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Love in a coat of hate Episode 21 & 22

🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
©Gift Okorie💃
😘👄CHAPTER 21👄😘
“what!” Jason exclaimed
“finally his eyes are open, halleluya” Vanilla said. Andora sm-irked, Belinda was speechless while Goldie smile broadly.
“what kind of a witch is this, that’s not true and you know it, you just want…..” Rosita tried to defend herself, she turned to Jason and the fire in his eyes couldn’t let her keep the stare, she looked away.
“let’s go upstairs Sofia and you Mrs. McCurly”
The three women went upstairs, as soon as they left Rosita felt cold as if her blanket has been r!pp£doff from her. She managed to look at Jason.
“Jason it’s not true, I…..”
“will you keep quiet you shameless bloody liar” Jason fired.
“no, I didn’t, it’s just that……”
“is just that I thought I had a friend” Jason said disappointedly.
“jason plea-se….”
“don’t you dare in you entire miserable lying life mention my name, ever, and plea-se don’t show your face in my company again, you are fired.” He yelled and went back to the dinning.
And this time, Rosita shed real tears, her ticket to riches has just been torn to pieces, and she’s also fired, and that smile of victory on Goldie’s face was killing her.
“what happened Rosita, has your flower lost it’s scent, and by the way it seems like I won’t be seeing you on TV. And also I don’t think I’ll pick your money on your wedding day, what am I even saying, I mean there will be no wedding card in which Rosita weds Jackson Jay will be scribbled on it, instead you will see Goldie weds Jackson Jay… jeez I can’t believe I just said that. But nevertheless, as long as it’s not your name, I’m super ok” Goldie mocked.
“I hate you so much Goldie” Rosita blurted out and Jason glared daggers at her.
“congratulations bit-ch, I hate you more” Goldie replied nonchalantly.
“and just note that this is not over” Jason couldn’t belive what he was hearing from her, the same girl who said she hates fighting people, how could he be so stupid and vunarable.
“oh baby, it’s more than over, because there’s no way you will get hold of his wealth and get rid of him as you promised, not when I’m still alive” Goldie stated.
“what was that?” Jason asked from the dinning.
“nothing serious sweetheart, this is just between she and I” Goldie said.
“first off, I’m not you sweetheart….”
“dude, I wasn’t serious, so don’t be to carried away” Goldie blurted with an eye roll. Belinda, Vanilla, and Andora giggled.
Jason almost rolled his eyes. “Vanilla, what you told me yesterday, could it be what this peace breaker is saying in another way” he asked.
“could be” Vanilla shrugged.
“I’m not a peace breaker” Goldie corrected.
“shut up” Jason fired at her. “so this means you actually planned to kill me Rosita” he asked Rosita.
“maybe, but..” Rosita tried to say.
“which demonic realm did you come from” he fired in disgust.
“the one this witch created” Rosita yelled angrily, pointing at Goldie.
“you are so pathetic” Jason spat.
“ok, let get this over and don with and let me get out of this stupid house” Mr McCurly stated as the three men entered the house.
“I’m out of here” Rosita announced and left.
“bye fake face” Vanilla and Andora said in unison and they gave each other a high five. Belinda and Goldie smiled at each other, Jason couldn’t even un-derstand how he felt, he gro-an ed and hit his head on the dinning table.
“Goldie where’s you mother” chief Anderson asked.
“right here” Mrs. Jackson answered as the three women climbe-d down stairs.
“better let’s get this over and done with” Mr. McCurly said. “Goldie do you want to marry Jason Jackson” he asked.
“well, yes I guess” Goldie twisted her brows as she answered the question.
“whatever, Jason do you want to marry Goldie Anderson?” he asked Jason.
“yes, it’s not as if I have a choice” Jason blurted out.
“well, as a family, we pronounce you two husband and wife. Gooday”
“I hope you know that wasn’t your [email protected]” chief Anderson asked him.
“the did has alre-ady been done, so goodbye, honey lets go” Mr McCurly said and turned to leave.
“where’s my daughter” Mrs. McCurly asked.
“you mean your witch? She’s probably outside” Jason replied and everyb©dy laughed except Rosita’s mother who rolled her eyes before following her husband.
“well it’s all over, so why don’t we just [email protected]” chief Anderson said, everyone agreed except Jason and Goldie but no one noticed.
Chief Anderson went to the bar and picked a bottle of wine while his wife went to the kitchen and returned with a tray of glas-s cu-ps and a pack of jui-ce, she handed the jui-ce to Vanilla. Vanilla went to Jason and whispered. “this people don’t know me very well, I mean what the heck is this, do I look like a child” Jason couldn’t hold back the little laugh that escaped hisl-ips, Vanilla smiled as she opened her jui-ce.
Jason went to Goldie and whispered.
“that I accepted this, and the fact that you were right about Rosita still won’t make me change my mind about you, as far as I’m concerned, you are still a nerd”
“and you are still arrogant and irresponsible as far as I AM concerned.” Goldie whispered back.
“ok, alright, no fine, we shall see” Jason threatened as he nodded emphatically at her.
“you’ve not seen anything yet” Goldie replied and the next thing they heard was “cheers”
“wow, I’m so happy for you guys, the traditional wedding and the white wedding [email protected]£ has been fixed, in 2 months time you will be a married man Jay” Belinda stated.
“what! When did they fix it?” Jason asked.
“weren’t you the one who nodded when daddy said it” Andora asked him.
“I wasn’t nodding to…arrgh.. forget it” he turned to Goldie and fired. “this is all your fault, if I call you peace breaker, you will think I’m insulting you”
“no, it’s your fault, if you weren’t talking so much, you would have heard it” Goldie fired back.
After the [email protected], the Jacksons went home and Goldie went to Ciara’s house.
The Jackson’s mansion
As soon as they entered the house, Vanilla shouted. “finally, it’s over. I’m super happy”
“it’s not over, it’s just about to start, I just wish you good luck Jay” Belinda stated and Vanilla twisted her brows not un-derstanding what she mean, but she just shrugged and slumped on a chair.
“well I’m just happy that very soon we will have an heir in this family. And also you will have cousins” Dr Jackson said as he lifted summer up.
“and I pray they will come soon” Mrs. Jackson said.
“you better pray [email protected]” Jason scoffed.
“oh come on, they will come soon, I can’t wait to be an aunt” Belinda stated.
“yeah that reminds me, mum, dad, my husband will be coming home in three days time, so I’ll be going home in 2 days” Belinda announced.
“awww, but sis B I want you to stay longer” Vanilla whined.
“we all wish she will stay longer Vanilla, but she has a family to take care of” Mrs. Jackson stated. “my dear, tomorrow we will go to the market and buy some food stuff for you ok” she added.
“ok mum”
“mmmh, this one Andora is quiet, I hope there’s no problem” Mrs. Jackson asked, Andora looked at Jason.
“actually mum, there’s a problem, and if it’s not tackled now, something will go wrong” Jason confessed.
“and what could that be” Dr Jackson asked.
Jason told them everything, when he ended the story, Mrs. Jackson was alre-ady crying and Andora also. Dr Jackson was fuming with rage.
“my own daughter committed four abortions un-der my nose, oh my God, what have I done to deserve this. My enemies have dealt with me without my knowledge. That man will suffer, he will never know peace, he shall die before his time, my God will punish” Mrs. Jackson lamented.
“Andora why in hell did you tell us…”
“I’m sorry dad, I was so ashamed of myself” Andora cried.
“you should have told me, a little boy old enough to be my son did this to my daughter, Raymond Jackson you are still standing here ranting when he’s just lying down in jail breathing air, I’ll strangle him, I will kill him with my ba-re hands” Dr Jackson barked and was about to go out but Jason ran to him.
“dad it’s ok, calm down, you wouldn’t want the press to get hold of this, it will be a disaster. plea-se let it go, the police will deal with him”
“but Andora how could you do this to us, why? What haven’t we done to make any of you happy, Andora why?” Mrs. Jackson asked in tears.
Andora went and knelt before her pleading for forgiveness.
“mum, dad, plea-se, she’s sorry, I know she was wrong but plea-se forgive her, I’m sure she has realized her mistakes” Belinda pleaded.
“plea-se dad, plea-se mum” Vanilla and Jason pleaded as well.
Mrs. Jackson hvgged, Dr Jackson took a de-ep breath before replying. “I forgive you my princess, if you promise to give up that life”
“I promise dad, I promise mum”
“so when will you go to rehab” Belinda asked.
“it depends on Goldie, she said she will take me”
“only God will bless that girl for, thank God she will soon be my daughter in-law and…..”
“and bla bla bla” Jason interrupted his mother.
“you are just jealous” Belinda tea-sed.
“that’s not true, jealous of what exactly” Jason asked.
“that’s true” everyone chorused and laughed.
“whatever, I don’t care” Jason said with an eye roll.
😘👄CHAPTER 22👄😘
“so all this happened in your house today?” Ciara asked Goldie after she narrated the whole story to her. Goldie nodded.
“so he actually cares about you and he’s been pretending all this while” Ciara asked with an amused smile.
“I don’t think he cares about me, or at least I’m not sure about that, I think he did that because our parents were there”
“you think so” Ciara asked and she nodded.
“but what if he really cares?”
“Jason care about me, I highly doubt that”
“yea whatever” Ciara ignored the t©pic cause she knew it wasn’t yielding anything. “so in 2 months time you will become Mrs. Jackson, wife of Jackson Jay” Ciara asked. “without any trouble from Rosita, this is amazing”
“Seriously, I can’t wait” Goldie replied excitedly.
Is there any problem?” Goldie asked her.
“Gold, what you are doing is not fair, you know how much I have dreamt to meet Jackson Jay in person and yet you don’t want to introduce me to him” Ciara complained.
“ah ah C.J, you know how things has been ever since we met, I can’t introduce you to him just like that, when we are not even in good terms, but don’t worry, before my wedding, I’ll introduce you to him. You know you are my maid of honor”
“awww, I’m so excited, your wedding is gonna be glamourous” Ciara said excitedly.
“yea, when the couple are not, look baby girl, I gotta go. I have to rest, this coming days will be very hectic for me” Goldie said while standing up.
“abeg joor, are you the first girl that will be getting married to a rich handsome guy in this world” Ciara tea-sed.
“no, but I’m the first girl to get married to a cute arrogant prince I never knew, in my own world, so bye” Goldie replied as she went for the door.
“why not get a wedding planner” Ciara advised.
“of course I’ll get a wedding planner but I want to do some work by myself, and note that next week you are coming with me to a designer to get my wedding dress”
“I thought you would be doing the shopping in paris or London”
“no, I’ll do the shopping in Abuja, I have an Italian designer there who will make my wedding dress, and we will get the rest in sera-phina boutique and Miranda world and the rest of them”
“I love sera-phina” Ciara said dreamily.
“I’ll see you later, bye” Goldie said as she entered her car and drove off.
Goldie was in her room working on her [email protected]©p after she contacted a wedding planner her mum introduced her to. Her phone rang, she looked at the screen and saw that it was Andora, so she picked up.
“hello, Dora”
“Good evening Lady Gold” Andora greeted happily.
“thank you love, I hope there’s no problem” Goldie asked.
“not at all, I just want to tell you that Jason finally told mum and dad our little secret, and they forgave me” Andora explained.
“really? Wow, that’s very wonderful, that means that you are now free to go to the rehab”
“yes, so when will that be, but whenever it is, I would like to stay here until the wedding oo” Andora said.
“of course you will, you are one of my bride’s maids”
“yes ooo” Andora exclaimed.
“mmm, so what I’ll do now it to register you, and pay the necessary requirements if there’s any, then after the wedding you will go ok” Goldie informed.
“thank you very much, I love you so much. That reminds me, sis B said that I should inform you that she will be going back in 2 days” Andora stated. “she said that she will be coming from time to time to know how far the wedding planning has gone”
“and speaking of wedding planning, have you gotten any wedding planner” ANdora asked.
“yes I just contacted one, I’ll bring her to the house tomorrow”
“um, Dora, I’m so sorry but I have to hang up now, I’m kinda busy”
“yes my Mrs. Good night” Andora replied and hung up.
The next day.
Goldie took the wedding planner to the jackson’s house and introduced her to everyone, after some questions and answers, the wedding planner whose name betty said she’ll have to leave in order to start work immediately, Mrs. Jackson offered to give her a lift since she’s heading to the market with Belinda, and Goldie decided to accompany them to the market.
The next week
Goldie and Ciara flew down to Abuja in her pri-vate jet, to get her wedding dress and traditional wedding dress, and some other stuff she’ll nee-d like reception dress which was a beautiful Gold dinner go-wn designed by her Italian designer, and some Golden jewelries from sera-phina’
“I thought you would pick silver for the church wedding, why everything gold” Ciara had asked her when she was picking the jewelries.
“I just want to use Gold all throu-gh.” Goldie replied.
“you silly girl, you always love to be different”
“that’s me baby girl”
The shopping lasted for a week, after it ended they flew back to lagos.
“you finally [email protected]£ back, I thought you would want us to come to Abuja and drag you back to Lagos” Andora told Goldie over the phone when she informed them that she’s back.
“I would have loved that” Goldie tea-sed.
“lol, I don’t blame you. By the way, sis B is here, she wants to say hi, she [email protected]£ back this morning” Andora informed, she handed the phone to Belinda.
“hello darling” Belinda said from.
“hey sis” Goldie greeted.
“I told them you would love it if the wedding takes place in Abuja, but Jason won’t hear of it” at the mention of his name, Goldie put the call on speak out and dropped the phone on Ciara’s be-d incase there will be anything else Belinda will say about Jason, Ciara will hear it.
“he will never support anything about me” Goldie complained.
“he’ll start it in four weeks, and speaking of the wedding, the wedding planner is here, she said you should come and choose the cake she’ll ask the baker to bake, since she’s not sure if you will like the one Jason chose in your abs£nce” Belinda informed, Jason heard her and said. “I made the best choice, hers will be worst, you will see”
Goldie and Ciara giggled quietly, and Goldie replied. “shut the fv¢k up Jay”
“Goldie said you should shut the fv¢k up Jay” Belinda informed in amusement.
“what, tell her that I sai… in fact when she gets here, we will settle it”
“we will see about that chimp” Goldie said.
“she called you a chimp” Belinda said as she stiffened back a laugh but Andora laughed out.
“I will so kill that girl” Jason replied. He snatched the phone from Belinda and hung up the call. Ciara and Goldie laughed their hearts out.
“you are both gonna make a perfect couple” Ciara commented.
“like this” Goldie asked.
“don’t worry, you’ll see it”
“I’ll try and be a good wife… but I doubt he….”
“he will be the perfect husband, I promise you” Ciara interrupted.
“whatever, go get dress and let’s go”
“wait, you are finally going to introduce me” Ciara asked excitedly.
“my friend go get dressed and don’t waste my time” Goldie said ignoring her question.
15 minutes later, they arrived at the jackson’s mansion, as soon as they entered the house Jason rushed to Goldie and asked. “a what exactly did you call me?”
Goldie chuckled, Ciara who was staring at him sheepishly couldn’t believe she was actually standing in front of the man who was responsible for the paintings she has ever loved, her hero artiste, she couldn’t move or blink.
“blink and breath Ciara, you are embarras-sing me” Goldie whispered when she noticed her. Ciara managed to comport herself a little bit.
“sorry, I didn’t hear your question, repeat” Goldie said to Jason.
“liar, you know you heard my question, now answer me before I do something stupid to you” Jason barked.
“see this ode, you! Will do something stupid to me, Jay….”
“don’t call me Jay”
“shut up”
“I’ll kill this girl oo”
“I said shut up, I want to introduce someone to you” Goldie said and pointed at Ciara.
“here, this is my best friend Ciara, she’s your biggest fan in painting, after all there’s no other reasonable thing you can do” she said.
“I’ll get back to you later” Jason said to her, he turned to Ciara. “hi, I’m not saying hi to you because of this nerd, I’m saying hi to you because you are a different person, and you are beautiful and you look like a nice person.”
“did he just talk to me, oh my goodness, he talked to me” Ciara muttered and almost fell, but Jason caught her. Goldie felt a heat of jealousy burning throu-gh her heart but she didn’t want to feel that way, she’s not that girl.
*snap out of it Goldie, it’s just a celebrity and fan stuff, nothing else” she thought to herself.
Jason pu-ll-ed Ciara up. “you should thank your stars cause I don’t do that all the time. If it’s this clas-sless nerd, I would have watched her fall and break an ankle” he turned and looked at Goldie but she rolled her eyes at him. He turned back to Ciara. “but I caught you cause you used to be my fan”
“used to be, what are saying, I’m still your fan” Ciara said.
“no nee-d to be lady, cause I’m no longer into painting” Jason said.
“oh, no, plea-se tell me you are joking, you are my hero when it comes to painting, why did you st©p” Ciara whined.
“because he’s stupid” Goldie ch!pped in.
“how does this concern you, busy b©dy” Jason fired at her.
“listen I’ll….” Goldie tried to reply.
“Goldie you are here” Belinda’s voice interrupted her as she entered the living room.
“unfortunate girrrrrrrrl” summer yelled and jumped on Goldie.
“awww, my baby, how are you?” Goldie asked.
“I’m doing great” summer replied.
“and what is this stain on your right cheek?” Goldie asked her as she cleaned the red stain.
“daddy k!$$£d me right after he k!$$£d mummy” summer replied.
Goldie looked at Belinda who was smiling and realized herl-ipstick was red, so she asked.
“does that mean that your husband is here with you”
“yes, he went down the street to get something, he’ll soon be back though” Belinda replied. “well, let’s go and meet the planner”
Goldie dropped summer and followed Belinda while Jason and Ciara followed behind.
“hi betty” Goldie greeted the 25 year old, slim, light skinned wedding planner when they got to the relaxing room.
“what’s up, by the way welcome back” betty replied.
“thanks, how is it going” Goldie asked.
“fine, very fine” betty replied as she adjusted her re-ading glas-ses.
“so, let’s see the cake”
Betty minimized the folder she was working on and opened another folder which has cake pictures in it. She started scrolling up slowly.
“st©p” Goldie said as she sighted a seven step golden cake which has blue and white str!pes as a design, and gold and blue rose flowers rested on t©p of it. “I choose that one” she pointed out. She looked at Jason who looked a little surprise, but he suddenly looked away pretending not to care and Goldie rolled her eyes. She turned to Belinda who was grinning from ear to ear, she turned back to betty and decided to ask. “ which one did Jay pick?”
“the same one you chose”
Goldie didn’t know if it was a coincidence, a mistake or fate. But at last she decided that “it was a coincidence”.
“it might not have been, you can tell what…”
“it’s a coincidence alright, take it or leave it” Jason said, he slumped on a cushion and watched them.
“well what about the color of the day?” Goldie asked.
“Jason picked it and he warned that his decision is final unless the wedding will not hold.” Belinda replied, Goldie glared at him.
“and who’s begging him” she asked rhetorically and eyed him while Jason glared back.
“although I still want one more colour because I’m preparing three sets of bride’s maids for you and he only picked two colors, he said he doesn’t know what else to pick, so you should pick one” betty stated.
“ok, um, I pick gold”
“Jason picked gold” betty adjusted her glas-ses and stared keenly at her.
“he did? Ok, how about royal blue”
“he picked that one as well, those were the two colors he picked.” Belinda replied with an amused smile.
*why will he pick Gold, could it be… no, It can’t be because me, but why Gold and blue, those two colors has always been my dream colors for my wedding, but this is an arranged marriage, and I was expecting him to pick a total different color, so why did he pick my colors, could it be that we are destined to b… total bull$h!t, that’s not possible, if we are destined to be, he wouldn’t be acting like the devil in my life. So I think this is just a mere coincidence* Goldie thought to herself.
*I chose that blue and Gold because they are my favorite colors, how can she possibly pick the same thing? Maybe she chose it because Gold is her name and any matured person would love to use blue. But I was expecting her to choose pink as a baby that she is, whatever the reason is I don’t think I care, or do I. why do I feel like I’m lying to myself, whatever, I don’t care* Jason thought to himself.
“you are right Belinda, they will make a cute couple” Ciara said, bringing the two back to pres£nt.
“so Gold, any other color you can choose?” betty asked.
“well white, cause there are white str!pes on the cake, that’s the only thing I could come up with” Goldie shrugged.
“white is the best” Belinda said.
“so white it is” betty said and typed it down on her [email protected]©p.
Suddenly they heard someone slam the door so loud. They all turned to know who it was. Vanilla matched to the stairs looking so upset. She turned to them.
“I’m so tired of WAEC, when will all this nons-en-se st©p, did I tell them that I studied Biology, because I applied it in the list of my subjects, they had the guts, the audacity, the morale, the impetus to ask me about specimen, what the heck is specimen. And who the hell are Meiosis and his twin brother mitosis, fv¢k Biology, fv¢k WAEC” she fired and matched to her room. Everyone bur-st into laughter including Andora who heard her from the game room.
Vanilla U Will not kill me oo🙆‍♀️
But wait oo, so finally, Goldie is about to marry my jason. It won’t happy, Goldie I’ll deal with u, just wait and see 🙄

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