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My secretary Episode 2 & 3

😜(When crazy meets arrogant)😜
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
•••Episode 02•••
Jeremy’s Pov:
I poured the h0t coffee all over her face as she screamed aloud covering her face with her palms.
“You can’t make a simple cu-p of coffee you bit-ch! Get out of my office now” I yelled at her as she rushed out.
I bet her face is almost peeling off due to the h0tness of the coffee.
I smiled excitedly and shook my head.
“This is just a ti-p of ice berg” I said as my door throw open and my friend Clark walked in.
“Hey bro! What’s up?” He smiled as we shook hands.
“Am good man!” I replied with a smile
“What’s going on I saw the girl… Don’t tell me you hired her?” He asked with a questioning look.
“Am gonna make her learn her lesson” I sm-irked
“Man… Just let the poor girl be! I mean you shouldn’t have hired her all because you wanna punish her” Clark said as I scoffed.
“Just let me do what I think is best for that crazy girl… She humiliated in public” I said as I picked up some files.
“I know Jeremy but that doesn’t mean you will have to pay her back” Clark said
“Would you mind leaving my office? It’s work hours and am very busy” I said backing him.
“Fine! Have it your way then” He said and walked out of my office.
I sighed aloud and continue what I was doing.
🤔You might be wondering the kind of person I am 🤔
Well let me do a little intro of myself..
Am Jeremy Montes! 26 years old and believe me when I say am a billionaire…
The Montes family happened to be the second riche-st in the whole of Phili-ppines.
Actually am not a social person so I prefer being alone with my only friend Clark.
I just got into the family company recently though my dad and I don’t really get along since my mom died.
Let’s just say I really despise my dad cos it was not up to two years my mom died, he got married to his good for nothing mistress Miranda. The only family I know I have is my sister Natasha.
And one more thing, women are not my kind of thing… I think love su-cks!
Infact I know love is just an illusion and nothing more… It doesn’t exist.
Though I have a fiancee or maybe let’s call it a betrothed. Joanna Argus… It happened that her family and ours are friends so dad thinks it’s a good idea to marry the proud, spoilt [email protected]
I think that’s enough introduction for now but as for my new secretary… Am gonna teach her how to behave properly. 😀
Elsa’s Pov:
I rushed into my office and ban-ged the door.
Oh my gosh! My face was alre-ady burning up and has reddened.
I bur-st into tears as I sat heavily on my chair.
“He’s so cruel” I cried as I brou-ght out a mirror from my bag and looked at my reddened face.
This is more than unbearable… He’s an arrogant j£rk.
I just have to bear this because I really nee-d the money if not the landlady will throw us out of the house.
I was still in tears when I heard a knock on my door.
I quic-kly wiped my tears.
“plea-se come in” I said as Jocelyn [email protected]£ in.
“Oh Jocey! ” I called forcing a smile.
“What happened to your face? It looks so-re!” She asked
“Nothing.. Uhmm something bit me and…” I stammered as she exhaled de-eply.
“That’s OK! It’s almost lunch time.. Come on let’s go and eat” Jocelyn said
That was when I remembered that I have not eaten since morning.
“Alright!” I said as I stood up to leave with her when the land telephone rang aloud.
“Excuse me! I’ll take this call” I said as I picked up the phone.
“Hello” I said
“Miss Cruz! I want to see you in my office right now” Mr CEO said
Before I could utter a word, he alre-ady hung up… Tears welled down my cheeks.
I quic-kly wiped it off…
“Am really sorry Elsa! Mr Jeremy have always been like that” Jocelyn said as I nodded my head.
I gently threw the CEO’s office door opened and walked in.
“I don’t want him to see me crying” I thought
“Don’t you know how to knock?” He asked harshly
“Am sorry!” I said
“Every statement must end with a “SIR” at the back of it” He said as I furrowed my eyebrows.
I wanted to talk back at him but I held myself and nodded.
“Did you get me?” He asked again with a brutal face.
“Yes… S… sir!” I replied
“Good!” He snorted as I kept folding my palms trying so [email protected] to hold myself from flaring up.
“Here… Arrange those files! I will be nee-ding them this evening” He said as he threw the files at me ma-king it scatter on the ground.
But he doesn’t even care… his eyes were focused on the computer set.
I felt like punching him. I gathered the files on the ground.
“But it’s lunch time sir!” I said
“And so what? You should be grateful I didn’t throw you out of the premises for lateness… I nee-d the files in just 30 minutes” He said as I [email protected]
“What? Sir I really…” I tried talking
“Get out of my office now” He ordered as I flin-ched.
I quic-kly rushed out of the office.. am still suffering from a burnt face.
I started working on the files…
I kept yawning hungrily and my stomach grumbled noisily.
“Elsa is this how your death s£ntence will be” I asked myself.
it was alre-ady getting late…
Jocelyn [email protected]£ in with a nylon of sandwich that she handed to me.
“Eat that Elsa! I bet you are hungry… I might leave anytime soon” She said as she headed towards the door.
“Thank you Jocey!” I smiled as she nodded and left the office.
I opened the nylon and took out one of the sandwich to eat.
Just then, my eye caught with the wall clock and I screamed.
“Am 5 minutes late!” I shouted as I quic-kly kept the sandwich and rushed to the CEO’s office with the files.
“You are late!” He said angrily
“Am so sorry sir! I was….” I said fidgeting
“For being late…. Pick the other files and arrange them as well” Mr Jeremy said
“What?” I asked as tears circulated in my eyes.
“You heard me” He said
“You’re such a beast” I thought
I sluggishly kept the arranged files and picked up the other one.
I was about to leave when I suddenly [email protected]£ weak.
And I [email protected]……
•••Episode 03•••
Jeremy’s Pov:
She was about to leave my office when suddenly she [email protected]£ dizzy and [email protected]
I caught her in my arms as she blacked out…
She looks really pale and weak!
“Was I being too mean?” I asked myself as I sank my hands into my hair.
I la-id her on a couch.
I kept staring at her very pretty face.
“She’s really very beautiful but she’s crazy though” I sm-irked
Is she ever gonna wake up?
Should I call the doctor?
Should I take her to the hospital?
I glanced at the wall clock……
Jeez! It’s getting really very late…
I was still engrossed in my thoughts when she gently opened her eyes
Elsa’s Pov:
I slowly opened my weak eyes and looked around.
“Get up Miss Cruz! It’s almost 10:00pm” I heard a voice from behind.
I quic-kly turned around and saw Mr arrogant CEO.
“Am I still at the office?” I shouted as I quic-kly jumped up.
I yawned hungrily.
“Excuse me Sir! I have to go” I screamed as I rushed out of the office not minding the fact that I was dizzy.
“Wait Miss Cruz you are still…” Mr CEO said
“I’ll be fine sir!” I yelled as I stormed out of the building.
It was alre-ady very dark.
I sneaked into the house and ti-ptoed upstairs.
“Where do you think you are going to Elsa?” my step mother’s voice echoed and I frozed as she quic-kly put on the light.
“And where do you think you are going to?” Gina said as she furrowed my eyebrows.
“From the office!” I managed to say
Regina rolled her eyes at me.
“Office indeed! Who knows you might be a club str!pper” Regina scoffed
“The dishes are outside…. And the dirty clothes are outside as well waiting for you” My step mother said.
“Get to work and wash those” Regina said as they pushed me aside and walked upstairs.
I exhaled de-eply as I walked into the kitchen.
I opened the pots and they were empty!
“Elsa you will definitely die of hunger” I said
Luckily for me, I saw some of the leftovers.
“Thank goodness!” I said eating hungrily.
🕒 🔔
“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnn!” my alarm rang aloud as I sluggishly yanked the duvet off my b©dy.
I was so weak!
“Why should it be morning alre-ady” I mumbled as I walked into the bathroom.
I took a quic-k shower and brushed my teeth.
I opened my old wooden wardrobe and took out a dress.
In less than twenty minutes I was alre-ady prepared for work.
I picked up my worn-out handbag and rushed down stairs.
Fortunately, my step mother and her lazy daughter were not at home.
“I wonder where they went to?” I thought
That’s least of my problems right now and there is no nee-d checking if I will see food.
I looked at the dinning and saw the dirty plates with which they ate as flies sang their songs on them.
I sighed loudly as I walked out of the house ban-ging the door.
I flagged down a cab and hopped in.
“Oh merciful God! plea-se don’t let Mr arrogant CEO kill me with work today” I thought
I walked into my office and luckily for me Mr CEO was not yet at work.
“At least am not late” I smiled
“Hey babe!” Jocelyn said as I hvgged her.
“Jocey! Good morning” I smiled
“So how was yesterday? I mean by what time did you leave?’ she asked
“It’s nothing to write home about… I don’t wanna talk about it” I said as she chuckled
“Uhmm… There’s this birthday [email protected] next weekend! I just wanted to invite you” Jocelyn said
I shook my head.
“Who’s birthday [email protected] is it?” I asked curiously
“Sir Clark’s” Jocelyn said
“who is sir Clark?” I asked
“Mr CEO’s friend” she said as I snorted
“I’ll see if I can make it” I said not knowing exactly what to say
“Alright… See you later” She said and walked out.
Not long enough, the CEO [email protected]£ but he looked so gloomy.
“I wonder why” I thought
I was still s£nding some emails on the computer when someone barged into my office.
It was a very beautiful and rich looking lady in her twenties.
She was chewing and b!owing gums.
Her dress looks quite expensive.
“Hey! Is Jeremy in?” She asked
“Good day! Do you have an appointment with him?” I asked
“Shut the hell up you slut! Don’t you dare answer my question with a question” She said as she kept ma-king noisy sounds with her gum.
“The nerve of this lady” I thought
“Am sorry you can’t see him without an appointment” I said
“Bastard” she yelled as she stormed out of my office and I followed her.
I tried st©pping her from entering Mr CEO’s office but she pushed me aside and barged in.
“Hello sweetheart” She said b!owing the gum right in Mr CEO’s face.
“What are you doing here Joanna?” He asked angrily.
“Hey you! Get the hell out of here!” the arrogant lady yelled at me and I turned to leave.
“Elsa wait!” Mr CEO said as I got surprised.
“Did he just adressed me informally? He doesn’t call me Elsa… It’s Miss Cruz” I thought as I sluggishly turned around.
Before I knew what was happening, Mr CEO walked closer to me.
Goosebu-mps ran down my spine…
He glued hisl-ips to mine 💋….
😳What? What is Mr CEO up to? 😳
🤔Aww… Elsa dear!

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