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Melted heart Episode 5 & 6

[ the girl he never noticed ]
Episode 5 🎻💗🎻
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
I got down from the taxi and paid him,, he drove off while I entered the house. I hear mom in the kitchen from where I was standing since the house is not a big one,i smiled and went to her. I hvgged her from the back resting my head on her back,, she turned to me and t©uçhed my hair, she smiled.
” You’re finally back,, have you eaten?? Am preparing your favorite,, Sushi ” she said
” OMG,,, I’ve missed them so much ” I jumped up
” You look tired, did something happen?? ” she asked and continue with the food she was cooking.
” Mom,, I just got another job ” I said and she immediately turned to me
” what type of job? And where?? ” She asked
” A maid,, in the Silvers mansion ” I said
” What?? That’s going to be more than stressful for you Preet,,, I don’t want you to keep on working your self too much ” she said
” No mom,, I can do this, and besides am not going to sleep over. I will always come home after the day’s work,,, I can’t leave you alone remember ” I said and hvgged her
” It’s your decision,, and I will always support you ” she said Patting my back slightly .
” go on and get some rest,, you can eat later right? ”
” yes mom ” I replied running into my room
I immediately took off the clothes and [email protected] on the be-d,, I still can’t believe I will be working in that large mansion from tomorrow, this is amazing.
My phone beeped,, I took the phone from the bag and scoff when I saw the caller,, I picked the call.
📲 Hey Pretty, can I come over? I nee-d to tell you something
📲 Am waiting
I replied and hang up
I wonder what she’s going to say,,, Kate,,,,, I just like her alot and I don’t know why.
I drifted into my dream world,,,
A hand tapped me gently and I opened my eyes,,,
” Kate?? You’re here ” I smiled getting up
That was when I noticed her dressing,, she look h0t and different like those celebrities
” I love your dress ” I smiled
” thank you Bess ” she replied and I wi-den my eyes, since when did she start calling me that??
I mean, even though we are quite close. I don’t think we are best friends yet, we met just maybe three weeks ago,,, maybe she thinks of me as her best friend.
” What do you want to tell me?? ” I asked
She sighed and bow her head like she’s hiding her face,, did something happen??
” Am sorry Pretty,,,, I,, I lied to you ” she finally spoke out
” what?? How?? ” I asked
” I am not who you actually think I am ” she said
” then who are you?? ” I asked curiously
” I,, I am the fifth member of the girls band known as GOLDS,,, I am not Kate by name, I am Elena,, I am not a commoner,,,, my parents are rich and I am also rich,, Preet,, I am a celebrity ” she broke down into tears leaving me speechless
” you may be wondering why I did that,, I swear I didn’t do it just for fun,,, I only wanted to know how to live the life as a poor girl,, I want to pas-s throu-gh that life,,,,,,,, I just,,,,,,,, I am really sorry for lying to you,, forgive me plea-se,,,,, I really like you alot and if you don’t mind we could be best friends,,,,,, ”
” You can’t be a Friend to a commoner like me miss Elena,, I know celebrities like you. Are you trying to [email protected] my innocence right now?? Can you plea-se leave??? ” I yelled out sadly
Just when I thought I’ve gotten a friend,,,,
” No Preet, don’t chase me out. I am being sincere right here,,we can be friends. plea-se don’t think I am the same as Jennie,, we never get along trust me, we are two different people,,, ”
” just like you and I are two different people miss Elena,,, can’t you see?? We can’t be friends ” I said and stood up
She followed me and gr-ab my hand,,,
” School will be resuming Tomorrow,,,,,,, and we won’t see each other again ” she said wiping her tears
” see?? So how can we be friends when we can’t see each other?? This friendsh!pcan’t work,, and you know that,,,, am the one who will get hurt the most,,, I don’t have rich parents like you!! ” I yelled and also bur-st into tears
” Preet,, trust me,, it’s gonna work. I spoke with my father about you,, and guess what ”
” what?? ” I asked
” You are getting admitted into Silver Rings,,, your dream school ” she said causing me to [email protected]
” You mean,,, he’s going to make me go back to school?? ” I asked
” Yes,,, that is how much I like you and how much I want this friendsh!pto work. plea-se dont say no to me,,,, let me do this for you plea-se ” she said with a pleading face
” Are you sure?? ” I asked and she hvgged me
” So,,, best friends now?? ” she asked and I nodded
” yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you think we should [email protected] our friendsh!pnow!! ” she jumped
” How?? ”
” Get dressed ” she win-ked
I smiled and put on a hood and a short knickers,,,
” am re-ady” I said
She smiled and gr-ab my hand taking me out of the room,,,
I just wish she’s different, I heard rich kids are always arrogant and wicked.
” where are you going? ” mom asked
” plea-se mom we will be back ” I [email protected] and faced Kate,,, no I mean Elena,, she just called my mother,, mom??? A smile escape myl-ips,, maybe she’s really different
” okay,, have fun ” mom smiled
We both walked out of the house,, I was surprised when I saw the guards waiting outside ,,there are two cars also.
The door of the one in front was opened and we both entered ,,,I wonder where she’s taking me to.
The car finally st©pped in front of a mall,, what are we doing here??
” come down Bess ” she said,, I nodded and got down from the car..
She gr-ab my hand and we went inside,,,
” Pick whatever you want ” she smiled
” what?? I can’t do that ” I shook my head
” Preet,,, you will be starting school in rich kids school tomorrow. You nee-d to give them a good impression,, you don’t want to get bullied right?? ” she smiled.
” I am still not convinced ” I sm-irked pla-yfully
” okay then, let’s go back home. But remember Ronnie will be there ” she win-ked
” What?? Ronnie?? ” I asked immediately
” Yeah ”
” That’s still not convincing,,,, but I am going to pick some clothes ” I said and started taking the ones I like
I heard her chuckle and I smiled,, I can’t wait to tell mom about this .
After about an hour we were on our way to her house,,, I nee-d to talk to her parents about the admission stuff.
I waved at her as I got down from the car,,
” I will come pick you up tomorrow ,get re-ady for me ” she smiled and the driver drove off. I struggled to carry the bags,,, different clothes, shoes and bags are inside,,, I still find it [email protected] to believe,,, I met with her parents and I must say, they are really amazing. They don’t treat me like a commoner,,, and I really love being Elena’s friend.
” Where are you coming from and what are these bags for?? ” mom asked like she’s angry
” you’ve started following boys right???,, You should be careful ,,,they don’t have good things to offer you,, just,,,,,, ”
” mom,, am not following boys,, these are from Elena ” I smiled
My mom is just too overprotective about this boys stuff
” What are they for?? ” she asked
I sat down beside her with my two hands around her,,
” mom,, her parents got me admitted into Silver Rings ” I shared the good news
” what do you mean?? ”
” Her father promised to sponsor my education oomma,,,, this is [email protected] to believe right?? ” I said and she bur-st into tears
” I nee-d to thank these people,, they made my daughter’s dream come true even when I can’t fulfill them ” she cried and I feel sorry for her ma-king me also tear up,, if only I have a father, maybe life would be much better for us
” mom,, you can’t blame yourself. We should thank God that things are getting better,, I promise to study [email protected] and become rich, I will take care of you ” I said and hvgged her.
” Make sure you keep your promise,, don’t allow those rich boys to t©uçh you ,,do you get that ”
I nodded with a smile
” I have a gift for you ” she said and stood up, she went in and [email protected]£ back again holding a bead in her palm,,,, it’s a [email protected]!st bead.
” This is for you ” she smiled.
She told me to shift my hood up and I did,,, she locked the [email protected]!st bead around my [email protected]!st.
” This is a gift from your mother,, and I want you to promise me that,, the first male to see this or ever get as-ses to this [email protected]!st is going to be your future husband. I don’t want my daughter to become a public view,,, ” .
” I promise mom,, am never going to disappoint you ” I said and hvgged her again .
” mom,, the sushi ” I smiled walking into the kitchen
” It’s cold, you have to make it warm ” she said
I immediately warm it up and devored everything,, it’s my favourite food.
” Mom,, I am going to be-d. I nee-d to wake up early tomorrow and get re-ady,, Elena will be here to pick me up ” I pe-cked her cheek
” goodnight baby ”
” good night mom ” I replied and went into my room …
I dropped the bags and walked into the bathroom,, after taking my bath, I put on a light dress and la-id on the be-d.
Oh Lord I will be starting School tomorrow,,, be my guard. I prayed and closed my eyes .i moved into my dream world immediately,,,
[ the girl he never noticed ]
Episode 6 🎻💗🎻
now, enjoy…
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
I [email protected] the alarm woke me up,, damn it’s really fast. I stood up immediately, I won’t wanna keep Elena waiting for too long. I walked into the bathroom and brush my teeth before taking my bath,, after am done I walked back into the room and wipe my we-t b©dy. I ru-b the lotion and proceed to the bags on the floor,, I haven’t arranged it since yesterday, am just too tired to do that.
I searched the bags and finally find one to wear,, 70% of the clothes were chos£n by Elena, how does she expect me to wear these clothes?? I took the jean Sk-irt and a yellow t©p,,, I put it on and also with the blue snickers,, I packed my hair and folded the hand,, i hate it when it scatter all over my face. I don’t nee-d makeup,, I don’t even have 😂,,,,
I carried my bag and walked out of the room,,, I met mom alre-ady in the kitchen.
” morning mom ” I greeted and k!$$£d her cheek
” you look beautiful ” she said checking me out
” Thank you mom,,, ” I said
” Am ma-king some pancakes,,,, you should wait ” she said and I nodded
The door suddenly opened,, I walked out of the kitchen and was surprised to see Elena.
” am home!! ” she shouted and went straight into the kitchen without giving me a glare,, she’s crazier than I thought.
” morning mom,, is that the smell of pancakes?!! ” she shouted
I shook my head as I watch her sniffing in,,,, my mom ended up putting it in a small bowl,,
” thank you, I will enjoy it alone ” she smiled and walked out
” It’s for us, not you alone ” I snapped rushing after her
” where were you when I was asking for it?? ”
” But Elena,,, ”
“No but,, am eating these alone,, ” she snapped
I laughed and we both entered the car,,,
The car finally entered into Silver Rings and I suddenly [email protected]£ nervous,,, I wonder what life in this place will be like.
” come down Preet ” I nodded and went out of the car
We both started walking dee-per into the school,, I admire the large and beautiful building ,,wow,, it’s really amazing.
💋 OMG!!! It’s Elena Unnie !!!!!
💋 She’s so beautiful!!
💋 I love you so much!!! Unnie !!
💋 Who is the girl beside her?? She’s so h0t!!
💋 She look so rich,, is she a governor’s daughter??
” Just ignore them,,,, ” she said and I nodded
” This is your clas-s,,, I will leave you now. But I will definitely see you during lunch,, I don’t want you to be bored ” she smiled
I nodded again,, she waved at me and walked away. I breath out and went into the clas-s,, all eyes turned on me immediately.fu-ck!! I can’t breathe well,, I suddenly forget how to walk!!
💋 Oh my gosh ! Who is she??
💋 I love her dress,,, I love her legs,, they look straight and white.
💋 She’s got a perfect shape!! I will make her my Friend
💋 But is she rich??
💋 We should find out,,, let’s watch her
I checked the number on the close-by locker and it’s the same with what was given to me.
Now I can finally sit down,,, I sat down and unlocked it. An iPhone,, a [email protected]©p ,notepad,, and some books,, wow,,, thank God I can operate a [email protected]©p. I smiled and opened it,, I switched it on. To my surprise,, my name was alre-ady there,,, WELCOME TO SILVER RINGS PREET DAVIS,,,,,
💋 She must be rich,, she knows how to operate it!!
Can’t these [email protected] shut up for once??
Soon the door bell rings,, everyone got up and started walking out. I checked the subject we have,,, History?? Okay, you can do this Preet,, I carried my [email protected]©p and the note pad,, I actually coppied the other students who went out with their [email protected]©ps and notepad.
I stood up and walked out of the clas-s,,, a soft hand taped me from the back and I faced the person,, it’s a girl with a golden hair smiling back at me,,
” Hi,, am,, Flora ” she said.
” Preet ” I replied
” You’re new right?? ” she asked,, I nodded
” You can come with me to the history clas-s,,,, and we can be friends ” She said
” Thanks ” I smiled and we both walked into the clas-s I presume it’s the history clas-s,,,,I sat down and soon the teacher [email protected]£ in.
He started teaching,,, I made sure I listened and jo-lt some things down.
💋 Damn,, this is so boring
💋 I can’t wait to get thefu-ck out of this clas-s
The students murmured,, I waited for the teacher’s reaction but to my surprise, he said nothing.
Minutes later,, the teacher finally went out.
💋 Omg!! I just heard The Crystals will be attending maths clas-s!!!
A student shouted
💋 Oh my!!! I better get out of here!!!
Everyone rushed out of the clas-s,, they even bu-mped into me almost ma-king me fall .
” We nee-d to leave right now Preet,, I nee-d to get a better view of Ronnie!!! ” Flora shouted and gr-ab my hand dragging me out of the clas-s,,,, is this a punishment or what??
We finally got into the clas-s,, everyone sat down ,,they are more silent than usual. The teacher [email protected]£ in and started teaching,,, I don’t think the students are listening anyway.
♥️ They are here!!! Set the [email protected]£ras!!!
♥️ Oopa!!!! Ronnie!!!
Everywhere [email protected]£ filled with the light coming out from their [email protected]£ra,, are these students serious right now?? The teacher is inside the clas-s!!!
They keep on screaming out their names,,, one of the crystals blew a k!ssat them and they almost faint. I was only sitting down watching the drama,, even the teacher couldn’t say anything. He only kept a straight face,,, I turned to Ronnie,, he was expressionless ,,is he always cold as this ??
They all moved to the seat the students have prepared for them ,,they all walked past me. The moment Romeo saw me,, he win-ked at me,, I rolled my eyes and look away.
♥️ Wait!!! Did Romeo oopa just win-ked at that new girl??!!
♥️ Do you think they know each other??
♥️ Omg, I wish she’s me!!! .
♥️ Jennie’s pov ♥️
” I heard the Crystals attends maths clas-s ” Ava said and I immediately faced her
” Really??? And nob©dy informed me??!!” I yelled angrily
” We don’t know about it Jennie,,, I only saw pictures the students uploaded on the school site ” Mia answered
I breath out trying to control my anger,, I’ve been trying to talk to Ronnie but it’s like he’s too busy these days and now that we have resumed, I will make sure I get everything back to normal,, thank God the students haven’t find out about the breakup yet,,
I faced Elena who was busy with her phone,,, I scoff,, this girl is really getting on my nerves, I would have evict her from this band, but her father is too rich. I just hate her,,,
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
Finally the clas-s is over,, it’s time for lunch,The Crystals walked out of the clas-s and it was like the whole students followed them. I sighed and went out,, Elena said she’s going to see me during lunch,, where is she?? I started walking around,, I don’t even know where I can find her but I can’t go to the cafeteria alone. It will be boring without talking to anyone,, .
I saw a stairs,, on the t©p was written boldly,, HALLWAY,,, well, I can just go to throu-gh this place to see what the school looks like,,, I climb the stairs and continue looking around,, wow,, this school is really big.
I smiled at myself,, I suddenly bu-mped into someone,,, a phone dropped,, I think it’s from the person.
” Omg,, am so sorry,, ” I said and took the phone,,,, I looked up and [email protected] when I saw Ronnie facing me straightly . This is the first time I will see him during daylight,, he look really cute,,, three guards rushed to us.
” Sir,, are you hurt?? Are you okay?? ” They rushed their questions
” I am fine ” he replied and took the phone from me
” Next time, watch where you’re going ” he said and walked away with the guards behind him
I turned immediately and stare at him until I couldn’t see him again,,, He really talked to me again,, this is the second time!!
” Hey Preet, what are you doing here?? ” A voice asked and I faced the pretty Elena,,
” I was bored, so I decided to check the school out ” I replied with a smile
” Did you see something?? You look happier ” she said
” Oh,, it’s nothing actually. Let’s go have lunch,, am starving ” I gr-ab her hand like I know where the cafeteria is,, silly me .
” did you by any chance see Ronnie?? I think I saw him going toward this side ” she faced me
” Ahh,,, no,, I didn’t see him ” I lied and bite myl-ip
We walked into the cafeteria,,,
♥️ Is that not Gold Elena?? Why is she not with the band members?? She’s with a strange girl
♥️ They look like close friends,, who do you think the girl is??
We both gr-ab our order and sat down on one of the empty tables,,,
The students continue glaring at me, I don’t know maybe it’s hatred or likeness,
♥️ Jennie’s pov ♥️
I walked into the cafeteria with the other band member without Elena,, I wonder where she is. She always act silly sometimes,,,
♥️ Omg!! They are here!! They look so beautiful!!
I smiled and waved at them when suddenly i saw Elena laughing with a strange girl,,
” Who thefu-ck is that Angel?? ” Mia asked with a wi-de eyes
” Wow,, she look so beautiful. I love her hair,,, but,, what is Elena doing with her? Are they close?? ” Avatar asked
.i scoffed and walked over to them,, the students eyes followed me, just what I like.
” Who are you?? And when did you get admitted into this school??! ” I yelled
♥️ I think Jennie Unnie is actually re-ading my mind, I really want to know who she is
” Hi,, am Preet Davis ” She replied with an Angelic voice ma-king me more angry
” Preet Davis?? Daughter of who?? ” I asked and she kept quiet
” am asking, what position does your father holds??!! ” I yelled again
” Jennie,, that’s enough!!!! Who are you to ask her those questions???! ” Elena shouted standing up with an angry look
♥️ Wow,, are they against each other now??
♥️ Am taking video of these
” Can you see!! My friend is against me because of you!!! bit-ch!!” I yelled again,, I only said that because I know the students will crucify her for that.
😒 I can’t believe she’s causing this between them!!
😒 Damn,, I don’t want to hate her, but she’s pas-sing her boundary!
” Jennie st©p,, you know thats not true,, we are not even friends ” Elena said,, I smiled inwardly
” It’s fine,,,, I will just leave ” The girl said and ran out of the cafeteria
” You’re going to regret this, trust me ” Elena said and walked out .
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
I knew this was gonna happen,, rich kids are always worst. Imagine her asking me about my parents,, I can’t possibly tell her,,, they are nob©dy, if I say something then am doomed ,,,I don’t know how long I ran but I suddenly find myself in a quiet place.
I sighed out,, at last am getting a rest of mind.
I suddenly heard the Solem sound of a Piano,,, I followed the sound and I saw the back view of the pianist,,, wait ,,that’s Ronnie,,, why do I keep on seeing him anyway?
I smiled as I watched him pla-y,, he was not singing though. How can he be so cute even without facing me??
” Do you know this place is a restricted area?? ” His voice [email protected]£ like music into my ear
Oh no am in trouble,,, if this place is restricted,, then just anyone can’t come here,, what should I do right now??? But how did he see me??

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