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The celebrity’s baby mama Episode 15 & 16

🎙The celebrity’s baby mama👪
(being brown skinned
Written✍ by osasere
Episode 15
Mimi’s pov
I sat on my be-d contemplating on telling tae hyung about the pregnancy.
I know he’s not re-ady to have a child and i’m not re-ady to have one too.
I summoned up a little courage and started finding my way to tae hyung’s room.
As soon as i got to his room,i gave his door a little knock but there was no reply.
I twisted the door knob and the door opened.
I let myself in and sp©tted him slee-ping on the couch in his room with a book on his che-st.
I stared at his cute face for a little while before tapping him.
“Hey!!” i called tapping him again and his eyes went open immediately.
“I wanna talk to you about something” i said and he sat up on the couch.
“Okay, just give me a minute” he replied and went into the bathroom.
He [email protected]£ out some minutes later and his face was we-t.
“So… What do you want to talk about?” he asked and i signed.
“I’m pregnant” i announced with my face staring at the floor.
“Huh!!! what do you mean” he asked as his head snapped to my face.
“I’m pregnant, your baby, i mean our baby is growing in me” i replied nervously.
“What the hell!!!” he exclaimed.
“You didn’t take any pills after we had S-x?” he asked and i shook my head negatively.
“What are we gonna do about the baby?? i’m sure you don’t wanna be a mother at this age” he said ruffling his hair in fustration.
“I really don’t wanna be a mother now, but then the baby is alre-ady there, there’s nothing i can do about it” i sobbe-d.
“Why don’t we abort the baby” he suddenly suggested out of the blues.
“I don’t wanna be a father neither do you want to be a mother so, lets get rid of the baby” he said again taking my hand into hes.
“I never knew you were this dumb, you want me to risk my life all because of a mistake we both made”
“For God sake!! what if i die?? [email protected] from that there’s no way i’ll take the life of my own blood simply because i don’t want a child now” i yelled fighting the urge not to slao him.
“Hey!! you’re not even done with high school, you’re just 18 and i’m 21, this baby is going to ruin our dreams” he half yelled and [email protected]£d my hand.
“We both made this mistake, why can’t we take responsibility for it” i yelled back as tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Why can’t you un-derstand me, i’ll get thrown out of the group cos of this baby” he yelled.
I suddenly felt anger with in me,the love i had for him was turning to hatred.
“No matter what you say or do, i’m never getting rid of the baby,good luck with your dreams” i said in between gritted teeth and stormed out of the room ignoring his calls.
i sat on the dining table with “the stars” staring at the food in front of me.
I was hungry but thinking of me being pregnant and tae hyung advicing me to abort the baby made my mouth heavy to eat.
“You shouldn’t eat that, you should eat the vegetables instead” tae hyung said st©pping me from serving some noodles into my plate.
“I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with your mouth, you can eat all the vegetables yourself” i said rudely.
“I’m only doing this because i care” tae hyung protested.
“Could you just mind your business and let me mind mine” i retorted rolling my eyes.
“You both are acting weird” jp muttered and drank from his water.
“Tae hyung is acting extra nice and mimi is taking out her anger on him, he’s doing all this cos he cares” ji ho ch!pped in.
“You know nothing about this,you know what? i’ve lost my appetite” i said standing with tears glistening in my eyes.
“Woah!! whats going on between you two” chang min asked with a confused expression on his face.
“Why don’t you ask him” i replied glaring at tae hyung who was wearing a guilty expression on his face.
Episode 16
Tae hyungs pov
I was on my way to mimi’s room.
I wanted to tell her i’d take responsibility for the baby even though it would cost me my career.
Just as i was about entering the room, i bu-mped into ji ho who was coming out of the room.
“Hey…..” i trailed of when a punch landed on my cheek.
“What was that for” i asked but another one followed causing a tear on myl-ips.
“Whats going on here” chang min asked running towards us with jp behind him.
Ji ho [email protected]£d my collar and was about giving me another punch when jp intervened and pushed him away from me.
I was really angry, why was he punching me for no reason.
I was only trying to contain my anger cos i wasn’t here for him, i was here for mimi.
“This punk impregnated mimi and refused to take responsibility for it” ji ho yelled and i flin-ched.
How did he find out?, i asked mimi to keep it a secret.
“What do you mean?” chang min and jp chorused.
“Why dont you take a look at the letter she dropped for him” he said handing them a paper.
“She’s no longer in korea, she left korea last night” ji ho said again and ruffled his hair glaring at me.
“What….do you mean” i stuttered.
“Ask your fv¢king di-ck that question” ji ho retorted.
I rushed into mimi’s room and her room was empty.
Her clothes, her shoes, everything she owned was missing.
I sat fustrated on the floor, trying [email protected] to hold back my tears.
Why did mimi leave, why didn’t she wait for me to change my mind.
It was all my fault, i didn’t even know were to start looking for her.
“Seriously tae!! you had to reject your unborn child all because of your career”
“You should have known we had your back, we’d have never allowed director han kick you out of the group” jp said entering the room.
“You shouldn’t have been this selfish, how do you think we are going to find her” chang min said entering into the room.
“I’m not sure i’ll be able to forgive you” ji ho said standing infront of the door and walked away.
“Me too” chang min and jp said almost immediately and walked out of the room too.
Six years later
Mimi’s pov
I inser-ted my spare key into the keyhole.
After unlocking the door, i retrieved the key from the keyhole and stepped into my [email protected]
The lights was quiet and the house was unusually quiet.
Every were was damn dark, i switched on the lights and took off my shoes.
“Bo ra!!!”
“Kim bora!!” i called surveying the sitting room with my eyes.
“Emily!!” i called walking towards the hall way.
Where the hell was she, justin never told me he was taking her out.
I walked down the hall way and it was dark too, i never remember turning of the light.
Not when emily was at home.
I tried unlocking the door to my room but the something caught my attention.
Someone was shining a torch light right into my eyes from the other end of the hall way.
“Who’s there?” i asked getting scared but there was no reply.
“Who are you?” i asked again moving towards the place the person was standing.
“Boo!!” someone yelled from behind me.
“Ah!!!” i screamed jumping in fright.
The person giggled and i recognized the voice immediately.
“Emily!! seriously” i half yelled and the lights in the hall way went on immediately.
“Justin!!! you too” i called with my hand on my che-st.
They almost scared me to death.
“Bora, you weren’t supposed to giggle we were supposed to make your mom run out of the house” justin said with a frown ma-king me scoff.
“I’m sorry uncle justin, dont get mad at me plea-se” emily apologized as the smile in her face turned to a sad expression.
“You know i’d never get angry at my baby” justin smile tickling emily who couldn’t st©p laughing.
“Help me mummy” emily called laughing loudly and i tickled justin from behind.
He bur-st into laughter letting go of emily.
We both got on t©p of him tickling him and i couldn’t st©p smiling.
Justin is my neighbor and friend and i really like him alot.
Don’t get me wrong though, i like him alot doesn’t mean i have feelings for him.
I like only as a friend,nothing more.
I [email protected]£ close to justin when i was in labour and he rushed me to the hospital.
Kim bora or should i say emily has blended with him well over the years.
I moved to uk after i left korea..
I graduated from college three months ago as a nurse and got a job in a hospital almost immediately.
Giving birth to emily is one of the best that has ever happened to me.
I’ve never had any regret of keeping her.
She’s a smart, sweet and intelligent five year old.
She was supposed to be in year one kindergarten but she got a double promotion and she’s in year two grade one.
She looks just like her father, she’s white and not brown skinned like me.
She’s the best companion i never had for a long time now.
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