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Kamma’s regret Episode 3 & 4

Ifeoma, Anayo’s wife, walked into Ada’s room.
-Ada, good morning dear, hope you sle-pt well?
-good morning ma. yes i did. thanks to you and your husband.
-Ada, i am so sorry about all you’re going throu-gh with mama. i went throu-gh tougher times till i learnt how to ACT SOFT and PRAY [email protected], this situtation calls for God’s intervention o. i must congratulate you for your-self control but my dear, you cannot continue to do it by your own strength. one day, you will be fed up and be f0rç£d to act. You nee-d more than your own ability in this fight. give God space to set the pace.
-s£nior, ah done hear. you see this church thing, i’m not cut out for it o. i love my husband. my love for him will help me overcome mama’s nons£nce. plea-se i’m hungry. gimme food abeg.
-hmmm, ada, i have been throu-gh this before, i could not do it on my own until i started ACTING SOFT but PRAYING [email protected] i bent my knees for heaven to stand for me. Mama is a manipulator o. you see this love you are talking about? mama in a split of seconds will destroy it. you nee-d to give God space to set the pace. The love you have for your husband is not strong enough to wedge this terrible wind.
–s£nior, thank you ma. The food plea-se.
That afternoon, Ada got a call. it’s from her husband.
—hello obim
—who-re!!! how was last night with your man? Ada, what have i not done for you? what are you lacking? because my mother warned you over your vigorious spending, you angrily left the house. Wait o, did you ever tell your man you are married? he has so gone into you that he now takes your calls?how ironic!! i call my wife and a man takes the call. i work my as-s out here to give you a better life and how you could pay me back is cheat?
—-honey listen
—-shut up!! who is your honey? listen carefully, as we speak, i have told mama to change all the entrance keys. she should also throw your things out. You abandoned my sick mother for another man? we shall see.
—Ewooo, chim ooo, mama has kiled me. (she fell to the ground) mama has finished me. what did i do? what was my offence? chim oooo(crying) nne dim egbuo m ooooo(my mother in-law has killed me)
—ada, ogini? what is it? did someb©dy die? (she started rolling all over the floor) oh plea-se, ada what is the meaning of this now? plea-se dear, can you put yourself together and tell me what the problem is? what did mama do again?
—-aunty ify oooo, s£nior ooooo, mama oooo, mama lied.(her face dropped the other way. she had fainted)
—-Ada, Ada, Jesus!! not in my house. not in my house ooo, Jesus come ooo
(she rushed in to get water. she sprinkled and sprinkled and then started pouring, no way. she called her husband. he arrived 30 mins later. Ada was rushed to the hospital. she was placed on oxygen.The doctor, anayo, and ifeoma started a conversation).
—she just started shouting (ifeoma replied), she was shouting mama, mama has killed her. the last word she said was MAMA LIED.
—–who is this mama? (doctor fabian asked)
Anayo and ifeoma looked that themselves.
—-we have to investigate who this mama is.Her blood pressure is really high and do you know she is pregnant? she started bleeding when you got here. who knows what this mama did to her. we nee-d to find out plea-se. Her state is very critical one. we would just hope on God. excuse me.
ifeoma and her husband were devasted. ifeoma started praying.
No one knew how Ada’s brothers got to know what happened. Those boys? naturally mad, behavorially insane, morally abnormal. The four of them matched to Collins’ [email protected] They met FAROUK. farouk told them eeeeverything as in everything that has been going on. Mama wasn’t around. They decided to wait patiently.
News reached Anayo in the hospital that Ada’s brothers, four of them are in his brother’s house waiting for his mother, he took off. He has witnessed where one of them called ARABA acted. it was bad.
Anayo was caught up in a traffick. He just parked his car and took bike.
mama arrived in ADA’S car with her driver.
ARABA opened the driver’s side.
—my friend jumpuo out. (the driver was trying to drag the door with him. he received a dirty [email protected] and jumped out without knowing) ngwa una(go home)
The one called NSOGBU opened mama’s side.
—–So you are the anu (meat) na hangi mmadu n’eze(hanging on the teeth) he dragged her out and gave her dirty [email protected] The other brothers started breaking the cars in the compound.
Anayo met them almost beating up his mother.
—-plea-se calm down. biko nu, biko nu!! gbaghara nu biko. (plea-se
—-Anayo, nwannem ka mma gi ji eti sampe. (your mum is dealing with my sister) ojukwara ase? (did she ask?) ona omaro?(she doesn’t know?) ADA NNEM. ha!!! nne gi ekuruko nsi o. oga anu ya ka akamu o. (your mum has taken pooh, she will drink it like pap)
After much arguments, they left. mama could no longer stand. she was breathing very fast. The cars in the compound have been
destroyed. He rushed back to where he packed his car before he could get back, mama was alre-ady unconcious. He quic-kly put her in the car and drove to the hospital where Ada was.
lo and behold, her brothers were in the hospital demanding their sister should be transfered else where.
After extreme explainations from the doctor, they agreed but told the doctor that no member of collins’ family should come near the door of her ward let alone come close to her.
Mama nee-ded oxygen too. The hospital had just one. She was taken to another hospital.
WEEKS LATER, COLLINS [email protected]£ BACK. He reigned fire and brimstone. How he was going to kill ARABA and co, theIr mother, and entire village.
Anayo took the whole day to explain. He was the one who took Ada to his house, He was the one who picked that call.mama flogged ada with a cane. All he s£nt to ada, mama will always seize. Mama is jealous of Ada and so on.
Ada lost her sanity. mama recovered.
Collins could not hold back his tears.
-i have the money. i should have rented her own [email protected] as she requested or better still allowed her stay with her people. i never knew mama has been lying to me.
Ada will just be gazing at empty space. The next thing you will hear is MAMA.
Her family was mad. Her mother cried and cried. Her brothers wanted to make more troubles. Their mum begged and begged. if ma-king trouble will restore Ada’s sanity, she would have permitted them.
Collins s£nt mama to the village. collins went to visit ada but her brothers refused. Her pregnancy was still intact. How it happened no b©dy knew. it was just a consolating miracle.
ADA’s brothers returned the.pride price. The marriage between collins and adaobi ended.!!! she should have listened to IFEOMA.
NWAKAMMA ada’s only sister could not ba-re it. so she went to see AKPUDA the dwarf herbalist. She doesnt want a mother in-law. if the man who will marry her has a mother, let her die the moment she becomes a wife to the son.
AKPUDA asked to see her palm.
-hmm, my child, your destiny is different. you will have a good husband and the best mother in-law.
-Papa, i don’t want a mother in-law. merem ihem gwara gi biko(do what i asked of you plea-se)
-i still think you should wait till you get married. if she gives you problems then you can come.
–Papa noooo. my sister is pregnant and has has lost her sanity. my only sister because of mother in-law. i don’t want. do what i asked for biko.
—-nwa m,(my child) i still insist…….
—papa, do it.(crying) each time i remember my sister, my heart bleeds. do it.
—hmmm ok. i will.
Some months later, KAMMA met UGO. a very handsome guy, loaded with cash. She loved him for real though, not for the cash.
They went outing one of the days and ugo told her something that almost made her throw up.
—mma, i must tell you this. My mum is not easy atall. i have been in different relationsh!ps. she crashed them!!!
Kamma opened her mouth wi-de!!!
-don’t worry sweetness, this time, it is going to be my own way, my own choice and my own decision. She wants to ruin my life because i’m an only son? mma, plea-se my love, you are my last bust©p. i’m telling you this so you will be prepared and stand by me. our love will pu-ll throu-gh no matter what.
KAMMA got home that day and was pacing around in her room.
-heeeey!!! eheee? hmmm thank goodness i insisted with akpuda o. you see? and akpuda was saying my destiny is bright. but, what did my sis and i do? that bad mother in-law is our punishment. just look at my pretty sister, mad and pregnant. tomorrow that demon of a man will marry someone else.
Thank goodness, i have made hay while the sun is still shining. Before she will make me mad, she will die first. nawa oooo.
Some days later, UGO told KAMMA he would like to take her to see his mum.
The expression on kamma’s face said it all.
—-heeey(laughing) don’t worry sweet. i’m in control here. you will be fine.
They got to UGO’S mum residence. The unexpected happened. Mama saw KAMMA and smiled.
—wooow, beautiful lady:you are welcome dear.
son, how are you?
—-fine mum..
—good. argh!! i’m in love with this girl. my dear, are you married?
—–no ma.
—very good. (to ugo) nwa m , (my son),this is your wife. you will marry her o. such a nice humble girl.
—hmmm, ugo sighed. mama, that’s why we [email protected]£. she is the woman i want to marry.
—-ehen!!! iji ya ooo(that’s it) my son, you have made me the happiest mother in the world. so you have achalugo like this and you’re bringing all these meat- pie girls. Thank you my son. What’s her name?
–Nwakamma and kamma for short.
—-mma my daughter,. God bless you, you will give birth to children. i will carry your children on this my back. (laughter) welcome my child. (she looked at the clothes KAMMA was wearing) i don’t like this clothe your wearing o. let me get my car key. i’m taking you shopping.

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