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Summer picnic Episode 11 & 12

👶Baby finds daddy a soulmate👶
🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
💋Episode 11💋
Bella’s Pov:
I walked into the sitting room with a bowl of popcorn🍿 and a glas-s of jui-ce. 🍹
Am really so famished right now!
Like am so so hungry but hell no! I can’t cook.
Not like I’ve cook anytime.
I yawned hungrily as I ate the popcorn.
I sat on the couch with my legs crossed and seeing a movie.
I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.
📱Hello… Good morning! This is Crunchy restaurants…how may we help you?… A voice echoed from the phone.
I rolled my eyes.
📱Well am calling to make an order for house service… I said
📱We’re all ears ma’am… The voice said again.
I guess it’s the customer care.
📱Hmm.. I want a full chicken sauce and basmati rice with uhmm…. veggies and salad… I said
📱Noted ma’am…. The voice said
📱Just s£nd me the account details and I’ll pay in the money and I’ll s£nd my address… I said
📱As you wish ma’am… The voice said again as I hung up.
I heaved a sigh as I continued watching TV
Just then, the door bell rang aloud.
🔔 🚪 🔔 🚪
Who could that be?
I thought as I got up and opened the door.
It was a young lady in a flimsy short dress.
I [email protected]£ green with envy.
I heard some footsteps from the stairs and turned around.
It was that nas-ty Sandy.
“Miss Marga you are here and….” Sandy said as she quic-kly shut her mouth immediately she saw the lady.
“Who are you?” Sandy and I asked in unison.
She smiled se-duc-tive… Smiling and looking at the stairs.
That was when I found out that Alex was also on the staircase.
Anger burnt throu-gh me.
“bit-ch!” I muttered un-der my breath.
“Who is she?” Alex asked as she li-cked herl-ips se-ductively.
“Uhm.. Mr handsome you see am here for you” She said she win-ked at him.
I got so upset and for the first time, Sandy was also upset like on the same side with me.
“Can someone tell me what’s going on here? Who the heck is this lady daddy?” Sandy asked.
“I think I’ve seen your face somewhere” Alex said trying to recollect.
“Oh yes… Am Goldy and am Marga’s sister” She said as I furrowed my eyebrows.
“Marga’s sister?” Alex asked
“Could you at least let me in first” She said eyeing Alex
You know guys am beginning to hate this stupid girl so much.
She’s got an eye for my man…. 😡
“What are you doing here? I called Marga not you” Sandy said
“Well am here now so there will be no nee-d for that stupid Marga and you little girl keep your mouth shut and stay out of this cos am here to get my sweetheart” She said walking towards Alex.
I gro-an ed in anger.
As I stepped in front of her blocking her from stepping any further.
“Yuck! I hate this all… I prefer my Miss Marga” Sandy yelled as she rushed upstairs.
“You flir-tatious bit-ch! Get out of here right now” I ordered as she sm-irked.
“And who are you?” She f0rç£d a smile
“I am not here to [email protected] with you so I advise you to leave right now” I said controlling myself.
“Goldy or whatever you are called plea-se take your leave” Alex said.
Goldy laughed hysterically as air k!$$£d Alex.
I quic-kly gave her a dangerous glare and then a dirty [email protected] throwing her off balance.
She held her cheek in shock.
she raised her hand to [email protected] me back but I held her hand and pushed her off.
Giving her the worst beating of her life.
Punches, kickings and b!ows…
She [email protected]£ damn bloody as blood oozed out of her nose and mouth.
I don’t freaking give a fu-ck.
No damn bit-ch messes around with my man.
Alex separated us but she was alre-ady losing her breath.
I breathed heavily as I gulped [email protected]
I dragged her by the hair and pushed her r0ûghly out of the house.
I backed Alex still fuming with anger.
“Bella what was that for?” Alex asked as I scoffed.
“Is that supposed to be a question or what? Aren’t you supposed to be apologizing to me” I gro-an ed.
“Apologize to you? What for?” Alex asked
“Are you for real Alex? I just met your mistress” I said
“Oh plea-se Bella I owe you no explanation you know why? Cos you are not my wife neither are you my girlfriend…excuse me!” He said as he walked away.
I fumed in anger as I threw the couch pillow away in annoyance.
That bit-ch!
That God forsaken flir-t…..
I wish I had r!pp£doff that eyes of hers.
The door bell rang again.
“Arrghhh… Which of the flir-t is this again?” I gro-an ed as I threw the glas-s of jui-ce and it broke into pieces.
I quic-kly opened the door in anger.
“And what the hell are you doing here again you….” I said but I quic-kly st©pped when I saw the scared mess£nger girl.
She almost [email protected] in fear.
I blinked my eyes as I scratched my head.
“Uhmm… Ma’am your order” She said in fear.
“Am sorry and thanks” I said as I took the package.
I ban-ged the door and sat heavily on the sofa placing the package on the table.
Goldy’s Pov:
“Awwwchh…. Ouch… Easy mother!” I cried as mother applied some balm and h0t water on my b©dy.
believe me when I say that lady I met is crazy.
She almost killed me with punches.
My b©dy aches and hurts so much.
“Mother that lady is a crazy woman” I wailed
“Why did you even go there in the first place?” Mother asked
“Mother you know how much I love that handsome rich man” I cried in pains.
“Now see what you’ve gotten yourself into” Mother blamed
“But I still wonder who that lady is” I said as I gro-an ed in pain.
“Maybe his wife since you saw a kid…” Mother said
“No way! the little girl seems to love Marga a lot so that couldn’t be her mother’ I said
“Forget about them for now and focus on getting better” Mother said as she applied the balm again.
“Ahhh…… Take it easy mother!” I yelled
“Well am taking it easy young lady and maybe you nee-d a new pair of ears” Mother said.
“I hate Marga so much… People always prefers her to me and I can’t wait to get her out of the way” I said in annoyance.
“What about the lady that beat you up?” Mother asked
“I’ll handle both… Mr Alex is mine” I said as I sm-irked in anger….
Episode 12💋
Marga’s Pov:
I walked downstairs with a bucket.
To my greatest surprise, I saw mother and Goldy.
Goldy was having a lot of injury all over her b©dy.
What the heck happened to her?
Thoughts ran throu-gh my mind.
She was gro-an ing in pain as mother applied some balm on her.
💭Did someone beat her up?💭 I thought.
“Goldy! Are you OK? What happened?” I asked shocked.
Mother stared at me with so much hatred.
I gulped and bow my head
I wonder why they hate me so much…..
“And what’s your business?” Goldy said.
She was burning up in annoyance.
“Uhmm… I just wanted to know why you look so bloody and…” I stammered.
Mother landed a resounding [email protected] on my cheeks.
I held my cheeks in shock as tears flooded down my face.
“You may think you have the rich guy but I just want to tell you that you can never compete with my daughter” Mother said.
I [email protected]£ confused.
“The rich guy?” I asked anxiously
“Tch…pretend all you can! But I promise you this Marga I rather die than see you together with my man” Goldy said even if she was in pains.
“I don’t un-derstand…. Your man?” I asked in confusion
“I don’t expect you to un-derstand Marga so get out of my sight” She yelled at me.
I quic-kly rushed out in tears.
Her man?
What man is she talking about?
Oh my gosh…. Could it be about Mr Alex?
Does Goldy like Mr Alex?
I covered my mouth with my palms.
So this is the reason why Goldy seemed very angry with me?
I bowed my head in tears.
Suddenly a car drove into the compound.
😱Mr Alex😱
Alex’s Pov:
I drove out of the compound.
Actually I was going to buy food for my kids.
You know sometimes I wonder why Bella even [email protected]£ over to this place.
That lady have got guts.
She ordered for food.
While my children go hungry.
Just then, my eyes caught with a handkerchief.
“Who has this?” I thought.
I quic-kly recollected whose it was.
“Marga….” I smiled.
Thoughts of her filled my mind.
I reversed my car and drove towards her place.
I really nee-d to see her.
My kids will be happier to see her.
I drove straight into the compound.
I saw her walk out of the house.
She looked extremely shocked when she saw me.
“Mr Alex?” She called as I smiled at her.
I got down from the car with her handkerchief.
“Hi Marga….” I said as I held her hands.
She f0rç£d a smile as I gave her the handkerchief.
“Thank you!” She managed to say
“I missed you Marga” I said
“What?” She asked in surprise
“I meant the kids missed you” I said as I gulped.
She smiled.
“You have to go Mr Alex!” She said starring at the window.
“But why? The kids wants you to come over” I said
“I will but not right now” She said in fear as she kept starring at the window.
“plea-se Marga you have to come….” I said
“plea-se just go Mr Alex! I beg you” She said.
She looked extremely scared.
“MARGA!” Someone screamed her name from inside and she flin-ched.
Sandy’s Pov:
We ti-ptoed from the room.
And bent over from the stairs… We stared at Bella.
She was eating at the dinning
We fumed in anger.
“This lady is so wicked! She ordered for food while we go hungry” Nicky whispered.
Nicholas gulped down saliva and li-cked his mouth.
Our mouth watered.
“I thought daddy went to buy food for us” Nicholas said
“Well I can’t wait any longer” I said
“What do we do now?” Nicholas asked.
I smiled mischievously.
“Any idea?” Nicky asked
“Yes… I have an idea….” I chuckled
“Let’s hear it” They said eagerly as I whispered some inaudible things into their ears.
They giggled.
I picked up my phone and dialed the number.
The telephone ☎ in the sitting room rang aloud noisily.
“Who could be calling?” Bella said as she got up and walked away to the sitting room.
We high five and laughed.
Nicholas rushed to the dinning and carried the food.
Nicky helped him and they carried the sumptuous meal as we rushed into the room.
“Hello… Hello…. Hello…. Who’s this?” Her voice echoed from my phone and I quic-kly hung up.
We merried in excitement.
“Bolt the door! It’s time to eat” Nicholas said as we quic-kly locked the door.
We dished out the chicken and basmati rice with veggies.
“Yummy….. 😋” We li-cked our hands in happiness.
“Good heavens….. Where’s my food?” We heard a loud scream from outside.
We giggled in excitement…….
To be continued…
The children eeh… 🤣
Bella you never see anything😁😁
One word for the kids 😂

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