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The mafia lord Episode 20 & 21

The Mafia Lord
Episode 20&21
Ophelia (June mother) POV
I [email protected]£ over for a visit and never expected to meet your family in disarray….
I was shocked seeing your father dead and your mother unconscious.
Your mother was still breathing so I rushed her to the hospital ,I couldn’t bear to see my friend in that condition…..
She soon got better but was going crazy worrying about you.i begged her to focus on her health for the sake of her unborn child and I promised her I will find you….
My husband and I did everything possible to find you , we involved the police, hired a detective but it was all to no avail….
I got to the hospital one day and was told your mother ran away ……
I was surprised at the same time scared because everything seemed weird
“How?”.Troy asked
“I received a letter of threat from an anonymous person warning me to st©p searching for you”. I replied, what really happened to you Troy?
“A man took me in and raised me”. he replied still holding June hands ti-ghtly
I turned to look at my husband and he gave me a small smile…
“It was obvious they were both in love and I had no plans to come in between them…….
Troy PoV
I stared at her when she was done explaining
“If my mother is still alive, then where is she? Why did she run away? Why hasn’t she tried to find me?or did something bad happen to her? Is she dead?
“ what is going on in your mind?”. June asked
“Nothing”. I replied smiling
“It is going to be alright”. She as-sured me
“Thanks”. I muttered ..
“I nee-d to pick something from my room”.She said squee-zing my hands before climbing up the stairs….
I smiled watching her as she climbe-d the stairs.
“Troy”. Mary called
I turned to look at her
“Can you plea-se let me ride with you ?”, she asked
“Sure”. I replied
“Thanks”. She said and ran up the stairs
“Feel free to visit us anytime”.June mother said , I am glad you [email protected]£ very successful….
“Alright”. I replied
“You mum can…….”
“Can we plea-se not talk about her”. I pleaded
“I am sorry”. She replied .
“I am re-ady “. June announced heading down the stairs
“Promise me you will take care of her”. June mum whispered
“I will”. I promised
“ what are you both talking about?”.June asked looking at us curiously
“Nothing”, I replied
“Really?”. She asked sm-irking, can we go now?
“What of your sister?”. I asked her
“Why are you asking about her?”. She asked frowning
“She is ri-ding with us “. I replied
“She can’t”. She yelled
“Why can’t she?”. her dad asked
“She betrayed my trust”. She replied
“Watch your words June”. her dad cautioned her, she did that to protect you…
“Whatever”. She muttered with an eye roll and stormed out
June”. her mom called going after her
“Really, I never knew she was this stubborn “.
“I don’t know what to do about June again “. her father complained, she is getting out of hands
“What she nee-ds is a little space , I am sure she will come around”. I as-sured him…
“Fine”.he replied…..
I stood up when I saw Mary headed down the stairs
“I will be leaving now sir”. I said
“Alright Troy”. he replied, plea-se take care of June
“ I will “
I glanced at Mary and met her gaze
“I will be waiting outside “. I told her and walked out of the sitting room…
“I don’t care”. I heard June yelled as I got closer ….
She was leaning on the car and was frowning at whatever her mother was saying to her
“Troy”. her mother called me, when did June become this stubborn? She refused to heed to my advice
“I will talk to her ma”. I as-sured her
“Thanks”.she muttered
“Can we go now?”. June asked getting into the car
“Sure”. I replied. I nodded at June mother before getting into the driver seat…
I waited for Mary to hop into the car before zooming
“I never knew you were this stubborn”. I said to June on our way
“How am I stubborn?”. She asked with a frown
“You could have listen to your mother”. I replied her
“Oh!”.she exclaimed
“really, you are just impossible!
I glanced at Mary throu-gh the rear mirror, she was watching us silently….
“how can a bit-ch like her be June sister?
“ what will you do about your mother?”.June asked distracting me from my thoughts
“Nothing”, I replied
“Why?”. She asked
“She has been dead to me long ago”. I replied, I don’t want to keep my hopes high
Okay”. she muttered
“You can drop me off here”. Mary said when we got to the front of a hostel…..
I parked the car and waited for her to get down
“Thanks for letting me ride with you”. She appreciated
“It is nothing”. I replied and zoomed off
“Why did you let her ride with us?”. June asked frowning, I am sure she is going over to her Miguel
“Who is Miguel?”. I asked her
“her loving b©yfri£ndwho she loves so much”. she replied with an eye roll
“Does she really have a b©yfri£nd?”.I asked disbelieving
She nodded …….
I parked in front of her hostel and she planted a k!sson myl-ips before alighting …
I was about driving in when I saw a teenage boy seated in front of the hvge gate
“ he must be homeless “. I thought
I wind down my car windows and summoned him nearer
“ what are you doing here?”. I asked him
Waiting to see you?”. he replied
“Who are you?”. I asked eyeing him
“I am Trent”. he replied, I nee-d your help
“What kind of help?”. I asked him
“I am homeless”. he replied
“Trent”. I called, get lost
“plea-se help me”.he pleaded..
I drove into the compound ignoring his plea-s……
I walked into the sitting room and joined Andy who was drinking in the bar
“How did it go”.he asked
“Good”. I replied , is Mary still working at the club?”. I asked him
“Who is Mary?”. he asked
“The slim black hair girl”. I replied , what is her name again?
“Miriam”. he replied
“ i almost forgot she changed her name”
“I want her out of the club immediately ”.I commanded
“but why?”. he asked, most of our client love to fv¢k her because she is good on be-d”.he replied grinning
“Have you fv¢ked her also?”. I asked him
“Yes”. he replied
“What a crazy bit-ch”. I muttered, I want her out of the club
“Did she offend you?”. he asked
“Just do as I say”.I replied him
“Boss”. one of my boys called running in
“ what is wrong Ben?”.I asked
“There is a kid at the gate begging to see you”. he replied , we threatened to kill him but he still wouldn’t budge
“ what does he really want?”. I yelled
“Should we kill him or….:
“Let him in”, I replied sharply
“okay boss”. he replied….
“Who is that?”.Andy asked
“a homeless beggar”. I replied
“What do……..he st©pped when Ben walked in dragging the boy
I looked at him and scoffed
“Didn’t I tell you to get lost?”. I asked him
“I am sorry”.he apologised, i have no other place to go
“Really?”. I asked, and you think coming to me is the best thing to do
“I am willing to do anything”. he pleaded , even if it is a servant job
I studied him, he was young and looked kinda familiar
“Have we met before?”. I asked him
“No”: he replied
“Strange! What really happened to you?”. I asked him
“I was kicked out by my uncle”. he replied
“Really?”. I asked laughing, it was obvious he was lying
“Should we throw him out?”. Ben asked
“No”. I replied, take him to your quarters and make him comfortable
“What!” He exclaimed, but boss he……..
“Do as I say”, I commanded
“Thank you very much sir”..The boy said beaming happily as he walked out of the room with Ben
“ why did you do that Troy”.Andy asked
“I don’t know”. I replied
“But it is so not right”. he queried
“I know, just keep your eyes on him”. I instructed…
Mary POV
I walked towards the lecture hall after having a quic-kie with Miguel
My phone rang buzzed indicating and incoming message , it was from an unknown number
I cli-cked on it and re-ad it
“We don’t nee-d you in the club anymore”
I re-ad it all over again and began sobbing quietly
“What have I done to myself? What will Miguel do it he finds out I work in a club as a bit-ch…..
“how I wish I never listened to My roomie, how I wish I never agreed to work in that club…..
I was used by those crazy men ..
I remembered the look on Troy face when he got to know I was June sister, he was really surprised
“My life is all messed up”………:
June PoV
I headed to the clas-s with Sara and noticed most of the student staring at me
“Why are they all staring?”. I asked Sara
“because you are Troy girlfriend”. She replied
“Really?”. I asked , but how did they know
“I can’t say”. She replied
“I hope I am safe”. I muttered
We walked into the clas-s and I was surprised to see Steph seated in clas-s.
“Steph”. Sara called walking towards her, how are you
“Fine”. She replied calmly
“Hi June”. she greeted flashing me a smile…….
I stared at her in surprise
“Why is she acting so friendly”……………
Episode 21
June Pov
I sighed in relief when the lecturer left the clas-s, the clas-s was so damn boring..
“I almost sle-pt in clas-s”. Sara huffed, I just pray I don’t get a fail again…
“You won’t if you study [email protected]”. I advised her
“Fine”. She said, I still have another clas-s to attend
“Alright then , see you later …….
I walked out of the clas-s and was surprised to see Mary in front of the lecture room
I scoffed and walked past her
“June”. She called
“What do you want?”. I asked turning to face her
“I nee-d to talk to you”. She replied
“Really?”. I asked studying her, she looked disturbe-d
“What is wrong?”. I asked her
She moved closer to me and hvgged me
“I am sorry June”.she said sobbing and my heart immediately melted
“It is alright Mary”. I as-sured patting her back…..
I nee-d your advice June”. She said dis£ngaging from the hvg , I am all messed up…
“What happened?”. I asked her
“Can we go over to your room to talk?”. She asked
“Sure”. I replied……..
I listened to Mary as she told me everything , I was gobsma-cked
I never Mary could go to the extent of being a bit-ch in a club owned by Troy……
“Do Troy knows about it?……:
“For how long have you been working in the club?”, I asked when she was done talking
“Three months”. She replied
“Is that the reason you advised me to severe ties with Troy”.I asked her
Yes”. She replied, I was scared he would use you the way he used other ladies
“Did he sleep with you?”. I asked her
“No, she replied,he never spared me a glance ..
I sighed in relief…
“Your life is not messed up”,I said trying to cheer her, you just have to fix it back
“How can I do that?”. She asked
“You have to severe all ties with those so-called friends of yours and you have to tell Miguel everything
“ what!”. She exclaimed, I can’t do that, Miguel will dump me
“I won’t be surprised if he does that but you still have to tell him. how do you think he will react if he finds out from someone else? he will never ever trust you again…
“Is that really the best thing to do?”She asked
“Yes “. I replied
“Alright,I will do that”.She muttered wiping her tears
“ it will be fine”. I as-sured her. ………
I went over to Troy place immediately Mary left
I got to his mansion and the two guards in front of his hvge gate seemed to be more friendly with me
“Welcome June”. one of them greeted while the other flashed me a smile as I walked into the compound…..
“Why are they acting all friendly?”, I wondered…..
“June”. Tricia called running to hvg me immediately I walked into the sitting room,
“how are you baby?”.i asked her
“Fine”. She replied.
She showed me a drawing of her in a paper she was holding
“Wow! this is beautiful “. I remarked, who drew it?
“Trent”. She replied pointing at a boy seated on the sofa ….
“ who is he ?”. I asked
“ he is daddy new friend”. She replied holding my hands as she led me to the boy
“Trent. She called , This Is my friend June
The boy smiled at her before looking at me
“Hi June”. he greeted flashing me a smile
“hi”. I replied meeting his gaze, he has the same blue eyes as Troy…….
Yakusa POV
I paced up and down the room waiting for information about the spy
“Yakusa”. Carl called running into the room
“What is it?”. I asked
“Troy took him in”.He replied
“Really?”. I asked in excitement, I knew everything will go as I planned it
“Are you sure the boy won’t betray us?”. he asked
“He dares not”. I replied, it he tries it I will kill the person he values more than his life ……
No b©dy messes with Yakuza…….
. .
Troy PoV
I headed downstairs and was surprised to see Tricia and June pla-ying and laughing with the newbie
“Troy”. June called immediately she saw me
“When did you get here?”. I asked her
“Not quite long”. She replied , I was pla-ying with Tricia”.
I glanced at Tricia and scoffed, she was jumping around the newbie and didn’t even notice me….
“I nee-d to go over to the warehouse “
“ can I go with you?”. She asked
“No, it might get dangerous “
“plea-se Troy”. She pleaded pouting
Fine”. I muttered…….
I drove headed to the ware house as June kept on ranting about her boring clas-ses and lecturer….
Gosh ! She talks too much
We soon got to the ware house , The boys were surprised to see her with me
“Why did you bring her over?”.Andy asked
“Do you have a problem with that?”. I asked him
“No”. he replied
“Good, then get back to work”, I instructed…
I watched them arrange boxes full of drugs into the ware house
“Are they all filled with drugs ?”. June asked
“Yes”. I replied staring at her, she looked kind of dazed….
It was alre-ady getting late and the boys were still not done.
“ can we go home plea-se”.June pleaded,
“Fine”. I replied
I went over to Andy and instructed him on what to do..
“He is the only one I could trust with my business “..
“Let us go”…..
We got into the car and drove off
“Do you know Mary before we met?”. June asked on our way home
“Yes”. I replied
“ why didn’t you tell me?”. She asked
“It is……..”. I st©pped when I noticed a car following us. It was coming really close.
I pressed the [email protected] pedal to increase the speed but the did the same …
“Who the hell Is this”. I yelled
I looked at the side mirror and noticed a man wit his head out of the car, he brou-ght out a gun and aimed it towards me
“Get down”. I yelled and immediately the sound of gunsh0ts filled the air shattering the windows of the car.
“Damn”. I cursed as the man kept on shooting .
“Are you alright?”. I asked
“Yes”. She replied fidgeting
I was about to pu-ll out my gun when a bullet pierce my left shoulder
“Aaaargh”. I gro-an ed in pain
“Troy”. June screamed in fright , you are bleeding
“I am alright”. I as-sured her
I st©pped the car and made a u-turn
“What are you doing?”. June asked
“Stay down “. I instructed her, don’t bring your heads up ….
I pu-ll-ed out my gun and aimed for the [email protected] tank and kept on shooting till the car exploded……
I headed to my penthouse as June kept on crying
“Troy you are bleeding”. She said
“I am fine”.i grunted in pain
“Why didn’t you drive back home?”. I asked him
“ i can’t let Tricia see me like this”. He replied
I parked in front of the house and walked to the sitting room holding my shoulders, my clothes were soa-ked in blood
“Should I call a doctor?”. June asked worriedly
“Get me the first aid box”. I grunted ignoring her question
“Where is It?”. She asked
“un-der the be-d”. I replied and she immediately left to get it………
“Who is behind the attack?”. I wondered
She soon returned with the box and placed it on the table beside me
“the scissors, I nee-d the scissors “. I grunted and she immediately brou-ght it out
“What should I do with it?”. She asked
“pu-ll out the bullet”. I replied
“What?”. She exclaimed
“pu-ll it out”. I yelled weakly
“I will hurt you”.
“Do you want me bleed to death?”. I asked her
“No “. She replied
“Then do it ………..
“Troy”. She called
“Do it now”. I yelled
I closed my eyes and gro-an ed in pain as I felt the scissors dig de-ep into me .
“ i did it”. She said dropping the bullet on the table
I gave her a weak smile
“You are bleeding Troy……..
I smiled watching her dress the wounds and soon drifted off to sleep

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