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His Village bride Episode 15 & 16

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By Noel Innocent
Chapter Fifteen 📖
” dont you think their relationsh!pis weird ” I asked while eating the noodles tony prepared and is it really delicious
” you mean john and Lisa?” Tony asked his attention still on the television ” I don’t see anything wrong, they have always been like that ”
” so you mean they hvg and squee-ze each other as-ses” I asked and that draw tony attention to me, his brows furrowing
” you saw that happening or you are guessing ” tony asked, I wasn’t really sure john squee-ze Lisa arse that’s the only reason I said
” I saw them hvgging but I think I saw john holding Lisa arse” tony title his head to his left, he was quite for awhile before nodding his head
” I just dont think john will have something to do with Lisa, I mean she is his stepsister ”
” stepsisters and brothers usually get involved with each other. They are not related by blood ” taking a sip from my wine I [email protected] and tony eyes burn into mine
” maybe ” standing up tony move towards my couch and sit next to me ” I was Wondering what will they be doing together, I mean I have a feeling they went out together right ” I nod my head glad that it wasn’t only me suspecting john ” john has been my friend since college, why will he wants to hurt me ”
Tony hands slowly move on my th!gh, upwards inch by inch ” a saying goes, be close to your friend but closer to your enemies ” tony chuckle then nod, he isn’t taking this serious ” Tony this is serious ”
His hands resting on my [email protected] he slowly went to his knee, pu-ll my [email protected] down, push my meal far away and li-ck hisl-ips ” I know, I haven’t st©p thinking about you since we left that water fall” tony [email protected] I will be damn if I dont agree on how his words turn me on
” Tony!” I said in a fake serious tone and he sm-irk spre-ading my legs wi-de, his eyes burn into my mound as he use his hands to t©uçh my cl!t in a swift motion, quic-k plea-sure move throu-gh my b©dy and st©p
” you’re alre-ady getting we-t for me princess ” tony grin ” are you re-ady for my Cook in you princess” his breath hit my slit and throw my heads back when he di-p two f!ngersinto me
” oh god!!! ”
He thrû-st the f!nger dee-per hitting my g_sp©t and repeating the same movement, my b©dy felt like its about to break into two ” $h!t princess you’re still so ti-ght ” tony [email protected] I could feel myself at the edge
My [email protected] building up ” tony…..a…….gonna ……” I [email protected] not able to get the words out properly ” scream my name princess” tony growl and with that am caming ha-rd and full
” that was amazing ” I mumble still trying to catch my breath ” I know princess ” tonyl-ips caught mine in a de-ep and rou-gh k!ss
His mouth devoured mine in a completely knew way, the sound of his Zi-pper coming down got my attention, I felt him at my entrance and I [email protected] into his mouth “Mmmmmm”
He thrû-st in slowly, he felt hvge compare to last night and his b©dy keep stretching mine in new possible ways ” oh god……tony…’re so hvge ” I [email protected] the moment the k!ssgot broken and him hitting my wo-mb
” I can’t help it princess” he pu-ll all the way out and back in a fierce motion ” each time I set my eyes on you, it feels different ” he lift my arse off the couch and move even dee-per completely fulling me up ” fv¢k!!”
He move his h!ps fas-ter hitting my wo-mb ” ohhhhhh” my [email protected] were building for the second time and tony seem rather insatiable, my b©dy was growing weak fill with pressure with all the ban-ging he keeps giving me ” am gonna ¢v-m ” I rush my words
” oh princess you feel so good and fv¢king S-xy” tony growl ” you love getting fv¢k like a slut don’t you, you damn slut ” his words did it, giving me one more thrû-st I [email protected]£ ha-rd , heaving de-eply
Tony didn’t st©p ” oh god tony…….I can’t ” my weak b©dy was weak but it still responded with his t©uçh, his eagerness
” just a little more princess ” tony [email protected] ed ” just few thrû-st and am gonna be there …..fv¢k!!!” He [email protected] filling me with his milk, his head thrown back
For five minutes we were quite starring at each other with de-sire in our eyes, I bite myl-ips and he growl
” that was magnificent princess ” he k!ssmyl-ips before pu-lling out, his seed flow down my th!gh and I watch him stare at me ” you’re beautiful ”
” well….. Thank you ” I bite myl-ips and I know that turn him on really well ” behave princess, you won’t like me fv¢king you again ” I chuckle using the pillows to throw at him
Closing my legs I tried standing in order to wash up but the moment I did I was s£nt falling and am great full tony was there to catch me ” easy there princess ”
” its all your fault tho ” I mumble and he lift me up, my hands wra-p around his shoulder as he take me upstairs
” but you do love whatever I do to you ” tony sm-irk and I giggle before nodding ” always ” k!ss!nghis cheek he smile
After a h0t shower tony move to his study room and within minutes he was back looking worried than ever ” Lucia did you happen to find any do¢v-ment containing the foundation of my company ” I shook my head and watch him run his hands throu-gh his hair ” I can’t find it ”
” let’s look around, it has to be somewhere around here ” standing to my feet I join him to check the entire house but its nowhere to be found
” maybe I left it in the office ” tony mumble and I nog but my thoughts wasn’t with him, tony never leave his do¢v-ment in his office and the look he has now approve that thought
“The do¢v-ment was here last night right ” i asked and I watch tony nod ” I think so ” he mumble and I sit on the couch
Lisa and john was all alone in this house the entire morning, they wasn’t fv¢king because when we step in, the house still look fresh and the scent of S-x wasn’t anywhere
What where they possible doing. Tony walk back upstairs while I was left thinking trying to know what john and Lisa will get out of all these
Lisa is pregnant and john is her stepbrother who t©uçhes her s£dûçt!velyand love checking on her without calling or texting john he was coming over
If we didn’t catch john here maybe he may have said nothing about his arrival to our house ” fv¢k ” my head defiantly hurt from all these thinking
Do they want to steal this company for themselves, for them to be rich then if that’s true Lisa appearance here is to fool tony and make him trust and love her
What if am wrong and am over thinking everything, I nee-d to get some proofs , the door open revea-ling Lisa holding her bag walking in ” you’re home early Lisa ” I said and she roll her eyes
” what do you think, I will leave tony all to you, in your wildest dream ” she muttered taking her seat and dropping her bag close to her
Why do she keep holding on to that bag ti-ghtly ” well what can I say, am his wife ” I said trying to keep the conversation going while she forget about that bag ” you’re a harlot Lisa and I will appreciate it if you’re out of my home ”
Lisa chuckle her hand finally dropping on her [email protected] instead ” and you Lucia are a fool ” she muttered standing up moving to the kitchen
Looking around I quic-kly rise to my feet and gr-ab her bag, my heart was pounding as I open the bag in a quic-k sh0t
A ha-rd smell hit my face, Cocaine was everywhere in it and I couldn’t believe my eyes, gr-abbing my phone I quic-kly take lot of pictures. I di-p my hands in the bag, trying to find something else other than her makeup things and my hands gr-ab a sheet a paper and a pair of keys
I didn’t wait to see what’s in it before shoving it in my pocket, her footsteps was growing closer. I close her bag drop it down and quic-kly move back to my position
Even if I don’t find out what they want from tony, I could take her to jail for having this much cocaine but I defiantly nee-d more evidence, a strong one , not just a picture of it
” what the hell are you starring at me for ” Lisa growl sipping a jui-ce ” you can get yours ” I roll my eyes and move upstairs completely ignoring her
Entering my room I lock my room door before pu-lling the paper out to take a look at it
My mouth flung open and I couldn’t believe my eyes, what the hell am I seeing, this is way most ….
Chapter Sixteen 📖
Closing my [email protected]©p I inhale then exhale, I just couldn’t st©p thinking of where that do¢v-ment has been kept, last night Lucia sle-pt keeping her mouth shut and looking at the ceiling in de-ep thoughts when I asked her what’s it about she just shook her head saying nothing
If I dont find that do¢v-ment soon everything could possibly go wrong and Lucia been quiet isn’t just her thing, was she still thinking about Lisa and john situation
I don’t think they will try anything funny with me, I never did anything wrong to either of them so am guessing the do¢v-ment is some where in my office room at home
Signing the last paper in the office I relax and close my eyes, things are getting really complicated at home ” hi ” the door close shut and I curse un-der my breath
They wasn’t any nee-d to open my eyes before I know who it is ” Lisa get out ” I [email protected] instead of her leaving she sit on my [email protected] forcing my eyes to open in a swift motion
She wore this tank t©p that showed everything, no [email protected], her n!ppl!s on view then she wore this short Sk-irt and am betting she isn’t with [email protected] either ” fv¢k Lisa, how can you dress this way ” I [email protected] her off me
She sit on the table and wi-den her legs giving me the view of her cunt and how her tits bounce, my c0cktwitch in my [email protected]
My god damn c0ckhas a mind of it own and I know I just couldn’t betrayal lucia, she is my wife
You could just fv¢k Lisa and tell her to keep mute
What the fv¢k am I thinking
Shaking my head I rise to my feet and close her legs, our face inches [email protected] ” t©uçh me tony, I want you ” gr-abbing my hands she place it on her tits while I give it a light squee-ze, herl-ips [email protected] and a [email protected] escape
She has this hvge tits that look so…..fv¢king su-ckable. Holding her n!ppl!s I stretch it a little bit and watch it grow ha-rd un-derneath her cloth ” oh tony…..I have missed you ” I shouldn’t do this but my hands keep moving
Her hands wra-p around my n£¢k draw me in for a h0t k!ss, she f0rç£ her ton-gue in my mouth while drawing me closer, my hands lower to her cl!t robbing it a little rou-gh
” Mmmmmm” she [email protected] in my mouth before I push her back, withdrawing my step far away from her, I can’t believe I almost cheated on Lucia ” What’s wrong ??” She asked ma-king it look like we have been doing this for awhile
” get out ” this time my voice was harsh that I watch her flin-ch she tried walking closer but I have to put a st©p to this ” get the fv¢k out Lisa ” I [email protected] her leave
What’s wrong with me
Sitting on my be-d I kept starring at the papers in my hands, is Lisa looking for these alre-ady
I stare at the papers again, john and Lisa are married, it was their marriage certificate but why was it in her bag
Was she hoping someone else could see it, is me seeing this [email protected] of her dirty plan, what is this little witch planning
Rising to my feet I move to my closet pu-ll out my little box open it, place the papers and pick up the key I saw in her bag last night
Closing the box I hid it again before tieing my hair into a bu-m, if this was her former house key then I might see what hint from there
But where the fv¢k is her house ” hello, john?” I said throu-gh the phone sounding innocent ” can you come over for a bit ”
” I will love to Lucia but you see am busy, maybe some other time ” he said and I breath out thinking of something else
” what if I come over, am really bored ” I purred ” it will be nice if you could s£nd me your address ”
” alright, I will do that but plea-se dont wear something S-xy, I might fv¢k ” I chuckle and he did too
“Alright then ” within minutes the address was s£nt and I stare into the mirror, blue jeans, white T shi-t and black simple wear
I should be able to run in this right, who knows maybe am really walking into the devils shore
Knocking on john door I wait for awhile and no b©dy answer the phone call, I was starting to get annoyed, turning on my phone I put on the video recorder and open the door
Noise was coming from upstairs or may I say [email protected] s from two familiar people, I crack their door open a little bit
Chat martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group
Videoing their n-ked bodies, john was fv¢king Lisa in a fierce way ” $h!t…..Lucia is gonna be here…….any damn minute ” john [email protected] st©pping
” Tony actually got me worked up, how could he t©uçh me, k!ssme and let go of me ” Lisa [email protected] and I just couldn’t believe my ears
Is this what they say when their having S-x, I have seen enough. I slowly walk back outside and knock loudly on the door, this time putting my phone only in recorder
In case they kill me
The door flung open revea-ling a shi-tless john, grinding wi-dely ” what bring you here Lucia ” walking pas-s him inside I roll my eyes looking around the living room
” I was just bored john, nee-ded someone to talk to ” I said sitting down and john nod
” why don’t you talk to Lisa, trying ma-king her your friend, get pas-s your issues ” I nod completely hating him the more
” nope, that won’t be nee-ded John, I hate Lisa ” I look around ” can you show me around ” he nod and I follow behind him
Throu-gh out the stroll in his house nothing increasing happen but at least I got a video of them fv¢king
” see you later ” I wave to him,hop in my taxi and head home, this meant that they are really together, I think am moving forward with something but tony do¢v-ment is still missing and tony k!ssLisa
I could feel my blood boiling at that, how could he do that ” fv¢k ” paying the man I walk back into the house and find tony sitting on the couch ” tony ?”
He look like a mess ” am sorry Lucia, I know I did something wrong I have to say this ” tony rush his words ” Lisa [email protected]£ to my office s£dûç!ng me, she k!ssme first okay but I push her back I made a mistake by tou-ching her but plea-se forgive. We didn’t do anything I swear” he has this fear in his face but instead of speaking I kept mute
” I didn’t know what [email protected]£ over me, she was half n-ked in my office and yes I know that doesn’t justify what I did but am sorry…….. I know I…..” Shutting him up I [email protected] his cheek ha-rd before drawing him in for a k!ss
Tony did the right thing by telling her
Lisa and john married is something new

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