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Switched Episode 25 & 26

✍️Pinky Preshy Chioma✍️
🌺Pinky’s Short series🌺
💋Episode 25💋
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
I rushed into the laboratory and ban-ged the door as tears rolled down my cheeks.
I bur-st into tears….
I can’t believe this!
I wish this is all a dream…
That Gracie!
I hate her so much….
No! I won’t go back to that slum.
I don’t belong,,,,
It’s Gracie who should go back to where she [email protected]£ from.
I can’t bear the shame any longer.
This is unacceptable!
I am a Salvador….
Gracie should go back to the slums where she truly belong.
I wiped my tears immediately.
I yawned hungrily
Am so famished….
I didn’t eat that poison they called food.
Who eats h0tdogs and buns with sour ketchup?
Oh God!
Is this a punishment or something?
I can never come from the slums.
I gnash my teeth in annoyance.
I sat quietly outside the corridor….
My friends walked to me.
“Hi Cas-sie! Where have you been?” They asked
“Uhm.. Just around!” I said calmly
“It’s noon alre-ady! Won’t you want to take lunch?” Lucy said
“Yes! Am very hungry” Kiara said
I nodded my head.
We turned around to leave.
I quic-kly opened my purse and looked into it.
For the first time, Cas-sandra’s wallet is empty.
What do I do?
I can’t let my friends know that am broke….
And my ATM card 😑😑
It is not here with me!
Sweats rushed down my face in nervousness.
Just then, Joann paused.
“Errm.. Wait! Cas-sie do you have money?” Joann asked.
My heart skipped…
“What… What are you talking about?” I stammered
“Yes Cas-sandra! Do you have money?” Kiara mocked
I only gulped nervously.
“I do” I said
We walked into cafeteria with my heart almost jumping.
We made our orders.
And they paid theirs.
I searched my purse hopelessly.
Knowing fully well that I have no money.
“Miss your bill is #6000 bucks” The waitress said.
I blinked my eyes continuously.
“Cas-sandra are you sure you have money?” Lucy asked again
“Ever since you [email protected]£ a slum girl, you’ve become so broke” Kiara blurted out.
“I had money…. Maybe I lost it” I said still searching the purse.
My friends quic-kly stood up carrying their trays of food.
“God! I can’t breathe beside you Cas-sandra!” Lucy said
“Yeah… The stench of the slums is all over you now” Joann said
“Just find a means and pay for your food… Sorry we can’t share a table with you” Kiara added.
“Ta…ta….” Lucy bade me good bye as they walked away.
“Girls wait!” I said but they paid me a deaf ear.
Tears gradually dropped down my cheeks.
I can’t believe this!
Those girls can’t even talk back at me when I was still living in the mansion.
I used to pay for their meals back then.
Now they repay me this way.
“Miss plea-se give me my money… Why did you order for food when you know you’re broke as fu-ck” The waitress said harshly.
I [email protected]£ annoyed!
I just had to control myself.
“I… I…. I think I lost my money” I managed to say.
“What?” The waitress yelled out.
“plea-se keep your voice down! I don’t want the other students to….” I said
“To know you are broke and poor huh?” The waitress shouted.
“Here is your money!” A voice said from behind and we turned around.
To my greatest surprise, it was Gracie.
The waitress quic-kly took the money and turned to me.
“Thank your stars she showed up” She said as she walked away.
I stared at Gracie with so much hatred.
“You bi*ch! You think you can buy me over by paying for me with the money you stole from me” I said in annoyance
“I only did what was right” Gracie said
“Shut the fu-ck up! I never asked for your money you bunch of failure…” I said in anger.
“But….” Gracie said.
I quic-kly picked up the plate of h0t pasta and threw it on her face.
Everyone screamed….
“I don’t nee-d your pretentious kindness or remorse!” I said as I quic-kly picked up my handbag and ran off.
“Curse you all” I yelled.
Gracie’s Pov:
Mona helped me pack my hair properly.
Actually the pasta messed up my hair.
“Mona do you think I stole anything from Cas-sandra?” I cried out
“Come on girlfriend! You didn’t…. She was the one who stole from you” Mona said
“I feel so guilty… I only tried to help her” I wailed
“Don’t let this bother you Gracie! Cas-sie have always been like that” Mona said as I hvgged her.
“Hi Gracie!” We heard voices behind us.
Surprisingly, it was Cas-sandra’s friends.
Mona and I exchanged glances.
“Hi.. How may I help you?” I asked
“Oh come on Gracie! Can’t we be friends too?” Lucy said.
I eyed Mona.
“Friends with you guys? Uhm… I thought you guys never liked me” I asked
“Oh my gosh! Of course not.. It was that wicked Cas-sandra who never liked you not us” Kiara said
My jaw dropped…
“Wicked Cas-sandra? But she’s your friend right?” I added
“Nope… She was our friend… “WAS” Joann said
“Yeah.. She belongs in the slums now” Lucy said in disgust
“Worst still she has suddenly become so low clas-s” Kiara added.
I f0rç£d a smile.
Are they for real? 🙄
“We’ll see you later friend” They pe-cked me one after the other and left.
I turned to shocked Mona.
“Is this a dream or something?” I asked
Mona shook her head in disagreement.
“It’s not Gracie! It’s really not” She managed to say
Mrs Charlotte’s Pov:
I was at my office busy with some files when my secretary walked in
“Uhmm… Sorry for interruptions ma’am! Your daughter is here to see you” She said.
I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.
“My daughter?” I asked
“Yes ma’am! I told her you are busy but she keeps insisting” The secretary said
How can Gracie come here?
She’s not been here before….
I thought.
“Let her in” I said as she nodded.
Shortly, my door throw open.
To my utmost surprise, Cas-sandra walked in…
She was in tears.
“MOMMY?” She cried as she hvgged me ti-ghtly…..
💋Episode 26💋
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
Tears ran down my cheeks as I quic-kly rushed to mommy and hvgged her ti-ght.
She hvgged me too.
She was in tears as well.
“I miss you mommy!” I whispered
“I miss you too baby” Mom said as she wiped her tears off.
“plea-se I don’t want to go back to the slums mom! I don’t belong there….” I cried out.
“Cas-sie plea-se….” Mom cried
“Mom I thought you loved me so much” I cried
“I love you so much Cas-sandra… It’s not a loved cos I still love you because you are still my daughter” Mom said
I knelt in front of mommy as tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Oh baby plea-se stand” Mom tried helping me up.
“Mom plea-se take me in! I don’t want to live in the slums mom…. I can’t cope, I don’t like their food, the be-d, the environment…. Everything! I feel like am gonna get sick” I wailed
“Cas-sandra if it were in my power, I wouldn’t have given you up to the Monte’s but I had no choice” Mom said
“plea-se mommy…. I can’t bear this anymore! I tried but I just can’t…. That slum is so dirty” I cried out.
“Cas-sandra they are your real family and your real parents and you should get to know them!” mom said
I quic-kly ban-ged the table r0ûghly.
“Bull$h!t Mom! Bull $h!t….. I can’t breathe there…” I cried
“Baby you have to…” Mom said
I bur-st into tears…
“Mommy can you believe it? I haven’t had anything to eat since morning” I cried
Mom wi-de-ned her eyes in shock as she covered her mouth with her palms.
“What?” She asked in shock
“Yes mommy! I haven’t had anything to eat…. And guess what? They prepared h0tdog and buns with sour ketchup for breakfast” I weep
“Am so sorry baby… I know you don’t deserve that kind of life but I can’t take you from your parents” Mom said
“What parents? They cannot even provide what I want… Am being mocked and treated inferior by my peers in school” I cried out
“Oh my poor baby” Mom said as she k!$$£d my forehead.
“Mommy plea-se I don’t want to go back to the slums” I cried
“But baby….” Mom said
“plea-se mommy! Including Gracie… She hates me so much saying I stole her life from her” I lied crying pathetically
“Gracie did? Are you sure Cas-sie?” Mom asked anxiously
“Yes mom! She even attem-pted to pour a h0t pasta on me but she mistakenly poured it on herself” I lied
“What? Gracie did that to you?” mom asked
“Yes mommy! They all now treat me like a piece of trash” I cried
“It’s OK baby! Am here for you” Mom said
I pretentiously yawned hungrily.
“Am famished mommy” I said
“Come on baby… Let’s go have lunch together” Mom said.
My face brightened up in excitement.
This was what I wanted all along.
And as for mommy, I know she loves me more than her so called biological daughter.
I will use this to my favour.
Gracie will be sorry once am done with her
I sm-irked within me as mommy and I walked out of the office.
Gracie’s Pov:
I sat on my large be-d with a mirror as nanny Miranda applied some cream on my reddened face.
“Ouch…. This really hurts” I cried
“Sorry dear! Who did this to you?” Old nanny Miranda asked
“It’s a long story nanny!” I gro-an ed
“This is really de-ep Gracie dear!” Nanny said
“And it’s painful too” I said
“Sorry” Nanny said as I screamed again.
Just then, my door throw open and my mom walked.
“Good evening mommy!” I said as I tried to pe-ck her but she pushed me away.
“So it’s true!” She said as she [email protected] me.
Tears welled down my chubby cheeks.
“True? What’s true?” I managed to say
“Charlotte? Why?” Old nanny Miranda asked in surprise.
“Enough! Just stay out of this Miranda!” Mom shouted
“I can see the bruise on your face… So you actually wanted to pour h0t pasta on her but you mistakenly poured it on yourself?” Mom said
“What are you talking about mom?” I asked
“Shut up! You know exactly what am saying…. You are nothing but a bloody liar” Mom said
I bur-st into tears….
“Me? A liar?” I asked in confusion
I tried tou-ching her but she [email protected] my hand off.
“Don’t you dare t©uçh me with your filthy hands… You’re dispeakable” Mom said in disgust as she walked away.
What did I really do?
I fell on the be-d in tears.
Cas-sandra’s Pov:
I walked their God forsaken hell hole of a house.
My hands was full with lots of shopping bags.
I had a lot of fun with my mom.
It was alre-ady very late but who cares?
Mom credited my account with a lot of cash.
I walked in without greeting any of them… they are not worth the greetings.
Worthless bastards…
“Where are you coming from Cas-sandra?” Mr Fred asked.
I scoffed and ignored him.
“Are you deaf?” Mrs Martha raised her voice at me.
I rolled my eyes at them rudely.
“Isn’t it obvious? Or are you guys blind or something?” I said rudely
“Cas-sandra can’t you talk with respect?” Monica yelled
“Where the fu-ck did this c0ckroach come from?” I sighed at her.
“Where are you coming from?” The other said
“If you must know.. I went shopping 🛍 and I know poor maggots like you guys can’t afford it” I said as sneered at them.
I quic-kly walked up stairs.
I walked into the room and and slammed the door.
Excitement filled my heart.
My plans are falling in place.
Am now so loaded 💰
I bet mommy is going to lash out on her useless daughter.
I sm-irked wickedly.
I also have to teach my friends a lesson of their lives.
And guess the most beautiful [email protected]?
I smiled broadly to myself.
Mr Sam’s Pov:
I was walking down the corridor.
When I heard someone crying.
Who could that be?
It was coming from my daughter’s room
Could Gracie be crying?
I gently opened the door….
The room was so dark… The light was switched off.
“Gracie! Baby!!” I called but no-one answered.
I switched on the light.
To my greatest surprise, my precious baby girl was sitting on the ba-re ground crying her eyes out.
Her hair was scattered and her eyes swollen.
“Baby?” I called as she quic-kly hvgged me ti-ghtly…….
To be continued…..
Who else is hating Cas-sandra the more? 😡
I feel like punching her 😭
Poor Gracie!

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