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My secretary Episode 6 & 7

😜(When crazy meets arrogant)😜
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
•••Episode 06•••
Jeremy’s Pov:
I drove my car abs£ntmindedly lost in thought.
Why me?
Why should it be my crazy secretary?
She’s definitely gonna make my life hell for sure….
“Arrggggh… Miss Cruz you are such a pin in the as-s for me, nothing but trouble” I gnashed my teeth in pain.
Where on earth do I start looking for her? 🙄
Where in heaven’s name is that crazy secretary of mine living?
Oh! Jeremy you are in such a big mess…
And to wors£n the whole situation, Dad have alre-ady heard about the [email protected]!p.
I exhaled de-eply…
Am in a big mess right now and I just hope I get the hell outta it….
I was still talking to myself and driving when my cell phone rang aloud.
It was Clark.
“It’s alre-ady late… Why is Clark calling me?” I thought as I picked up the phone.
📲Hello dude… 📲 my voice echoed
📲Where the hell are you man? 📲He said annoyed
📲What do you mean? Are we going somewhere? 📲 I asked
📲What the… Don’t just freak me out dude! Today is my birthday can’t you remember? 📲 He said as I quic-kly recalled.
📲Gosh! I forgot… Am sorry Clark! I’ll be there in a jiffy I promise… 📲 I said
📲You better be 📲He said and hung up.
I scratched my head in confusion.
“Jeez! Of all the days why should it be today?” I said as I continued driving.
Minutes later 🕒 🕒
I was alre-ady home….
I rushed to the bathroom and took a shower.
I quic-kly brou-ght out of my wardrobe the expensive attire and shoe I bought from Germany.
“I don’t wanna get too excited right now… I still have to find the damn girl Elsa Cruz” I thought
Feemw minutes later, I was dressed and re-ady looking very handsome.
I smiled excitedly as I stepped out of my room.
“Where are you going?” Miranda’s voice echoed as I was about to leave the house.
“Who the heck does she think she is? fu-cker bit-ch!” I snorted
“Mind your business Miranda and stay off my path you mistress” I glared [email protected] at her before leaving.
“I hate that bit-ch with pas-sion” I said as I quic-kly hopped into my car.
Elsa’s Pov:
I sat on my be-d fli-pping throu-gh some newspaper.
“I really nee-d to get a job as soon as possible.. I can’t afford to be a free loader and a liability to Jocelyn” I thought
Just then, I heard a loud knock on my door.
“Come in” I said as the door throw open and Jocelyn [email protected]£ in.
She was dressed in a very beautiful black dress.
“Hey! Elsa get up alre-ady and you are not dressed up yet?” She said
“Dressed up? What for?” I asked
“Oh my goodness Elsa! Don’t tell me you forgot… The [email protected] I mean the birthday [email protected]” She said
“Oh that? I don’t think I can go with you” I said as I [email protected] on the be-d.
“What? Why not?” She asked
“Come on girlfriend! Isn’t it obvious? I don’t have [email protected] wears” I said
“Is that it?” She laughed
“Isn’t that enough reason for me to remain at home?” I shrugged
“Of course not Elsa! Come on girlfriend… Put this on” She said as she handed a red long go-wn.
“Oh Jocelyn! You’ve done so much for me alre-ady…i don’t think I can accept this besides…” I said
“That’s enough Elsa! Put that on alre-ady and here put on this shoe…you should be done by 15 minutes” She said as she ban-ged the door.
“Jocelyn is so kindhearted” I smiled
I sat on a stool facing the mirror as Jocelyn applied some makeups on my face.
“Jocey! I don’t think this is a good idea” I said
“Come on Elsa! Look at how beautiful you are” She smiled broadly
“Whatever! Am feeling so uncomfortable on this heels” I said rolling my eyes
“Well you have to get used to it” She laughed
“Tch…. I might fall on this” I said
“You better not!” She said as I picked up my worn-out handbag.
“Hey wait! What are you doing?” She asked
“What do you mean? Am going with my bag of course” I said
“You are so unbelievable…Keep that old bag girl” She said as she gave me a flashy new red purse.
“That’s better!” She said
“Yeah right!” I rolled my eyes.
As we walked out of the room.
Jeremy’s Pov:
The [email protected] was ongoing….
And full of guests and girls kept clvstering around me.
“fu-ck! I hate this” I yelled as I left for a quiet place with dimed light.
“At least no-one will recognize me” I said
Just then, my eye caught with someone…
Who could that be?
It was Elsa…..
Yes! It was Miss Cruz…
She looked extremely stunning.
“Elsa?” I said within myself.
“Hey Jeremy! Don’t tell me you are falling for her?” Clark’s voice brou-ght me back to consciousness
“Of course not man!” I managed to say
But the truth is…..
I don’t know but Elsa is just driving me nuts…
She’s curvy!
but crazy…. I smiled broadly
“Probably I should tell her what I wanted to tell her about Mr George” I thought
I watched her sat on a chair and sipping her glas-s of wine.
I was about to walk to her when suddenly a guy walked to her.
“Hello pretty! Can I have a dance with you?” he asked
I [email protected]£ green with envy.
“But why?” I asked myself
“Am sorry I can’t dance!” She said as I smiled
What she said made me a kinda happy.
“Come on! No-one dares turn me down.. Let’s go” the guy dragged her.
“Let me go! Let go of me….” She cried but the guy didn’t st©p.
Anger burnt throu-gh me.
I couldn’t hold myself back any longer.
I quic-kly rushed to the guy and landed a b!ow on his nose as he fell down.
Everyone [email protected]….
•••Episode 07•••
Elsa’s Pov:
Mr CEO dragged me out of the [email protected] by my arm.
“Let me go!” I screamed as I snatched my hand from him.
“Who the heck do you think you are silly?” I yelled in annoyance.
“Oh shut up…. Keep quiet will you?” He said as I scoffed.
“Hello Mr arrogant… I am not your worker anymore so you have no right to tell me what to do” I said
“Listen Miss Cruz!” he said
“Mr Montes… Why did you [email protected] that guy?” I asked
“He will m©l£sting you and.. ” He said
“How does that concern you? You wanted me out of your office and I left so why are you being nice?” I snorted
“Just forget it OK…” He said as I rolled my eyes.
“What ever! You are such a pin in the n£¢k….” I said as I turned to leave.
He quic-kly caught me by my arm.
“Elsa come back to the company” He said as I quic-kly turned around.
I stared at his face….
“Is he serious? 😂😂
I bur-st into laughter and he [email protected]£ embarras-sed.
“What’s funny?” He asked
“You are very funny… What do you mean?” I laughed
“I just said you should come back to work” He said as I scoffed.
“What for Mr arrogant?” I rolled my eyes.
“It’s about Mr George… He wants to see you before signing the do¢v-ments” He said
“I see…. Well I don’t want to work for you ever again Mr Montes” I said as I pushed him aside and walked away.
He scratched his head in confusion.
Jocelyn’s Pov:
I sat heavily on the cushion…
“Don’t tell me you are serious? You mean Mr CEO wants you back in the company?” I asked as Elsa walked out of the kitchen with a plate of cereal.
“Yes Jocey! I couldn’t believe it myself but he’s got some nerves” Elsa said
“Oh Elsa… So what now? Are you gonna go back to the company?” I asked
“Well even if I will, Mr CEO has to change to a new leaf before I do that” Elsa said as I laughed.
“How are you gonna do that?” I asked
“We’ll see…”Elsa said
“Alright… That’s by the way… Did you make the strawberry cake? Am famished… I yawned
“Yeah…. You are always hungry” She tea-sed as I laughed and rushed into the kitchen.
Joanna’s Pov:
I sat on the soft couch facing Miranda as I lighted a stick of cigarette.
“Come on Joanna…. Sulking won’t do you any good girl” Miranda blew her gum noisily.
“Oh plea-se Miranda… You nee-d to see how Jeremy k!$$£d that good for nothing secretary” I yelled angrily
“Joanna listen I know how much you love Jeremy but dear he doesn’t feel anything for you… Trust me! He despises you” Miranda said and sipped her wine.
“I don’t take no for an answer Miranda so when I say that Jeremy Montes is mine then re-ad myl-ips… He’s mine” I said
“Come on Joanna we want the same thing right? I want out of my sight and you want him for yourself” Miranda said
“I will never take it lightly with any animal that will come to take my Jeremy away from me” I said
“That’s the spirit girl” Miranda said as I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.
📲Yes… I want you to find out anything to know about Jeremy’s new secretary….
📲Yes! Every single thing….
I hung up and laughed hysterically….
Jeremy’s Pov:
I glared at my wrist watch fuming with anger.
I’ve been in this restaurant for the past two hours….
Waiting for that crazy girl Elsa….
She said she was gonna meet up with me to give me her conditions.
Gosh! Does she even know that I have other plans for the day.
Minutes later 🕒
She walked in.
“You kept me waiting Miss Cruz” I said in annoyance
“And so what? I had lots of things to do” She rolled her eyes.
“So when are you starting work?” I asked
“Tomorrow but that is if you accept my conditions” she said
“Am listening” I said
“Arrogance is not allowed….. Being bossy is not allowed” She said
“What? Am your boss Miss Cruz.” I said
“Well that’s the condition” She said
“Fine… Start work tomorrow” I said
She sighed loudly as she picked up her handbag and stormed out.
“She’s so crazy! Am really not sure I can do as she said” I thought
Miranda’s Pov:
I sat by the pool side and watched Jeremy drive into the house.
I rolled my eyes in annoyance.
“I have to get rid of him before killing his dad so that way, I can have all the wealth of the Montes all to myself” I said as I smiled.
“Little by little I will ruin in their lives… Am sorry Joanna but my plans are so different from yours” I laughed…..
Hmm 🤔
I think Miranda is the real enemy 😏
or is it Joanna? 🙄
Let’s see how Mr arrogant and miss crazy will work together 😂😂

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