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Love in a coat of hate Episode 9 & 10

🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
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Ciara was watching a movie in her sitting room when she heard a knock. “hold on” she said as she stood up to go and open the door. When she opened the door, Goldie walked in like a rejected ghost.
“OMG Gold, you look dead, what happened” Ciara asked as she let Goldie in.
“they didn’t even think about my happiness, how can I get married to a man I don’t know, a man I’ve never met before, isn’t that ridiculous C.J, plea-se tell me isn’t that absurd” Goldie asked in a clear whisper.
“Gold plea-se sit down, calm down and explain everything to me” Ciara said to her. Goldie sat down and told her everything.
“to be sincere with you, it’s really absurd, but Gold on the bright side, don’t get me wrong, don’t you think your parents really wants the best for you. Yes they were wrong to betroth you to him when you were a baby, but now things have changed, the guy is mature now and your parents now know him better, he must be responsible for your parents to still stick with him, if not, then what’s the deal, they wouldn’t have gone near even if his father is your father’s best friend.” Ciara explained.
“are you saying that I should marry the man I don’t know simply because his parents wants the best for me?” Goldie asked with popped eyes.
“Gold I’m sure you don’t have time for men, I mean I have seen you reject five men that wants a ro-mantic relationsh!pwith you…”
“that’s because none of them are qualified” Goldie defended herself.
“exactly my point, you never believed a man is qualified, your parents are old, and you are their only child, won’t you be happy if they witness your wedding, and also carry their grandchildren? If you do, then marry this guy. I mean for how long will you reject suitors, do I nee-d to remind that husband are scarece and the one your parents arranged for you, you wan reject am. Gold plea-se wake up oo, and I’m sure he must be handsome and filthy rich, don’t you want to spend the rest of your life in bubbles” Ciara asked with a grin.
“I do but..”
“no but, why are you dulling, don’t worry I’m sure you will even fall in love with him at first sight, and he will also love you” Ciara said dreamily.
“I hope so” Goldie replied with a sigh.
“so does that mean you’ve accepted” Ciara asked in excitement.
“it’s not as if I have a choice, I just want my parents to be happy”
“sure, but when you meet this guy, if he turns out to be a j£rk, don’t hesitate to revise your car” Ciara advised.
“I won’t, thanks a lot C.J, you are just the best” Goldie thanked her. “so how are you keeping up with the breakup?” she asked Ciara and she hissed.
“who morns over a devil? Good riddance plea-se” she replied with a wave.
Goldie laughed. She looked up at the painting on the wall which caught her eyes when she [email protected]£ in, but she was too down to ask. It was a painting of a white girl, standing with a black girl, the white girl was standing in front and she was holding a bouquet of flowers, while the black girl was holding the white girl’s dress which was flowing on the ground with tear in her eyes.
“wow, that painting is so de-ep, it speaks of racism, when blacks were slaves in the white man’s land centuries ago. Where did you buy this” Goldie asked as she admired the painting.
“it was a gift from my dad, it’s one of Jackson Jay’s paintings, I love his paintings so much, so my dad bought this one for me. Could you believe that he bought he bought directly from him just so he could prove that he loves me..”
“of course, after abandoning you for years, he has to redeem himself” Goldie spat.
“lol, [email protected]ûghty girl, he would have taken me with him, and I would have seen him Jackson Jay face to face, like seriously Gold, you have no idea how much I love this guy”
“you have feelings for him?” Goldie asked tea-singly.
“no, of course not, I mean, I love his paintings so much, which made me love him too, like a fan love” Ciara explained.
“I’m not a fan of paintings, but I’m intrigued by this one, it’s so beautiful”
“his paintings are always beautiful”
“wait a sec… Jackson Jay, sounds familiar, where have I heard that name before” Goldie asked.
“he’s popular, though not too popular, but if people who love paintings are bound to love him, he’s one of the best in Africa. Maybe someone posted him on social media, that could be where you saw him or heard his name” Ciara stated.
“I don’t think so, but maybe that’s the truth” Gold said.
“so will you go back home or will you sleep here?”
“I would like to go back home, my parents will be worried about me”
“didn’t you tell them you were coming here”
“I did, but it’s not about that, so I have to go” Goldie answered.
As she picked up her car keys, her phone began to ring.
“I’m sure it’s mum” she picked it without looking at the screen.
“hello mum” she answered.
“gross, I can never sound like your worthless mother” Rosita said from the receiver.
“how dare you call my mother worthless, listen Rosita, I can take anything from you but I won’t have you insult my mother” Goldie blasted.
“oh shut up” Rosita said.
“ you shut up” Goldie fired.
“make me” Rosita dared.
“I just did” Goldie hung up the phone. “how did that bit-ch get my number” she asked rhetorically.
“she can get anything from anywhere, that worthless swine” Ciars stated.
Goldie’s phone rang again and shi picked.
“will you st©p calling my number” she blasted.
“my dear are you still angry” her mother asked from the receiver.
“mum.. I’m so sorry mum, I thought it was… never mind, I’m on my way home, I’ll see you when I get back” Goldie said and hung up. “it was my mother, I better be going” as she was about to go, her phone began to ring again, she picked the call.
“mum I said I’m on my way….”
“and I said you should st©p calling me your mother, fool” Rosita answered from the receiver and Goldie sighed.
“oh God, what kind of ru-bbish is this, how did you even get my number” Goldie asked.
“it doesn’t matter, does it now? Anyways, I called to tell you to start preparing the bag.. I mean bags you will use to be packing my money on my wedding day, and get yourself a very good dress, not those rags you usually wear because it’s gonna be … oh my God.. a vaery lavishing wedding, presidents, ministers, Governors, s£nators, doctors, successful business men will be there” Rosita boasted.
“did you just say wedding… hahahaha… you wedding, you can’t even tie your shoes not to talk of taking care of a man” Goldie said mockingly. She put the phone on loud speaker and dropped it on the table so that Ciara can listen.
“you said I can’t take care of a man, so tell me, the almighty man care taker, how come you b©yfri£ndleft you for me if I can’t take care of a man” Rosita asked mockingly.
“that’s because you are a prostitute, a big one at that”
“you can call me whatever you like but one day you won’t even have the opportunity to see me, you will only be see me on TV” Rosita stated with a mocking laugh.
“why would I want to see your ugly face, seeing you won’t do me any good Mrs. Idiot” Goldie fired.
“maybe you will change that state ment when you hear that Rosita McCurley is married to Jackson Jay”
“what! What did you just comit from your mouth, don’t you know that it is a taboo that surpas-ses all other taboos to lie against Jackson Jay” Ciara barked.
“oh come on Goldie, why did you put the phone on loud speaker, how do you expect me to condone this parrot. And hey fool, yes I will marry Jackson Jay, I love him and he loves me too, so my dear Goldie get prepared.
“did you call me to invite me to be picking your money at your wedding or did you call me to boast about your marriage to a rich guy?” Goldie asked
“I actually called you to boast” Rosita confessed nonchalantly.
“well now that you are done, can you get out of my phone” Goldie said and hung up.
“how can Jackson Jay propose to someone like that, I trusted him” Ciara complained with a gloomy face.
“oh come on now, st©p ma-king it sound as if he left you for your best friend on your wedding day” Goldie said as she picked up her phone from the table.
“it feel like it” Ciara whined.
“it’s his life, not yours, he can do whatever he wants or choose whoever he likes, so come off it, I’m going now girl, se ya morrow” Goldie said as she walked out.
“kk, goodnight, I’m just gonna stay here and keep hating Jackson Jay for choosing that who-re out of all the girls in this world, and also I will pray that whatever charm she used used on him will clear off”
“suit yourself girl” Goldie said as she entered her car and drove off.
When she got home, she saw her mother acing up and down in the sitting room while her father sat on the couch looking a bit worried.
“hey” she called coldly as she shut the door, her mother ran to her.
“my dear are you ok?” she asked.
“I’ll marry him only if I’m convinced that he’s responsible” Goldie said, ignoring her mother’s question.
“my dear, you’ve made the right dicision” her father come=mented.
“I said if I’m convinced that he’s responsible, if not…”
“he’s responsible” her father interrupted.
“by the way, if we are going there, then we have to make it snappy cause I have somewhere else to go tomorrow” Goldie informed. “I’m goin to be-d” she added and went to her room.
“well at least she has come back to her s-en-ses” chief Anderson said.
“she was never out of her s-en-ses” his wife fired at him. “you should even be happy that she accepted and not…. In fact I’m going to be-d” she added and climbe-d the stairs.
“I didn’t mean to say that, I was just…” he tried to apologize as he followed her.
😘👄CHAPTER 10😘👄
“well at least she has come back to her s-en-ses” chief Anderson said.
“she was never out of her s-en-ses” his wife fired at him. “you should even be happy that she accepted and not…. In fact I’m going to be-d” she added and climbe-d the stairs.
“I didn’t mean to say that, I was just…” he tried to apologize as he followed he.
The Jackson’s mansion 🏘
Jason [email protected]£ home around 9:pm, everyb©dy was in the sitting room waiting for him when he entered.
“Brother Jason” Vanilla ran to him.
“hey pumpkin, how are you” Jason asked as he hvgged her.
“not fine, I haven’t seen you since morning” Vanilla whined.
“yea Jason, why did you leave so early without informing anyone, and why are you late, this is unlike you” Belinda asked.
“I’m so sorry, I hosted [email protected] directors meeting today and we just dismissed.” Jason answered.
“really? Or was it because of what dad said, about the marriage thing” Andora asked.
“if that was it, I wouldn’t have come close to this house knowing fully well that they will be here tomorrow, I would have gone to my house which I’ve not visited for like ages now.” Jason stated.
“so, does that mean you’ve accepted her?” mrs Jackson asked with a light smile.
“not completely, until I see her” he answered.
“well then, everything will be settled tomorrow, let’s go and eat now plea-se” Dr Jackson said.
“you guys haven’t eaten” Jason asked.
“we were waiting for you, we thought you wouldn’t want to come home because of this issue, so we were all worried” Vanilla answered.
“except me, I wasn’t worried” Andora said nonchalantly.
“of course, you never worry about anyone” Vanilla fired at her. She turned to Jason and whispered. “she was about crying.”
“I’m so sorry guys” Jason apologized as they matched to the dinning.
The next day (SUNDAY) ⛪🌄
Mrs Jackson and Belinda were preparing lunch in the kitchen, while the rest of the family were in the living room watching a movie.
“I just hope Dimitri won’t die” Andora said.
“oh, he will surely die” Jason replied
“and then Persophone will be f0rç£d to marry Caspian” Vanilla added.
“I thought they were [email protected]!ng” Jason asked.
“secretly, the wolf pack doesn’t know about their relationsh!p, they thought they were forcing them, but I just wish Dimitri won’t die, he’s Persophon’s hero, but instead she paid him back with evil, such a bit-ch.” Andora stated in anger.
“he was stupid, he’s a vampire, what was he doing in the pack of warewolves know that the two are sworn enemies” Jason said.
“he only wanted to find out why they were enemies so that he can st©p it, but instead he stupidly fell in love with Persophone who doesn’t deserve his love one bit, that girl will not make heaven, in fact she won’t die well.” Vanilla fired.
“will you three keep quiet and st©p spoiling the movie” Dr Jackson fired at them.
They all laughed and apologized.
Few minutes later, they heard the door bell.
“I think I heard the door bell” Jason informed them.
“me too, Vanilla go get the door” Andora ordered.
“if you get it yourself will your future husband turn to a forest beast?” Vanilla protested as she stood up to go get the door, Andora glared daggers at her while Jason and Dr Jackson laughed.
Vanilla opened the door and saw a slightly built, broad che-st, almost pot-bellied man, a beautiful slim elegant woman and the most beautiful girl she has ever seen, [email protected] from her sisters though, standing in front of her with smiles on their faces, actually the smiles were on the faces of the man and the elegant woman, the beautiful girl wasn’t looking that happy but still her beauty glitters and her b©dy speaks of peace. And Vanilla decided that whoever she is, she has falling in love with her. “hi” she greeted. “plea-se come in” she added and chief Anderson walked in with his family, as they entered the house Andora and Jason stood up in total shock, although Goldie hasn’t sp©tted them yet.
“what’s up with you guys, I know she’s a beauty but do you really nee-d to be staring as if you want to eat her in the next 2 seconds” Vanilla asked in confusion, but they didn’t say a word to her.
“you are very welcome my friend. Oh my God, Goldie you have really grown into a very beautiful woman, come my dear” Dr Jackson complemented and hvgged her.
“thank you sir” Goldie replied with a cute smile.
“is she the only one who has grown so big, look at your children, the last time I saw Vanilla, she was just 9 years old, and the last time I say Andora, she was just a 15 year old stubborn girl. Jason is the only person I’ve seen recently and he too has grown into a man.” Chief Anderson commented. “How is Belinda, hope you’ve been hearing from her” He asked.
“she’s in the kitchen with her mother” Dr Jackson anwered
“oh really, she visited” Mrs Anderson asked and Dr Jackson nodded.
“uh, Goldie my dear, this is my youngest daughter Vanilla, my second daughter Andora, and my only son Jason” he introduced.
“no way, Dora you..” before she could finish Andora alre-ady jumped on her.
“oh my God Barrister you…. I can’t believe this… you are the Goldie my father was talking about, oh my goodness, I’m super happy” she screamed excitedly, she got down from Goldie’s b©dy and turned to everyone. “I give my cons£nt dad, Jesus thank you so much for giving my brother such a wonderful woman you created on Sunday, I love you God” she screamed. She turned to Jason and added. “dude you must marry her”
“no way” Jason spat out and pointed at Goldie. “you were the blind girl that smashed my phone” he stated in anger.
“yea, I am, except I’m not blind” Goldie answered.
“yes you are, if you aren’t blind, you wouldn’t have bu-mped into me”
“why are you ma-king sound as if it was all my fault, if you were concentrating and wasn’t not pressing your phone on a walkway, maybe we wouldn’t have bu-mped into each other. You yelled at only me that night, you didn’t confront yourself also, I only kept quiet because you are a man and stronger than me, and as much as I hate to say it, you are kinda cute, so I respected you, but mother fv¢ker if you push the bulk to me again, I won’t take it lightly with you” Goldie blasted.
“what did you just say” Jason asked.
“what did you just hear” Goldie fired.
“you are so arrogant and rude”
“oh no mr man, you are the rude one here”
“umh, guys, is this how you two will be arguing in your house when you get married?” Vanilla asked.
They both [email protected]£ quiet and glared at each other, but Goldie looked away and sighed de-eply.
“ look Jason, I’m sorry I yelled you, is just that you really annoyed me, we bu-mped into each other, we were supposed to apologize to each other, and I did but you didn’t, instead you made me look like the bad one, you didn’t even ask me if I was ok, you just yelled at me as if I stole and ate the Christmas candy you wanted to give to santa clause…”
“I love santa clause” Vanilla interrupted dreamily.
“not the time Vanilla, besides, he doesn’t exist, and shhh, don’t say a word” Andora confronted her.
“well, what I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry” Goldie concluded.
“thank you” Jason said and everyone looked at him, Goldie glared at him as if she wanted to pounce on him. Jason sighed and apologized. “fine, I’m sorry too, I would have apologized then but I was really angry and it took over me, so I’m sorry”
“well, it looks like it’s been settled, Andora go and check if your mother and sister are done in the kitchen” Dr Jackson told Andora, as she as about going to the kitchen she saw her mother and sister coming out, Belinda was carrying a big tray which contains two serving pots, and a number of plates.
“hello everyone, I’m happy you [email protected]£ at the perfect time, we will have lunch as a one big family that we are” Mrs Jackson stated, giving Jason a corner eye wi-nk without anyone noticing and Jason in turn roll his eyes. She turned to Goldie. “how are you my beautiful jewelry” she asked as she hvgged her.
“I’m very fine ma” Goldie answered with a broad smile.
“mum, can you believe that Goldie was the one brother Jason bu-mped into, the accident which got his phone broken” Vanilla leaked.
“really? Wow, so you alre-ady met each other, which means you two were actually made for each other” Mrs Jackson commented.
“are you sure mum, cause they just had a heated argument right now” Vanilla informed and everyone laughed.
“and that what makes them a perfect couple, any good couple must surely argue, mum and dad will bear me witness, and also…. Wait a minute, Goldie…” Belinda called, she dropped the tray on the dining table and walked to Goldie. “Goldie.. oh my God, is this really Goldie or am I still in the dream I had last night, where Jason was getting married to the girl that saved my life” Belinda exclaimed.
“you know? I was actually thinking where I’ve seen you before” Goldie stated with a light laugh.
“ok, can you and Andora explain how you got to know her” Vanilla asked with her hands akimbo.
“Andora you know her too” Belinda asked Andora who nodded.
“wow, mum, dad, Goldie here was the same Goldie I told you about, the angel who saved me in that jewelry store” Belinda explained.
“wow” everyone exclaimed except Jason, though he was astonished but he hid his feelings.
“awwww, you are such a wonderful woman, but Andora how did you know her” Vanilla asked with her hands crossed on her che-st like a boss staring directly at Andora.
“let’s just say she saved my life somehow, story for another day.” Andora replied.
“I thought we were gonna tell them” Goldie whispered to her.
“I’m not re-ady, and besides we can’t tell them now, my parents are so happy, I can’t take that away from them, but when I’m re-ady, I’ll let you know” Andora said and Goldie nodded.
“I’m still wondering what kind of coincidence this is, Goldie, seriously I can’t believe this, my dear you are highly welcome to our family” Belinda stated and Goldie nodded.
“let’s all go and eat, as you can see my friend, they are all getting along” Dr Jackson said to chief Anderson who nodded in affirmation. “let’s go to the dinning everyone” he added. They all matched to the dinning, they purposely left two opposite seats for Goldie and Jason. All throu-gh the lunch, the rest of the family talked except the ‘couple’, they kept mute, and always glance at each other from time to time. After lunch, they went back to the living room while Vanilla cleared the table before joining them, Belinda served them chocolate and strawberry cake for dessert.
“Jason, why don’t you and your wife go and have a little chat, so you could get to know each other better” Dr Jackson said.
“is it necessary” Jason asked nonchalantly.
“yes it is” Mrs Jackson answered.
Jason stood up and turned to Goldie and asked. “are you coming or not”
“that’s not a way to ask a lady out” Goldie stated.
“I’m not asking you out” Jason said with an eye roll.
“yes you are” Goldie insisted.
“no I’m not, I only asked for you to go outside with me…. Never mind” he said and turned to leave, when he realized that Goldie wasn’t following, he turned to his father. “dad..”
“just ask son”
“you’ve got to be kidding me” he gro-an ed. “my lady, will you plea-se go outside with me, I nee-d to talk to you” he said.
Goldie smiled a little and replied. “much better” she stood up and walked to him.
“you make me sick” Jason whispered to her when she got closer.
“you are the worst” Goldie replied and brushed past him.

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