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The billionaire girlfriend 2 Episode 19 & 20

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Episode 19
🐾 Khalid 🐾
I stood outside the detainment room watching as the interaction between the police and they guy.
They’ve been at it for a long time and they aren’t getting anywhere.
It’s driving me crazy, insane!!
We were all sure about June’s location so where the hell did she disappear to?
I swear if i don’t find her within the next twenty four hours, I’ll… I’ll fv¢k!!
I can’t take it anymore.
I kicked the door open and walked in. Before the officer reacted, I took his gun and pointed it at the guy.
“Now I’m going to say this once or I’ll b!ow off your head. Where is June?” Once I saw he wasn’t going to reply, I threatened him”If I repeat myself again, I’ll search for your family and trust me when I say this, I’ll kill them all”
The officer tried to take the gun away from Khal but a glare from him made him st©p. He was truly ashamed that his gun got stolen from him without him knowing.
He glanced at the culprit Whose face was ashen and pale”So what do you say?”
The guy immediately fell on his knees”No plea-se don’t harm my family, they’re only just kids. I’ll speak.. plea-se”
I lowered the gun and sat down”Good, start talking”
He nodded”It’s Ma’am Melissa, she asked me to kidnap your girlfriend. I was too blinded by money and nee-ded it badly.. plea-se don’t Kill me”he wept
I was quiet at first studying him when a thought occurred to me.
“Why were you n-ked when we found you?”
My eyes narrowed as I thought about, if this guy really did hurt my June them he’ll definitely spend the rest of his life in prison.
♠️ Ryder ♠️
I knelt down in front her in my panicking state.
Gosh I couldn’t afford to loose her, no… She’s my only family for godsake! I know I’ve hurt her from the way she spoke.
She sounded hurt…
I really felt bad for not telling her the truth all this while. I really regret it. Now I know that family isn’t something one joke with,their happiness is also yours.
“I know June, I’ve hurt you so much plea-se forgive me. Tell me one thing to do to gain your forgiveness” I said eagerly.
She was quiet at first then an evil gleam appeared in her eyes. I suddenly regretted asking her that. “You really want to know?”
I swallowed, hmm it’s not like I could back down now. I wanted her forgiveness anyways so I nodded”Yeah”
“Tell me why Khalid hate you so much and also, you’ll have to beg for his forgiveness. Only then can I let this go”
I froze trying to process what she just said.
Did she ..
Huh.. does she want me.. me of all people to apologise to Khalid? What the fu-ck!!
Has she gone crazy?
I gazed at her uncertainly wondering if she meant it and of course she did.
“June…” I started but was cut off before I finish my statement.
“You can’t do that right? I know it!” She shook her head”I don’t want to stay here anymore. I nee-d to leave”
🦔 Kayla 🦔
I sighed and decided to check out the kitchen.
The maids glanced over at me when I got there”Do you nee-d something ma’am?”
I shook my head”No ..”
Is this really someone’s kitchen?
It’s so big and beautiful!
Khalid definitely has a good taste.
A thought popped into my head as I stared at the kitchen. Cooking.
I suddenly felt like cooking.
Okay so let me make one thing clear to you guys, I don’t know how to cook but I just want to try that in other to take my mind off things.
It was June who usually cook while I clean up at home.
I’m still anxiously waiting for [email protected]£ about June so maybe cooking will do the trick.
With my mind made up, I walked over to the cooker and asked for a frypan.
I decided I’m going to cook for Charles, I just hope I don’t mess it up.
“Leave it, I can help you do that” a young maid suddenly said from behind me. She’s really pretty, I wonder why she’s working as a maid.
“No, I want to do this myself”
“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” She asked looking at me.
I pursed myl-ips stubbornly”Of course! I know what I’m doing. It’s just eggs.. it’s not like anything could go wrong right?”
She shrugged”Whatever you say miss”
I watched her go with a frown on my face…Hmm is this girl trying to ridicule me?
I’ll show her how this is done.
Episode 20
🍁 Kayla 🍁
Everyone was coughing..
I don’t know what happened but the pan suddenly caught fire. I screamed moving away from the cooker.
Oh my God
Oh my God!
“Someone st©p it!!”
I was suddenly pushed to the side. I watched as the maid the covered the pan, turned off the cooker and other things I couldn’t gr-ab.
I felt a migraine coming as I watched her. Soon it was over.
She glared at me”Are you satisfied now?”
I huffed”What? Do you think I did it myself? The pan just caught fire so get mad at the pan not me!”
I shrugged and walked towards the pan to see the remaining.
Well… It looks kinda burnt, but Charles might like it, won’t he?
Hmm, I picked a plate, dish it and took it to him.
🌴 Charles 🌴
I paced in the living room, anxiously waiting for news.
I hate the fact that I’m not the one working on this case, I mean it’s my job to guard right?
So why didn’t Khalid let him do it?
Ahhh I alre-ady it’s because of Kay, someone nee-ds to control her, the girl has mad temper.
Obviously, I’m the only right one for that job so Khalid went himself.
In a way, I think this is good.
It shows that he has feelings for June, I was afraid that he was hurting that poor girl, I guess he wasn’t.
I was still lost in my thoughts and didn’t hear footsteps me”Babe!”
I jumped”What the h…” I st©pped cursing when I saw Kay standing with a tray in hand.
She smiled brightly”Here, I made this for you. I don’t think you’ve eaten anything today”
I raised my brows.. surprised by the little gesture.
“I can’t remember when last someone did that” I sat down eager to taste her cooking.
“You shouldn’t have stressed yourself, I’d have eaten later”
She k!$$£d me softly”I’ll be right back”
A smile pla-yed on myl-ips as I watched her go. I decided not to waste anymore time, I re-moved the lid from the plate and..
Holy $h!t!!
What the hell is this?
It looks like.. like cat food.
I took out a portion to taste and spat everything out immediately then drank water.
What heck!!
“Babe do you nee-d more?” Kay’s questioning voice rang out.
Hell no!
“Um.. no! I think this is okay for me” I yelled back.
I didn’t waste anymore time, I stood up and trashed the whole thing in a nearby bin. Thank goodness it has a cover so Kayla won’t know.
I sat back down then pretended I just finished eating.
“Wow, you’re done alre-ady. How was it?”
I shrugged”It wasn’t bad” it was bad actually, horrible even. I thought.
“Are you sure? I kinda burnt it but if you like it, I’ll make more for you”
“No!!! ” I yelled startling us “Um.. I meant, I don’t like my woman cooking.”
Damn! I’ll never let her cook, even in my next life.
“Awwn that’s so sweet…” I tug at her hand ma-king her fall on my b©dy.
I made her straddle me and without giving her time to recover, I claimed herl-ips.
I k!$$£d her [email protected], fast in a way that made us both ached for more. My hands moved to her big bu-tt then grind her down to me.
A [email protected] escaped herl-ip.
“C.. Charles?”
“Yes babe” I [email protected]
“Let’s continue this in the room, someone might see”
I chuckled”When did you start caring about modesty?”
Just then, the door opened, we both turned to see Khalid walking in. June jumped from my legs immediately and ran to him.
“W.. what happened? Where is she?”She asked glancing behind him.
I was more collected, I stood up and watched his expression. I’ve been with Khalid long enough to know that something went wrong.
“The location was wrong?” I asked
He cursed”No damnit!! She was there I saw her clothes but she wasn’t there. I don’t know if she escaped before we got there or someone took her. I feel like there’s a [email protected] here”
Wow.. this is shocking.
I can imagine how he is feeling
“Her clothes? What the hell do you mean by that?” Kayla yelled suddenly.
I pu-ll-ed her to me “Hey, calm down. We’ll get to the bo-ttomof this” I kept murmuring sweet words in her ears till she calmed- a bit.
A phone rang in the room breaking the silence. Khalid answered putting it on speaker.
“Master K we have news on Miss June’s whereabouts”
I tensed hearing that.
“Tell me”
“She’s at the airport about to catch a flight”
Khalid spoke with him for a few minutes before hanging up.”She’s leaving? Why the hell will she do that?” I asked. This does not make s-en-se at all.
“What do we do now?” Kay chimed in look at Khal.
He ruffled his hair in a frustrated manner and sigh”She’s heading back home so we go after her”

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