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The last confessor Episode 6 & 8

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 6
By: Kebby NG
King Caesar sat in a comfy manner on his throne, his thumb ru-bbing his lowerl-ip, while the confessor was brou-ght in by his guards.
His subjects were in the hall as well, standing accordingly on each side and watched as the confessor was brou-ght in, her hands tied behind her.
Caesar’s cold eyes didn’t leave her face for a second, Isabelle also fixed her eyes on him and finally, she was placed on her knees in front of him.
She was scared to the teeth, but tried as much as possible not to show it.
She looked up at the King for a while, and when the silence stretched, she lowered her gaze to the floor.
“Hmm” He finally let out a sigh and moved his thumb from hisl-ip.
“Tell me this is a dream. Isabelle Zorander – the last confessor on earth – kneeling in front of me”.
His voice was so calm and gentle as he spoke, but Isabelle knew there were so many hidden intentions behind it.
His face crinkled up in a cold sm-irk and he left his seat.
“I’ve searched so long for you”, he walked to the table behind the throne and t©uçhed some of the tools.
Isabelle’s heart skipped when she saw him going there. She knew the table contained different weapons and sincerely hoped he wasn’t truing to punish her. At least, not right away.
“But before we go into any other business, I have a gift for you” he picked up a round metal and turned back to the direction of Isabelle and as soon as Isabelle saw what he had in his hand, she flin-ched.
The Rada’Han!!
She felt all the blood in her b©dy drain as he approached her with it and she knew instantly he was going to wear it on her.
“No!” She winced and sprang on her feet, but the guards behind her gr!pp£dher immediately, restricting her movement.
Caesar st©pped walking and smiled as he watched her struggle with the guards. She tried to free herself from them but couldn’t as her hands were tied. And when Caesar knew she was stable enough, he continued towards her.
The guards held her firmly and she whimpered as he [email protected]£ close and locked the Rada’Han around her n£¢k.
It was a round metallic iron which was used to cage someone’s powers. And wearing it on her n£¢k, Isabelle knew she wouldn’t be able to use her powers again, until it was unlocked. And there was only one key to it. Her powers were caged.
“Doesn’t it look beautiful, huh?” Caesar smiled and t©uçhed the iron around her n£¢k. But all isabelle felt was bitterness.
“Next time, when I’m not done talking to you, you stay on your knees”, he added and hit her knee, and she fell on the floor immediately, ma-king a little sound.
He turned around and headed for his throne, taking his seat.
“Take her to my chambers” he said without looking at the guards and they bowed and left with her.
Isabelle had never been so scared in her entire life before. Being impros£ned by the King was something she never thought could happen.
As the guards took her to wherever they were ordered to take her, few of the people they [email protected]£ across kept looking at her, like she was a strange sight or something. Well, neither of them were Isabelle’s problem at the moment as all she could think about was surviving the King.
While in the throne room, she had seen so much anger in him, one she hadn’t seen in a very long time. She knew he was never gonna be easy on her, and all the anger for her sister’s sins would be extracted on her.
They walked down a hallway and finally got to a room which was obviously the King’s chambers because of how royal it looked.
The guards threw her r0ûghly on the floor before going out. And she didn’t nee-d anyone to tell her the door had been locked.
She managed to stand on her feet, but didn’t know what else to do. She looked around the room and for a moment, she got lost, staring at its beauty.
The be-d was King sized and had a red be-d spre-ad on it. There was a big table and wooden chair that contained scripts and books and looked more like a study centre.
There was a closed door at the end of the room, which indicated an inner room there. Some decorations were made in room which was accpmpanied with a sweet fragrance. That was actually the first time Isabelle was standing in such an exquisite.
She and her sister had grown in rou-gh areas, from the local house of their father, to the camp of the confessors. They never had the luxury of life.
The sound of the door opening snapped Isabelle out of her thoughts and when she turned swiftly to look, she discovered it was the King.
Again, she felt all the blood drain from her b©dy as it dawned on her she was alone with the King- the King who wanted nothing but vengeance from her.
His dark eyes stared at her as he walked in, his royal robe sweeping the floor as well.
He took a knife from the table closely and continued towards her, and Isabelle flin-ched. What was he doing?
She had taken two steps back, but suddenly st©pped when she realized she couldn’t run away from him. It was impossible.
She stood still and shivered and getting to where she was, he used the knife on the ropes, splitting them into two.
Isabelle felt a slight relief when she was finally able to move her hands, but the fact that Caesar was still standing behind her, scared her to the teeth.
“On your knees” she heard his cold voice whisper into her ears, and being reminded of what had happened in the throne room, she sank her knees to the floor immediately.
Her life was alre-ady a mess and she didn’t see any reason to struggle or go against him anymore.
Few hours ago, she was a confessor, but at that moment,,she was just a defenseless lady whoose life was in the hands of a cruel King – a King her sister turned cruel.
He walked pas-s her and went to the table containing scripts and books. He dropped the knife on it and turned to face Isabelle, leaning on it.
“What happened to Tabitha?” He asked calmly, his thumb tou-ching his lower l!pas usual.
And as he did that, Isabelle could see the handsome man her sister had fallen for.
“She is….dead” she lowered her head and said, and for a few seconds, there was silence.
“How did she die?” A question [email protected]£ again, and Isabelle was alre-ady feeling the heat of the moment.
She couldn’t even imagine what would’ve happened if Tabitha was the one kneeling in her place. Caesar would definitely roast her alive.
“I…I..don’t know. Her b©dy’s yet to be found” Isabelle replied and heard a a slight grunt from him. She was sure the grunt was from him.
“I swear, I haven’t seen her since the day your spell got broken. And if she were still alive, your spell wouldn’t had been broken. You’d still be confessed”.
Isabelle had no idea her reply was gonna anger him the more. He hated the word “confessed’ because it reminded him of all the horrible things he had done when he was still un-der her sister’s spell.
He turned her and faced the table, and Isabelle wondered what could possibly be going throu-gh his mind.
“On your feet” he ordered and Isabelle gulped [email protected] before standing up.
Her legs were a little weak.
“Take off your clothes” he added, still backing her and for the first time in years, Isabelle felt her childhood fears resurrecting in her again – the memory she had always dre-ad more.
Her lungs [email protected]£ dry instantly and she felt her blood st©p running.
No; she couldn’t bear it. He could do anything to her, but not [email protected]£.
Episode 7
Isabelle’s heart thumped heavily as she stood behind him. Her hands were literally shaking, but she turned them into fists – nervous fists.
Caesar didn’t hear any sound or movement and he knew instantly that she was yet to undress.
He turned with blazing eyes and confirmed the knowledge. She was still fully dressed and didn’t look like she had any plans of undressing.
“Do I have to repeat myself?” He asked hoarsely and Isabelle lowered her gaze to the floor.
She could feel her entire system shaking.
“plea-se….” She f0rç£d herself to say. That was all she could think of doing at the moment.
“You can do anything to me – but not this”.
If Caesar had wanted to change his mind, seeing Isabelle plead against it had completely ruined everything. He nee-ded something that’d hurt her pretty bad, something she didn’t like. And seeing how scared she was of this, it just willed his detetmination.
He sm-irked and started walking towards her, and Isabelle found herself moving back.
She kept back walking until she got to a dead end when her back hit the wall. No; she cried in her heart.
She couldn’t move away because Caesar was alre-ady standing close to her.
“I didn’t bring you here to do your will, Isabelle” he muttered, his face so close to hers.
“After all, you and your sisters f0rç£d me against my will”.
“It was my sister, not me” Isabelle’s voice quivered as she spoke.
She thought differentiating herself from her sister would do her any good.
“You had confessed one of my men, b’tch” he growled.
“And as a result, he died trying to protect you”.
Isabelle bit her inner cheek as the memory flashed into her head.
That was the name of the man she had confessed during the time they’d captured Caesar and his men.
Well, every confessor was having someone to confess, and since Caesar had alre-ady been taken by her sister, she decided to go for his close men. She had no idea their previous actions were going to have such repercussions. They had been so stupid.
“You stood by and watched your sister enslave me” he further said, his voice as cold as ever.
“You stood by and watched her turn me into her love slave, kept me away from my parents and when they’d come to get me, I blindly killed them, all because of her. You’re no different from your sister. You’re all witches and murderers and don’t deserve to be on this earth”.
Isabelle felt cold chills run down her spine as the King’s words scared the hell out of her. She knew she was in de-ep trouble, very de-ep trouble.
He lifted his hand to the Rada’Han around her n£¢k and pu-ll-ed her close with it, such that their faces almost t©uçhed.
“I’m gonna make you suffer, Isabelle” his words were almost in whispers.
“I’m gonna make you wish you’d never escaped death when your little camp of witches was being ambushed by my men. I’ll make you pay for everything you made me go throu-gh – you and your sister. I’ll make you wish for death”.
For the first time in days, tears [email protected]£ running down her cheeks as his words shook every thing in her. His threats – considering the fact she was alone and vulnerable to him, she knew very well he’d carry them out. She knew he was capable of doing everything to her, and that was her worst fear.
He moved his hand from the Rada’Han and placed them on the t©p of her garment. And without much stress, he tore it down, revea-ling her inner wear which covered her brea-sts a little.
Isabelle whimpered and shook a little on her feet.
No; she wouldn’t be able to take it. She wouldn’t.
Caesar looked down at her halfly expo-sed che-st and felt like cutting them open.
He turned around and moved away from her.
“Take off your clothes, Isabelle and get on the be-d. You wouldn’t want me to do it for free” he said as he walked back to the big table.
He got to the table and leaned his hand on it, backing Isabelle.
“I’m giving you the count of 10” he said without looking at her.
“If your clothes are not off by then, I’ll have the guards str!p you in front of everyone”.
That alone was enough to make Isabelle make a decision. He’d str!p her in public? Which would be worst?
Since he had succeeded in ripping half of her garment, she slowly brou-ght down the remaining half, her hands shaking as she did.
She took it down her [email protected]!st, th!ghs, and then her legs and finally, they were completely off her b©dy.
Caesar was alre-ady at the count of 7 and she quic-kly took down her inner wear as well and by the time he was done counting and turned to look at her, he loved what he saw.
She was stark [email protected] in front of him.
“Get on the be-d” he further said and she felt her lungs become dry.
Memories from her past stared at her in the face and she panicked. She might not survive it. No; she won’t.
She’s tried for years to forget the memories; she’s tried for years to abstain from S-x, but now with this, she knew she was in de-ep trouble.
She walked slowly to the be-d, trying as much as possible not to trip because her entire b©dy was shaking.
She got to the be-d and la-id on it, face down. She was scared of looking at Caesar in the face when he hurts her. S
She held onto the be-d sheets ti-ghtly, and soon, she heard him walk towards her. All the blood in her b©dy dried off as she dre-ad the moment.
The moment he t©uçhes her, she might die from the trauma.
Caesar was so close to the be-d when suddenly, a knock [email protected]£ on the door.

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