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Lasting memory Episode 17 & 18

Episode 17
© Amah
Mark examined Kane as he [email protected] on his be-d, Mark t©uçhed his wounded leg which was on a cast and supported with a pillow. Kane spoke
“How bad is it Doctor…I can tell from the constant check ups and treatment that it’s not looking so good…tell me exactly how it is…do not minced word for me…I’m not a kid
“the bullet pene-trated into your knee cap, we have operated it and the bullet has being re-moved but you will be nee-ding an orthopedic surgeon for a physical thera-py…it will help you to get your balance back…a slim chance of using your right leg effectively for now…you will be nee-ding a supporting system until after the physical thera-py is over…
“long talk…just tell me is not looking good and I will be using a crutches or a walking stick for now to support my balance….i will un-derstand that English fas-ter and better… is being two weeks alre-ady…I have not seen Olivia…How is she…I have asked you many times to tell me how she is doing and you have not said a reasonable word rather than she is recu-perating…tell me something reasonable doctor….how is she…I ask again…
“are you more worried about her or yourself…Miss Olivia will be fine…she is un-der Doctor Kate’s watch and many other doctor’s attending to her…I’m focusing on you right now…you shouldn’t worry about her…Olivia is alive and well…
“What do you mean by I shouldn’t worry about her…she is my wif…I mean my…hmmm…I messed it up. I’m sorry…I think I’m over reacting…I just never thought things will get out of hands…one of us could have being dead or maybe two of us…what I fear most caught me unaware…I’m sorry doctor…I’m trying not to take my frustration on anyone…I caused this…but I really want to see Olivia…I want to know everything concerning her health…she was not in good shape at the scene…she couldn’t even shoot me as she has intended to do…her full guts failed her but if she is given another chance to [email protected] same scene…she may end up killing me…I saw the fire in her eyes…it was a stored up anger and bitterness for the man she thinks I am…I could have being dead but she couldn’t do it…I don’t know if I would be able to live without her…I hate myself fro even hurting her…it wasn’t intentional…i…uhmmm…I just messed up big time…how is she plea-se…tell me…don’t hide anything from me…
“Olivia…just [email protected]£ out of coma few days ago and we have to re-move the life support, it was a [email protected] period of being totally off…due to the blood clothing on the left side of her [email protected], and the left side which is called hemisphere of the [email protected] controls the right side, is higher in active tissue than the right side, so Olivia was affected in that way and she had a scalp laceration which she sustained from the de-ep cut, but she is a strong woman, she fell [email protected] on something which caused the blood clothing and we have to shave off her hair to be able to run the thre-ad proper, is called suture, using a surgical thre-ad to sew up a wound…well, ever since she woke up she just [email protected] on the be-d unable to move her whole b©dy…the [email protected] has to both be active otherwise she will have a seizure but is just for now until we loos£ned up the stitches. That was why I said she was recu-perating because you may not un-derstand all the medical terms and all that is at stake.…I do not want you to panic…Olivia will be fine…and you can’t see her for now…I’m not sure she even want to see anyb©dy…you are the last person she really want to see right now…we are doing everything possible to steady her healing and she is corporating so well…
Kane was quiet as Mark finished up with him and left.
He wish he can see Olivia, but doctor Mark was right he will be the last person Olivia will want to see right now, the only thing he un-derstand from doctor Mark explanation on Olivia’s health was that she was in a coma and on life support because of blood clothing in her left side of the [email protected], and was awake now and nee-d to remain steady for her not to have a seizure. he new right when he kicked her [email protected] and she fell on the television set and most of the decoration objects cut throu-gh, Kane new a big damage has being done, even with the way she was bleeding she nee-ded a quic-k medication attention then.
He does not blame her for anything but blames himself for everything, he silently prayed that Olivia will come out of this.
Days later Olivia [email protected] on her hospital be-d and staring at the ceiling, she knows alre-ady that Kane was alive, she doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad.
Doctor Kate walked in with a smile
“You are awake alre-ady, you did not sleep for long this time….how are you feeling today…
“I don’t know how I’m feeling…maybe worst…not any physical pain though…i guess you guys keep giving me pain relieve injection to kill the pains…I just spoke with Helen over the phone and she wanted to come down but I told her to stay because of Emerald…she will be devastated if she see’s me like this…is better she remains with Helen for now…looking at the calendar this will be the third weeks I’m here…that is so long to just be in be-d…I hate hospitals and drugs…i think I just have no choice right here than to corporate with everything… even with my new skin hair cut….
“You could have died Olivia, how…how on earth do you muster such gut to handle a gun…I told you to let it go but you were consumed with hate…I’m not judging you but I’m blaming you for this…I dish out your own portion of blame accordingly. Is not about killing Kane but what if you have died in the process what will you tell your creator…Olivia, as much as I marvel at your strength and the way you are responding to treatment I also hate you for trying to kill Kane and hurting yourself instead…I have watched you this long years and I thought my constant teaching was taking root but it worked for Helen but I’m not sure it totally did for you…i love you and a whole lot of other people cares about you Olivia…why do such a stupid thing…you could have consider Emerald first, the innocent girl would have become motherless if you died…your wound was life threatening…you almost died…
“It was that heartless man called Kane that did it to me, he threw me so [email protected] and I almost loosed consciousness immediately…
“it wasn’t Kane, st©p blaming him…you did this to yourself…you wanted to kill him and he only tried to save himself from you…what do you expect…for him to remain still why you shoot him?…now after all your actions did your late parents [email protected]£ out of the grave to [email protected] for you…hailing and shouting “Olivia…our strong darling daughter well-done” did you receive any applause…I’m sure they will be disappointed, you are suppose to live for them and make them proud even though they are no more…whenever they look down at you they will have a warm smile on their faces but you wanted the opposite…you wanted to join them…at the end what will be your gain…Kane is the father of your child…and the man you have loved so dearly, you saw no sp©t in him and you drift away the second you found out about his past, he becomes a devil to you and all you wanted is to destroy him for all his past wrongs, he is sorry, he is heart broken, he regret everything that happened, he wish he can undo his wrongs…I spoke with him sometimes and he really do love you and I know you don’t want to hear that…but he do and he is de-eply sorry Olivia…plea-se don’t do this again…do not scare me this way next time..i thought I almost lost you…I wouldn’t have forgiven you if you have died…I’m sure many of us includes Emerald and also your dead parents will blame you for your own death and a little blame on Kane…being a lawyer doesn’t give you the right to take laws into your own hand…you suppose to be smarter than that…I know it was hate that drives you but is time to let it go…unforgiveness is deadly and it kills fas-ter than you can imagine…anger labels you a fool Olivia, it makes you a prisoner of your own mind….but if you can’t forgive your offender then is better to let them stay far from you, move out and move on, stay far from him and whatever that reminds you of him…with time you will grow past your hate…because I know forgiveness does not come so easy for some…it comes with a high curse for many…while others just freely let it go…if you can’t forgive then move on with your life and keep a clear distance from the person…that is what you could have done than getting on this dangerous journey…the police investigated the case, they retrieved the gun and sealed up Kane’s compound for now. I know you are a lawyer you will always pu-ll throu-gh but I am more happy you are alive Olivia, don’t ever scare me like that again…plea-se…you scared me but I’m glad you are here… Olivia…we love you so dearly…I love you and I don’t want you to hurt yourself or anyone ever again…
Kate bent over and gently hvgged Olivia and they were that way before Mark [email protected]£ in and Kate later left them
Mark sat beside Olivia
“Hey…you scared all of us…me especially…I’m glad to have you back…all those days you were in coma…I wasn’t myself…until you finally awaken…you embarked on a dangerous journey but you made it alive with all your hairs gone…but you look so pretty. with or without the hair you remain beautiful Olivia…
Olivia tried to smile at the funny joke of losing all the hair on her head, the hair wasn’t much important because she knows it will grow back all that matters to her was that she was alive and she can’t wait to bounce back on her feet.
Kane later started his physical thera-py clas-s with a specialist doctor, he couldn’t walk with his right leg without a supporting system, the bullet went throu-gh the cord that connect his kneecap to his shine bone and in the process damaging most [email protected] of his bone.
He was still in the same hospital where Olivia was also recovering, he tried to see her severally but Mark told him it wasn’t a good idea because it may make Olivia feel bitter and endanger her quic-k recovery.
Kane stayed away and focus on recovering and silently pray that Olivia will not have any side effect in the future from all the trauma she went throu-gh on her head which may endanger her [email protected] cell according to Doctor Mark.
Olivia told her personal nurse, who was place to watch her continuously that she feel better and wanted to get out of be-d and feel the sun on her face, she was tired of being inside the room, watching television and re-ading books, she nee-ded to stretch her legs a little.
The nurse helped her and she got dressed, she gently covered her head with a hood to avoid any tingeing s-en-sation that may come from the sewed up wound on her ba-re head.
As Olivia walked around the hospital she saw Kane and his physical thera-pist practicing how to walk without any help, Olivia wanted to turn back but instead went closer to watch Kane.
she stood with a frown watching him and doesn’t even know how she feel while looking at him, she still hate him for everything he caused her and tried to loos£n up from all the hate by breathing in just as Kate has told her to do anytime she feels bad, she should take a de-ep breath and relax.
As she breathed in Mark [email protected]£ to stand beside her after dismissing her personal nurse.
He t©uçhed Olivia gently with a smile, she looked at him but did not smile back before looking back at Kane
“you still love him…don’t you…you love him, remembering the way you felt so concerned on that very day…you were so worried thinking maybe he was dead…you weren’t even concerned about yourself…you went on crying that you have killed him even after I as-sured you that he was alive…it was after then you pas-sed out…you loved him despite everything…
“I don’t know what I feel right now Mark, love, hate…more hate or just neutral…but it doesn’t matter…I can’t remember panicking and asking you if he was dead or alive because I really don’t care…I can’t remember saying that I killed him…maybe you [email protected] it from someone else but not really from me…I don’t care about Kane…he almost killed me…Kane almost killed me…he threw me into those TV set after sweeping me off from the ground and I fell face down with a broken nose…he then decided to threw me with f0rç£ and I could have died from there…he is very wicked…he wanted to kill me and I hate him for that…
“hahahaha…Olivia you are so funny…no…no I’m not laughing at you but at the tune in your voice…you both almost killed yourselves…you almost killed him too remember….he is also recovering from the after effect…the injury which will leave a scar on him. and you are recovering from the same thing that could have killed you…we try to make sure you don’t have a [email protected] damage in the future…that can be harmful…and your b©dy will have scars which you will sure remember in the years to come…I’m not supporting him but I’m not bias… I was so angry with him when I saw all that he did to you…I was bitter as I administer different drugs that night to keep you steady, I’m a doctor and I shouldn’t hate on my patient but Kane can see his wound physically but yours is more of internal wounds and it could be so dangerous…we were alre-ady planning on how to bring in international surgeon for your sake while you were in coma…and you surprised us all by coming out of coma so fast than expected…some people doesn’t survive this…they go from there while other have to use a life support for the period of six months that they will remain in coma…but here you are….i know he almost got you killed but I’m glad you are fully alive and recovering…
“I don’t un-derstand all this long talk all I know is that Kane is a wicked human being, he almost killed me after saying that he loves me….how can you hurt someb©dy that you claims to love…what if I was dead now…he will start feeling sorry…ru-bbish…
Kane turned his back with the help of his doctor and saw Doctor Mark first standing at a distance close to his thera-pist clas-s, Kane looked twice before recognising the other lady on a long hood covering her head, he muttered silently “Olivia” Kane saw that Mark was standing very close to her, smiling and saying something but she wasn’t smiling.
Kane swallowed [email protected] and asked his doctor to give him his crutches after taking hold of it he started leaping towards Olivia who after she noticed him coming towards her gently turned and started walking away as Mark led her back to her room.
Episode 18
After a long stay at the hospital Ken was later discharge, he was still unable to walk normal so he got a home physical thera-pist, who will be coming twice to his house every week to mas-sage and constantly train him until he becomes stable with his two legs.
Olivia refused to see Kane or talk with him all throu-gh the period in the hospital.
She tried every possible means to avoid him until he was discharged
Kane’s house was back in order, everywhere cleaned up as if nothing happened.
His securities and house keepers were back to work.
Kane still felt empty without Olivia in his life.
With the help of his walking stick which he uses to support his right leg he stood up from his room and walk out to sit on the steps with his phone as he went on surfing the net.
He tries to occu-py his mind with his browsing but he still drift off to Olivia.
Wilson visited him and they sat and talked about life and everything generally.
Wilson stayed until night falls before leaving.
Mark who seems to be spending so much time with Olivia [email protected]£ again that afternoon ma-king it the fouth time he was checking on Olivia that day.
Olivia who has insisted on leaving the hospital soonest was taking a nap.
As Mark entered her hospital room, Olivia was asleep and her personal nurse was out to do her laundry.
Mark sat beside her on the be-d and watch her sleep peacefully.
He looked at her and breathed de-eply, he brushed his f!nger on her hand quietly.
he knows that he shouldn’t be doing that, tou-ching a slee-ping patient in that manner, it wasn’t professional, but when it comes to Olivia he can’t help himself, Olivia was more than a patient to him.
Mark gently raised Olivia’s hands to his warm palm before lifting it to his mouth.
He gently placed a k!sson the back of her hand and as he tries to lower back the hand Olivia woke up and Mark quic-kly sat up, straightened himself as if nothing happened.
Olivia stared at him with a frown.
Mark was quiet wondering if Olivia noticed that he just k!$$£d her hand, but he remained quiet as he stared back at Olivia
Olivia spoke out
“Why are you looking so lost Mark…is there a problem…
“Just a little worried that you will soon be leaving us…you insisted on going home…I… just don’t know why it has to be so soon…I feel worried because complications may arise…why not stay for another extra week let’s watch and make sure you are stable…
“I have spent over a month in this hospital…I nee-d to go home… I’m tired of this place… doctor Kate said I’m free to go but my personal nurse will go with me to make sure I’m well settled but I don’t nee-d the nurse’s help, she have tried in caring for me all this while, she is a human being and also nee-ds rest…I feel fine, I nee-d to go back to my normal life… being in this hospital can be so tiring… st©p worrying about me… I’m fine…I feel fine and if any complications arises I will definitely call you over but I’m not sure there will be any trouble with my health…
“What of Kane… will you consider him again… after all this…I mean do you still love him or you will give another person a chance into your life… there are people dying to have you in their life… will you ever give another person a chance or you still have Kane in mind…
“Mark… Love and relationsh!pis not my trouble…I have other pressing nee-ds but definitely not a Love life…I just want to get out of here and get my life working again… I’m not planning for any relationsh!p… not now or later…I have gotten alot to chew alre-ady from life…once I’m out of here I’m focusing on myself and my daughter… that’s all.
Mark nodded sadly and later left as Olivia’s nurse returned back from the laundry.
The next day Kate [email protected]£ and talked with Olivia for a very long time.
Kate’s talk with Olivia was very interactive as Olivia responded so well.
She as-sured Kate she has made up mind to let all the grudges and stored up hate for Kane go despite how [email protected] it is she just have to move on for the sake of her daughter Emerald her heart was so empty and she want to fill it up with other beautiful things aside man and Love.
Kate supported her, telling her to take her time, everyday at a time and she will heal from all the sadness and lost.
Olivia later left the hospital and went back home
She drew out a different Life plans for herself and her daughter inclusive.
Olivia employed a new housekeeper and cook and also a driver who will be driving her until she is able to drive on her own.
A day [email protected]£ and she asked her new driver to take her to the cemetery and he drove her down.
Olivia walked to her parents grave side with two fresh wra-pped up flowers in hand, and stood in between the two grave side.
“Dad…I promised to return with details about how I will destroy the man that killed you and Mom… and [email protected]£d me… who’s name happened to be Kaka…I promised to bring words back here…well i kept to the promise… the good news is that I did not only disappoint him at the wedding but I also sh0t him… and the bad news is that i almost died too…I felt like a murderer after shooting him and thinking that I killed him… I’m sorry…I couldn’t do it the way I have wanted…I wanted to kill him but I just couldn’t…I probably failed again or disappointed you but it was for the best…I know you and Mom Will not want me to trade on this revenge path… that is not who you are…you brou-ght me up to be loving, contented and forgiven and that’s what I want to be… I’m gathering strength everyday to accept the fact that you and mother are no more and to forgive the man behind your deaths…I almost lost my life in the process of revenge but I’m glad to be alive…I have accepted my fate and sketched out a new plans to pursue…I nee-d everyday strength to achieve all my purpose…this time around there’s no Kaka or Kane in this new plans…is Just me and Emerald for the time being… thank you for being a great parents to me. you and Mom will forever live in my heart. I love you Dad…I love you Mom… may your kind and loving souls continue to rest in peace…
Olivia dropped the two new flowers she brou-ght on their graves side, she k!$$£d her hand and placed it on her father and also her mother’s tomb before walking away.
That evening she st©pped by at the exact address where Wilson lives.
Wilson was shocked and afraid when he saw Olivia. He just returned back from his daily business and was about to retire for the night when Olivia [email protected]£, he never knew that Olivia knows where he stays.
Wilson was afraid as he stammered, he stood out with Olivia.
“Good…. Good…evening…I..I mean how are you doing… Olivia..I’m so…rry…so Sorry, I..nev…er thought that night will turn out the way it did on that day your parents died… Kane made a mistake and he hates himself more than ever…he feels God was punishing him for all the attrocities he committed and couldn’t face punishment like I did…I never wanted your family to be hurt… all we planned is to take shelter just for the police searching for us to pas-s by but it turned out far more than we bargained for… I plead for your forgiveness… from your recent fight with Kane which almost claimed your life and that of his…I [email protected]£ to un-derstand the fact that you have known for a while but stored it all in… I’m de-eply sorry…I can’t justify our wrongs and why we tried to cover up our terrible sins all this while…i plead for your mercy Olivia…
“Is okay Wilson, I’m not here to kill you for shooting my dad dead…or to throw Judgement at your feet…not at all… I [email protected]£ in peace…if I wanted to hurt you…I have many ways to do that…you did what was required of you by saving your [email protected] in crime…I do not blame you for my parents death…I never have. I only channeled my hate on Kane because he caused it all… and I’m here to clear that fact…I know you sh0t my dad but I have decided to pretend and move on because is really [email protected] to say I will forget…I won’t be able to forget but I will try and forgive… I’m doing what my father will want me to do…so Wilson i wish you nothing but the best in this life… have a good night rest.
Wilson stood there puzzled, not knowing how to respond as Olivia turned and drove off with her driver.
Few days later Olivia was on phone with Helen and she also spoke with Emerald who wanted to come back home to her. Helen wanted to travel down to visit Olivia who she has not seen for some months now
Olivia agreed to their coming as Helen planned on the day to travel back with Emerald.
Olivia was watching a movie in her room when she [email protected] the door bell, she has told her house workers not to answer the door so that they will not open up for the wrong person
Olivia went to answer the door by herself and it was Mark
After he was invited in and sat in the parlour, a fruit drink was offered to him of which he drank gently, Olivia sat opposite him.
“I was around the neighbourhood so I decided to check you up…
“Aaah… Mark…I don’t believe you… when do you start having business in my neighbourhood… Tell me that you drove all the way down to check me up…I will totally un-derstand….
“Hahahaha…you caught me in my own lying web, I admit…yes, I [email protected]£ to check up on you… just to make sure you are alright…I also miss you Olivia…but I can see you are doing so fine… those glows you usually have around you is returning back and your hair too is growing out…
“Yea, the hair is growing back and I wear wig whenever I’m going out but walk comfortably with my real self whenever I’m home… that’s the logic and is all cool…
They both talk and laugh before Olivia [email protected] her phone ringing and she excused herself and went to her room to receive her call.
Kane, [email protected] that Olivia was out of the hospital and back to her house decided to pay her a visit.
“Even if she doesn’t still want to see me I will remain there until she gives me audience…it will be difficult living without her, I don’t know if I will be able to do that… Olivia have to hear me out… she has to know that I love her so very much and also Emerald. my daughter is the reason I can’t give up…I will fight until I’m able to win Olivia back.
Kane drove down and parked outside Olivia’s gate before taking his walking stick and walk into Olivia’s gate as her security man who happens to be the same old person there for long opened the gate for him after greeting him warmly.
Kane gently walks to Olivia’s front door and rang the bell, he waited patiently and silently prayed Olivia will not kick him out.
Kane was surprised as the door fling open and doctor Mark stood with a frown looking at him
He was speechless as different thought crosses his mind but he managed to speak
“Good day doctor… good to see you again… I’m here to see Olivia… how is she…
“Good to see you too Mr Kane, Olivia is feeling tired, she nee-ds her rest… I’m not sure she is re-ady to see you today… Olivia really do not want to be disturbe-d… she maybe nee-ding a shoulder and back mas-sage before going to be-d so I’m here to do that for her which will soon be our normal routine…she feels safe having me around.. I’m sorry…maybe you can go and call her before you come next time…
Kane looked at doctor Mark, he bent his head for sometime as he looked down on his well designed walking stick.
Kane looked up again not knowing what to say or do as Mark stood like a b©dy guard on Olivia’s door.
He quietly nooded and turned, Mark thought Kane was walking away but instead Kane found a place close to Olivia’s frontage and sat down.
Mark went to him again
“Mr Kane…I said Olivia won’t be able to see you today… she doesn’t nee-d any thing that will rise her blood pressure…go back to your house and call her before coming…if she refused to answer your calls then s£nd a text message to her but Olivia will not be able to see you today Mr Kane…
Kane sat properly before saying
“Doctor, I [email protected] you the first time I’m not deaf…but I will rather sit here and wait for Olivia to come and tell me to leave by herself…but if not then I’m not moving an inch out of here… I’m not disturbing your mas-sage or whatever…I will only sit outside here peacefully…. don’t be bothered or threatened with my pres£nce…
“I’m not threatened Kane… I’m sure you will be wasting your time here because Olivia will not be able to see yo…
Olivia suddenly spoke behind them and made both of them to turn to her
“Mark, let him in… allow him to come inside…
Kane quic-kly stood with his walking stick and started going inside, he looked at Mark and smile while a disappointed frown settled on Mark’s face as he gently followed Kane behind and entered inside.

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