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My ro-mantic maid Episode 39 & 40

Episode 39
😍My ro-mantic maid 💯
😋[ She’s S-xy] 😊
By Blessing D writes
Nora’s POV💖
We got outside the hospital and was about to enter the car but I suddenly st©pped.
“Aren’t you coming in?” Dave asked starring at me.
“Um..lemme go check on dad one last time, I said and they both starred at me in confusion. ”
Huh! Why? Mabel asked but I ignored her and left.
I suddenly felt bad about leaving him. But what to do I can’t let my younger siblings sleep on the hospital sit. We weren’t even allowed to go near dad.
I walked fast and got to the VIP ward and looked at him from the door.
The door was locked so we can’t even go in if we wanted to.
His still unconscious.
plea-se wake up before tomorrow I beg you, I prayed in my mind and left.
Next day I woke up feeling really sick.
Its not a new feeling anyways. I have been feeling like this for days.
I ignored the feeling as always and showered.
I got out of my room and found Mabel and Dave alre-ady waiting for me.
“Y’all re-ady?” I asked and they nodded.
“Wait, have you two eaten breakfast?” I asked.
“Not now, am not even hungry just wanna see dad, Mabel said and headed for the door while Dave followed.”
I exhaled sadly and followed them.
We arrived at the hospital and headed straight to his ward.
His ward door was alre-ady opened. We got in happily and went to dad.
Dad? Dave called and he flu-shed his eyes opened.
Dad? Mabel called.
Sir? I also called as we all rounded him.
“He didn’t say anything, it was as if he just regained consciousness.”
“Dave go call the doctor quic-k! I commanded and he left. ”
Dad? Mabel called but he just kept starring at us.
Suddenly my phone started ringing. Realizing it was Marcus and I couldn’t ignore him I decided to go out and tell him to call back.
I excused myself and walked few meters away.
📱”Morning love, has your father regained consciousness?”
📱”Yes mar, sorry for not calling, can we talk later? ”
📱 yes of course.
📱Alright later.
I ended the call and wanted going back but suddenly felt like purging.
I ran to the hospital’s restroom and emptied everything inside my mouth.
I washed my mouth and hands and left immediately hoping it won’t come back.
I got near dad’s ward and started hearing sobbing.
“What’s wrong?” I wondered and hastened my foot step.
I got to the door and saw a nurse holding Mabel back.
Dave was just standing there starring at dad.
Two doctors were examining dad.
“What’s happening?” I asked in confusion.
I made to move near dad but one of the doctors prevented me.
“Sorry miss but we nee-d you guys outside. plea-se take your siblings, he said.”
“B..But what’s going on??” I asked getting really scared.
“plea-se kindly leave, the doctor said again.”
We have everything un-der control, he added and I cleaned the tears alre-ady rushing down my eyes and [email protected]£d Mabel out.
Dave followed behind as we sat outside.
“Mabel, what the hell is going on?” I asked Mabel who was not herself.
Dad, I don’t..don’t no what happened but he suddenly started shaking and he eyes turned to..I don’t even no but his eyes colour changed.
I held him ti-ghtly before Dave showed up with the two doctors and a nurse and they started examining him.
“Its like his dying Sylvia. What are we gonna do?”
“His not gonna die.” The doctor said they have it un-der control alright. plea-se get hold of yourself, I said trying to calm her down but I was extremely scared.
Dave just kept mute starring at the ceiling.
We waited for close to an hour.
More nurses showed up alongside doctors.
They were running up and down ma-king me really scared.
It doesn’t seem like a simple thing.
We continued waiting until a doctor finally appeared looking downcast.
“What’s happening??”;I asked with a shaky voice as I stood up to him.
He paused and signed sadly.
“Say something, Mabel yelled from where she was sitting.”
“Your father was poisoned few hours ago, he announced and I starred at him in confusion.”
Poisoned?? How?? Why?? When?? I asked at once.
I don’t no how Miss and don’t no why either.
But I think he was poisoned last night and the poison has sprayed throu-ghout his b©dy.
I guess the person that poisoned him knows what he or she is doing.
I felt my heart beating fast as I gulped down saliva.
And what’s …how..
“Unfortunately we lost him, he cut in and bit his lowerl-ip.”
His head was bent.
“I don’t un-derstand, what do you mean?” I asked almost like a whisper.
He raised his head and starred at me.
“I’m really sorry we lost him, he said.”
“I don’t un-derstand the lost you’re talking about here doctor, Dave suddenly spoke up.”
“Listen If you want money we can give you just name it and it will be yours okay?” Dave said moving closer to us.
“Its not about money, am really sorry, he replied and started leaving but Mabel stood up and held him.”
“You’re a liar, how dare you lie about him been poisoned you j£rk!?” She yelled and hit him.
Liar! Bloody liar!! She continued hitting him.
I didn’t even no what else to do as I was trying to process everything in my head.
“We lost him” kept pla-ying in my head.
I cleaned my face and headed to his ward room and saw nurses there covering him up.
They saw me and st©pped.
I bent down near him and re-moved the clothe used to cover him.
“Daddy??” I called hoping he’ll hear me.
“Dad? Won’t you answer me dad?”
“Its me Sylvia plea-se answer me, I cried and held his cold hands.”
His face has turned white.
Daddy plea-se! plea-se answer me.
“Its me, its Sylvia plea-se, I cried even more holding unto his hand ti-ghtly.”
The door opened and Mabel rushed in followed by Dave and Ronnie.
Dad!! Mabel screamed and hvgged him.
“plea-se open your eyes.” plea-se your children are here, we are begging sir , plea-se, I cried even more ha-rder and Ronnie [email protected]£ to hold me.
“Its alright, Ronnie muttered and I turned to look at him.”
“plea-se tell him to open his eyes. Seems his not hearing me, I sobbe-d ha-rder.”
plea-se!! I cried.
Just open your eyes this once.
Episode 40
💙Rachel’s POV💙
“Finally, that old man is dead!”
“Oh thank goodness!” Now he won’t be able to spoil my plans.
Lemme make preparations to move to the next plan quic-k.
“Wait, I have to visit the hospital and act like am hurt as well.”
“What should I put in my eyes so I will be able to cry?”
I turned and my eyes met a bottle.
💖Nora’s POV 💖
Dad plea-se! We kept crying but he didn’t open his eyes.
“I am gonna become an orphan?”
Oh no. plea-se!
The door opened and Rachel walked in and bur-sted into tears.
Uncle! She cried even more and moved closer to us but Mabel blocked her from tou-ching him as she used her whole b©dy to cover him.
“Uncle! She kept on crying ignoring what Mabel did.”
The person that did this to you will pay.
“I promise you dad, Mabel sobbe-d.”
Dave just kept starring trying to hold back himself from crying but his emotions failed him as he sat on the floor and leaned on the wall crying.
Ronnie was still holding me.
“Who could have poisoned him?”
“The doctor said he got poisoned last night? How come?”
It’s a VIP ward and not just anyone come in here. And the door was also locked only the doctors and the nurse [email protected]£ in here so how come?
“I nee-d to find out, I suddenly thought and stood up.”
“I’ll be back, I said and made to leave but Ronnie held me.”
“I will be back, I repeated and left.”
I got to the doctor that was in charge of treating my dad.
“Did you poison him?” I asked immediately I got in and he raised his brows in confusion.
“Miss?” He called.
“Did youfu-cking poison him? Why did you do it?” I yelled before I could control myself.
He flin-ched and got up.
I un-derstand that you’re having a [email protected] time…
He was trying to say but I cut in.
The ward door was locked and non of my family members got in so how come??? I yelled.
Miss calm down, I don’t…
I’m Calling the cops, I cut in again and raised my phone and dialed cops line.
“Come to doctor Santo’s hospital, they just poisoned and killed my dad, I commanded and cut the call.”
“Miss, plea-se!” He begged.
“I didn’t poison him, I swear to you.”
“Then who did?” You told us that he nee-ded enough rest and didn’t allow anyone in, the only people that got close to him are you guys so whofu-cking did it!!! I screamed.
Miss the time the poison was injected on him non of the doctors or nurse visited his ward so am confused too, he replied fearfully.
“Well, if you don’t provide who poisoned him then I promise to make you rot away in jail, I yelled and left his office.”
“He must be kidding me.” He doesn’t no and yet its his father’s hospital and his the s£nior doctor.
“Don’t they have a CCTV around here?’
The cops arrived and i told them to give him 24 hours to investigate and find out everything or he’ll rot in jail and his father’s hospital will equally shut down.
We went home after father’s corpse was transferred to the cemetery.
Mabel was kind of silent and her kind of silence wasn’t normal.
Tho I no papa died.
Next day.
We were all sitting at the sitting room.
Marcus and Mason visited yesterday and left.
We were still mourning dad’s lost when a call [email protected]£ into my phone.
I checked and saw that it was dad’s right hand man calling.
📱Hello miss Sylvia, so sorry for the lost but something strange is happening.
I sat up right and listened.
📱 what is it?
📱 miss Rachel is calling for a meeting of the board members to select a new president. She actually said that your father wanted her to take over the company and I think she has some such of prove.
I asked in disbelief.
📱 The meeting is next week Tuesday course she convinced the board members and she got a lot of shares as well so it wasn’t that [email protected]
📱 How?
📱 I’m really surprised too and nee-ded to call and inform you course I no that your dad actually wanted you to be the heiress.
I dropped the phone unbelievably.
“What is it?” Mabel and Dave asked at the same time and I explained what I heard to them.
I knew it!
“I have been thinking and its only Rachel that will be able to do this to dad, she said and Dave scoffed.”
“Are you okay?” Rachel will never do such a thing, Dave defended.
Oh plea-se don’t defend her course dad told me something before he died and it was concerning you Sylvia, Mabel said and we turned our whole attention to her.
“What did he say?” I asked curiously.
He said that Rachel alre-ady knew about you and Marcus before loving in love with him.
Dad actually trusted and s£nt her to keep an eye on Marcus but she made him fall in love with her and engaged her and now she’s claiming right.
She actually knew you were betrothed to him so she’s the real bit*h and not you Sylvia so st©p feeling guilty anytime you see her, that is what he told me, Mabel said and I was shocked.
“Wait, seriously??”
She actually knew and I’m here killing myself with guilt and she’s busy taking advantage of it.

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