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His favorite 2 Episode 13 & 14

(He owns her)
Episode 13
Written By Kebby NG

Mabel’s POV
“Yea Kelvin, its not for free. You’ll have to beg for it” I insisted.
“But…but..”he tried to say but st©pped.
“Okay plea-se” he said flatly.
“Plead for it, don’t just beg” I insisted.
“Okay, plea-se baby I’mfu-ck*ng hor-nyand nee-d you alright. I really nee-d you plea-se” he pleaded using a pity full eyes to look at me.
“Um..I’ll think about it” I replied walking towards the be-d.
“What do you mean you’ll think about it?” He asked coming after me.
“I’ll think about it Kelvin” I replied and he squatted to my size.
“Don’t do this to me mab. plea-se help out, I’ve not done this for days and…”
“Just help me out alright” he took my hands in his and I looked at him.
He really meant it and the face he was pu-lling made me laugh.
I can’t believe his the same Kelvin from before. His pleading for se-x.
“Um…i…alright” I cooed and he quic-kly engulfed myl-ips in a h0t k!ss.
Kelvin’s POV
Gosh I’ve been waiting for this since I saw her and now she’s proving stubborn.
Well, I had no other option than to plead with her but its really weird of me.
Immediately she agreed I took herl-ips in mine. k!ssing, l!çk!ng every corner of her mouth.
I’m not a k!ss£r guy but its seems she is turning me into one.
I don’t really no how bad i felt when she got abducted but I was re-ady to do anything to get her.
Its took good advice from one of my boys not to rush in that day and get her out. And rushing in could mean a lot of killing of my boys so I had to plan everything well.
Till now I still don’t really un-derstand this feelings well but I know one thing for sure and that thing is I don’t want to loss her.
I wra-pped my hands around her [email protected]!st as I moved up a bit.
Then I gently la-id her on the be-d still k!ss!ngher real bad.
She was still onfu-ck*ng wears.
I pu-ll-ed the go-wn away from her shoulder leaving her on [email protected] and [email protected]
I bit my lowerl-ips and got more hor-ny.
Her b©dy turns me on and drives me to hell.
I resumed my k!ss!ngbut this time I k!$$£d her n£¢kline down to her tummy then back to her br£@st area.
I took my hands behind her and un-hooked the stupid [email protected] preventing me from having a taste of her milk like brea-st.
I threw the [email protected] to a corner and took her n!ppl!s in my mouth.
She re-leased [email protected] s immediately I did that and the next her f!ngersbrushed my face and my hair as shut her eyes ti-ghtly enjoying the whole damn thing.
I continued like that for a while before yanking her [email protected] to a corner and pushing in my two f!ngersat a time.
She held my n£¢k ti-ghtly re-leasing louder [email protected] s that are plea-sing to the ears.
“Oh $h!t Kelvin. Just do it alre-ady” I heard her say amid [email protected] as I kept f!ngering her at a fast pace.
I did that for a while and finally r!pp£dher [email protected] off coming into full contact with her sweet walls.
I bit my lowerl-ips and lowered my mouth to it eating her out.
She screamed in great plea-sure immediately I did that.
“Ohfu-ck Kelvin, I’m gonna c-um” she [email protected] ed out.
I continued doing what I was doing. Minutes later she screamed louder re-leasing her ju-icy favour.
I li-cked all of em and resumed k!ss!ngher. I k!$$£d for a while before I finally brou-ght out my over [email protected] di-ck teasing her V with it.
She kept [email protected] heavily expecting me pene-tratebut I didn’t immediately.
I also wanted her to beg for it too. Its my own turn to enjoy her plead.
“What are you waiting for?” She asked looking at me, confused.
“Beg for it” I said sm-irking and her eyes wi-de-ned.
I’m sure she wasn’t expecting that.
“Kel..Kelvin what are you doing?” She asked softly as I continued teasing her.
I know I’m driving her nuts like that too. And there is no way she’ll refuse me.
“Beg for it” I repeated and she frowned.
“Is that it? You wanna do that then its fine” she frowned and wanted getting off the be-d until I properly placed my c**k at the entrance of her pu-ssy.
“Ohfu-ck you Kelvin” she gro-an ed.
“Alright fine. plea-se justfu-ck me alright? Justfu-ck*ng do it” she yelled and I sm-irked and finally pene-trated [email protected] into her.
Episode 14

Kelvin’s POV
I pu-ll-ed into her till I’m sure I’ve gotten de-ep into her and I started thrû-sting [email protected]
Its was fast but not really fast at first but I later increa-sed my pace and she wra-pped her hands around my n£¢k ti-ghtly screaming in plea-sure.
I was also enjoying it like hell. Every time I do it with her it seems like its the first time.
She’s still damn ti-ght till now. Our [email protected] s and screams continued and after a long while we changed style.
We did like four different styles before finally getting exhausted.
We lie down flat on the be-d cudd-ling each other as she sle-pt off.
I also closed my eyes to get some sleep but couldn’t because its hasn’t been long I woke up from one.
So after noticing that she’s de-eply asleep I left the be-d and went to clean up.
I took out my phone after cleaning up and turned it on.
Its been off and out of reach for a long time and the maid had alre-ady informed about Dennison visiting here.
I looked for his number as different messages and emails kept popping in to my phone.
When I found his number I dialed it and placed it over my ear.
📱Hello, he answered immediately.
📱Yea, Dennis.
📱Kelvin, where have you been? Your father has reported to the cops that you’re missing.
📱Well then tell him that I’m found alright.
📱come on kel. You can keep doing this to your father. At least show yourself to him now so he’ll quit worrying.
📱You don’t nee-d to tell me what to do Den. I’m not a kid alright?
📱I aren’t saying you’re a kid. All I’m saying is that you should visit him, no matter what he did in the past his still and will always be your…
I cut the call and threw the phone aside.
I don’t nee-d that preaching anymore, I thought angrily and head out.
I might as well visit the old man.
I got to the sitting room to see Bella sitted there.
“I’m going out, help me take care of her while I’m gone” I said to her and went to the garage and got into a car there.
Dennison’s POV
Immediately Kelvin cut the call I rushed to his dad office to inform him that Kelvin just called.
I wonder when he’ll st©p bearing grunge tho.
The old man is sick because of him. Yea I know he did something bad that resulted to a lot of casualties but the old man has repented and is trying to make it up to him but he isn’t even shaken.
I wonder if his gonna be like that till the old man dies.
I got to his office [email protected] heavily.
“Sir, sir, Kelvin just called me on phone. He sounds okay” I said to him.
“Did you tell him to call me or come see me then?” He asked his face delighting in happiness.
“Yes but I don’t think his gonna come” I replied and he pu-ll-ed a saddened face.
“Well, since his fine then it’s alright” he said still looking sad.
“Okay then,I’ll just inform police that they shouldn’t bother” I cooed and turned to leave but st©pped seeing the door open.
I guess its Kelvin that won’t ever knock on a door. A mere worker can never open the door and just come in.
He [email protected]£ in with his hands tucked into his pocket and took a sit at the office couch.
The old man stood and went to him.
“Kelvin, what happened? I’ve been so worried about you” he said now sounding happy.
“I’m not a kid and as you can see I’m okay. I’m old enough to take care of my self alright? I’m no longer fourteen” Kelvin replied flatly.
“I know son,I’m not saying you’re a kid, I was..was just worried about your whereabouts” the old man replied.
“Now that you’ve see me what do you want from me?” Kelvin asked him.
“Um…when are you taking charge of the companies? They nee-d you” the old man said calmly.
“Mr Lewiston, I don’t nee-d your companies” Kelvin blurted out coldly and stood up.
“Kelvin? Kelvin??” The old man kept calling but he disappeared throu-gh the door.
I went after him immediately.
He can’t just treat him that way. Its too bad for his health.
“Kelvin, Kelvin” I called and t©uçhed his shoulder and he turned and looked at me.
“St©p treating him that way. The old man is no longer as healthy as before and all he does is to worry about you day and night. When will you learn to forgive him? On his sick be-d?” I snapped angrily.
“Does it matter to you? If its does go take a cu-p of coffee to calm your nerves” he replied flatly.
“Okay, why don’t you just accept the companies then, without a head the companies will go down the drain” I said to him.
“Shouldn’t you be happy? Shouldn’t you be happy that I’m rejecting his wealth.”
“You are the only person he’ll give his wealth to if I don’t take them, everything will go to you because he likes you a lot” he blurted.
“Are you…okay Kelvin? Why on earth will I be happy? Your father has helped me and my family.”
“I’m still indebted to him I can’t think of such $h!t. I [email protected]£ a very respected lawyer today thanks to him and the least I’ll do is to be happy cause you’re rejecting his wealth?” I asked frustrated.
He kept looking at me blankly and without saying a word he turned and left.
Hah! I sighed and ruffed my hair.
My phone started ringing and I brou-ght it out to see that its his father, then I turned back and left for his office.
“You called me” I said walking in fully.
“Yea, prepare tomorrow I want you to esc-rt me to see my daughter in law. I want to see the lady that captured his cold heart” he said to me.
“You wanna see Mabel?” I asked again to be sure.
“Yes” [email protected]£ his answer.

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