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My secretary Episode 8 to 10

😜(When crazy meets arrogant)😜
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
•••Episode 08•••
Elsa’s Pov:
I walked into my office….
“Oh dear! I missed my office so much, the scent!” I smiled mischievously.
I just hope Mr CEO changes for the better if not I don’t think I can condone it.
I sat on my chair and kept my bag…. re-ady for work.
Just then, the cell phone rang aloud.
I quic-kly picked it up…. It was Mr CEO!
“Good morning CEO” I rolled my eyes
“Whatever! I want you to come to my office right now” He said grumpily.
That’s how he always is so I don’t give a fu-ck.
He hung up.
I walked out of my office.
🕶Mr CEO’s office 🕶
“You called me….” I said as he eyed me.
“There should be sir Miss Cruz” He said arrogantly
“There shouldn’t be arrogance Mr CEO” I replied
He snorted.
“Pick up the files…arrange them! It’s for Mr George” He said with his eyes fixed on the computer set in front of him.
“Alright….” I said as I turned to leave.
“And…..” He said as I turned around.
“Yes..” I said
“You look good today” He said and I smiled calmly.
“Thank you Mr CEO… You too!” I said as I walked out.
“Did he just say that? I can’t believe it… But wait ooo why did he say that?” I laughed as I entered my office.
Mr CEO is gradually becoming human….
He even noticed that my shi-t is not worn out and old 😂😂
Clark’s Pov:
“Knock! Knock!!” I knocked on the door of Jeremy’s secretary’s office.
“plea-se come in…” Her cute voice echoed
I walked in as her face beamed with smiles.
“She’s very beautiful… Curvy!” I thought.
“Good day Sir Clark! How may I help you?” Her sweet voice sma-cked me back to consciousness.
“Oh…uhmm… Good day! I just bought this box of chocolates 🍫 for you” I said handing a package to her.
She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.
“Uhmm… Sir Clark am sorry but I can’t accept your gift but I appreciate though” she said
“Why?” I feigned anger
“I can’t just accept that cos…” she said as I cut her off.
“Oh come on Elsa… Does that mean I can’t buy gifts for you! plea-se don’t reject this” I pleaded.
After much persuasion she reluctantly accepted the gift.
“Thank you for this sir” She smiled
“It’s Clark… Call me Clark and you are welcome” I smiled at her as I walked closer to her.
Her heart skipped….
I pe-cked her cheek softly and the door throw open.
Jeremy walked in….
Elsa quic-kly adjusted as I sm-irked at him but he frowned.
“The files?” He said angrily
“Here sir!” Elsa said as he snatched it from her and walked out.
“What’s up with him?” I asked myself.
“Anyway Elsa see you later dear” I win-ked at her as she smiled awkwardly and I left.
Jeremy’s Pov:
I stormed into my office angrily.
“Why does she have to k!sshim? She shouldn’t k!sshim?” I yelled angrily as I picked up a mug on the table and threw it away and it broke into pieces.
I kept [email protected] in annoyance.
“How dare you Clark?” I screamed
But why am I acting like Elsa is my girlfriend? Why am I acting like she’s my wife?
I thought I hate her? I despise her right?
Her sight irritates me right? She’s my worst nightmare right?
Why am I feeling so angry just because I saw my friend Clark k!ssher?
I shouldn’t be concerned… 🤔
“I just can’t!” I said as I slumbe-d to my chair.
“What are you doing to me Miss Cruz?” I asked myself.
Just then the door was opened and Clark walked in.
Anger burnt throu-gh me again and this time it was fierce.
“Hey man!” He said and walked closer as I stood up and landed a b!ow on his nose.
“Jeremy what’s the meaning of this?” He asked with his hand on his bleeding nose.
“You idiot! What were you doing with Elsa?” I fumed in anger.
“What the…. Are you silly or something? What’s your business with that? He fired back
“Of course it’s my business! Because I lov….i mean cos am her boss” I stammered
“Jeez! Then behave like one Jeremy! So what’s wrong with me giving her a gift?” He said as I eyed him.
“You have no right to give her a gift….. This is working hours for crying out loud! If you must do your lovey-dovey whatever… Not here in the office” I lied
“Fine… I’ll take her on a [email protected]£ at least it’s not here in the office” He said as he quic-kly rushed out of my office.
I ban-ged my hand on the table angrily.
“$h!t!” I yelled angrily.
I was alre-ady trying to get done with some files when Elsa walked into my office.
She dropped some papers on my table and was arranging them.
I was so angry with her but I had to conceal it.
“What were you and Clark doing at your office?” I asked with my eyes focused on the files.
“Uhmm… He just… I mean nothing Sir!” she said
“And he even k!$$£d you and you said nothing” I said sharply as she choked.
Just then her cell phone beeped and I glanced at it on my table.
“Elsa love 😍… Let’s meet at New heavens h0tel—Clark” I re-ad within me as I felt pierced in the heart.
Elsa quic-kly picked up her phone.
“Sir just sign the papers and….” She said
“GET OUT!” I yelled at her furiously.
•••Episode 09•••
Elsa’s Pov:
I rushed out of the office [email protected]
“Oh my gosh! What the hell is wrong with Mr CEO?” I said as I sat on my chair heavily.
“Elsa! Elsa!! Let’s go home” Jocelyn’s voice sma-cked me into consciousness.
“Uhmm… One second Jocey!” I said as I picked up my handbag and followed her.
I picked up the mirror and looked at my face smiling broadly.
“Awwww…Elsa you look extremely beautiful” Jocelyn smiled as she applied some mascara on my eyelashes.
“Thank you so much Jocey…” I chuckled as we hvgged each other.
“You know what? Sir Clark will definitely fall in love with you once he sees you” Jocelyn laughed.
“Love me? Jocelyn…. Come on girl! This is just a friendly [email protected]£ not like we are a couple” I rolled my eyes.
“Who knows? He might be courting you” She tea-sed me.
“Oh st©p it Jocelyn! Am gonna sma-ck you!” I laughed as I put on my heels.
My cell phone rang aloud.
Jocelyn picked it up from the stool.
“Who is it?” I asked
“Your Prince Charming Clark!” She smiled.
“Oh gimme that” I sighed and snatched my cell phone from her.
📲Hello angel 😇 📲Sir Clark’s voice echoed from the phone.
📲Uhmm… Good evening Sir Clark📲 I replied
📲It’s Clark angel no Sir📲 He said
📲Oh! Am sorry about that 📲I managed to say
📲So are you re-ady my angel📲 He asked
Am blu-shing! 🤗
But I can’t show it right now…
Did he just call me an angel? 😘
So ro-mantic 😍
📲Elsa are you there honey? 📲His voice sma-cked me into consciousness.
📲Yes I am and yes am re-ady📲 I said sharply
📲Alright! My driver will be there in a jiffy to pick you up 📲 He said
📲OK…📲 I replied as I hung up.
“Lovebirds..” Jocelyn tea-sed me as she walked out of the room.
“You are so annoying Jocey..” I yelled at her.
“Whatever!” Jocelyn yelled from outside.
I rolled my eyes as I put on my earrings and n£¢klace.
Minutes later… 🕒
Mr Clark’s driver dropped by and I hopped into the car and we speeded off.
“oh my! I hope I don’t die of nervousness” I thought as we drove on silently.
Jeremy’s Pov:
I kept walking about restlessly….
“What can’t I get this off my mind? What are you doing to me Elsa Cruz?” I said
“Hey bro!” Natasha’s tiny voice said as she walked into my room.
“Tasha! I thought you have an audition today?” I asked trying to hide my feelings.
“That’s right! But am just too exhausted for that” She said
“Uhmn… Natasha are you still together with Jake? I asked as she wi-de-ned her eyes.
“What? When on earth did you become so inquisitive? And concerned about my relationsh!pstatus?” She hit me jokingly.
“Oh come on! You are my only sister” I said
“Well yes! Jake and I are still together” She smiled
“So tell me, how would you feel if Jake is going out with someone else and to be precise your friend?” I asked anxiously
“Oh gosh! Am gonna go crazy… Of course I will fight for what is truly mine… As long as my heart beats for him” She said as I smiled.
“Thank you sis” I smiled
“You are welcome J…. But why are you asking?” she rolled her eyes.
“Uhm… Just for a friend of mine!” I lied
“Are you sure about that? Oh is it you?” She tea-sed me
“Just shut up you [email protected]ûghty girl” I said
“Yeah right….”She laughed
“Oh Tasha am really tired and sleepy so I nee-d to 😴 😴 sleep” I said yawning
“Me too .J…Sweet dreams” She yelled as she stormed out of my room.
Thank goodness… Now I have to st©p the stupid [email protected]£.
I yanked the duvet off my b©dy and rushed into the bathroom.
“Elsa you and I are going on a [email protected]£ not you and Clark” I said as I quic-kly wore my clothes.
Few minutes later….
I was super re-ady and I left…
I speeded out of the compound.
“New heavens h0tel here I come” I smiled.
Some minutes later, I drove into the h0tel and parked my car at the garage.
I looked around and saw Clark’s car.
I nodded my head.
I bought the VIP tickets and walked majestically into the VIP.
I saw Clark sitting with Elsa and chatting.
Just then, I saw him pick up a serviette to clean Elsa’s mouth.
“the nerve of that fool” I said as I quic-kly walked up to them with anger….
•••Episode 10•••
Jeremy’s Pov:
I walked towards them.
“Oh Clark….” I said pretending to be excited as they turned around.
“Jeremy? What are you doing here?” Clark asked surprised
“Uhmm… I just wanted to eat out” I lied
Elsa was alre-ady feeling uneasy.
“Do you mind if I share the table with you guys?” I asked
“Of course not” Clark said with a shaky voice.
“I know he must be disappointed to see me here” I thought
“Uhmm Elsa so tell me will you make it to the carnival?” Clark asked
“When is it?” She asked avoiding eye contact with me.
“Next week!” Clark said
“I don’t think she can make it… We have a business trip next week” I cut in as Clark sighed disappointedly.
“By the way Elsa… What kind of pizza do you like?” I asked anxiously.
She smiled broadly.
“And finally am ruining the goddamn [email protected]£” I laughed within me.
“Chocolate pizza is very nice” She smiled
“That’s cool I like that too…. I guess we have something in common at least” I said
“Yeah! Do you always come here Sir?” She asked
“We are not at work Elsa so you can call me J or Jeremy” I said and she chuckled.
“You’re being really nice Mr CEO” She tea-sed
“Ouch! That’s nothing…” I smiled.
“Excuse me guys! I have to go now… I just remembered something” Clark said as he angrily stood up.
“Uhnn… Sir Clark plea-se don’t leave I mean…” Elsa said
“Don’t worry Elsa! I have an emergency” He said and walked away.
I smiled heartily..
“Mission accomplished” I laughed
“That’s weird!” Elsa said
“Yeah!” I pretended as we continued chatting.
Elsa’s Pov:
It was time for us to go but the rain started.
It was quite heavy.
“Come on Elsa! Get into the car I’ll drop you home” Mr CEO said
My goodness! Is this a dream 🤔🤔
Why is Mr CEO being so nice? 🙄
I just hope this is not a dream 😴
“Umm… Sir I mean Jeremy I can go home on my own” I said
“Come on Elsa! I don’t take no for an answer… Hop in alre-ady” He said as I quic-kly got into the car.
“Are you feeling cold?” He asked looking straight into my eyes.
Someb©dy help me! 😀
This guy is gonna kill me 😜😜
Goosebu-mps ran down my spine….
His muscular b©dy is killing 😘
I can’t help but drool over him but I have to st©p myself.
He’s still Mr CEO the arrogant but ro-mantic j£rk 😂😂
“Yes! ” I replied and to my greatest surprise he took off his jacket and wore it on me.
He smiled at me and vice versa.
We drove off but on the way, the car st©pped.
He started the car engine but it wasn’t working.
“Dammit!” He yelled ban-ging his hand on the car’s steering wheel.
“What happened?” I asked
“The car broke down……” He said
And it was still raining heavily.
“What do we do?” I asked
“How about we walk un-der the rain? It’s been a long time since I did that” He laughed and I scoffed.
“What? You gonna fall sick if you do that” I said and before I could finish talking, he jumped down from the car.
“Oh! This is lovely” He yelled as the rain fell on him.
“What are you doing?” I shouted from the car louvers.
“Come on Elsa you are really gonna love this” He said as he opened the car.
“OMG! This is so cold” I cried as he carried me out of the car.
We continued running along un-der the rain and at a time it [email protected]£ enjoyable.
We held hands as we kept running.
“I LIKE YOU ELSA” He screamed and his voice echoed.
“Oh you are crazy J” I smiled as my we-t hair dangled.
“Say yours Elsa! Let’s see how loud your voice is” He said smiling.
“I LIKE YOU JEREMY” My tiny voice echoed but just a little.
“See that? Am still your boss even when it comes to shouting” He joked
“Hey! You’re so silly” I sma-cked him pla-yfully.
We continued running….
☀ ☀
The sun shone throu-gh my window and I slowly opened my eyes.
I ru-bbe-d my eyes with my palms as I glanced at the clock.
My eyes quic-kly wi-de-ned in shock…
“WTF…..” I screamed as I jumped out of the be-d.
I quic-kly rushed into the bathroom.
“it’s 7:40am alre-ady? Oh gosh! I sle-pt really late last night” I said as I was alre-ady in shower 🚿
I remembered what happened last night and smiles escaped myl-ips 💋
“Mr CEO is so silly” I laughed.
Last night Mr CEO walked me to the house un-der the rain.
And he left after leaving a pas-sionate k!ss😘 on myl-ips 💋
I smiled excitedly.
I quic-kly rushed out of the bathroom with a bathrobe.
I opened the wardrobe and brou-ght out my dress.
“Oh Jocelyn! Am really gonna chop off your ear when I see you for not waking me up” I gro-an ed as I put on my dress.
Some minutes later 🕒
I was alre-ady on the streets.
I flagged down a cab and hopped in quic-kly as the cab speeded off.
The cab driver pu-ll-ed over in front of the Montes group of companies and I quic-kly paid him and got off the cab.
Straight I went to my office.
I kept my bag on the table [email protected] heavily.
I walked out and knocked on the CEO’s office door but I got no response.
“Could it be that he is mad at me for coming to work late? Oh good heavens save me!” I thought as I opened the door.
This story is written by : Pinky Preshy Chioma.
Beware of piracy! 😠
To my greatest surprise, the office was empty.
“Mr CEO is not yet at work?” I said in surprise.
Just then, my cell phone rang aloud and I quic-kly picked it up.
it was Mr CEO.
📲Hello sir📲 I said politely
📲Elsa…. Am really very down…. plea-se come over to my c0nd0minium! Am very sick… I will s£nd you the address 📲Mr CEO said with shaky voice and hung up.
“What? Oh boy! I told him not to worry un-der the rain… He’s so stubborn” I gro-an ed as I quic-kly rushed to my office and picked up my handbag…..
😘Aren’t they so adorable? 😘
😜What’s gonna happen when Mr CEO and Elsa are together 😜
😜Small children should close their eyes 😂

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