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The last confessor Episode 18 to 20

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 18
Isabelle paced tho and fro the room, her hands on her [email protected]!st. She couldn’t control how nervous she was.
The red sisters were here – and she knew it could only mean one thing. king Miley was probably aware she had been captured by Caesar alre-ady. Oh! What would she do?
Between Caesar and Miley, she couldn’t tell who was more dangerous – more deadly.
Oh! How much she hated her father now. How much her hatred for him just increa-sed. Never would she forgive him – never.
Monster had made her lose her vir-ginity at the age of 12.
She had grown up to be very beautiful – more beautiful than Tabitha – and it made most men attracted to her.
Considering the uncanny hatred her father had for her, he collected money from a [email protected] man when he offered him some, in exchange for a night with Isabelle.
He didn’t even think twice and that was a day Isabelle would never forget.
She could remember vividly how the man used her in front of her sister and even Tabitha couldn’t do anything to help because she had been locked outside.
That was the beginning of Isabelle’s doom as her father went into the habit of collecting bribe from people in exchange of her b©dy.
He never cared about her feelings – never.
But the day they decided to take a stand and leave their father, was the day he sold her out to the King.
Yes, Isabelle’s beauty had attracted the powerful King and he offered a hvge amount of gold to her father in exchange of her – to buy her completely.
That was the height of it as Isabelle and Tabitha secretly ran away that very night. That was how they ran away from home and went began struggling and surviving on their own before they met the confessors years later.
Isabelle’s hatred for her father grew even worst as she recalled all the horrible things he’d done to her and she somehow wished there was a way she could get revenge from him. She wished she had the opportunity to pay him back.
She suddenly st©pped walking when she heard a knock on the door. Her heart skipped along with it.
She rushed to it and opened it and oh! It was a guard.
“The King wants you in his chambers”, he pas-sed the order and Isabelle felt her legs wo-bble.
Oh, creators! She knew it. She had a feeling he was going to call for her any moment. She wondered what the outcome of his meeting with the three sisters was.
Isabelle replied with a nod and walked after the guard, her heart beating ra-pidly as they headed for the King’s chambers.
She interlocked her f!ngersin front of her and walked timidly, wishing there was a way her arrival could be delayed.
They got to the room, walked in and Isabelle found the King on his table, writing some scripts. Her heart gave another mighty leap.
“The confessor’s here, my King” the guard announced, but Caesar gave no response.
He acted like there was no one in the room as he just focused on the scripts.
Plenty seconds pas-sed, and in a [email protected] voice, he said: “you can leave”.
The guard bowed without hesitance and left and it was just Isabelle and the king.
The silence continued as Caesar didn’t st©p with the scripts, ma-king Isabelle more nervous. What could he possibly have in mind?
Finally, he st©pped writing.
“On your knees, Isabelle’ he said icily as he stood up from his chair and went to stand in front of the table, which was also in front of Isabelle.
Isabelle didn’t hesitate as she allowed her knees sink into the [email protected] floor. She kept her head bowed.
Caesar leaned on the table and rested his hand on his jaw.
“What do you know about King Miley?” He asked, his voice a bit soothing.
Isabelle felt her lungs become dry at the mention of the name.
King Miley….
Oh! Of course, her hunch had been right. That was the reason the red sisters had been there.
“I…I don’t really know much about him, My King” she took a nervous gulp.
“Just that….when I was younger, my father had sold me to him”.
“Why?” He asked.
There was a pause.
“There was no….specific reason,,My King. My father was just a man that was always hungry for money. King Miley had seen me and admired me. So, he…he offered some money to my father in exchange for me. And….my father had accepted”, I concluded with another nervous gulp, trying so [email protected] to fight back the memories.
“Hm” was all Caesar mumbled indistinctively to himself as he stared down at the floor.
There was a longer silence and it gave Isabelle the opportunity to fight back her emotions.
“Take off your clothes and get on the be-d” another order [email protected]£ from him.
Episode 19
There was a skip in her heartbeat – twice.
Oh, creators! Another nightmare.
She panicked as she f0rç£d her knees up the floor, her hands going over her dress.
She lifted it up her head and took them from her b©dy.
Then she took off her un-derthings and finally, she was stark [email protected] in front of him.
“On the be-d” he grunted and she turned around, headed for the be-d.
Her heart was beating heavily.
She la-id on the be-d, face down, hands holding the be-dsheets ti-ght. She was so scared.
The old memories were alre-ady howling at her.
Caesar took off his robes and everything on him, then went to her on the be-d.
He reached for the blindfold and tied it round her eyes and Isabelle whimpered.
Oh! Not again.
Why does he keep doing this to her?
All she felt was darkness; nothing but darkness.
And the soft feel of his skin against hers.
She felt his d’ck come into the line of her bu-tts and slowly, it went into her hole.
“Agh!” Isabelle gro-an ed against the pillow, her hands trembling.
Caesar plunged de-ep into her, pu-ll-ed out and plunged in again.
“Oh…’ Isabelle cried – muffled cries.
He made the hole accessible enough and hungrily, started drilling into her , thrû-sting in and out.
She grunted against the pillow, her head buried to her.
She felt hurt, physically and mentally.
The memories were hunting her, and the King was hurting her as well.
His hands were resting on both sides of her head, gathering enough energy to pump into her.
Isabelle winced as she felt his big rod going in and out, ma-king her h0ñ£yp0t feel so h0t.
She gro-an ed repeatedly, but the King didn’t make a single sound – not even for once.
He pu-ll-ed out of her and turned her over, ma-king her face upwards.
Isabelle was confused, the blindfold creating darkness couldn’t make her think straight.
She felt the King lift her legs up and [email protected]£ into her from that position. There was no pillow to muffle her cries. So, she cried out.
Her hands fisted the be-dsheets ti-ght, she yelped.
Caesar’s breath [email protected]£ uneven as he continued drilling in an out of her, having a swift access to what he wanted.
But there was still no [email protected] from him – not a grunt. Nothing at all.
It went on for quite sometime and Isabelle’s helpless [email protected] s filled the room.
Finally, he pu-ll-ed out of her,,ma-king her [email protected] de-eply.
She whimpered as she brou-ght her legs down, feeling so much pains.
The blindfold went off her eyes in a few seconds and at that time, Caesar was alre-ady dressed.
“Get out”,he said blankly and Isabelle f0rç£d herself to leave the be-d.
The pains weren’t as severe as the previous night.
She took her clothes from the floor, wore them on and bowed to Caesar before leaving the room.
He had been backing her as she left.
Getting out the door, she found
Roseline standing beside the window, and her eyes glinted when she saw Isabelle.
Isabelle was a little surprised. What was she doing there? Had she been….
Had she been listening to them the whole time?
Feeling so tired and weak, Isabelle decided to shrug it off and just get to her room. She bowed when she got to where Roseline was, but Roseline only replied her with a venomous stare.
Isabelle walked away, got into her room and la-id on the be-d to sleep.
At last…she nee-ded some rest.
King Miley stood in the room, his hands crossed at his back as he listened to the red sisters behind him.
There was a long silence when they we’re fine.
“So, he wants me to come myself, huh?” He asked, a huff resounding in his voice.
“Yes,My King. He was adamant about it” one of them replied and he grunted.
Then, he turned around to look at them.
“Okay then. Start the preparations immediately. First thing in the morning, we leave for his palace” he announced and the three sisters bowed and left.
Episode 20
Isabelle woke up the next morning to the sound of Mia calling her.
“Confessor. Confessor”, she tapped her leg and Isabelle’s eyes f0rç£fully opened.
Ugh! Why does she always have to be her alarm? She was getting tired alre-ady.
“There’s so much to do at the kitchen, confessor. King Miley would be coming to the palace today and the King nee-ds enough food re-ady”, Mia said and instantly, Isabelle sat up with a full f0rç£.
Whaat?? King Miley!??
Her eyes dimmed.
“How…How did you know?” She asked anxiously, arousing a little suspicion from Mia.
“The news is all over, confessor”
Oh, creators!
Isabelle felt her heart beating heavily.
King Miley was coming to the palace. He was coming to get her!!
“Do you know why….He’s coming?” She asked but Mia shook her head negatively.
Oh!! This wasn’t funny. Really not funny.
She t©uçhed her nape, it was beginning to feel h0t alre-ady.
“Um….confessor. You nee-d to go take a bath. We don’t have time”, Mia said softly, but didn’t get a reply from Isabelle immediately.
Some seconds pas-sed before she finally made a move.
She left the be-d and went into the bathroom for a bath.
King Caesar was dressing up when his fiance walked in, arrayed in a long red dress.
She had a paper fan with her but dropped it on the table as she walked close to him.
“My King” she called soothingly and offered to help him with his bu-ttons.
He didn’t protest.
She smiled as she started fixing the bu-ttons, from his belly upwards.
“How’re you doing, Roseline?” His voice was cold but Roseline blu-shed at it, displa-ying her one sided dimple.
“I’m fine, My King. Hope you sle-pt well?” She asked in return and she just nodded a reply.
There was a brief silence.
“How’s the um…. preparations for the [email protected] coming up, My King? Would Salome still be arriving?” She asked.
“Definitely. She’d be on her way first thing tomorrow morning” he replied and she nodded.
Well, the King was holding a succeseful [email protected] in two days time and Salome was a blessed singer who’d been invited to sing at the [email protected] She was popular.
Fee seconds pas-sed,
Then, she called:
“My King….
“There are rumors King Miley is on his way to the palace after the red sisters were here yesterday. What does he want?”
Caesar was silent for a few seconds.
“He wants the confessor” he finally said.
“He said she was sold to him”,
Roseline mouthed an “oh” and reminisced on it.
Hmm. So, the confessor [email protected] belongs to Miley?
“So, what’s gonna happen now? Are you handing over?” She asked, earnestly wishing he’d give her a reply.
She wanted to know what he had in mind.
“I don’t know yet” he grunted a reply.
Disappointment crept into her face but she quic-kly tried to seethe it.
“My King…” She called calmly.
“That confessor doesn’t even deserve to live, you know? What she and sisters did was pure evil. They’re all evil and shouldn’t be on this planet”,
King Caesar didn’t say a word and Roseline sighed with dissapointment.
She finished with the bu-ttons and dressed his collar.
“I hope I plea-sed you well enough?” She asked, referring to the little handwork.
“Of course”, Caesar grunted a reply and tried turning around to leave, but she held him back.
“My King….” She cooed, holding his hand.
“Is there anything else… nee-d?” Her voice was almost a whisper.
She moved her hand s£dûçt!velyfrom his legs, up to his th!ghs and Caesar un-derstood the language instantly.
“Not at the moment, Roseline. You can come later in the night”, he mumbled and left.
As soon as Isabelle was done taking her bath, she left the room with Mia and they headed for the kitchen.
The kitchen was as busy as a bee, but Naya didn’t seem to be in.
Oh! Better if the b’tch decided to stay away today – Isabelle thought.
“Come on, girls. There’s a lot to be done”, Ma’am Gloria [email protected] her hands, urging Isabelle and Mia to get busy.
And as Isabelle moved along with them, she couldn’t st©p thinking of the fate that awaited her.
What would happen when King Miley arrives? Would the King really hand her to him?
Frankly, between Caesar and Miley, she couldn’t tell who was worst
“He’s here!” A maid suddenly squeaked, staring throu-gh the window.
“King Miley is here!”
Isabelle rushed to the window to have a look and there she saw his carriage ri-ding in, the red sisters ri-ding on horses behind him.
They’d arrived alre-ady! Isabelle felt all the blood drain from her b©dy instantly.
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