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Kamma’s regret Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5
WRITTEN BY Nnenne uju izuanabgara
Kamma [email protected]£ home. she never thought life would turn out this way. She walked into her sister’s room. She could not talk. she just sat down looking into space.
–sister(crying) nob©dy to talk to.
you were the only one i heard when difficult situation comes up. sister, because of what they did to you, i went to a native doctor to kill whoever will be my mother in-law.
ADA NNEM, i never knew i would have the best mother in-law in the whole world. i have a car, i work in a big company, so many other good stuff my mother in-law has done for me but i don’t have JOY. once i.get marrried to UGO, mama will die.(crying) i had to see the native doctor, he said the only options i have is either to bring her to the shrine or cook with the blood of a chicken for mama.
SIS, i cant. i can’t go with either of the options. what do i do? .(all adaobi could.say.was MAMA. KAMMA WEPT)
Their mother [email protected]£ in.
-choose the second option.
(KAMMA was shocked) mum, have you been listening?
-oh yes my child.
-mama i can’t. how can i add the blood of an animal into someone’s food. i’m calling off the engagament.
-not on your life. NWAKAMMA, good things like this don’t come easy. you want to loose all? Just like that? Hmmm, see, God saw what i went throu-gh with ugodiya and Collins her son. i will make sure you don’t throw it away. see how good you look, you own a car, you have a good job and you never even enter well. listen to me, you will not loose this. infact, i will not loose this kind of in-law. Now you are not in this fight alone. i am with you all the way. We shall go with the second option. i’m going with you. (she left the room. All adaobi could say was MAMA, MAMA. It pu-ll-ed out tears down kamma’s face.)
WEDDING PREPARATIONS are going on. KAMMA prepared mama’s favourite. oha soup and wheat. she added the fowl’s blood in the soup and also added to the wheat.
Mama told KAMMA to come and sit on her [email protected] so she can feed her.!!!
KAMMA felt like running away. She just wished she could lie that she doesn’t eat oha and wheat. Mama has prepared it because of her countless times.
YES!!! she is fasting will do the magic.
-mama, i’m fasting. 6 to 12. would have loved you to feed me ooo.
–(laughter) for what? this my daughter nawa. my baby you have me, who is so re-ady to take care of all your nee-ds and world’s best husband who can buy you the whole planet if possible. Your wedding has been taken care of. why are you fasting?
-mum, you are so right. but i really nee-d to pray for my wedding. so many wierd things happen on one’s wedding day. only prayers can protect spiritually.
-mmmm, you are right. well, this one will not kill the fasting and see it’s 12:57. abeg open your mouth and eat with joor. (laughter) ehen. ezigbo nwunye nwan.(my God daughter in-law)
KAMMA was still finding it heard to swallow the food, mama [email protected]£ with meat.
-ngwa eat meat.
-oooooh mum. you will take my back to orobo o.
-abegi. just a bite of meat. eat joor.
KAMMA took a bite.
-ehen. see that’s how it will be o, when UGO finally takes over. (laughter)
KAMMA felt it wasn’t harmful afterall it is meant to save life but when the fowl’s blood comes to mind? She feels like throwing up.
Kamma continued to add fowl’s blood to food she gives to mama. She actually put the blood in a black container and kept it in her fridge. so each time she is to cook for mama, just like oil she used it. GOD HAVE MERCY. She also continued to eat with mama.
One week to her wedding, something like boils started growing on her skin. within three days, KAMMA’S SKIN WAS COVERED.
She was taken to the best hospital. Nothing was found. The boils were so h0t. she would cry all day.
One day the native doctor appeared to her. He told her she wasn’t suppose to eat that food with mama. The death has been transfered to her. She will die slowly and painfully.
KAMMA was dying. Mama could not hold it anymore. She felt she was paying for her sins. She felt UCHECHI’S curses are begining to manifest.
UCHECHI was once ugo’s [email protected]£. Mama does not like uchechi at all. Uchechi was smart, she has the charisma that could steal people’s heart. Ugo loved her dearly. Nothing mama said or did for them to break up worked.
UCHECHI got pregnant and mama didn’t want it. “THIS STUPID GIRL CAN NOT MOTHER MY grandchildren, NEVER!!!” she would always say .So she planned with TONYE the cook. She paid TONYE 200k. She gave TONYE a substance to give to UCHECHI .
Uchechi got the message. She was happy that for the first time, mama wants her to dish her food. Over excitement clouded her mind of reasoning.
So it was, as uchechi was adding the substance, Mama raised alarm.
MAMA, you asked me to dish your food and add this to it.
What lie!!! Since when did you start dishing my food? TONYE Is in charge of my food. So you want to kill me.
No mama.
Oya stir that food very well and eat. Prove your innocency by eating that food.
Mum what’s going on?
Your useless uchechi added something to my soup. She said it is salt abi? No problem, let her taste it.
” BABY,ugo called, what are you doing close to mama’s food? When did you start dishing mama’s food?”
“Honey, she answered crying, was TONYE o. He told me mama said I should dish her food and add this salt to it.
Mama shouted, my friend shut-up and taste that food, in fact you are eating the whole of it.
UCHECHI ATE the food. One hour later, she felt like using the toilet. She was pas-sing out blood. From her an-us to her nose, then her ear, in fact even her sweat turned to blood. She was rushed to the hospital.
Mama was just shouting THANK YOU JESUS, IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME OOOOOOOO. She went to the hospital to see uchechi.
I thought you were smart. Come and marry my son lemme see. (When she noticed the nurses were coming she started acting up.
UCHECHI, WHY DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME OOOOOOOOOO, CHIM OOOOOOO.(the nurses were calming her down. Uchechi replied her)
-MAMa, you will never enjoy a good daughter inlaw. The one you choose will not last.(she died)
MAMA felt like letting kamma know but she feared kamma will hate her more.
Kamma too wanted to tell mama, but she felt mama would abandon her. Her own mother could not stay with her when she [email protected]£.
The hospital could no longer condole KAMMA. Her illness is beginning to defile medical intervention. Therefore, the chief medical director of the hospital had to discharge them. He advised that kamma should be taken to the church or something because they have tried all they could.
Mama cried bitterly. She blamed herself for bringing this upon KAMMA. KAMMA has been brou-ght home to her mother in-law’s house. Ugo doesn’t come at all to see her. Her siblings did not as well. Only mama. She stayed by her all throu-gh.
This made telling mama the truth so difficult for KAMMA. Mama did all she could to revive her but couldn’t.
One day, mama decided to tell kamma the truth. That same day, kamma dreamt where she died. She also decide to tell mama the truth before she dies.
Mama sat close to her. With tears in her eyes she started.
– MMA, I have a confession to make. This sickness is my fault. It’s as a result of what i did five years ago. (Mama narrated her story) uchechi’s curse has affected you. plea-se my baby, I’m so sorry. plea-se don’t die. I will fight for you to be alive.
Tomorrow, I will be traveling. A friend of mine is taking me to a native doctor. My dear daughter, (crying) you will not die, you get back to your feet and my son will marry you. I will leave you in the care of the nurse.
-MAMA, KAMMA called faintly. I also have something to say to you.
– don’t worry. Save your strength for me. When I return you can tell me.
—————-THE NEXT DAY————
Mama and her friend embarked on a journey. Lo and behold, the native doctor was AKPUDA.
Meanwhile, the nurse who was in care of KAMMA is a child of God.
Mama and her friend got to AKPUDA.
-We meet again EZINNE.
Mama fainted when she set her eyes on AKPUDA.
Nurse Ella as-sured kamma that Jesus who could raise the dead, will certainly heal her. Kamma decided to open up to NURSE ELLA.
Nurse Ella led her to Christ. She pleaded to God for mercy. For hours all they prayed and asked the Lord for was mercy. Nurse Ella was crying so was KAMMA.
After the prayers, Kamma did what should could not do for months now. SLEEP. Kamma sle-pt all throu-gh the night till 12 pm the next day. Nurse Ella stayed by her all throu-gh, praying and calling upon God.
Mama’s friend was confused. AKPUDA ordered her to leave and never mention she saw ezinne or brou-ght her here if she doesn’t want to die.
When Mama regained consciousness, AKPUDA laughed [email protected] at her.
-when one door closes, the gods in their wisdom opens another. We meet again my run away love. This time, I’m not letting you go. See how fresh you are. Looking so young at 60.
– (Mama was crying) Ugogbe she called , plea-se I beg you, let me go. My daughter in-law is very sick. plea-se I know you won’t give me solutions but plea-se, let me go back to her. Ugogbe plea-se.
– shut-up, you ingrate. I gave you the life you are enjoying now only for you to pay me back with so much wickedness. I am no longer ugogbe as you can see. Your wickedness turned me to this. The gods showed me mercy by restoring my powers to me but could not get me back to myself as punishment for being careless. Because of you ezinne, I was banned from getting married by the gods. I paid such a hvge price just to have my powers back. Ezinne, forget about townsh!plife. Welcome to the bush. Be rest as-sured that I will kill you. I WILL DEAL WITH YOU SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY. YOU WON’T LEAVE THIS PLACE ALIVE.
Mama cried and cried. She begged and begged. AKPUDA tied her up and threw her into a dark room.
AKPUDA who was once known as ugogbe was the son of enyimba, the great priest of ARUNSI.UBIRI. He was too handsome and tall. He fell in love with EZINNE. They later got married.
Hatred for ugogbe started when the gods chose another wife for him. He was to get married to the priestess of elu-iyi. Their son will take after him.
Ezinne got angry. Ugogbe taught Ezinne how to prepare a lot of charms. Words to use, what to say and how to say them. Ezinne used those against him. She Turned him into a dwarf because priestesses don’t marry dwarfs. She ran away to the city. In the city, she fell in love with a young man called uche. With ugogbe’s charms, she made him bastardly rich but killed him 10years later because he was planning to elope with her best friend Beatrice.

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