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His Village bride Episode 17 & 18

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Noel Innocent
Chapter Seventeen 📖
” what was the [email protected] for ” tony [email protected] his cheek while I fake a frown ” you told me to [email protected] you whenever you misbehave ”
” am sorry ” he run his hands throu-gh his hair ” I do know am weak okay ” he sit on the couch covering his face with his hands
” look at me tony ” I re-move his hands from his face ” Lisa and john are plotting something ” he furrow ” am not mad at you, am happy you control yourself and told me all that happen but we have better things to discuss ”
” like what ” gr-abbing his hands I draw him to our be-droom and shut the door behind us ” sit ” I told him and he did just that
Opening my wardrobe I bring out the little box open it and show him their marriage certificate
Tony eyes were open wi-de with shock not believing his eyes ” is this real, how could john do this to me ” he stare at me ” I thought we were best friend and Lisa is his step sister ”
” look we are not certain at all things okay, maybe they are not related and there is more ” I show him the cocaine picture I took ” I think they are dealing with drugs too ” cl!çk!ng the video I took moments back Tony watch it with shock all over his face
” I think they are with your do¢v-ment, the day we went to that water fall they might have took it ” tony nod then stare at me
” what do we do now, how do we control all these, what are their real plan and if Lisa is truly pregnant then am not the father ” tony purred ” are we going to act like we know nothing ”
Pacing around the room I think for a while ” I think so, we haven’t gotten your do¢v-ment and we nee-d to find the real plan” I stare at tony ” I want you to get close to Lisa, make her think you have fallen for her. I nee-d you to treat me as trash ”
” no way Lucia ” tony shake his head ” I could not treat you like that, Lisa will look down at you ”
” look we are just pretending okay” I bend down between his legs ” this isn’t forever, we nee-d to do this to get to the root of the matter ” tony stare at me for a while then chuckle ” what’s funny ”
He made me sit on his [email protected] then he rob his cheek ” who will think that my village bride is so smart ” I hit his head pla-yfully
” I do re-ad books okay, am not just all villiage ” he nod then k!ssme cheek ” are you sure I can do this, staying away from you will hurt ”
” that doesn’t mean you can sleep with her okay ” I fake a frown then he chuckle
” I promise ” the door to the living room open and I stare at him
” time to act ” I said and he nod
Chapter Eighteen 📖
Walking downstairs I stare at Lisa, smiles on her face and I just had to smile, I shove my hand in my pocket and stare at Lisa ” where were you ” she furrow her brows
” what does that mean ” she asked dropping her bag and I just have to hide my irritation
” you’re my responsibility, you’re carrying my child, I do nee-d to know your where about ” Lisa face light up and she draw closer wra-pping her hands around me, hvgging me ti-ght
I look at my left and caught Lucia starring at me, her face cover in annoyance for a while before it come to a smile ” what is happening here ” her face went back to annoyance
Lisa withdraw and flash Lucia a lazy smile ” Tony is taking care of his child mother Lucia ” I try [email protected] not to push Lisa back
” I was just checking on her for a while Lucia ” Tony said robbing her tummy and smiling at her ” the baby seem to be growing day by day ”
” yes and I was wondering if you could take me out, to some place special ” Lucia separated me from Lisa and [email protected] Lisa face
” stay away from my husband Lisa ” gr-abbing Lucia hands before she could [email protected] Lucia again I push her back, in a harsh way as she fall on her bu-tt
” Lucia she is pregnant, something you have not given me, do you want to kill the baby ” yelling at Lucia tears drop from her eyes and I had to hold back from carrying her in my arms
” are you picking her over me ” Lucia stand to her feet and run upstairs ” Lucia wait ” when I tried running after her Lisa hvg me from behind st©pping me
” thanks for siding me” she rob her tits on my back ” let me plea-se you ” turning around I place my hands on her shoulder and put her in an arm length
” I dont nee-d you to plea-se me Lisa ” I rob her cheek in a soft and caring way ” let go out, somewhere to talk about the reaction of the baby ”
Before she could gr-ab her bag I lift her up in my arms and we walk out, I hope Lucia check that bag for more Prove
gr-abbing her key I went downstairs, today I have to find where she is living and know what all this plotting is about
Walking downstairs I look around before opening the door but something st©p me, her bag, she left her bag and I have all the time to explore what’s in the bag
Opening the bag I brou-ght out her make up things out and then her phone, turning it on I type tony name but it didn’t open, I type john and it didn’t open either, I type Lisa, it didn’t open
Frowning i growl and type Lisa and john name together and it open, thankfully it open
Going throu-gh it I open her gallery and saw different kinds of $h!t between her and john, nothing important is in here
I swift to her contact and wrote down everyone she called currently down. Dropping her phone I saw more cocaine and then tony do¢v-ment
If it’s here that mean they are done with it and plan on dropping it back to where it belong, putting everything back in her bag I also drop the do¢v-ment to see if she will drop it where it should be
Walking out of the house I head into an old neighborhood, following john text message to Lisa phone identifying where he is and she should meet him there
Arriving I slowly walk into the house, its an old house, looks like it will fall down anything
Turning on my [email protected]£ra I video everything am doing, the house was fill with papers and different note book, I carefully walk into an unknown room
Tony picture, his dad and mum picture was on the wall, cancel mark was on his parent face but on his was a pin
This only means they had something to do with tony parents death and now they want him dead but why, what did he do
” Lucia Lucia ” john voice echo and I quic-kly turn around he stood there holding a gun and smiling ” who would have thought you will visit ”
Looking around my heart keep beating fast, how do I get out of here, john is holding a gun which is a bad sign ” they is no way out Lucia ” his voice grew closer as he walk towards me
What will happen now

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