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The honeymoon Episode 5 to 8

💒👫 The Honeymoon
🙈 Episode 5
A tall pretty lady in her late twenties walked into the restaurant.
She was such a beautiful figure to behold that those who were in
the restaurant couldn’t help but stare. She was dressed in a smart
black go-wn with silver shoes and bag to match, her chocolate skin
glittered. She walked straight to where the couple were seated.
Dayo who was still on his feet was the first to speak up. “What
the hell are you doing here?”
She smiled at him revea-ling a perfect set of white teeth, then
frowned almost immediately. She [email protected] her hands together thrice
and replied “Heheeeheee! we-tin my eyes no go see for inside this
world?” Foluke looked up sharply, more surprised about the lady’s
use of ‘Pidgin English’ than the curiosity of who she was.
. “The lady looked too beautiful than what she’s vomiting”, Foluke
thought then spoke up.
“Sweetheart, who is she?”
“Stay out of this Foluke”, Dayo replied calmly.
“Faith, I said what are you doing here? Dayo demanded.
“Eeenhenh? I heard that you were getting married but ‘I talk say
na lie’. I doubted it Dayo, so I travelled all the way down to
confirm and it is so
. ‘So you think say you fit dump me like that? E no go dey easy o
my Bobo.’ I am not a trash Dayo, that thing you called wedding
that was held yesterday, ‘na yeye one be that. Na now-now the real
wedding go take place!’
“Between who and who?” Dayo interrupted her.
“Me and you of course’, Faith answered still fuming with anger.
“So, I am not the culprit here after all”, Foluke thought in her
mind, “but who is this lady?”
Dayo’s voice interrupted her thoughts, “will you get out of here this
minute or I shall call the security”, Dayo shouted.
“Call security for who?” Faith retorted. “After you have used me,
you think you can dump me for this Idiot?
Foluke rose to her feet immediately and addressed Faith. “Listen
young woman, I can’t stay here and have you insult me and my
husband okay? Whatever transpired between you two was in the
past, so plea-se leave this minute.”
“And who do you think you are to be the Judge in this case?” Faith
shouted. “Good question!” Foluke replied confidently, I am his
lawfully wedded wife”, she showed Faith her wedding ring.
“Will you both st©p this madness?” Dayo pleaded
“Oh! Don’t be silly, Faith replied ignoring Dayo. “You want to
settle down with this cheat, this liar?”
“Yea! Because I married him for better, for worse!” Foluke
answered positively.
“I can bet it with you, you can never enjoy your marriage with
him, he belongs to me alone”, Faith emphasized.
“I reject it in Jesus name! My marriage will be blissful.” Foluke
declared. “You are the one that will go back to hell where you
belong, you daughter of Jezebel!
‘Paaaah!’ Faith landed a resounding [email protected] on her face. ‘You dey
craze. You think I am here to joke?’
Foluke cried out in pain, fresh tears running down her cheeks.
“What is this Oh God! ba-rely 24 hours in my marriage?” She
The restaurant workers [email protected]£ closer to intervene, one of them
quic-kly dialed the number of the security while the rest awaited the
reaction of the groom…
🙈 Episode 6
“Did you just [email protected] my bride?” Dayo thun-dered.
. “Yes I did and I will do it again” Faith retorted, not bothered
about the damage she just caused for the new couple. A lot of
things went throu-gh Dayo’s mind at the same time. He shut his
eyes ti-ght in a bid to bottle up the anger that was rushing throu-gh
the whole of his being . He threw both hands on his head and
stamped his foot at the same time in an aggressive manner. He
opened his eyes in a flash and turned sharply to Faith “now you
have done your worst, leave this minute and never return to my life
again, I regret the day I met you”, he roared.
“Sho? Na so e easy?” Faith replied non nonchalantly and sank into
the seat next to her. She crossed her legs, flinged a few strands of
the [email protected] across her face to the back of her head, not feeling a bit
concerned about what Dayo just said.
Foluke stood up, still holding on to her cheek, refusing to believe
that what just happened was not a dream. Slowly, she moved
away from the scene, and walked towards the elevator. She has no
strength to climb the stairs at the moment. Too many things
happened to her just at once
. The shock was too much for her to bear, she felt dizzy, her inner
strength failed her, she wished she never got married in the first
place and wondered who placed a curse on her on her wedding
Dayo leapt after her as she moved away, she saw him coming from
the corner of her eyes. Dayo approached her and held her hand, “I
am sorry Foluke, you can put the blame on me okay, are you
alright? He pleaded.
“Get out of my sight” Foluke said in a soft whisper, snatching her
hand from him, “I have had enough”, she responded trying to
suppress the tears welling up again but she couldn’t, they flowed
This time, Dayo was the one who felt so sorry. He felt as if a
sledge hammer had been used to shatter his heart to pieces. His
bride doesn’t really deserve this kind of embarrasment . Foluke
exited the ground floor throu-gh the elevator. Dayo stood for some
seconds not decided about what to do first- whether to console his
bride or deal with the idiot in the restaurant. He went for the
latter option; turning sharply, he approached the restaurant in
fury, he nee-ded to get rid of the trash he brou-ght into his life with
his own hands.
“Faith!” He shouted at the loath-some figure before him, “what
have I done to deserve this great wickedness of yours? Is it a crime
to be your friend in the first place? Must you be the one I will
marry? You must be from the pit of hell like my wife rightly said
and I will never forgive you for this.”
“Hold on sweet, calm your nerves, has she gone to pack her
loads?” Faith asked expectantly. “You must be mad!” Dayo replied
with so much hatred in his voice. “So that was your mission
afterall?” To frustrate my wife to leave? You lie! It is obvious that
you are s£nt from the devil himself, I rebuke you.”
Faith stood and walked up to Dayo where he was standing, she
whispered into his right ear in a s£dûçt!vemanner: “Sweet heart,
even if you will not marry me, I won’t allow that lady to stay
married to you too. It’s either me or no one else! What happened
between us that night is what I will never forget and I will never
let go of you as long as I breathe…”
“Then you should cease to breathe you demon! ” Dayo interrupted
her angrily.
“Hahahaha!” Faith laughed and added, “your wish won’t come
throu-gh my King, just marry me and you will have peace.”
Just then, the security men entered. Dayo quic-kly beckoned to
them to get rid of Faith. She struggled with the men but in a jiffy,
she was bundled out of the h0tel. “I shall be back Dayo!” She
screamed over her shoulders, “I promise.”
“May I never set my eyes on you again”, he cursed un-der his
He turned slowly and headed towards the stairs to face the wrath
of his wife..
🙈 Episode 7
Dayo got to the door of their h0tel room but just as he was about
to knock on the door, he heard the voice of his wife from within.
He s-en-sed she was speaking with someone on phone. He delayed his
knocking and waited at the door to eavesdrop a bit, just in case he
might get to know the state of her mind at the moment throu-gh
whatever she was discussing with the person at the other end.
“That must be her mum”, he sighed, “Foluke doesn’t keep friends.”
His thoughts were interrupted by Foluke’s voice…
“But you as-sured me that he is a good guy, I believed in your
words, you never gave me the impression that things would ever
get out of hand like this . I am so heart broken right now. plea-se I
nee-d your advice and words of comfort. It’s true that no man can
ever be trusted. You are the only friend I have now, plea-se come
“Friend? “Dayo was surprised. “Foluke doesn’t really have a close
friend that I know of .” He strained his ears more to listen to the
conversation further. She was weeping as she talked ma-king her
words a bit inaudible. He couldn’t hear the voice of the person at
the other end of the line because the phone was not placed on loud
A waitress entered the corridor where Dayo was standing.
. He quic-kly brou-ght out his phone and pretended to be checking
throu-gh it
. The waitress murmured her greetings, while he responded
quietly, not wanting to make his bride conscious of his pres£nce at
the door. Immediately the waitress got outof sight, he moved
closer to the door once more to hear what his wife was saying.
Two things held him down. One, the fear of having to face his
wife after all that happened and two, the consequences that would
follow after. Will she really leave me for good? ‘But wait, she
stood to defend me before Faith, she fought for her marriage, but
did she really mean that? Oh no! Not after that slut [email protected] her …
he thought…
Foluke’s voice [email protected]£ up again, the person on the other end must
have been talking since, Dayo thought, because Foluke st©pped
speaking some minutes back.
“You told me he has a good heart and that I will be safe with him,
you said he is not a cheater, how come I am experiencing all this so
early? She demanded.
“Aaaaaaarrrggghh! Who could that be, could it be my Dad?
Foluke had probably called my Dad” Dayo thought. “Or maybe
James (James was Dayo’s closest friend back at school). “She must
have called James.” He listened further.
“You promised to help me, plea-se come quic-kly, I will be expecting
you.” Foluke concluded.
At that, Dayo knocked on the door believing the conversation must
have been over, he didn’t want to risk allowing Foluke to discover
he had been at the door eavesdropping.
“Who is it?” Foluke asked from within, her voice was
expressionless, not of joy, neither of sadness nor anger.
Dayo’s heart missed a bit. It thumped so loudly that one might be
hearing the sound. “It’s me honey”, he replied in a trembling voice
and opened the door. What he saw astonished him. His bride was
actually on her knees praying, with the Holy Bible held firmly to
her che-st. Her eyes were as red as blood, she had cried a whole lot.
Dayo’s as-sumptions were wrong all along. Foluke was actually
talking to God!
🙈 Episode 8
Dayo moved quietly to the be-d side where Foluke knelt. He sat on
the edge of the be-d, folded his arms across his che-st and sighed
de-eply. de-ep inside him, he felt a bit of relief to know that at least,
no third [email protected] has heard about the pres£nt storm in their marriage
yet. He sighed again, then cleared his throat noisily.
“I know you must have something to say, Foluke spoke suddenly,
her voice startled her husband. “I know you do”, she reiterated,
“you sure must have an explanation for this mess, so speak up, I
am all ears.” Dayo’s heartbeat rose again . He [email protected]£ so nervous.
He opened his mouth and closed it again. He wasn’t sure of how
best to start off. He just did not want to annoy his bride. He so
much valued their relationsh!pand would never let go of her. At
last, he found the courage to speak, “Foluke, I nee-d you to help
me, I am in a mess”, he surrendered. “Yes, I know, we both are in
there”, Foluke concurred.
“No! Dayo countered, I dragged you into this mess, you are
innocent of everything, plea-se forgive me. “Dayo, this is not the
time to ask for forgiveness, I nee-d to know how and when that
lady [email protected]£ into your life to the extent of wanting to destroy our
marriage, our relationsh!p, what we both toiled for all these years,
how?” Foluke interrogated in a trembling voice, she was really
scared. She wished Dayo would tell her the plain truth.
“Foluke, plea-se listen to me
. I will tell you nothing but the truth.”
“Okay, go on, I am listening,” Foluke replied hastily.
Dayo continued, “I met Faith during my Youth Service. She was
also a Corp member then. Though we had different Places of
Primary as-signments (PPA), but we lived in the same house. My
own room was next to hers on the same wing in a ‘Face to Face
[email protected]’. We [email protected]£ friends quic-kly because we were the only
corp members living in the house. I [email protected]£ so fond of Faith because
she seemed to be the kindest person I have ever met.
She did help me out with stuffs like writing my lesson notes (we
were both teachers), purchasing foodstuffs for me in the market,
fetching water for my bath and so on. Most times, I would not
cook because each time, Faith cooked, she prepared the meal for
both of us. I thought she was just being kind all along, but she
had her intentions…
I grew so fond of her that my day wouldn’t be complete if I hadn’t
set my eyes on her. Though we were just friends but the friendsh!p
was getting dee-per by the day. One afternoon, after cooking a
delicious jollof rice, she brou-ght my portion into my room. I was
excited as usual, more so I was famished. She brou-ght hers along
too (that had been her usual custom), we both ate together, either
in her room or mine.
I was eating the delicious meal when my cell phone rang. You were
the one that called. We talked that day and at the end of our
conversation, I said ‘I love you and I miss you’, which of course
was my normal practice. After you ended the call, I noticed Faith’s
facial expression changed totally, her smile vanished, she wore this
forlorn look on her face. I questioned her change of mood, but she
simply said nothing was wrong. Since then, I started avoiding
. I knew instantly that her mood changed because my Fiancee
called. It dawned on me then that I was pla-ying with fire. I tried
to create a gap between us but it wasn’t that easy.
The mistake I made was that I was too careless to have allowed
such an inti-mate relationsh!pto grow between us. Though I did
not really talk about you whenever we were together, but she knew
I had a fiancée. The aspect that made avoiding her so difficult for
me was that she had a spare key to my room. She collected it from
me on one [email protected] day like that her reasons being that I
sometimes come back late from work, so she would have to put my
food in a warmer and drop it in my room in case she would be
going out later in the evening.
I decided to change the key to my room. I was so desperate about
putting an end to our intimacy. The very day I brou-ght another
padlock and key to replace the one I was using. I got home that
afternoon and met my room unlocked. I knew someone was in there
alre-ady, ‘of course that must be Faith’, I thought. I opened the
door slowly and entered my room, where I beheld the greatest
shock in my entire life…
Who do you think was at fault? Dayo or Faith? Drop your

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