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His favorite season 2 Episode 3 & 4

(He owns her)
Episode 3

Mabel’s POV
They got to wherever they are headed and st©pped the car.
“Let go of me plea-se” I mumbled immediately the blindfold was taken off.
They started pu-lling me into a hvge house, its more like a mansion.
They continued pu-lling me in and along the way I saw a lot of people dead on the floor.
I [email protected] in fear as I kept looking around. Blood was all over the place ma-king me wanna purge.
They continued dragging me along with them ignoring the dead bodies on the floor.
They were just too much.
Gosh what is this?
They finally got to a room and made me knee down in front of them. There I sighted Kelvin.
What? What’s he doing in such a place?
He has been sh0t in his arm and he was also holding a pistol along with his boys behind him.
Not like I no them but I’ve seen them with him back in Chicago and here.
Kelvin eyes wi-de-ned as he turned to look at me.
I was also starring at him.
A man got up from somewhere, seems he was hiding or something.
He smiled as he moved closer to me.
He was also holding a pistol.
Kelvin quic-kly turned and wanted to sh0t at him but the man said something ma-king him st©p.
“Once you kill me your girlfriend and child dies” he grinned.
“Letter B” he half yelled and the last person I expected to see appeared.
What? Bella??
What is she doing here?
Oh wait, his the same man that bought her.
I don’t un-derstand what’s going on?
I took my eyes to Bella’s as she also starred at me.
“Kill him” the man ordered her and she immediately pointed the pistol at Kelvin.
“What are you doing?” I found myself yelling.
“Bella, you can’t do that. Don’t kill him, don’t listen to him plea-se” I pleaded but Bella wasn’t listening.
The boys behind Kelvin were also pointing their guns at the man, Bella and the few boys behind the man alongside the one’s that brou-ght me.
“Kelvin tell your dogs to bring down their guns if you want your child and girlfriend alive?” The man gro-an ed and Kelvin signalled them to bring down their guns.
He looked helpless at that point but everything was still confusing me.
“Tell them to vacant the building” the man added.
Kelvin kept starring at the man with rage without obeying him.
“Boys, sh0t her leg” the man turned the guys that brou-ght me and one of them c0cked his gun and wanted to sh0t my leg.
My b©dy was shaking as sweat and tears filled my b©dy.
The guy was about to sh0t me before Kelvin asked his boys to leave.
“Sir, we can’t leave you” I heard Luke say.
“Justfu-ck*ng leave” I heard Kelvin [email protected] they obeyed reluctantly leaving just him.
“Your gun on the floor” the man ordered again and he threw the gun on the floor.
The man laughed and laughed together with another man as they approached him.
“I can’t believe I’ll finally have your head for dinner tonight” the man grinned to the one beside him and they laughed again.
“Let her go now” Kelvin commanded them.
“Well, I wasn’t planning on doing that you no.”
“If that child lives he might come and avenge his poor father’s death, you’ll all die tonight and reunite in hell” the man replied and he started laughing with the man beside him.
Kelvin fisted his hand and before you no it he pu-ll-ed another gun out of his trou-ser and sh0t each of them.
Before he could face my side to sh0t the guys with me Bella sh0t him thrice.
I [email protected] as the gun he held dropped from his hand.
The man he sh0t raised his pistol and gave him another bullet straight at his skull and he dropped down dead immediately.
I screamed as I watched him fall.
I struggled to break free from the guys holding me but couldn’t. Their hold was just too strong.
The man who alre-ady took a bullet held his shoulder and fell to the floor alongside the one he was laughing with.
The man he was laughing with closed his eyes and died while the man was still struggling to breath.
The other boys with him rushed to him and carried him out.
The guys that were holding me freed me and I crawled ran to Kelvin’s b©dy.
“No plea-se” I cried as tears filled me.
“You can’t do this to me kel. plea-se just open your eyes” I screamed shaking his b©dy.
Bella also moved closer and squatted down to us.
“I’m sorry” she muttered as a drop of tears fell from her eyes.
“What have you done Bella? Why did you…why did you kill him?” I asked my voice coming out weakly.
“I’m sorry” she apologized again.
“Why the hell did you kill the father of my child, why!??” I yelled with anger and sadness.
“I didn’t no you were pregnant for him, I’m sorry, I was gonna get killed if I don’t do it” she apologized again.
I moved closer to his head side and t©uçhed his face which was turning cold.
Blood alre-ady covered my b©dy tho to the way I hvgged him at first.
“Why are you doing this to me Kelvin?”
“plea-se just weak up for our child. You no am pregnant for you right?”
“You want me to raise the baby myself?”
“You really want me to do that?”
“I haven’t told you how I hated you at first. I still want to yell at you for all what you did to me just wake up plea-se” I cried and hvgged him.
“Kelvin” I called after a while as if he could hear me.
“If you wanna die don’t do it now, you can do it after I’ve scolded you plea-se don’t die” I cried more ha-rder and hvgged him again.
“No no, I don’t want you to ever die plea-se, stay with me till the end Kelvin” I continued crying and suddenly some guys matched in and pu-ll-ed me f0rç£fully away from Kelvin’s b©dy.
They lifted his b©dy taking him away.
“Where are you taking him to plea-se leave him with me?” I cried holding one of there leg’s but the one I was holding his leg turned and [email protected] me.
“Get thefu-ck off me bit*h” he spatted and they left with him.
I made to go after them but Bella held me back pu-lling me to herself.
“No plea-se bring him back” I half yelled crying and struggling to free myself from Bella at the same time but she couldn’t let me go.
“No plea-se!”
Episode 4

Mabel’s POV
“Let go of me Bella I want to go to him” I continued screaming and crying but she held unto me ti-ght.
“How am I gonna cope without him? I’mfu-ck*ng pregnant for him plea-se lemme go to him” I pleaded but she wasn’t letting go.
Suddenly I felt a like vomiting.
I bent down with her hold still ti-ght on me and vomited on the floor.
I held my stomach and continued vomiting.
When I felt I had re-leased everything in my mouth I stood up but it [email protected]£ again and I bent down and re-leased everything on the floor.
Bella kept patting my back trying to calm me down.
“Its alright Mab, its alright” she whispered into my ears as I got up.
Jessica’s POV
Few hours earlier.
I was coming out of the kitchen with an apple when I saw thvgs dragging Mabel, that bit*h away.
“Protect her. Prove your worth” kept resounding in my head and I made a move to rescue her but st©pped myself.
Wait, if they are actually abducting her isn’t that good for me?
Its a great opportunity to have Kelvin all to myself, I thought and stepped back watching them take her away.
Well, well, its better that way.
Hmm Kelvin can’t no about me helping Rick in his stupid plot.
He doesn’t no how to make plans.
His head of full of noodles that he makes.
How can he fail so foolishly.
Because of him my Kelvin almost killed me but thank goodness a call interrupted him or else he’d really done that.
I nee-d to contact that motherfu-ck*r so he won’t connect or mention me when his caught cause I no Kelvin won’t leave him.
I don’t wanna die yet and if I should die I’ll gladly die having his di-ck de-ep inside my pu-ssy.
Back to pres£nt time.
Rick’s POV
For days now I’ve been hiding in this warehouse unable to go out all thanks to Kelvin.
But why isn’t any of his men showing up?
Damn I’mfu-ck*ng hungry and nee-d to eat.
Maybe I should just go out before I die of hunger here, I thought and stepped out of the abandoned warehouse.
I expected to see his men immediately I stepped out but no.
Everywhere was cleared of his men.
Huh! Is he pla-ying some kind of trick on me?
Maybe they are waiting for me to think I’ve escaped before they finally show up but nevertheless I’ll still try to run.
I gathered up enough courage and started running.
I ran for long but didn’t notice anyone following me.
Hmm strange.
I continued running and walking till I got to the road.
I st©pped and stood by the road side looking left and right at every minutes and also waiting for a cab.
My phone is died so I can’t make use of it.
plea-se a cab should just appear plea-se.
I continued waiting and waiting till a cab appeared.
I waved it down and got in and the cabby took off.
Its still a shock to me or are they following me secretly?
Maybe they want me to get to my house before they kill me but before that I have to eat.
I can’t afford dying because of hunger.
I got to my house and [email protected]£ down.
The cabby waited for me and I went in and appeared with his fare.
I extended the money to him and he collected it and took off.
I looked around but still didn’t find anything strange.
Hmm this is unbelievable but I aren’t still saved.
I’ll just have to live this house and go to another country to stay for a while.
I can’t take chance.
Mabel’s POV
I sat down on the cold floor beside Bella and some other ladies.
Bella has explained to me that they were all sharing the same room. They are about six including me ma-king us seven.
They gro-an ed immediately they knew I’ll be staying in that small room with them.
Gosh it looks so disgusting here. The room alone wanna make me purge.
Its more like prisoner’s room and there is no be-d there.
Now that Kelvin is died that means I’ll be staying here.
The boys had returned earlier and taken me here alongside Bella.
The memory is still fresh.
How he was sh0t.
Before I got there he alre-ady has a bullet de-ep into his arm.
And he was later sh0t thrice by Bella ma-king it four bullets.
That old man added one more bullet ma-king it five bullets in total.
How could they do this to him?
I feel like killing Bella for shooting him but its isn’t her fault either.
She had to kill him else she dies.
Tears started rolling down my eyes as I recalled how he closed his eyes drifting away to the land beyond.
Hmm Kelvin.
I don’t no what to do anymore.
You brou-ght me to Paris shouldn’t you at least stay with me?
Why on earth do you have to die?
To leave me with our unborn child.
I didn’t grow up with my father because he died early and now my child won’t grow up with his or hers.
My tears increa-sed as it occurred to me that the same thing is gonna happen to my unborn child.
But how am I sure I’ll survive this place?
I’ll try everything possible to survive for my baby.
I’ll do anything I’m asked to do so I won’t get killed. So my baby will come out and know me.
Dennison POV
“Sir, I don’t no where he is and his really angry with me” I replied Kelvin’s father.
“I’ve also tried calling but his phone is turned off.”
“Try going to his lake house to find him” he suggested but I nodded negatively.
“I don’t think its a good idea, he might end up punching me which I don’t want” i replied and he sighed and looked down at his paper works.
“I nee-d him here in this company.”
“Wait for a few more days and if there is nothing then plea-se go find him” he said and I nodded.
“Sure” I replied and left his office calling his number again

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