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My pla-ymate Episode 4 & 5

🌼 ❤️ MY pla-yMATE
(Against all odds ❤️)
I woke up to see my unclad self wra-pped in Luke’s arms. I rose up my head and I looked into his slee-ping face.
He looked handsome as ever. I smiled and k!$$£d hisl-ips ma-king him shut his eyes ti-ght. He finally opened his eyes and smiled as he saw me.
“Good morning.” I said smiling.
“Good morning.” He replied k!ss!ngmyl-ips again.
“Time to prepare for work.” I said looking at the clock close to me be-d.
“Sh*t! 8:30!” I exclaimed yanking Luke’s hand off me.
“What?” He asked looking at the clock and his eyes wi-de-ned. He also jumped off the be-d and rushed to the bathroom.
“You caused it Luke. You drained all my power off me.” I said getting my toothbrush and adding paste on it.
“You didn’t tell me to st©p. You loved it.” He replied from the bathroom with the foam of the paste in his mouth.
“I couldn’t st©p asking for more. You should have considered my strength.” I said running into the bathroom.
“If I st©pped you would have skinned me alive.” He replied as we both rushed un-der the shower. The water began to flow and we both scru-bbe-d our bodies in haste.
I bent to scru-b my leg and I felt his hand on my a*s.
“Luke don’t even think of it.” I said.
“You are the cause. Why did you shoot it out to me?” He asked and I stood up taking some more water on my b©dy before rushing out.
“I guess your boss isn’t as strict as mine.” I said cleaning the water of my b©dy with my towel.
“Of course she isn’t. I am too h0t for her to be angry with me.” He said boldly ma-king me scoff.
“Best of luck then. I am off.” I said wearing the go-wn I picked up from my closet.
“So soon?” He rushed out cleaning his b©dy with the towel.
“My boss has lot of women around him, so I don’t have that opportunity you have.” I said wearing my heels.
“Bye.” I said dragging my bag to myself as soon as I was done with wearing my shoes.
“I love you!” He yelled.
“I love you more. See you at night!” I yelled running out of the house. I got to my car and hopped in driving off with great speed.
I looked at the time in my car and it was 9:05! Sh*t. I am 5 minutes late. I increa-sed my speed and as I pas-ses everyone on the street, they thought I had gone nuts.
I got to company and drove in drove in like a crazy person. I [email protected]£ down and rushed into the company with my bag in my hand.
“Good morning.” I greeted everyone I saw and I saw Tasha furrow her brows as she saw me.
“Good morning Mrs Progusten.” She said.
“I know what it means when you call me that.” I said sitting on my desk and sighing.
“Luke right?” She asked and I nodded.
“Yes.” I replied smiling.
“Hold on, what are you doing here? I told you to take a leave.” I said looking at her.
“Calm down Silver. I am totally fine now I took some pills last night, and with Reuben close to me I felt perfectly okay this morning.” She said and I smiled.
“I am happy about that.” I said and she nodded.
“Yes. Last night was amazing.” She said as I switched on my PC.
“Same here. It was crazy.” I said as I punched my pas-sword into the computer.
“One more thing Silver.” She said ma-king me look at her.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“We picked the wedding [email protected]£ alre-ady.” She said grinning.
“Wow, I am so so happy for you. So tell me, when?” I asked eagerly.
“The end of this month.” She said.
“So soon?” I asked furrowing my brows.
“Yes. I am.. I am pregnant.” She whispered happily and I smiled wi-dely.
“That is so great.” I said trying to hold back my tears.
“I am so happy.” She said as I began to remember I am yet to have a child after three years in my marriage.
“plea-se excuse me.” I said smiling as I walked to the restroom. I got to the restroom and bur-sted into tears.
Why can’t I just have a child? Tasha isn’t even married yet and she is pregnant alre-ady. This is so unfair. I cried so [email protected] but silently.
“Silver.” I heard Tasha call from behind.
“Yes.” I said cleaning my tears.
“Am sorry if I made you feel bad.” She said sadly and I nodded smiling.
“You didn’t do anything Tasha.” I said.
“Don’t cry Silver. You will have your own baby at the right time.” She said.
“When is that right time?” I asked sadly.
“Soon Silver. Believe me.” She said and I nodded.
“Thanks.” I said trying to smile.
I got home and I saw Luke alre-ady asleep on the couch. He wws waiting for me, that’s one thing I am sure of that.
“Luke.” I called k!ss!nghisl-ips, and he opened his eyes slowly. He looked at me and smiled ru-bbing his eyes.
“Why did you sleep here? You should have just la-id on the be-d in the room.” I said sitting very close to him and placing his head on my shoulder.
“I was missing you. You know I can’t sleep on the be-d without you beside me.” He said k!ss!ngmy cheeks.
I smiled and after some time, it faded and I guess he noticed it.
“Baby are you okay?” He asked raising up his head to look at me well.
“Luke I am yet to have my own baby. It’s been three years now.” I said in sadness.
“Baby I thought we said we won’t talk about this.” He said looking offended.
“I wish I can’t, but I find myself thinking about it. Tasha is pregnant alre-ady, she told me at the office and I ended up shedding tears.” I said in a shaky voice.
” Look here Silver. I ain’t complaining, I love you no matter what. And we will have our baby the right time.” He said holding my hand.
I nodded and he cleaned my tears off with his thumb.
“Smile.” He said and I smiled ma-king him smile too.
“Eaten?” I asked and he shook his head.
“I lost appetite alre-ady.” He said pouting his mouth.
” Come on, don’t tell me that. I will make dinner.” I said standing up and he pu-ll-ed me by my [email protected]!st ma-king me sit on him.
“Are you hungry?” He asked and I shook my head.
“Nope. I want to do it for you.” I said smiling as I looked at him.
” I ain’t interested in that.” He said tracing his hand down my collar bone.
“Luke don’t tell me….” I said and paused as his hand moved down into my shi-t brushing my b00bs slightly.
“Luke don’t be bad.” I said smiling.
“I am not, is it a crime to miss or t©uçh my wife?” He asked and I shook my head.
” Good.” He said as he began to unbuckle my bu-ttons.
“Can’t we at least go into the room.” I whispered against hisl-ips.
“I don’t want to. This is our house after all.” He said crushing hisl-ips on mine.
I k!$$£d him back opening up to him, I moved my hands into his hair de-epening the k!ss. I stood up ma-king sure I didn’t break the k!ss.
This time around, I sat on his th!ghs spre-ading my legs [email protected] My shi-t rolled up to my upper th!ghs before st©pping.
He moved his hand up my th!ghs moving the Sk-irt up. I breathed out loud as I held his face in my two hands taking control of his mouth.
I slid my ton-gue in and out like I was l!çk!ng an ice cream. Our breathing grew intense, and he rolled over me ma-king me [email protected] the door carefully.
Ourl-ips were still connected as he did this. I wra-pped my legs around his [email protected]!st and my hands around his n£¢k.
His hand *stood as a support of his weight from my b©dy. He moved his hand into my Sk-irt ma-king a contact with my alre-ady* dripping pu**sy.
“fuc-k.” I [email protected] ed against hisl-ips.
He tossed my pa*ties off in less than two seconds. And I felt fresh air b!ow against my V.
I reached for his shi-t and pu-ll-ed it over his head, and with his support it was off in no time. Join us on our Telegram page to re-ad more stories from there throu-gh+233544142683 for more stories. I moved my hand to trou-sers and began to unbuckle his belt.
I was still doing this when a call [email protected]£ into my phone.
“Sh*t.” He mumbled as I felt his alre-ady rigid co-ck against my b©dy.
“A minute plea-se baby.” I said pouting my mouth.
” Fine, just a minute.” He said moving away while I [email protected]£d my bag to pick up my phone.
I brou-ght it out and I saw it was Salomeh.
“It’s my sister.” I said out before picking up the call.
📲 Hey Salomeh.
📲 Sister *in tears*
📲What’s wrong?
📲 My house got burnt.
📲What? How come?
📲It was a spark.
📲Where are you now?
📲In a motel. And I don’t have much on me. I nee-d money to help renovate the house.
📲Oh God. This is bad.
📲Sis can you let me stay at your for the main time? Till I get enough money for the house repairs.
📲Sure. *Looking at Luke*
📲plea-se inform your husband first.
📲I will get back to you.
I hung up and looked at Luke sadly.
“What happened?” He asked fearfully.
“Salomeh’s house got burnt.” I said.
“What? How come? Where is she? Is she good?” He bombarded me with questions.
” She is fine, it was a spark. She is at the motel now and she is out of cash.” I narrated.
” That’s bad.” He said sadly.
“Baby can she stay with us for the main time? Till she gets her place renovated?” I asked holding his hand.
” Why stay here? She can stay at the motel. I will help with the bills.” He said and I shook my head.
” No baby. This is my sister, there is no big deal. She can stay in the other room, she won’t disturb.” I said in a pleading tone.
” Silver.” He called and I shut him up with a k!ss.
“plea-se baby.” I said staring at him.
“Fine.” He said breathing out loud.
“Thank you.” I said happily holding him ti-ght.

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