave and will be back tomorrow so i tried preparing something for you”. he explained
“ it is okay”.I lied
He looked at me and scoffed, “ you are not a good liar
I watched him walk over to the refrigerator to get drink and cookies for me
“ you can eat this”.he said handing it to me
“Thanks”. I muttered and soon began munching , I was really hungry
“ what is your name?”. he asked me as I ate
“ June”. I replied
“ Cool”. he said smiling, I will drop you over at your home when you are done
“ I stay at the hostel”. I corrected
“ Alright”. he replied standing up walking over to where those scary guys were seated
I turned to look at him and [email protected] in surprise when I saw him smoking also………

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