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My secretary Episode 11 & 12

😜(When crazy meets arrogant)😜
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
•••Episode 11•••
🙈🙈I will close my eyes and type🙈🙈😂
Elsa’s Pov:
I rushed out of the office premises.
I was about to flag down a cab when I heard Jocelyn’s voice.
“Hey! Elsa where the fu-ck are you rushing off to?” She asked
“I’ll talk to you later girl… For the meantime am in a hurry” I shouted as I hopped into a cab and off we went.
Just then, my phone beeped….
I quic-kly looked at it, it was a message from Mr CEO.
“His address” I sighed.
Some minutes later 🕒
The cab dropped me off and I got down and walked into the compound.
It was really hvge.
Anyways this is just Mr CEO’s c0nd0minium not even his house.
“But why would he chose to come over to his c0nd0minium instead of his house where there are people to take care of him” I said and shrugged as I walked into the elevator.
🔔 Ding-Dong 🔔…. I pressed the door bell as I stood in front of his door.
But there was no response…
I did that for almost four times yet no response.
“Is he dead?” I said as I gently held the doorknob and the door threw open.
“it’s not even locked?” I asked no-one in [email protected]
I quic-kly entered the room.
“Jeez!” I screamed
The room was such a mess…
There were clothes and do¢v-ments all over the place.
“Does Mr CEO breath here?” I said as I walked in.
I saw him lying on the scattered be-d shivering.
“J” I screamed as I saw him shivering and looking very pale.
I should I have st©pped him from walking un-der the rain….
I quic-kly kept my bag and rushed to him.
“Oh my goodness Mr CEO! You are burning up” I yelled as I t©uçhed his n£¢k with my fist.
“Elsa… Is… Is..that you?” He asked with his eyes shut.
“Oh my gosh! I should have st©pped you from walking un-der the rain.. You are just too stubborn” I said
I quic-kly spranged up and dashed into the kitchen.
“I really nee-d to calm his temperature first” I said as I picked up a bowl and filled it with water as I picked up a face towel and rushed back to him.
I started cleaning his b©dy with the towel which I kept di-pping in the water.
I cleaned his muscular b©dy and I couldn’t help but drool.
“This guy is super S-xy but he’s grumpy though” I smiled.
Just then, he quic-kly [email protected]£d my wrist.
“Elsa! Elsa!!” He called weakly as I felt goosebu-mps run down my spine.
Just his t©uçh is driving me nuts 😘
“Yes Mr CEO! What is it?” I said as I found my voice.
“You know I think I can tell what will cure my sickness?” He f0rç£d a smile at me with his eyes still shut.
“What is it?” I asked anxiously
“A k!ss! Just k!ssmyl-ips Elsa” He joked
I hit him pla-yfully and giggled.
“St©p that you silly guy! Hello you are burning up yet you still joke around” I laughed.
An hour later, I was able to calm his temperature.
I rushed into the disorganized kitchen and quic-kly prepared h0t soup for him.
I placed the plate of soup in front of the be-d he was lying.
“Wakey! Wakey!!” I screamed as he gently opened his eyelids.
“Mr CEO come on here is a plate of soup… Take that” I smiled
“Miss Cruz you are a wicked fellow” He said as I fluttered my eyebrow at him.
“You heard me! Can’t you see am sick? Aren’t you supposed to feed me?” He said and I scoffed.
“You are so annoying Mr CEO…Tch!” I sighed loudly as I sat on the be-d close to him.
I quic-kly spooned the soup into his mouth.
“Oh God! plea-se make me sick everyday” He joked
“You are crazy.. Now open up wi-de” I said as he rolled his eyes.
After feeding him with the soup… I gave him some tablets.
He [email protected] the be-d fast asleep.
“Thank goodness he’s getting better” I heaved a sigh of relief.
😂And the main GBAS-GBOS don start😂
“This is the worst guy ever! This house is very dirty” I yelled.
I quic-kly started cleaning up his whole mess.
His dirty clothes… I had to do the laundry.
The stinky house…. I had to clean up
His disgusting kitchen… I had to mop and clean
Few minutes later…
I was done and I went back to check up on him.
And thank God! He was sweating…
I glanced at the wall clock and exclaimed.
“Gracious heavens!” I screamed as I quic-kly threw the window open.
“9:45pm? What? Very late….” I said as I quic-kly picked up my handbag.
“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! I have to go” I screamed as I rushed to the be-dside stool to pick up my watch.
I turned to leave but Mr CEO quic-kly held my wrist ti-ght.
“I thought you were asleep” I managed to say as I gulped nervously.
“Elsa… plea-se don’t leave me….” He said as my eyes wi-de-ned in shock….
“A NIGHT WITH MR ARROGANT CEO?” My poor heart skipped…..
•••Episode 12••
Elsa’s Pov:
I tried to free my wrist from his grip but I couldn’t.
“Uhmm…. Mr CEO I can’t spend the night here, I have to go to work tomorrow” I said not finding any excuse to give.
“Elsa… plea-se don’t… Don’t leave me” Mr CEO said weakly.
Oh my gosh! 😱
Am so tra-pped in this mess😥
“OK Jeremy! I’ll sleep on the couch” I said and gulped nervously.
Mr CEO opened his eyes slowly and smiled.
Oh my God! This guy is gonna kill me….
I couldn’t help but drool…
“Elsa I want to tell you something” He said as I kept avoiding eye contact with him.
“Am all ears” I said in nervousness backing him.
He gently got up and held me back my [email protected]!st.
I felt bu-tterflies in my stomach 😜
“Is he just gonna turn me on and leave me?” I thought within myself.
“Elsa I LOVE YOU❤” He said gently as my heart skipped.
“What? Mr CEO plea-se I have to go” I said in tears as I turned to leave but he held my hand.
“Am really serious Elsa! I’ve fallen in love with you” He said as goosebu-mps ran down my spine.
I opened my mouth to say something but words refused to come out.
Yes! I know I have always wanted Mr CEO to love me but why am I crying?
“Look into my eyes Elsa and tell me how you feel about me” He said as I exhaled de-eply.
“I LOVE YOU TOO” I said with my eyes shut.
“Open your eyes and say it” He pe-cked my forehead.
“I love you” I smiled as he quic-kly carried me up.
“You are not yet strong Mr CEO” I said as he put me down and hit me pla-yfully.
“Of course not baby and don’t call me Mr CEO…” He said still holding my [email protected]!st ti-ghtly.
“So what should I call you?” I tea-sed
“Sweet names babe” He said and I blu-shed.
Slowly ourl-ips drew closer and locked up in a h0t k!ss💋 💋
The following scene is rated 🔞🔞
Jeremy’s Pov:
I [email protected]£d her lvstfully and raised her up on my th!ghs k!ss!ngher like never before.
I ni-bbled on the nape of her n£¢k, her shoulders and herl-ips.
I placed her slowly on the be-d and covered herl-ips with mine again.
I slowly unZi-pped her go-wn and reached for her [email protected] hook.
Myl-ips was still locked up with hers 💋
She is really S-xy! 😜
I yanked the bras-serie off her ex-posing her two £r£¢ted n!ppl!s.
“You are so beautiful Elsa” I muttered hoarsely
I covered one of my n!ppl!s with my mouth as she [email protected] ed softly.
I bit on it slowly ma-king her let out a sharp cry..
I li-cked it slowly and bit another n!pplethis time she let out a [email protected]
Hearing her sweet squeaky voice didn’t even make me st©p..
It fueled my loins the more…
Every k!ssmattered to me…
Every t©uçh made me go nuts the more…
I took the last li-ck on her n!ppl!s and then traced my ton-gue around the center of her che-st.
From her che-st to her abd0m£n…
She arched in plea-sure and [email protected] ed my name and I smiled l!çk!ng her ñ@v£l.
I gave her a long intoxicating and intricative k!ss..
I took off my trou-sers and the only thing between us was her [email protected] and my un-derwear.
She [email protected] ed as I re-moved her un-derwear ex-posing her delicate area.
I slowly went down to f!nger her but she held my hand.
“Elsa what’s the matter?” I asked her softly.
“I haven’t done it before J…” She said and I smiled broadly.
“You are a vir-gin?” I asked and she nodded.
I k!$$£d her cheek softly and smiled.
“I love you more baby.. Are you sure you wanna do this?” I asked
“Yes J” She said as I t©uçhed her cheek.
“What am about to do is really gonna hurt you a little but don’t be scared cos am gonna take it easy” I said and she nodded.
I slowly went down and used my two f!ngersto open her delicate area and then slowly gave it a little li-ck with my ton-gue.
“Oh God!” She screamed softly and her b©dy arched in plea-sure..
I gave it another li-ck again and she cried out holding my hair ti-ghtly.
“Elsa trust me okay?… I whispered and k!$$£d her slowly again.
Then I put two of my f!ngersinto her pu-ssy and she let out a sharp cry..
“Pleeas-se st©p!!!”…
“Should I??… I tea-sed and moved my hands inside slowly..
I re-moved my un-derwear ex-posing my alre-ady active libi-do and her cheeks flu-shed…
“Ohhhh”… She whispered with her alre-ady lost voice and I smiled..
I tea-sed the ti-p of her cli**ris with my di-ck and she [email protected] ed again trying to kick me off but I gr!pp£dher hand slowly and then slid into her slowly.
She [email protected] and cried profusely…
I rode and together we danced until [email protected] [email protected] us…
Elsa’s Pov:
The sun shone throu-gh the window directly to my eyes and I opened my eyes.
I was wra-pped in Jeremy’s arms and I smiled broadly.
I can’t believe am here with him….
Just then, I heard a loud knock on the door.
Jeremy quic-kly opened his eyes still holding me ti-ght.
“Are you expecting anyone?” I asked
“Of course not babe” He said and before I could say another word, the door throw open.
And to our greatest surprise, Joanna stormed into the room.
Jeremy and I [email protected]… 😳😳
“You bit-ch! flir-t that’s what you are” She yelled as she rushed to me and dragged me out from the be-d.
I was half n-ked…
Wearing only my short and a singlet without bras-serie.
“Joanna! St©p it…..” Jeremy screamed at her but she was so aggressive.
She has the c0nd0miniums key.
“Get out of here you worthless hoer..” She pushed me to the ba-re ground.
I felt so ashamed as I quic-kly got up, picked up my dress and handbag.
She threw the door open and pushed me out of the room half n-ked.
“Joanna!” Jeremy said landing a dirty [email protected] on her cheeks.
😱 Another ban-ga 😱
Now Elsa has to go home half n-ked…
Joanna is a witch 😰😰
Trouble loading….
Oya open your eyes
Stay tuned!

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