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My ro-mantic maid Episode 35 & 36

Episode 35
😍 My ro-mantic maid 💯
😋 [She’s S-xy] 😊
By Blessing D writes
💖Nora’s POV💖
I arrived at the mansion after spending two good weeks in Manila.
I got dressed and drove to Marcus’s house.
Its evening and he should be back from work by now.
I got to his house and the securities allowed me in immediately.
I didn’t knock or anything. I opened the door and saw him and Mason sitting in the sitting room.
His eyes beamed immediately he saw me and and ran into his waiting arms.
“Oh baby! I missed you so much, I cooed as we held each other.”
We dis£ntangled from the hvg and he placed hisl-ips on mine.
“I missed you too sweetie. Why did you leave me for so long, huh!?” He asked almost like a whisper.
Am so sorry, its dad he…
I’m so sorry, I apologized and we hvgged again.
“So I’ve now become invisible, I heard mason ask and I chuckled and went to hvg him slightly.”
“Oh Mason! Don’t be annoyed with me okay?”
“Have you two eaten anything?” I asked as I ran my eyes from Marcus to mason.
Um.. No! They both chorused.
“Okay, I’ll prepare something then, I said and k!$$£d Marcus before heading to the kitchen.”
“Oh! I’ve missed cooking here a lot.”
“How I wish I never left. Hope dad won’t s£nd me out for so long again.”
I prepared peach cobbler and kung pea chicken.
And in no time I was done and I served them.
They rushed the food and I watch as Marcus ate with so much joy.
I didn’t no I’ll ever fall in love with him.
I think this is the best thing dad has done for me – bringing us together.
I’ve really miss seeing him eat and talk happily.
After they were done eating I cleared the table and went back to them.
“Gosh! I really enjoyed this. Best meal so far, Mason said l!çk!ng hisl-ips.”
I smiled at what he said.
“That’s my babe you no, Marcus replied and they laughed.”
“So how are things going?” I asked as I wra-pped my hands around Marcus n£¢k and he held me by the [email protected]!st.
“Normal, he replied and exchanged glances with Mason.”
They seems suspicious tho.
💎 Marcus’s POV💎
I told Marcus not to mention anything about what happened with Rachel and he reluctantly agreed.
Not that I wanna keep anything from her but I want her to be save.
She’s always scared at the mention of Rachel so I don’t wanna put fear in her anymore.
Hope things go well between us course am proposing and getting married to her within the next two months.
💜Rachel’s POV💜
Sh*t! Double sh*t!
I never expected uncle to plan her coming home smoothly.
“Did he suspect that I’ll do something to Sylvia?”
He made it so [email protected] and guarded her with armed men.
He disturbe-d and spoiled my plan.
I won’t allow him do that again.
If his in the picture my plans will never go well.
I think I’ll have to take him out first.
Yes I will.
Then Sylvia will follow and I’ll have all the wealth and Marcus to my lovely self.
Episode 36
💎Marcus’s POV💎
Mason left few hours later.
Nora and I stayed together.
“So tell me baby, how was your trip to manila?”
“Um..just had few boring meetings, am so sorry I couldn’t talk to you bout it myself.”
“It was so urgent that my dad told me he’ll explain to you about it, she explained.”
“Really? He said that?” I asked and she nodded.
“Huh! I didn’t hear or see anyone till I personal went to look for her. ”
“Why? Didn’t he show up or s£nd someone?” She asked starring at me.
“No, no not that, I replied.”
“Then why is your face like that?” She asked.
“Nothing, just thinking, I replied and f0rç£d a smile.”
“Um Nora, I called.”
“I wanna take you out tomorrow hope you don’t mind?” I asked and she smiled wi-dely.
“Of course not, I’m always here for you, you no.” It’ll be nice since we’ve been [email protected] for two good weeks, she said and leaned her head on my che-st.
I stro-ked her hair gently inhaling the nice smell of her hair.
“Mabel told me you [email protected]£ by looking for me, was there any problem?” She asked and I paused.
“Geez! I actually forgot about the visit.”
“Em…No not at all, I said.”
Oh OK! She said.
“Let’s go to be-d course we’re spending the whole night together, I said and she looked at me and pinched my nose.”
[email protected]ûghty boy.
💖Nora’s POV💖
I wore a red armless go-wn with a Silver bag and a silver 4 inches high heel, a red head band with a perfect makeup to go.
This is actually the first real outing with him – our first [email protected]£ and am really excited.
I breathed in and out and took a final glare at the mirror.
Hope this dress is not too ti-ght course I don’t want men gr-abbing me from nowhere.
I agreed to meet Marcus at a famous Chinese restaurant.
I got out and ordered a driver there to drive me – don’t wanna stress myself course I’ve been feeling off lately.
Shortly we arrived at the restaurant and I got down.
I breathed in and out again and felt a little nervous.
Come on this is Marcus – your man, I reminded myself and walked in breezily into the restaurant.
The securities opened the glas-s door and I stepped in.
People’s gaze fell on me immediately.
It has been like that all my life so am kinda used to it.
I eye searched Marcus and saw him walking towards me with his hands tucked into his pocket.
I stood still looking at him.
I never knew he was this handsome. Why didn’t I notice it all this while.
He got to where I was and st©pped devouring me with his eyes.
He starred at me for few minutes and finally moved real close and whispered into my ears.
“You look out of this world.” He complemented and my cheeks turned red and I no he must have noticed it even with my make-up on.
“Let’s go damsel, he added and brou-ght out his hand to me which I [email protected]£d.”
I was feeling really nervous which was so unusual.
“I mean am used to people’s gaze and Marcus as well, so what’s up?”
He took me to one of the VIP rooms in the restaurant.
I must say that the restaurant is one of a kind.
We sat down facing each other – alone.
There was dishes served alre-ady.
He cleared his throat lightly.
“Loos£n up its me Nora, he said and laughed.”
He noticed my nervousness.
I signed and heaved.
“You look manly yourself, I complemented.”
“Manly? What’s that?” He asked and laughed again.
His behaving more matured maybe course we were outside of his house.
“And cute, I added and he laughed ha-rder.”
“Thanks, he replied.”
“So how was your trip to this fancy restaurant? Was it boring?” He asked and I nodded negatively.
Few minutes later we started eating.
He poured me a drink and I sipped from the red wine.
Hmm sweet! I hummed.
I sipped another, then another until a solid stuff t©uçhed my ton-gue.
“Wait, don’t tell me its a stone? In this kind of restaurant?”
I f0rç£fully looked into the glas-s and brou-ght out whatever.
“Wait, its not a stone.”
Its a….a Ring.
My eyes wi-de-ned in shock as I held the ring in between my f!ngers.
I raised my head to look at Marcus who was now in one knee.
“Be my wife Sylvia Ramon, he said.”
I think I’ll be able to start posting normally from tomorrow.
I just think.
So who’s enjoying this?

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