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My secretary Episode 1

😜(When crazy meets arrogant)😜
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
😘Extracts from the story😘
Elsa waited impatiently in the queue tapping her feet restlessly.
“I really nee-d to get this job… My step mother is owing a lot of people and am expected to settle it else we will be thrown out of our house” Elsa thought and shrugged it off.
Some minutes later, one of the workers [email protected]£ out of the interview room and Elsa quic-kly sprang up.
“You! You!! And you!! Follow me and the rest am sorry but we cannot hire you so you may gently leave the premises” She said as Elsa’s eyes popped out in surprise.
The other applicants walked out of the premises.
“Hey! Why wasn’t I hired? I was here before those people selected” I yelled angrily
“Miss it doesn’t matter who [email protected]£ first… They have been selected” She said and turned to leave but I draw her back.
“What do you mean by that? I must get this job! You mean lady!” I screamed causing a scene alre-ady.
The lady stared at me panicking as she snatched her hand from me.
“You crazy girl! You must be insane… Let go of me” She skrie-ked
“Shut up! I know I got the job” I said acting really silly.
“Security! Security!! Throw this crazy lady out of the premises” The lady ordered as the guards dragged me out and I kept struggling.
“Let go of me! Let go of me!!” I yelled
“What’s going on here?” A de-ep manly voice said as the door threw open and a very handsome young man [email protected]£ out of the office…and the guards let go of Elsa who was [email protected] heavily.
“Sir! It’s a crazy lady applicants… She’s causing a scene just because she wasn’t hired” the lady said.
“You are the crazy one bit-ch!” Elsa yelled
“Shut the fu-ck up!” The man said to Elsa meanly.
“Mind your business you nosy Parker! You look like a frog in that stupid suit of yours poke nosing” Elsa said as everyone [email protected]
“What the…” the handsome man said as Elsa rolled her eyes.
“Get your rotten self out of here Mr Do-all-right! Let me teach this idiot a lesson” Elsa said as she pushed the handsome man away f0rç£fully.
The handsome man fumed in anger and rushed into the office.
“Better!” Elsa snorted
“Hey lady! You are in trouble… That’s the CEO Mr Jeremy Montes” Someone said as Elsa’s jaw dropped.
“Am doomed!” Elsa said as tears circulated in her eyes
Just then, the office door opened and Mr Jeremy [email protected]£ out again.
“Hire her!” He said as everyone’s eyes popped out in shock.
“What sir?” the lady asked
“Hire her as MY SECRETARY” He said and they [email protected]…..
What happens when Mr arrogant meets Miss Crazy? 😀
Isn’t Elsa crazy? 😜
She’s crazy but adorable 😘
Find out in this intriguing story…..
How do you see it?
•••Episode 01•••
Elsa’s Pov:
“Elsa! Elsa!! Where the hell is that stupid girl?” my step mother yelled from downstairs
“Am in the bathroom Ma” I screamed
“Get your good for nothing self here this minute” She said.
I rolled my eyes in annoyance.
That woman is my worst nightmare… Can’t I get re-ady for work in peace?
Did I just say work?
Pardon me…its hell not work😬
I can’t believe it! I insulted the CEO of Montes group of companies…
The biggest company in the whole of Manila.
I humiliated the CEO and he hired me…
Isn’t that weird? 🙄
So for me, it’s gonna be hell for me but I have no choice.
I really nee-d the damn job like fu-ck.
I rushed out of the bathroom, wore my rumbled shi-t and Sk-irt as I combe-d my hair.
“Gosh! This shi-t looks so old” I said but I know I have no choice.
Minutes later 🕒
I was alre-ady set so I walked downstairs.
“Good morning Ma!” I greeted my step mother who was alre-ady eating with her lazy daughter Gina.
“What’s good about the morning Elsa? The landlady just [email protected]£ here this early morning to take her house rent” My step mother yelled at me.
“But I gave you some money last week to give the landlady” I said
“Whatever! Well Gina here nee-ded a ball go-wn for her beauty contest and my snuff finished so I bought it with the money” She said as I fumed in anger.
“What? That was my last savings at madam sugar’s restaurant” I said angrily.
“And so what Elsa? Then make some more money for the house upkeep” Gina said as she picked up the fried chicken [email protected] and ate hungrily.
“Shut up Regina! Can’t you look for work to do than leave every single debt for me to pay” I said
“She’s too young to suffer silly girl… Let me remind you I borrowed some money from Mrs Carlos and you know I nee-d some money to pay her so just don’t mess with your new job cos that’s our source of hope” my step mother said as I eyed her.
“And where’s my breakfast?” I asked as I found no plate for me.
“Sorry! You will have to go to work on an empty stomach… There’s no food for you” Gina said
😬Jeez! I hate that girl😬
I gulped angrily as I picked up my worn-out handbag and rushed out of the house.
“Silly!” They mocked me as I left.
I burnt up with anger as I left the house….
That house is the worst place to be in😥
My life is hell and suffering has always been my next name [email protected] from Elsa.
I yawned hungrily.
Just then I tr!pp£dand that was when I found out that my shoe’s heel was worn-out.
I quic-kly re-moved it and fixed it then wear it back…
I have no money to get a new pair of shoes… Maybe when I receive my first salary I will.
I flagged down a cab and hopped in.
Gosh! Am sorry I haven’t properly introduced myself.
Well my name as you all know is Elsa Cruz, am 21 years old and am orphan living with my greedy step mother and her lazy daughter Regina..Gina for short!
My step mother has a degree in borrowing and I’ve been the one paying for it.
My mother died while giving birth to me and my father got married to Susan my step mother.
After two years, my dad died and that was when Susan brou-ght in her daughter Regina…. She’s a lovechild.
Regina and I are age mates but Gina does nothing but laze around all day and goes to beauty contests without success.
I just hope I don’t lose my job again…
I used to work at Mrs Sugar’s restaurant but I lost my job all because of Susan…
I think that’s enough introduction for now… You’ll find out more about me later.
The cab pu-ll-ed over in front of the [email protected]£r.
I paid the cab driver and walked into the premises.
I walked to the receptionist.
“Good morning! Am new here and am the CEO’s new secretary… Where is his office?” I asked politely but the receptionist bur-st into laughter.
I looked around in embarras-sment.
“She looks like a chicken in her old worn-out shi-t” She said aloud to her colleague.
And they laughed at me.
“How dare you silly [email protected]?” I screamed at them as I pushed down the files on her table landing a thun-derous [email protected] on her cheek.
Before she could say anything I stormed out of her office.
“So annoying! I just hate being in the midst of these spoilt [email protected]…” I said angrily to myself.
“How do I get to the CEO’s office now?” I thought
Maybe I should wait at the lobby…
“Hello!” a young girl waved at me.
She looks quite clas-sy and kind.
I returned the wave with a smile.
“Don’t mind those girls.. You look beautiful” She said as I chucked
“Am Jocelyn….whats your name?” She asked
“Elsa! ” I said as we shook hands.
“Follow me! I’ll take you to the CEO’s office” She said as I nodded and followed her.
I stood in front of the damn cute young CEO in anxiety
“Good morning sir!” I greeted him but he ignored me.
“Why are you late?” He asked brutally
I gulped nervously.
“Am sorry sir!” I said
“I don’t take sorry for an answer Miss Cruz… Did you get me?” He yelled
“Gosh! Am being polite Mr CEO!” I said rolling my eyes
“I am your boss and you will do as I say” he said angrily
“I guess so….” I replied
“That’s your office in front of mine and take note I don’t want you coming into my office uninvited” He said
“Of course I don’t even wanna see you” I muttered almost audibly
Say what?” He asked as I flin-ched
“Nothing!” I said
“Can I go now?” I asked
“And pack that messy hair of yours… You look more like a frog in that stupid worn-out shi-t of yours” He said with his eyes focused on the files.
I felt humiliated… I just remembered what I told him the other day.
“Get me a cu-p of coffee” He said
“Jeez! Mr CEO am just arriving can’t I even take off my bag?” I asked rudely
“Get outta my office and do as I say” He yelled as I quic-kly rushed out in fear.
“Is this what am gonna be going throu-gh? the house is hell and the office is fire” I sobbe-d
I stirred the cu-p of coffee as I placed the mug on a saucer and headed straight to the CEO’s office.
“Your coffee!” I said as I placed it on his table and turned to leave.
He sipped it slowly.
“Wait! ” He ordered as I quic-kly turned around.
Holy $h!t!
Mr CEO threw the cu-p of h0t coffee all over my face….
😂Mr CEO is so kind! He decided to bath our crazy Elsa 😂😂
😜How is this episode? There are more to unfold though😜

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