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Lasting memory Episode 13 & 14

© Amah
Olivia stood closed to the window, looking out at nothing as she consume her mind with different thoughts, she breathed de-eply and continued to stare at nothing.
Her phone was ringing again but she ignored as usual and remained focus at whatever she was staring at. Helen spoke from the background as she move closer to stand with her
“Babe…babe…your phone is ringing again, he is still the one calling…you have been standing at this window for almost an hour and has refuse to say anything…I un-derstand Olivia…how terrible and unbelievable all this are…you have always being a strong woman, I envy your kind of strength babe…I usually say that to you….i still wish I’m as strong as you are…now Is time…time to show this strength that you posses inside of you…you can overcome this…for the sake of those that love you and for Emerald sake…whom you carried without shame, bore and nursed her and have never st©p being a great mother to her…Kane or Kaka or whatever his names are can not make you break down…I’m still in a shock, finding it [email protected] to believe is been him all this while…Jeeezzz…this world is a terrible place to live in…so terrible…nob©dy can tell who is who anymore…maybe I have to check if my husband is one of my step father’s relatives…is very funny but things are really happening…but I know Francis can never have a bloodline from such a terrible man… oh my God, Babe what do you plan to do now… you almost got married to him without knowing this de-ep…hvge secrets…your wedding is three weeks from now…how could Kane…I mean Kaka…whatever…all this years you have being with him and he never find it necessary to tell you who he was…he was probably afraid to say it…is terrifying to even believe all this is happening…
Helen kept on talking but Olivia was quiet and continue to stare at nothing, she wasn’t listening, her mind was occu-pied with different things, Helen gently t©uçhed her and she turned and move away from the window to sit down.
She has being waiting to wake up from this night mare since yesterday, hoping and silently praying is not true, pinching herself just to make sure she is not having a bad dream, she has checked herself severally wondering if she was day dreaming, still waiting to wake up from all of this because the heaviness of it all will be too much to bear.
Olivia suddenly stood up, picked up her car key and phone, she told Helen she was going, Helen asked her where she was going to but she didn’t reply as she stormed out and drove out with speed.
She kept driving until she finally got to where she was going to, she didn’t bother stepping down immediately as she held her steering and place her aching head on it.
She stayed that way for long before finding the courage to step down and quietly walked out.
Olivia pas-sed so many well constructed tombstone, the whole place was so still, soundless. The synonyms that is commonly used to define a deadly quietly place is a grave yard, people usually say “as quietly as a graveyard”, and they were right, because this place was deadly quiet. Olivia thought within herself as she continued to walk down until she got to a twin tombstone, standing beside each other.
An inscription was on it. The tomb wasn’t like this few years ago, but she later paid people who raised it up to a better standard. She couldn’t give her parents a befitting burial, she couldn’t fulfil her promise of ma-king her caring and loving father proud even after they died she still did not make them proud. Her father must have felt disappointed in her, all this years of being with a man who murdered them in cold blood.
Olivia cleared a place and sat down quietly close to the two tomb belonging to her father and her mother.
She did not utter a word immediately as she sat in silent, she face her father’s tomb, shut her eyes and opened it, she breathed down before finding the word to speak out.
“you were my hero, a good husband and father, you loved mother and loved me, you called us “your girls” you cared for mother all throu-gh the time she fell ill, you struggled to make sure I attain height, despite there was not enough for the house upkeep you s£nt me to school to study and become whatever I want to be, I see your struggle which you try to hide sometimes, I can write a long composition about you, and a whole rim of A4 paper will go half from writing about you father, you died while trying to save me. You saw it all even before it happened…mother was worried about you, we wondered what was eating at you, but you couldn’t even say what exactly you battled within your mind, we never knew that the real darkness”>darkness was coming until it [email protected]£ and totally consumed you and mother and I ask my self severally why it spared me…I wanted to die that night, I have wished we all disappeared from this crazy and wicked world… But for whatever reason I was spared, I had Emerald, she is growing so well… Father, I finished up with school, I have everything except two of you, and do you know who takes credit for all this so called “good things” in my life, do you know who is behind it all..? is you and mother’s killer, Kaka…hmmm. it has being Kaka all this while, all this years it was Kaka…my worst night mare, the man who killed you and mother untimely, together with his friend, they killed you and mother and crumble my entire world and since then i vow with this your grave never to spare such a man, I studied so [email protected] for the same curse, to bring people like him to book, I never knew that my worst enemy, the dre-aded devil himself was the same love of my life, the man I believed to be so perfect, and angelic being. Father our wedding is few weeks from now, I could have being long time married to him without truly knowing he was the man I have fought in my mind all this years…you and mother’s killer. Hmmm, father I felt like I have disappointed in everything, I failed in my promises too. Sorry is not enough to explain how I feel. i…I practically killed you over and over again when I went about with the same man who killed you first…he tried to make up with his money, s£nding me to school, opening a supermarket and many other things but he has failed to bring you and mother back to life, his money still has not being able to bring you both to life…father do you know the painful [email protected]…Kaka did not face any judgement, he walked free after unleashing terror, I listened to him yesterday and [email protected] his friend said that he took all the punishment meant for both of them and went to prison while he was s£nt abroad, Kaka did not face any kind of punishment father, not from the land, not from the law or even nature… his money saved him from all of this…but it won’t save him forever…I will make sure of that…I hate when someb©dy preach to me about forgiveness, do they un-derstand what forgiveness really means, I could forgive a man if he cheat on me and hurt me, I will forgive a man who stepped on my feet unknowingly, a man who ran into my car and I caused an accident… I can also forgive this, I could forgive anything but how do I forgive a man who finished an entire family, a man who killed my sweet mother and my loving father, beat and [email protected]£d me without remorse, we have never offended any one, father you thought me how to live a simple life and stay in my lane and I followed all this teaching carefully until the same man I looked up to disappeared like a wind by the devil’s angel himself.. People who talk about forgiveness…hmmm… I just wish they will take a walk in my shoes, feel what it was like to loss a kind and daring man that you are…a homely and un-derstanding mother…my loving caring parents to a man called Kaka, Kaka traveled out after the whole mess, while I mourn he was living his life, while you continue to lie in this cold grave he was having the best of his life and saying to himself “I’m not proud of my past but it has turned out to be a blessing because Olivia and Emerald who is my biological daughter will be mine, we are meant to be one family, my past is turning out to be my blessing”. hahaha, Father can you believe he said that, He actually did…what a lame and stupid excuse, a very nice way to move on with his life. I can’t bring you back…if money would have…I’m sure you and mother will be alive right now…I will return soon to give you details of how it all went. This is my battle father, Kaka scaled throu-gh everything, the land, the law and even nature failed to punish him but I’m sure he won’t escape from my claws, maybe it has being divinely arranged for this day to come when he will get his own share of punishment, from me and I won’t fail, I won’t fail you this time. I will certainly get my own pound of flesh…and come back with details for you and mother… I don’t know when but I will certainly return. Keep resting father…keep resting mother.
Olivia wiped off her tears and walked away.
She zoomed off and went home, her daughter was home and doing her home work on the re-ading table while the nanny makes dinner.
Olivia’s phone was ringing again and it was Kane, she picked it up
“Olivia…where on earth did you keep your phone, I have being calling since yesterday, I was alre-ady planning to drive down to your school to know what is happening…why aren’t you taking your calls…and you did not return any of the calls…Olivia, are you alright over there…you got me scared and worried…what happened to your phone…I even try calling your friend Helen…just to ask if she has heard from you but she is not taking her own calls either…her phone rang continuously but she did not pick or return my calls…I don’t un-derstand why you will always make me to worry so much over you…do you know how I feel if I don’t get to hear from you…I will become scared thinking that something bad might have happened… Olivia is not right…my heart has being troubled since yesterday….
“I’m sorry, i misplaced my phone, and couldn’t find it on time because it was on silent…I could have called with another person’s phone but I have being so buried with this project work, trying to finalize everything so that I can come home to you…I’m sorry Ka..kane…I will keep my phone close to avoid missing your calls again…
“Alright, I feel better now that I have [email protected] from you, I miss you honey, everything about you and I can’t wait to have you all to myself…come home soon so that you can get your wedding go-wn and every other thing that you may nee-d…
“in a second thought…I think you should go ahead and get whatever you think is cool, any wedding go-wn you pick for me I will wear it, you alre-ady know my size and what I will like…so go on and get it, I may come home and feel tired to start going to a wedding shop, you know the stress with school, and our wedding is few weeks from now…I may not really meet up touring bridal shops for a wedding go-wn…plea-se go ahead…
“Alright…I will do that, I actually suggested that for you before but you strongly opposed it, I’m surprised that you changed your mind but glad to do your shopping for you…I will take a picture of it and s£nd to you to make your choice…so that once you come back it will be to the alter straight and we will live happily ever after…
They talked some more before Olivia told him she nee-d to go to be-d and rest, Kane later ended the call.
Kane was happy as he started checking wedding go-wn online. by tomorrow he will go to any fine bridal shop he searched out online, he will go and properly check the go-wns for his lovely wife to be
Episode 14
She was a learned lawyer which made it easy for her to draw out all the plans, she has typed out all the docvment, everything necessary, and within two weeks everything was re-ady, she could have leased it out for a period of time, maybe five years or more but she decided to sell it off instead. She contacted real estate managers and they quic-kly put it out for her and without wasting time buyers began to show interest.
Different buyers contacted her throu-gh her estate mangers while some spoke to her direct with their different prices but she was looking out for more than just the money.
She didn’t want to waste time on bargains, Olivia was very [email protected] about time, and she did not have enough of it.
Olivia finally accepted a buyer, different people has being coming, she has put it out as very urgent and will be given to the first set of buyers, and different companies and big personalities has being coming to bargain for the price but she finally got a someb©dy who she handed all the docvment to after signing.
The money was quic-kly transferred to her account, her estate managers were well settled.
The new owner agrees with Olivia to change the name from Olivem to whatever he plea-ses after four months of buying it and he also agreed to retain the staffs too and can bring in more staffs if he de-sires so.
Olivem was in her name, the property belonged to her but not anymore, she sold it all out.
After selling Olivem supermarket without Kane’s knowledge she moved on with her next plan.
She handed Emerald over to Helen, who traveled out of the state with her, enabling her to concentrate on her mission.
She paid Emerald’s nanny off and she left.
Olivia drove down to see Kane as he has being calling all this while and she being giving him different excuses of being away but promise to return a week before the wedding to try her wedding go-wn and every other thing.
Olivia drove down to Kane’s place, he was outside waiting for her arrival, the security man was happy to see her as he greeted her cheerfully.
She went in with excited Kane, immediately they got inside he gently drew her into a hvg and try to k!ssher.
She turned her face, smile and stepped away.
“honey, what’s wrong, is there a problem…oh wait… is my mouth smelling…I can quic-kly brush up…hahahaha…I missed you so much honey…everyday without you in it is so empty…I just can’t wait for this wedding thing to be over and I’m so happy you are done with school, I will finally have you all to myself…are you not happy about that, I miss you honey more than you can imagine…
Kane made another attempt to k!ssher but she pu-ll-ed out again from him still smiling as if nothing was wrong, she was putting up a fine acting but de-ep down she was bleeding.
Olivia wish she can quic-kly put a bullet to his head so that he can join all the people he has killed, Olivia imagined different things as she stood staring at Kane and smiling so well while her thought was consumed with what she planned for Kane.
She stared at the face of the man she has loved so de-eply all this years not knowing he has always being her enemy, her worst night mare, a murderer, her parent’s killer, pretending and lying to her face all this years. She will not spare him, Kane will not escape from her claws. He has escaped from everything that could have punished him for all the children he rendered orphan, for wealthy home him and his gangs wrecked, for all the blood of the innocent he has shed that cry out for vengeance. For those with wounded heart who cried to their grave, lives where turned upside down because of a man like Kaka who escaped all of what could have punished him because of his wealthy father. Nob©dy avenged for the poor and the helpless people whose hope he destroyed, no justice for the afflicted.
She could have finished up with school and become whatever she wanted to be if Kane has not killed her father, her father would have made her dreams to still come throu-gh but the man standing before her killed him with her mother and try to make up at same time receiving glory which wasn’t befitting him.
Kaka was the man that stood before her and not Kane, because Kane died and disappeared from her life the day she found out the truth, every Kane in her vanished like thin air and left a monster called Kaka, her hate was much more than she has ever loved, it consumed her every thinking and whole being.
Olivia was fully in on this, she was not just doing it for her parents but also for many others whose hope was bashed and never gets out of the mess that their oppressor created, justice must be served. “he who kills by the sword must die by the sword”
Kane has incurred many charges in the court of law, serious charges like murder, possession of fire arms, robbery, [email protected]£ and so many others and such a person doesn’t deserve to walk free after committing all this crime. Kane will have his own [email protected] of the general cake so that he can find out how it taste.
“I miss you too Kane, more than you do but you know our wedding is few day from now so let’s try to keep this few days a little holy without getting so inti-mate…after all I’m still yours, you will have me the way you want…so be patient for the remaining days…wait until the wedding is over…I’m always here for you…
“oh really…oohkay…is kind of difficult just staring at those finel-ips of yours without a k!ss…or cudd-leor even more…you know what I mean…hahahaha…but I will try and wait…I’m a very patient and obe-dient man when it comes to you…every of your word must stand my royal highness…if you want us to wait…fine, no k!ss!ngbut maybe a little cuddle…plea-seeeee…don’t leave me like this…hahaha…having you in my arms is all I want…I won’t do more than that…but I’m not promising…hahahaha…I’m so happy honey…finally…I feel like tearing down the roof with this whole joy in my heart…you are going to be my wife, we will both be a great parents to Emerald…a great loving family…that’s my heart de-sire and is all coming throu-gh…thank you for staying by myself all this years…your pres£nce in my life have made me a changed man…I love you now and will continue to love till I draw my last breath…we will have more children if God plea-ses and grow old together…I’m forever yours, I have seen different women, different sizes and height but I have never seeing a woman so beautiful, loving, caring, so un-derstanding…a great cook, homely and very friendly not just to me but to everyone…like you, you posses it all and even more….you are so special Olivia and I love you with my every breath…and will love you forever…
Olivia kept smiling as Kane [email protected]£ closer and k!$$£d her forehead, he try to hold her but Olivia walked away.
Kane showed her the go-wn and many other things he bought, he told her he has even booked a makeup artist for her but Olivia told him to pay the person off because she has her own makeup artist who will attend to her.
Kane bought things for her and Emerald, he has paid for everything, the caterers, ph0togra-phers and the video coverage, the venue inclusive and all the decoration that was alre-ady on going.
Invitations has being s£nt out to people who are looking forward to the day.
Kane urged Olivia to try the go-wn but Olivia said he can’t see her in her wedding go-wn before the wedding day because is not right and Kane agreed with her.
Olivia later left with the wedding go-wns.
The day finally [email protected]£ and Kane was so excited as him and his men dressed up that morning for his wedding.
Kane checked his bow tie to ascertain if it was in order, he smile into the mirror.
He practiced different smile to know which is lovelier to smile to Olivia when she walks down the aisle to meet him.
Today was the day, he has waited for so long for this day to come and is finally here, he called Olivia that morning to inform her that he was alre-ady on his way and Olivia told him that she and her girls were rounding up with their makeups and will soon be on their way.
People were alre-ady gathering at the venue as Kane arrive with his men, Wilson was among Kane’s groom men
Kane and his men stepped in with style into the auditorium. A lot of people cheer at them as he walked down with his men in suit to wait for his beautiful wife to arrive.
Olivia stood in front of the mirror and stare into it with a frown.
She was dressed in her wedding go-wn. Her phone rang and she picked up
“Hello ma…is re-ady, we are waiting for you…everything is re-ady…
“Okay, thanks… I’m coming out now….today is a good day…few hours from now I will be married…is a good thing…I’m glad is all going to happen finally…so the wedding first…my groom is waiting…of curse I’m happy…a little patient…I’m coming out gently before I ruin my beautiful go-wn…
Olivia stepped out with a smile, as she whispered again to herself
“Today… is my wedding day”.
To be continued

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