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My nanny Episode 20 & 21

🍨She’s my best friend🍨
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖊
🍓Episode 20🍓
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
I walked downstairs to the dinning for dinner.
Ella was alre-ady at the dinning eating.
I quietly sat on the chair and dished out the chicken salad into my plate.
There was absolute tranquility….
I know Ella is still not happy with me.
Because I accused her “DEAR” nanny of being a thief.
She only sighed as she saw me and continued eating.
Actually we were the only one at the dinning table that night.
Betty should be in the room crying her eyes out.
Serves her right for being so inhumane.
“Ella! Baby how do you want the chicken? Oven or fried…?” Julia said as she walked out of the kitchen.
She quic-kly kept quiet as she saw me.
I gulped nervously…
I don’t even know how to face her after the treatment I gave her.
“Maybe oven baked chicken..” Ella said as she nodded and turned to leave.
“Nanny wait!” Ella said as she stood at the sp©t.
“Dad! Don’t you think you are forgetting something?” Ella spoke to me.
I looked at her confused.
“Something like what?” I managed to ask with my eyes fixed on the plate.
“When you do something bad to someone, what do you do next to show that you are truly sorry for the bad you’ve done?” Ella asked
“You apologize.. ” I said freely
“Good! Daddy didn’t you do something bad to my nanny? So you have to apologize” Ella said as I [email protected]
Julia flin-ched…
“Huh?” Julia and I said in unison
“Yeah! Apologize to my nanny dad… That’s the right thing to do! Isn’t that what you always tell me?” Ella said as I scratched my head in confusion.
💭 Why is this daughter of mine too smart? I can’t believe I will apologize to a nanny I employed 💭 I thought
I couldn’t say a word…..
Sweats rushed down my face.
The weather was cold and I was sweating profusely…
You can imagine that 😅
“It’s OK Ella! He doesn’t have to do that.. He did what he thought was right” Julia covered up immediately and Ella scoffed.
“Oh really? He did what he thought was right but it turned out it wasn’t right so he should do the right thing by apologizing” Ella said
I really have no choice here😪
“Hurry up dad! Nanny nee-ds to get me the oven baked chicken” Ella said
“OK… Julia am really sorry for what happened earlier plea-se forgive me!” I said almost bitting my ton-gue.
“It’s OK sir!” She said
I quic-kly turned to Ella….
“I just did what is right…” I said
“Good… But something is still missing” She said as we heard the footsteps coming from the staircase.
It was Betty….
I know she heard me apologize to Julia.
She looked really miserable in her tattered hair.
“What’s missing?” I asked anxiously
“Your witch has to go down on her knees and apologize to my nanny like right now” Ella said as we [email protected]
“Hell no! I’ll do no such thing… I can never go on my knees to apologize to this tramp” Betty blurted out.written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.
I eyed her angrily.
“I see you have no repentance… Daddy just throw her out like you did to Cas-sandra after all she is her accomplice” Ella said
We wi-de-ned our eyes in shock.
“What?” I asked shocked to the bone marrow.
“Baby I nee-d to get you the chicken now” Julia said about to excuse herself.
“No! You won’t get it until the proud witch apologizes to you” Ella said.
Betty quic-kly turned around and looked at me still in tears.
“Go ahead Betty! Apologies now!” I said sternly
“What? Ryan?…..” Betty called with pleading eyes.
“I said go on your knees and apologize to Julia” I said not even looking at her face.
She walked straight to Julia sluggishly.
Betty kept looking at me thinking I was going to st©p her but I didn’t.
She gradually knelt in front of Julia.
The maids [email protected] in shock as they peeped from the kitchen.
This time Betty was crying bitterly.
She was kneeling in front of Julia.
She opened her mouth to apologize but she quic-kly shook her head in disagreement.
“No! I can never apologize to her…” She screamed as she quic-kly got up and rushed upstairs.
Ella roared in laughter as she sm-irked at me.
“At least she knelt!” Ella said smiling.
I’ve got such a wicked daughter….. 🙄🙄
I just can’t st©p wondering why she loves Julia so much.
Betty’s Pov:
I quic-kly mopped my face with a handkerchief.
My face was all swollen…
My eyes were swollen too.
I’ve been crying since yesterday night…
Ryan has refused to talk to me and my life has been nothing but hell.
“Arrrhghh…” I screamed in pain.
I have never been so humiliated in my entire life.
“Calm down girl! I almost got a heartache when you screamed” Sonia skrie-ked
“I feel like screaming the more Sonia! You nee-d to see the kind of humiliation I went throu-gh yesterday… Me? Betty!” I cried bitterly
“What happened?” Sonia asked anxiously
“I can’t wait to rip that stupid little girl Ella [email protected]! She’s nothing but trouble for me” I cried
“What did she do this time?” Sonia asked as she sipped her wine.
“That girl….. She told Ryan to make me kneel in front of her good for nothing nanny and apologize” I said bitterly
Sonia choked as she coughed slightly.
“You? Should kneel in front of Julia?” Sonia asked in shock
“Yes! Ryan asked me to kneel in front of Julia and apologize to her” I cried
“What?” Sonia asked as her eyes popped out…
😱 😱
Ella’s Pov:
“Here…. I got some ice cream for you both” Nanny said as she handed two plates of ice cream to my friend Zara and I.
“Thank you aunt!” we chorused as she smiled.
She walked out and Zara smiled mischievously at me.
“Your nanny is such an angel” Zara said happily.
I chuckled happily
Actually Zara’s mom and my mommy used to be friends when my mom was still alive.
Zara and I are very good friends.
It’s a Saturday….
So Zara’s mommy dropped her off at our place.
We nee-d to do a lot of bonding ☺
So we are best of friends.Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.
Though Zara is my best friend but aunt Julia is my bestest best 😂
“Yeah! Aunt Julia is so nice…” I said excitedly
“I can see that! And she even prepared cu-pcakes for us…” Zara said
“That’s even the least…. She’s really caring and loving!” I said
“I wish my mom can get me a nanny as lovely as your aunt Julia” Zara envied
I bur-st into laughter.
“And guess what?” I whispered smiling broadly.
“What?” Zara asked eagerly
“I THINK SHE’S SUITABLE FOR MY DADDY” I said as Zara screamed.
“Really?” Zara laughed.
“Shhhh… You gossip monger!” I joked
We roared in laughter….
🍓Episode 21🍓
Julia’s Pov:
I carried Ella straight to her be-d.
She fell asleep in my room while telling me stories.
She’s such a funny little girl…
Really smart.
I smiled broadly as I thought about her.
I pe-cked her cheek and covered her with her thick duvet.
“Good night baby” I said almost inaudibly.
I quic-kly turned off the room’s light and slammed the door.
I walked downstairs to get myself a glas-s of water.
I glanced at the wall clock….
It was alre-ady 9:30pm and Sir Ryan is not yet back.
Well as for Betty she [email protected]£ back a while ago with a nylon of takeaway food.
She bought food…. I bet she can’t bear the shame of facing me.
She’s been avoiding me 😂
But ion care anyways….
I turned on the light…
I walked into the kitchen and straight to the water dispenser.
I got a glas-s of cold water and gulped it down immediately.
I’ve been damn thirsty just that Ella wouldn’t let me get a glas-s of water since she was gisting me.
Almost all the housemaids have gone to the servants quarters.
I shook my head as I thought of Mr Ryan.
💭 What could be keeping him? 💭 I thought.
But why am I even worried about him when his fiancee is not?
I was about to walk upstairs when I saw that the sitting room window wasn’t closed properly.
I walked to the sitting room….
It was actually dark cos the light was off.
Suddenly, I bu-mped into someone and fell on my bu-ttocks.
Awwwch ☺☺
“Sorry! Am sorry about that!!” It was Mr Ryan.
He turned on the light and I gradually dragged myself up.
“it’s OK sir!” I said even though I was still feeling the pains.
He was looking very tattered….
“Sir! What’s the matter?” I asked.
I was even surprised how I found my voice… I never knew I could talk to him.
He couldn’t say a word….
He was so heartbroken mere looking at him.
“Tell me Julia am really a bad person?” He asked to my amazement.
“Sir! Did you drink?” I asked as he reeked of alcohol.
“Just answer my question!” he grunted and I flin-ched in fear.
I gulped [email protected] and he kept staring de-ep into my eyes.
He was really waiting for an answer.
“Well Sir! You are not… You are not…a…a bad person but sometimes you’ve got uhmm… Am sorry about that Sir” I said as I turned away my face.
“I’ve got what?” He asked anxiously
“I mean you’ve got a temper” I managed to say.
Tears welled down his cheeks.
OMG! I can’t believe the almighty Mr Ryan is shedding tears right in front of me.
I felt really sorry for him.
“It’s OK Sir! plea-se calm down” I said
He quic-kly hvgged me ti-ghtly.
I [email protected]£ stunned….
Did he just hvgged me?
He must be really feeling so bad….
“Mmmhhh….” Someone cleared her throat noisily and we quic-kly dis£ngaged the hvg.
We quic-kly turned around….
It was Ella.
My jaw dropped in shock.
I thought this girl was fast asleep when I left her.
She smiled mischievously at us and walked back upstairs.
I followed her to her room.
She was alre-ady lying on the be-d.
I quic-kly turned on her room light and walked closer to her.
“Ella… Baby…” I called but I got no reply.
“Is she asleep alre-ady? It’s ba-rely 10 mins?” I asked audibly to no-one in [email protected]
I shook her vigorously but she didn’t open her eyes.
Ella’s Pov:
Aunt Julia shook me vigorously but I pretended to be fast asleep.
She walked out of the room and I chuckled excitedly as I bounced on my be-d.
I was all dressed up for school.
I walked downstairs with aunt Julia chatting and laughing happily.
Aunt Julia was holding my lunch box and school bag.
We walked straight to the dinning.
Dad was alre-ady there….
Aunt Julia quic-kly kept quiet.
I looked at both of them and saw how they avoided eye contact and smiled.
“Good morning Sir!” Aunt Julia greeted daddy not even looking at him.
“Good morning daddy!” I said as dad smiled broadly.
He wasn’t also looking at aunt Julia.
“Good morning guys!” Dad managed to say.
💭 Aww… They are so funny 💭 I thought
“uhm… I’ll go get you a glas-s of milk” Aunt Julia said as she excused herself.
She walked out of the dinning.
I turned my gaze to daddy…
And gosh! 😱
I saw him starring at aunt Julia’s disappearing figure.
I chuckled silently.
This isn’t going to be difficult….
It’s obvious my dad likes her 😁
“Daddy….” I snapped as she quic-kly sma-ck back to consciousness.
I grinned at him and he gave me a what-is-it look.
“Mmhh… You like her don’t you?” I chuckled
“Like who?” Dad asked confused
“Come on daddy! You like aunt Julia right?” I asked anxiously.
“What? What the….” Dad said sharply
“Tch… It’s obvious dad! No nee-d for denial” I grinned
“My goodness Ella! Where the heck have you been learning these things? You are too small for such talks” Dad said as he applied some bu-tter on his bre-ad.
“It’s written all over you daddy” I laughed
“Shut up you [email protected]ûghty girl! I don’t like her….she’s just your nanny and that’s all” Dad said.
I blinked my eyes in disappointment.
“Why dad?” I asked as drops of tears fell from my eyes.
Dad stared at me in shock.
He quic-kly cleaned my tears.
“Why are you crying baby?” Dad asked so concerned
“Because you don’t like my nanny!” I cried
“But baby what about aunt Betty?” He asked.
I knew it!
So it’s about that crazy lady Betty…. I thought within myself.
“Daddy! I don’t like Betty but I love aunt Julia…. I want her for you” I said as dad’s eyes popped out in shock.
“WHAT?” He asked in surprise as I nodded my head.
Mr Ryan’s Pov:
I walked into my hvge office with my suitcase.
Thoughts of my conversations with Ella flashed back into my memories.
That little daughter of mine is so dramatic.
Why does she love Julia so much?
“I want aunt Julia for you dad” her words echoed in my ear.
I smiled broadly at nothing but my thoughts.
She’s right… I don’t even care if Betty exists.
I opened my suitcase and something fell out from it.
I bent over and picked it up.
Surprisingly, It was Julia’s picture.
Ella’s Pov:
I bur-st into laughter as I ate my cookies happily.
“You are such a bad girl Ella!” Zara laughed
“Of course!” I said excitedly
“Do you mean to say you sli-pped your aunt Julia’s picture into your daddy’s bag without him knowing it?” Zara asked eagerly
“Yeah! Once he sees the picture he will definitely start thinking about my aunt Julia… I researched that on goggle” I said
“You’re so smart Ella!” Zara said overwhelmed with joy.
“I know right” I grinned
“High five!” Zara said as we high five in excitement….
My gosh!
These children are really something 😁
But I can’t wait to have team #Julyan ☺

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