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Lasting memory Episode 7 & 8

From the writer of pia
He searched and kept on asking around until he got the right place to locate him, Python quic-kly went to the said address where Kane lives
Kane was so surprise to see Python
“This is unbelievable…I’m so surprise to see you…when did you get out…?
“hahahaha…look at you…guy…do you expect me to die in prison yard…well I was on patrol since last year…they did not want to grant me full bail but God intervened throu-gh the help of one lawyer and here I am, free at last, after years of imprisonment, it feels so good to be free…and I’m out for good this time, I never want to visit my past again…is not a place to be…I detest it Kaka…I so much detest the wicked life we use to live, the people that died because of our heartlessness, the ones we rendered hopeless…all those bad days is nothing to be proud off. we were so foolish thinking that it was wis£ness…but I’m glad that I’m among the few that got saved…I’m given a second chance to be better I will not mess it up…I served my term and here I am…you got lucky and escaped all…I envy you…I envy the fact that you did not have to experience the kind of life I experienced in prison, I envy you because your wealthy father saved your as-s and quic-kly catapult you out of the country. I don’t have a wealthy father so i took all the blame and suffer the crime that we both committed, Tiger, gras-s cuter and Razor blade are all dead, we made it…I made it out of prison is something I will never ever take for granted…life and freedom is too precious Kaka, nob©dy should joke with it…Kaka the Kaka, so how is life with you…what has being happening on this [email protected] of the planet, Kaka my man…the giant scorpion himself, the money bag, the area destroyer…the thorn in human flesh…the creat…
“enough…enough of that…don’t call me those names again, plea-se don’t call me such names …my name is Kane and that is all….we were so foolish back then without knowing it, smoking all manners of thing and unleashing terror with pride, but no more…we are wiser now…the past should remain where it belong. I’m happy that you made it out and alive and listening to you speak…I feel so glad to hear those reasonable words coming from you…my father only did what he suppose to do to cover up the $h!t, don’t hold that against me, because if you have my kind of father he will do the same for you as his son…. Well, to the mean gist, i met this amazing woman, she is everything I want and we plan to settle down soon, you won’t believe it if I tell you that she was the same slender girl I [email protected]£d that night, you sh0t his father as he tried to shoot me and her mother died that night too, the house we went to take shelter from the police and I got all h0t when the slender girl appear so I decided to devour her, I’m not proud of what I did, don’t get me wrong but destiny has brou-ght us back together, yes…years later I met her and without knowing who she was… I fell for her, de-eply in love with her, she has a daughter, who was a product of that night terror…I never knew Python until I asked her about her daughter’s father, she hate to talk about herself but that night she told me a gun man [email protected]£d her and destroyed her world, I got scared because I know I have a similar past, a terrible past…I was so scared and I couldn’t sleep for days and decided to dig de-ep, I was shock to find out that she was the same girl of that night…well, she doesn’t know who I am, and I can’t tell her now until we are married, maybe later in the future I will break the news slow and steady and she will have no choice than to forgive me because I know she loves me so much and can’t seem to do without me, she sees me as an angel without sp©t and I want to keep it that way…she doesn’t have to know anything of the past, knowing I am responsible for her parents death or I am the man behind all her terrible past may break her down, I have done many things to make her forget what her past smells like, I have being able to break down her wall of hatred, yes, I have succeeded in doing that for her, you know that with money a lot of things can change, money works like magic and I am not boasting with my father’s wealth because I have also made my own money and in return I made my father proud, money has done that magic for me and she is all mine, very soon when she finish up with her study because she is pres£ntly in school, once she is done we will become one big family, she as my wife and also with my daughter, we will become a happy family, our destiny intertwined together right from time…. we are meant for each other….
“Kaka, all this sound like a fairy tale to me, wow…this is really unbelievable…so you mean you have a daughter from that girl…and she doesn’t even know who you are…are all this stories real…I mean…it sound like a movie…wow…you got to still tell her the truth…she deserve to know if you truly love her, and if she loves you then she will have to forgive you no matter how [email protected] it is…or maybe is for the better to keep it until you are re-ady since you have bought her over alre-ady with money and she sees you as Mr perfect…well I’m happy for you, indeed, you both are destined to be together…you are really living large and my own life is just starting from the beginning again… and I will be nee-ding some money to start up my life…plea-se, give me some money so that I can begin my own life again, get a place to stay, maybe start a business or trade and become the man I was suppose to be…maybe I will find love in the future, get married and also have a family of my own if God plea-ses….and plea-se my name is not python, there is a curse behind such names and I hate to be called or reminded of what my life use to be like, my name is Wilson, you know that alre-ady…but you can call me Willy and it will still be cool by me….i really nee-d money Kane…
Kane asked him how much and he mentioned, Kane told him he doesn’t have such amount but offered to help him anyway by giving him something to start up with.
Kane and Willy talked so de-eply into the evening before he left
Willy got a small place to stay first, but the money Kane gave him was not enough to start up anything for himself, he knew that Kane has the money but don’t want to spend on him, he felt disappointed because Kane was his only hope of starting life again, he just want Kane to set him up with a good job, Kane was well connected, he can connect him to a better job or set him up with something tangible, after all he deserve more from him after taking all the punishment that was meant for both of them.
He was going to go back to his place the following week to meet with Kane again, he will let him know that he wasn’t begging him for sti-pend but for money that will sustain him, tangible money so that he can focus again, Kane shouldn’t feel like he was doing him a favour, he deserve what he was asking from him, and the least he can do was to support him and not feel like he was a street beggar, begging for alms.
Olivia visited Kane from school, she was almost throu-gh with law school, in her finals, rounding up and Kane has started planning on how their wedding will be like, he was so excited that after the years of waiting he was going to finally have her fully to himself.
Olivia was in his kitchen preparing food when Wilson arrived, Kane wasn’t so happy to see him so soon again, but he acted so cool and offered him a seat and drink.
Wilson was introduced to an excited Olivia, who was plea-sed to meet Kane’s friend, she later returned back to the kitchen excitedly, Wilson was shock to see the slender girl now a full woman, so cheerful and beautiful, Kane was indeed a lucky man to have all the good things of life coming to him
Kane gave Wilson a sign for them to move away from the sitting room to the outside cot where Olivia will not hear their conversation and Wilson obeyed and followed him outside, they sat with their drinks and talk quietly
Olivia was so eager to finish up her cooking so that she can serve Kane and his friend, who looked at her with shock written all over him, he was slim and not so tall as Kane was, Kane said Wilson has being away in another state working and just returned back now, which was the main reason she has not being able to meet Wilson before now and Wilson nodded with a smile to everything that Kane was saying
Olivia rounded up with her cooking so quic-kly, she dished out for Kane and his visitor, she arranged the tray and quietly carried it to them so that she will not interrupt their discussion, despite they were quiet with their talk but they seem to be arguing over something.
As she got close she [email protected] Wilson mentioned Kaka and immediately the tray in her hand fell to the ground in shock
Episode 8
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Olivia happily carried the tray of food to serve Kane her fiancee and Wilson his dear friend
She can see that Kane and Wilson were quietly talking as she approached them unaware. It was more of an argument than a friendly talk, Kane seems to be angrily arguing over something and Wilson wasn’t taking it cool
She knew is must be a friendly fight which happens among close friends so she waved it off and approached with full smile
As Olivia got close she suddenly [email protected] Wilson mentioned Kaka, she was shocked and immediately the tray fell off from her hands to the ground, and everything in the tray splashed the whole place
The moment Kane [email protected] the sound he was surprised as he turn to see that it was Olivia
He quic-kly rushed to her as she bent over the broken cu-ps and spilled food on the ground
Wilson also followed.
“Honey…what happened…are you okay… the things in the tray must have been very heavy.. so sorry, you could have asked for help…i would have been so glad to help know that alre-ady or you tell the housekeeper to as-sist you…i’m sorry honey….get up…come here…are you alright..?
Kane helped the terrified Olivia to her feet. Wilson also apologised for whatever happened to her.
Kane’s housekeeper quic-kly [email protected]£ out and clean up the mess on the ground.
Olivia was shaking, she was sure she [email protected] Wilson mentioned Kaka, her most dre-aded enemy, the name she does not ever want to hear or come across, the reason why she was studying so [email protected] and picking a project t©pics in school on criminology and human rights and all of the t©pics is on how to nail any future”Kakas” destroying homes and lives.
She was going to become a barrister and bring justice for the afflicted, and help those who’s”Kaka” got away without
punishment of any sort.
She was sure she [email protected] Wilson mentioned Kaka. “How can Wilson call Kane kaka, what sort of expensive joke is that, no can’t be possible” but she [email protected] the name clearly or could it be from her head. Maybe it was ringing in her mind due to too much study and having so much hate for such name.
“I’m… I’m sorry…the tray fell off my hand…i…what..what did your friend called you Just now…I mean the name he called…
Kane looked at Wilson confused, Wilson returned the look not knowing what to say.
Kane mind began to beat so fast as he wondered if Wilson mentioned something that made Olivia to remember the past, “could it be that Olivia remembers the name “Kaka” from her past” Kane thought within himself, he looked at Olivia who has stepped away from his arms.
He nee-ded to act fast.
” Wilson calls me Kane…it was Kane that he called me…or Wilson do you call me another name aside Kane…
Kane looked up at Wilson while asking him and Wilson quic-kly reply
” No…not at all…your name is Kane and that’s what I called you…I did not call any other name…
Kane turned to Olivia looking at him like a criminal or maybe is his mind that made him feel Olivia was looking at him in a bad way.
His heart never st©p beating but he did everything he can to appear calm, Kane moved closer to Olivia who took another steps back ward, away from him
” Honey… what’s the everything alright… Wilson calls me Kane right from time… you [email protected] him say that himself. What is going on…what did you hear him call me aside Kane… Honey..are you okay… plea-se…what is it?
Olivia breathed de-eply, she looked at Wilson who looked away confused, Olivia looked back at Kane who was alre-ady shaking from whatever Olivia was thinking, he had a pleading and worried crossed face. He kept breathing [email protected]
Olivia shut her eyes and opened them again, she looked straight at nothing. Maybe she was over reacting, the name must have come from her inner mind, maybe she nee-ds to loos£n up from her de-ep studies on the devil called Kaka before the goes crazy.
Olivia felt stupid for over reacting.
Kane made another attempt to come closer to her, she didn’t move back this time, he can see that she was struggling with something and refused to say whatever it was.
As he moved closer again he gently held her in his arm, he k!$$£d her forehead and her cheek. Olivia relaxed back into his arm.
Wilson stood without a word, not knowing what to do.
Kane gave him a sign to leave but Wilson nee-ded money that Kane has refused to give
If he leaves now he may not get the money again because Kane will not want him to come around especially now that Olivia is suspecting something.
Which May be a link to the unfortunate happening of the past, a link to the arm men who unleashed terror on her and her entire family.
Kane will blame him for whatever happens to Olivia and will warn him to stay far away from him
He will never be able to get the money he nee-ds to start all over.
As Kane gave Wilson sign to walk away while Olivia was in his arm, Wilson pretend not to un-derstand and stood there without moving.
Kane kept up with facial sign language, Wilson stylishly used his hand to remind him about the money, Kane made another sign of “I will call you” with his left hand while holding Olivia with the right hand.
Wilson nodded before walking away.
Olivia noticed that Wilson was walking and quic-kly pu-ll-ed away from Kane and asked Wilson to wait, he did.
” I’m so sorry Wilson, plea-se wait let me prepare another thing for you…you can’t leave without eating something… don’t go like this…this is my first time of meeting you and I really do want to make it a good memory for you…I don’t know what happened to me earlier but I leave that aside for now… plea-se stay while I rush up with something…
Olivia turned to Kane and said
“Kane, plea-se tell your friend not to go… tell him to spend more time with us so that I can prepare some thing else. I’m Just meeting him for the first time, you told me earlier that he works in another state and that’s why I haven’t met him before, now that he is here to visit plea-se allow me to prepare little something for him… Kane, plea-se tell him to stay…
Wilson smiled and looked at Kane who gave him a sign not to stay but to leave immediately. Wilson turned to Olivia who was still pleading for him to stay with a cute smile on her face which he can’t resist and decided to plea-se her instead.
Olivia went back to the kitchen to start-up another food preparation.
Kane took Wilson to another far corner outside the house.
” Guy, you really nee-d to leave my house, you can’t stay here…look at what you almost caused…she told me she can’t remember anything from her past and your pres£nce here is not a good thing at all, don’t you ever in your life call me Kaka..I mean ever…it must be the name that gave her that shock…I don’t know what happened to her but all I know is that you really nee-ds to leave right now…I will tell her that you couldn’t stay, you got a business call and decided to leave…I don’t want anything that will link her to my past… my next plan is finally settling down with her after a long wait…I love her…she is the mother of my child… well, I know she doesn’t even know I’m Emerald’s real father but I really do not want her to know… because I fear loosing her…I have established so much in her, all I want is for her to forget everything about the past and focus on what I appear to be… angel in human form, that’s how she sees me and that’s how I want to be remembered… she is my wife to be and that is what I’m focusing on right now… Olivia has never given me a cold look before…she has not act that way towards me… you saw that thing that happened earlier…it s£nt a cold Chill down my warm b©dy, I almost had a heart attack…you will not un-derstand how her earlier reaction affected me and you cursed it all…I don’t want such to happen again…so plea-se leave…
“You are talking too much, you don’t nee-d to give me all this long talk for me to un-derstand, I alre-ady did… but you still haven’t given me the money which was the main reason I’m here in the first place…Kane don’t you un-derstand…I nee-d the money…I can’t be like this… no job and no money… you have this money..i know you do…why not give me something to start a legal business…do you want me to go back to crime… involving myself with illegal things…I don’t want to go on that lane again…prison is not a place to be..i told you that alre-ady…I want to make something good out of my life and have a family some day like you are planning with Olivia… plea-se…all I ask is money to start a good business or connect me to a better job that will yield good income for me and you will never see me again…the first money you gave me I used it to secure a place to [email protected] head and the next thing is how to sustain myself, pay bills and save some for the future… help me out…. plea-se…
“Wilson… st©p begging me, st©p begging like a child, go and hustle and make money… you are a man act like one… I’m not a money ma-king machine…I don’t owe you anything… I told you I don’t have money for you now…the first money I gave you is enough to start a trade… you renting an [email protected] with it is none of my business…guy… just go into the Street and hustle, make your own money and enjoy to the fullest…I told you earlier that I’m not given you anything again…be a man… the prison you went to did not cripple you, you [email protected]£ out with your two hands and legs so work your way to a better future… I’m not your father neither I’m I responsible for you…I have helped you alre-ady so leave..
Wilson and Kane kept arguing, Wilson threatened not to leave until he gets some money from Kane, Kane later told him to go he will transfer something to his account.
And with that Wilson left.
Days later Wilson did not get any alert from Kane
He tried calling him but Kane did not take any of his calls.
Olivia went to the mall with Kane and Emerald, Kane later took them to the amusement park, he was so caring and even bought tickets for those who couldn’t afford the Merry go round.
Olivia was happy to watch him help many people, putting smile and their faces. Kane was indeed her kind of man, a man who has other people’s interest at heart, helping those who nee-ds help. A man with a large heart.
She wasn’t mistaken when she calls him angel in human form.
Kane was doing every thing possible to plea-se Olivia.
He totally forgot about Wilson, he even ask his gate man not to open the gate if Wilson ever comes looking for him again.
Wilson has s£nt messages, called Kane but no response [email protected]£
He decide within him that he was going to go back to his place again and if Kane still insist on not helping him then he will be left with no choice than to go throu-gh his wife to be, Olivia.
Kane was daring him to do his worst by ignoring him, when he start with his worst he will not like the outcome.
Because the heat will be too h0t for him to bear.
” Kaka should not dare me because he has money and feels he can get away with anything…Kaka should not try to provoke me…I can chose to crucify him, when the heat starts he may not stand it…what is really the big deal if he helps me to start my life again…is that too much to ask… after all the hell that I went throu-gh in prison..he has never suffer anything and that was why he is asking me to enter street and hustle as if he knows what hustling life taste like…Kane has the money and connection…why can’t he give me tangible cash or set me up…he is daring me… Kane is really daring me… money makes him feel like he got wings to fly out of every trouble but the trouble I will give him he may never get away from it… let me still give him one more week after then I will know the next steps to take…
Wilson drank de-eply from the bottle before settling it down.
He was going to wait for another week to see if Kane will s£nd anything for him but if he doesn’t he will do whatever comes  to his mind and that will be targeting on his wife to be, Olivia.

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