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My world Episode 5 & 6

Chapter 5~
I was lost in thought,so was my wife I guess,how can the doctor say it could take years,it can not just be,I will have to try all possible means.i thought within myself…
We arrived home and met mama waiting for us at the living room.we were both wearing sad faces.
i said it ,she doesn’t have a wo-mb,she has destroyed her wo-mb,chai my son,you would have to marry someone else,I can’t deal with a barren woman,I can never,my son must produce children and not live with a fellow man “mama said.
Mama plea-se st©p,st©p all these,I said,this time in tears,my wife [email protected]£ to were I was,and was trying to console me.
Omomi,I know how you feel,I know you must have been devastated,it’s very furstrating to know that the woman you thought was the one is not,but don’t worry,I shall get you other fruitful and beautiful women, you could choose who’d be your wife “mama said.
Mama st©p all these I said, I am the one with the problem,I may not be able to father a child,I have undescended Testicles “i said in suppressed tears what?,what are you talking about,you have undescended what?,what are you talking about, omomi, tell me you are joking oh, my beautiful daughter Tobi, what’s Temit©pe saying “mama asked and Tobi looked at mama in disgust and walked into the be-droom….
Temit©pe,,omomi,Temi ,plea-se,tell me you are joking abi “mama asked
mama I so wish I am,but am not,I have been the reason my wife and I have been having [email protected] child birth.i have undescended testicles,it is a condition that prevents a man from been able to produce children, though it can be treated but it may take time,or may never be possible “i explained.
“Olorun maje” God forbid,it can never be my child,you may never have a child?,never,oh my enemies,my enemies are at it again ohhh,oh olorun,am finished,what do we do,Temi, what’s the way forward,how can we solve this,what do we do? mama asked
“mama even in this my condition,I am not giving up on God,I know he’s going to bless my wife and I with our own babies “I said.
“amennnnñ ,I believe, he’s going to bless you and your lovely wife with beautiful babies “mama said…
That night,my wife sle-pt like she had never sle-pt in a long time,she was happy that God had taken the burden off her. i was happy too,seeing my beautiful wife slee-ping peacefully, all I ever wanted was her peace of mind, I was happy she had it,even though mine had travelled…
At dawn,it was time for our morning devotion as usual,I woke Tobi up for prayers,she usually lead the prayers while I take the message for the day,while she lead prayers,I noticed she didn’t raise the prayers of God blessing us with our baby as she usually do,I ignored and added it in our prayers when I was about to end the prayers. when we had finished praying,I called my wife
honey, I know you are shocked and devastated by the latest development,the truth is ,I am too,but plea-se,I nee-d you now than ever,I strongly believe we can have our own babies,no matter what the doctor had said,only God has the final say,plea-se honey Stand by me,and help me scale throu-gh this phase.she looked at me and nodded her head without saying a word and She went to the sitting room
“Iyawo me, Omomi,my daughter,good morning,and how was your night? mama greeted, I believe my wife was shocked at the kind gestures of mama,plea-se come and seat my daughter,I want to have a word with you,mama told child,you know,marriage is not a be-d of roses, neither is it so sweet all throu-gh, couple faces challenges,but they must stick together in love and oneness.i know my son may have issues with fertility now,but there is nothing God can not do “she said, I was shocked, that mamm could preach like this,my wife was very surprised hearing mama talk like that……
“Mama so you are saying all these now, because your son happened to be the one with the ~problem,the few days you have stayed in this house,you have made my life miserable,all of a sudden,you have become a saint because your son is infertile,mama let me ask you,if I was the one with the problem, wou~ ld you say the words you are saying now,you would have probably started planning on how to s£nd me back to my father’s house,or how to make my life miserable “my wife shouted, plea-se mama,let me be,she said and walked out of mama ..
My house and my wife [email protected]£ different,she was different from the Tobi I fell in love with,and married.
Chapter 6
I couldn’t help but imagined how my wife could change that much in a few months,at first I was trying my best to un-derstand her,coming to terms that I had issues with ma-king babies was was difficult for me,let allow my wife, nevertheless when it kept affecting us negatively,it was a course for concern.,I couldn’t help but wonder how my sweet charming and loving wife could change that much.
Sometimes I’d t©uçh my wife at night,been that I misses her,for intim-acy and love ma-king,she would just ignore me like I am a stranger.i couldn’t take it anymore,one night,I had to speak out.
“honey what’s going on “I asked,why are you doing this,you are my wife,why are you depriving me your b©dy,did I offend you?,if I did,I am really very sorry “I pleaded.
I actually thought my words would t©uçh the fertile [email protected] of her heart,,but unfortunately,I got the biggest response of my life.
what is the ess£nce of ma-king love to you ?she asked me
what are you talking about? I asked.
Oh plea-se spare me that hypocratic attitude,you can not make me pregnant,why then should I waste my time and energy in love ma-king. i was speechless at first,later I regained my voice.
Honey,so you will deprive me the joy of matrimony because of my medical condition,this is not fair and you know it.if you were in my shoes,or you had issues ,I would have stood by you, because I really do love you,and my love for you is not conditioner.Have you forgotten how I stood by you when maami was putting pressure on youuuuuu
oh spare me that ru-bbish,she interrupted me,I am beginning to un-derstand everything wonder you were not bothered,you were pretending to be a caring and loving husband, defending me from your evil mother,acting like as-sistant Jesus,I was thanking God for blessing me with a husband like you,not knowing you were simply have always known you were the one with the problem,no wonder you didn’t want us to visit the hospital,you were saying God will give us children, God will give us children,with or without us visiting the hospital, meanwhile you were having that stands for your selfish interest,chai Temi,you are something else.
Temi??, Honey you now call me TEMI,you have always called me by the last four layers of my name t©pE not the first four letters,,so what changed Tobi ?I asked
Oh plea-se,drop it,I can call you which ever and what ever I dim fit “Tobi said.
I didn’t know anything about my health issue before that day, the result [email protected]£ out,I had no ideal, I was as confused as you where and you saw it “i said
oh plea-se st©p the drama, your mother was ma-king my life a living hell whenever she [email protected]£ visiting,for something that was no fault of mine.she said, well,now that I know and it has been confirmed that I am medically fit,let her try it again,let her try it….
It was a heated argument that day,I just had to allow her be for peace to reign that night.
The love and compas-sion I shared with my wife was gone,I was alone and lonely in my own home,I felt MY WORLD had crumbled,she cooks for me when ever she likes,and doesn’t when she isn’t in the mood,she greets me when she is in a good mood,and doesn’t when she is not.when it comes to prayers,she [email protected]£ very very very backward,she doesn’t pray at all,,,,this was a woman that was praying every minute when she thought she had issues,okay join me and pray, I’d tell her,but she’d never do.praying for God’s blessings of children [email protected]£ a taboo.
Mama [email protected]£ visiting one time, she refused her entering,asking her to wait , that the person she [email protected]£ to see, obviously me, wasn’t around.i was so surprised when mama called to tell me she was locked out by my wife.i had to rush from the office to the house.
mama why are you outside “I had asked
is it not Tobi your wife,it is Omoigbo,she asked me to stay outside in my own son’s house,I have never been this humiliated walia, mama explained…
Calm down mama,plea-se calm down,there must be a reason for this,plea-se mama.i knocked at the door,and Tobi opened .
Honey what happened? why did you ask mama to stay outside,what happened?
Nothing happened Mr Man,you and I know your mother is annoying,and she definitely didn’t come to see me,so I asked her to wait for you to return her beloved son “Tobi said…
What?, Tobechukwu,you asked my mother to seat outside,in my house,what is wrong with you,what has come over you,how could you do a thing like that “I shouted.she hissed at me and walked out on me. mama was surprised
omomi is this what you are going throu-gh in this house now,how can you allow a woman disrespect you in such manner,for what?, she asked
mama plea-se st©p it,plea-se,I don’t nee-d this right now,my wife is going throu-gh a phase,it will pas-s,it’s not easy accepting all we are going throu-gh
oh shut up Temit©pe,mama interrupted,are you the first to have medical challenge, it’s not as if your case is completely hopeless,the doctor said there is a possibility of you fathering a child,a good woman stands by her husband in difficulties,a good woman surppots her husband,a goodddddd….
mama enough,I interrupted her,a good mother inlaw dose all that you have listed and more,when you thought she was the cause of our [email protected] first,did you do all that you are listing now.mama plea-se let me be,you are the architect of my drop the act.i said and walked away to the be-droom….
“Honey I un-derstand the whole thing may be [email protected] on you,but sweetie,don’t you think you are taking this thing way too far,what happened to us?,what Happened to my wife.Tobechukwu,I love you and you know it,plea-se st©p hurting me like this.i know mama had offended you in so many ways,but baby,two wrongs does not and will never make a right..mama is sorry,and regrets all her previous actions,don’t you think we should start afresh on a new slate as a family,and together scale throu-gh this challenge….
She looked at me,and I was hoping it was ~for the good,only for her to say I’M JUST GETTING STARTED WITH YOUR~ MOTHER AND YOU.

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