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The last confessor Episode 11 & 12

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 11
There was a thin echo in Isabelle’s ears as they awoken her subconsciousness.
Her lids fluttered, but didn’t open immediately, not until a hand tapped her.
“Confessor. Confessor” the voice was gentle.
Isabelle opened her eyes blearily and found someone sitting in front of her,staring into her face.
Her vision was blur at first, but little by little, the face of the lady [email protected]£ clear and she realized it was Mia.
“Hey, confessor. You nee-d to wake up. Remember, I golf you you’d be commencing work today” Mia said gently, but it took Isabelle sometime before she was able to digest the current situation.
Her head was muzzy and she tried to remember….
The memories from the previous night [email protected]£ flashing into her head and they scared the hell out of her.
She could remember the King ordering her out of his room, and when she tried to, she ended up pas-sing out.
What happened after that….it was just dazed.
She felt herself lying on something soft and confirmed it was a be-d.
“Where am I?” The words escaped her mouth, weakly.
Her hands went over her head which was a little h0t.
“You’re in your room, confessor”. Mia answered.
Isabelle opened her eyes again and looked around, and it dawned on her it was indeed, the same room Mia had shown to her the previous day.
She f0rç£d herself to sit up, gro-an ing as she did.
Her hands went across her tummy as she felt weak. But she nee-ded to be strong. She nee-ded to fight this.
“I’ve prepared a warm water for you, confessor. Its in the bathroom” Mia alerted her, but she didn’t reply.
A tear dropped from her left eye when she remembered all the King did to her the previous night -bringing back the hateful memories. They hurt as hell.
“Oh confessor!” Mia exclaimed.
“I’m so sorry you had to pas-s throu-gh pains”.
Isabelle sniffed and quic-kly wiped the tear off.
“But, on the other hand, you should be happy” Mia continued as she stood up from the be-d and walked to the windows.
“The King is very selective of the women he takes to be-d. For sometime now, I think Princess Ulani has been the only plea-suring the King. You should be pretty happy he mated with you last night”.
Isabelle looked at her scoffed, wondering if she was being serious. She should actually be happy the King did such painful things to her?
The door opened immediately and noisily and Isabelle turned to the direction to see a young girl, heavily dressed.
She wore a little crown on her head and obviously looked like a….
“My princess!” Ulani called and bowed her head and Isabelle fixed the puzzle.
She was princess Rayna – the King’s cousin.
“Why’s she still in be-d?” Her voice was more like a squeal as she marched in, her steps screaming royalty and arrogance.
“Didn’t you convey my message to her??” She snapped as she stood in front of the be-d.
“I’m sorry,my princess. She’s just waking up”, Ulani replied from the window, her head bowed.
Ulani glared [email protected] at Isabelle, her tinyl-ips pushing in a frown.
“Don’t you know how to greet, confessor?” She asked, rather sarcastically, staring eye ball to eye ball with Isabelle.
Isabelle just stared at the young princess who could perhaps, be 18 years or so.
“I’m talking to you, confessor! I’m princess Ulani and deserve respect from you!” She rose her voice a little and [email protected] her hand on the be-d.
“Good morning….princess”, Isabelle finally let it out, but in a more obdurate way.
She was staring into the princess’ eyes.
Well, just like it was earlier stated in the story, Isabelle was one fearless lady. Pas-sing throu-gh hell while growing up, had turned her into something else.
But the only person she was scared of…….
“Well, just so you know” Ulani scoffed.
“My brother, the King, has given me permission to request for you whenever I want. In ess£nce, it means you’ll be [email protected] my maid.
“So, I want you to get re-ady, cause you’ll be going out with me soon. Do you un-derstand?” She had so much eloquence in her voice and Isabelle admired it.
“un-derstood” Isabelle replied and the princess turned around and left.
“Good saviors! That was quite a scare” Mia rushed to the be-d, her hand on her che-st.
“Ah! That princess can be so grumpy at times, huh? She’s just like her mother”.
Isabelle didn’t say a word, but just listened.
“Um…confessor, I really think you should go take a bath” Mia said and taking in a de-ep breath, she left the be-d.
As Isabelle got into the bathroom, all she felt were pains in between her legs. The King had really hurt, didn’t he?
Tears streaked her cheeks as she recalled what had happened the previous night, how he mercilessly used her, bringing back the painful memories.
She couldn’t believe she was paying for her sister’s crimes. Well, perhaps, she deserved it because she had watched him get enslaved by her sister.
Perhaps, if only she had tried her best to st©p her sister, if only she had tried her best to free the King when he was still confessed, then this wouldn’t have happened.
It was all her fault, and she was paying for it in the most painful way.
Episode 12
When Isabelle was done from the bathroom, she went out to find Mia still in the room.
“Here – alre-ady brou-ght out a dress for you”, she pointed to the short go-wn on the be-d and Isabelle quietly went to it and picked it up.
Mia turned around for her to dress up and soon, she was done.
She gave herself one pathetic look in the mirror, her hand tou-ching the Rada’han around her n£¢k.
She missed being who she was – the confessor who was feared by everyone and respected. The confessor in her usual white garment.
“Come on, confessor. We nee-d to go now. We’re alre-ady late”, Mia said with respect and started towards the door and Isabelle, taking one last look at herself in the mirror, followed her.
They walked down the hallway, Isabelle ignoring the loatheful stares she was getting from the few people they [email protected]£ across.
After a long walk, they got to the kitchen was busy and a little noisy.
“Finally, she’s here!” A lady from the kitchen said, walking towards them.
“What the hell took her so long?” She placed her hand on her [email protected]!st when she stood in front of Isabelle.
“I’m sorry, ma’am Naya, but she had to clean up” Mia answered.
“I don’t care what she had to do! She isn’t permitted to flaunt any of the rules and that’s it!” Naya snapped.
Hold on….Naya – wasnt that the lady in charge of preparing the King’s meal? Isabelle thought.
She narrowed her eyes on Isabelle.
“Next time you come late, I’ll have you punished. Do you un-derstand, confessor?” She asked, but Isabelle didn’t say a word as she stared eye ball to eye ball at her.
“I said…DO YOU un-derSTAND??” Naya yelled and the workers in the kitchen turned to look at them.
“Naya, what’s going on here?” Gloria – one of the chief maids – asked as she [email protected]£ close.
“You nee-d to talk to the confessor, ma’am Gloria. It seems she doesn’t know we have rules here” Naya dimmed her eyes as she spoke and walked away.
“Hm”, Gloria sighed.
“Come on, confessor. There’s a lot to do”
She also walked away and Isabelle and Mia followed.
“Oh,,confessor. You nee-d to be careful around here, else, you might get punished”, Mia whispered to her but as usual, she still didn’t say a word.
If only they knew she had no intentions of talking to any of them – they wouldn’t be wasting their time.
With madame Gloria,,they went over to a table where Isabelle was given a tray of pumpkin.
“Here – chop these off”, Madame Gloria instructed and she just nodded and set out to work.
“We nee-d to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t poison us all”, one of the maids said in the kitchen and few others laughed.
Isabelle acted like she wasn’t even there as she just concentrated on the pumpkin. She would survive this – she as-sured herself. Yes, she would.
After the pumpkin, she was asked to do some tools washing, then clean up and after a while, a special order [email protected]£ from the throne room.
“The Kings are having a meeting and nee-ds some refreshments. Let’s quic-kly get some food to them, people” Madame Gloria pas-sed the command and everyone [email protected]£ as busy as a bee again.
The Kings? How many Kings could there be? And what meeting could they be having? Isabelle wondered.
“Naya, is the King’s meal re-ady?” Gloria asked and Isabelle could notice her cheeks turned red as she answered:
“Yes, Madame Gloria.
It was obvious she felt proud being the one in charge of the King’s meal.
“Come on, then. Let’s get them to him. We shouldn’t keep the Kings waiting. Confessor,,go with this, plea-se”, she stretched one of the trays to Isabelle.
Isabelle looked at her uncomfortably.
Going to the throne room to meet the other Kings? She didn’t want to.
“Come on, confessor. There’s no time!” She urged and Isabelle reluctantly took the tray from her.
“Everyone – start going, plea-se. We’ve wasted enough time alre-ady!” Madame Gloria said and about six maids – including Isabelle and Mia – left the kitchen.
Oh! Isabelle hated it. She was scared of facing Caesar again. And to think he was with other Kings, it made her more scared.
She trailed behind the other maids as they walked to the throne room and finally, they arrived.
Her heart beat increa-sed when she sp©tted Caesar – together with about five Kings and they all chatted blissfully.
“Ahh! Finally, they’re here”, one of the Kings exclaimed on seeing the maids with food.
Caesar was sitting in the middle of them since he was the host while the rest of the Kings sat comfortably on throne – like seats.
Isabelle felt her legs shake a bit when she sp©tted Caesar. Seeing him made her so so nervous and scared – far more than anyone could make her feel.
She gulped [email protected] and carefully placed the trays of food on rhe big table, alongside the other maids.
“Isn’t that the confessor?” She heard one of the Kings ask and her heart gave a mighty leap.
Oh! That was what she’d been so scared of.
“Yeah, the last confessor’ another sniggered.
Isabelle tried to act like it was nothing as she successfully dropped her tray. But just when she was about walking out with the others, she heard her name:
“Come back here – confessor”
The voice was husky and she knew instantly it was one of the Kings.
Her heart nearly jumped out of her che-st.
The rest of the maids also halted for a while.
“The rest of you can leave. But the confessor stays – King Phil!pdismissed them and they all left.
Slowly, Isabelle turned to look at the Kings. What could they possibly want from her?

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