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The celebrity’s baby mama Episode 13 & 14

🎙The celebrity’s baby mama👪
(being brown skinned
Written✍ by osasere
Episode 13
Mimi’s pov
I slowly opened my eyes, my head was aching badly like hell.
I got out of be-d, i wanted to go take some drugs.
What the hell!! i was n-ked.
I went back to the be-d and covered myself with the duvet, there was some red stains on the white be-d sheet.
My b©yfri£ndhoodie, even my [email protected] were lying on the floor.
Realization hit me when i discovered i was in tae hyungs room not mine.
I thought [email protected] on what happened last night and then everything [email protected]£ to me in a flash.
Oh my goodness!! i can’t believe i threw myself at him last night ma-king me look like slut.
God!! what did i do to myself, he even asked me to leave but i didn’t.
Even if i liked him, it didn’t i should give my vir-ginity to him, for christ sake!!! he didn’t even tell me he had feelings for me or even like me.
The creaking sound of the door snapped me out of my thoughts.
I la-id back on the be-d covering myself securely with the duvet and closed my eyes pretending to be asleep.
The person finally got into the room, i’m sure its tae hyung though.
I could feel his pres-en-se close to me and then his hand went to my face brushing off some hair which were covering my face ma-king me shiver alittle.
He moved away from me and then i heard the sound of the bathroom door indicating he went in.
I quic-kly got out of be-d and sli-pped my clothes on.
My legs were still hurting and i found it difficult walking but i didn’t want him to meet me still in his room.
I half ran out to my room cos of my leg, immediately i got to my room, i went straight into the bathroom.
I took my bath and changed my clothes.
I wondered how i was going to go to school.
After finally [email protected] up some courage, i left my room walking slowly to the dining room for breakfast.
I walked to the dining room and ‘the stars’ were all seated eating.
I tried avoiding tae hyung’s gaze and went over to take a sit.
“What’s wrong with your legs, why are walking that way” jp asked.
“She fell of the stairs last night after getting drun!k” tae hyung replied cutting me short,ma-king me breath a sign of relief.
I sh0t tae hyung a quic-k stare and served some Ddukbokki into my plate and then added some kimchi to the side of the plate.
Tae hyung’s pov
I stood infront of director han as he kept yelling at me.
“How can you be so dumb and stupid, yoona told me how that black ape had been flir-ting with you and you finally gave in by k!ss!ngher”.
“Of all people, why a black girl?” director han asked.
“You know about the no [email protected]!ngrules and if i find out you’re [email protected]!nganyone or you even got a girl pregnant,i wont hesitate to throw you out of the group” director han warned and walked off.
I felt really angry at yoona, if i could get my hands on her, i’d strangle her.
I sat on the couch in my room watching a movie and then yoona walked in.
“What are doing in here” i asked standing up.
“Of course i [email protected]£ to see you” yoona replied with a scoff.
“After what you did, you still had the nerve of entering into my room, get the hell out of my room” i yelled pointing to the door.
“Hey!! i did that cos i didn’t want you to make a mistake you’d regret” she said again.
“Get out” i yelled and she k!$$£d me.
Before i could break from the k!ssmimi walked in and then froze as she saw us.
“I’m sorry for interupting you guys, i just wanted to tell you that the guys nee-d you downstairs” she said and left the room with hurt evident in her voice..
I pushed yoona away from me and went after mimi.
“Hey!! can we talk” i said holding mimi by the arm.
“I’m sorry if i interrupted you guys, you should go meet your girlfriend before she meets you here” she replied and i rolled my eyes.
“Why are you acting like i’m your b©yfri£ndand you just caught me cheating on you” i asked and she took her gaze to the floor.
“Oh!! i’m sorry if i acted that way, go on with what ever you want to say” she replied.
“I wanna talk about last night, what ever happened last night was a mistake and i regret it” i said and she snapped her head to me.
“You shouldn’t take it personal, last night was just a one night thing and i hope…….”
“Okay thats enough, i clearly un-derstand what you want to say” mimi said cutting me off.
She sounded pissed.
“I’d like to go finish what i was doing, if you’d excuse” she said and walked past me brushing her shoulder against mine.
I felt like a fool, i didn’t really mean what i said but i had to protect my career.
She’s only girl who makes my heart beat fas-ter when ever i’m close to her.
I’m not sure if i love her but i know i like her alot.
i had to do it, i didn’t want to be thrown out of the group all because of a girl.
Episode 14
Five weeks later
Mimi’s pov
I ran into the school’s restroom and emptied everything in my stomach into the toilet.
My mouth felt sour and i was feeling weak.
I have been feeling this way since a week now.
I don’t even know what’s wrong with me, i had to f0rç£ myself to come to school this morning.
I spashed some water on my face, as i tried walking out of the restroom, i sli-pped and then hit the back of my head on the toilet seat and blacked out.
i opened my eyes,at first my vision was blur but later it [email protected]£ clear.
The first thing that caught my attention was the white ceiling and the smell of drugs.
Where the hell was i?!!
“Thank goodness!! you’re finally awake” i heard and turned my face to the direction of the voice.
It was ji soo.
“Why are my here” i asked finally realizing i was in a hospital.
“Seriously!!, you can’t remember what happened to you??” ji soo asked.
“Well!! i found you on the ground unconcious in the school restroom” she explained.
Oh!! i muttered and t©uçhed the sp©t were i hit my head.
“What happened to you in there?” she asked.
“I sli-pped while trying to leave the restroom and hit my head on the toilet sit, i blacked out after that, i think that’s all what happened” i said with a shrug.
“You should me more careful next time okay!!, i’ll go get you something to eat” she said standing.
“Thanks” i muttered and she nodded.
“Hey!! you’re awake alre-ady” the doctor said coming into my ward.
“You’d be discharged before evening” she said again and i nodded.
“I’d advice you eat alot of fruits and vegetables when you get outta here, you know to keep the baby strong and healthy” she added.
“Huh!!! the baby?, what baby?” i asked batting my lashes.
“You don’t know yet??? well you’re two weeks pregnant” she announced and i muffled a scream.
“Tell me you’re joking plea-se” i said removing the drip fixed to my hand jumping to my feet with my hands gr-abbing her white coat.
“What is wrong with you?” she asked taking my hand off her white coat.
“I’m sure you’re mistaken doctor, you should run another test” i said almost in tears.
“You’re pregnant, you should have used protec-tion if you know you didn’t want to get pregnant or better still closed your legs” she replied and walked out of my room.
Oh my goodness!! what did i get myself into??
I mean i did it just once, so why would i get pregnant almost immediately.
The worst [email protected] is that tae hyung called it a mistake, so how was i sure he’d accept the baby.
I sat on the ba-re floor crying my eyes out.

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