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Egg of life Episode 1 to 5

Susan’s husband ehee, nawa. The man can be caring, loving and annoying at the same time. Infact, if he act ehee, you will just forget all the good things he did.
One day, susan’s mum [email protected]£ visiting. She actually [email protected]£ for an event and decided to come and see them . Na so the man just begin act o.
– susan what is she doing her? Did you tell me she was coming? plea-se tell her to leave before i loose my temper.
-what? I should tell my mum to leave? Never. I didnt know she was coming. She actually [email protected]£ for an event. She is going back with the next avaliable flight. Why are you always like this?
Susan did not finish her statment when a dirty [email protected] landed on her face.
-how dare you?. In my own house. If i get back and see your mother here, you will live to regret it.
Mama just left the house. Susan cried and cried.
Another day, she was working on her [email protected]©p. She had pres£ntations to make the next day. She was in the living room and her phone was in the palour. She didnt hear the phone ring. Her husband [email protected]£ home,…
-why werent you taking my calls?
-oh sweetheart, so sorry. My phone is upstairs. You know the pres£ntation i told you about? It’s tomorrow. Was working on it. I’m sorry. (She sits up) how was your day?
-so because of your [email protected]©p and some stupid pres£ntation you ignored my calls?…i see.
The man took the [email protected]©p and smashed it, hurriedly went upstairs and smashed the phone too.
-Jesus!!!! Tony that was my toll for six months. All my valid do¢v-ments. You are a devil!!!!!
Come and see beating.
Some weeks later, susan visited her mum. Her mum told her her father was just like that until she did something. Susan’s dad is late.
She will be taking her to see ishi-ishi the dre-aded native doctor.
-mama,susan called. i have really suffered. (Sobbing) Tony has made my life a living hell mama. There was a night i sle-pt late and that was because he ordered me to wash his clothes when i returned from work. I woke very late the next morning and was rushing to meet up with time cos i was really runing late only for him to request i prepare jollof rice.
-jollof rice? As lunch or dinner
-mama, breakfast o. I pleaded that he take tea, bre-ad and egg i had alre-ady prepared. I also promised to prepare the jollof rice when i get back. I k!$$£d him good bye and wished him a lovely day. Mama, the man locked me out o. I sle-pt outside that night.
-.haaa! Nooooo. Susan, this is too much. You said you don’t want divorce okwa ya? Ngwa prepare, we are going to see ISHI-ISHI the great seer. Take this money, you will nee-d it.
-dont worry mama, i have some money.
Mama…my friend hold that one, i know what im saying.
The place nawa. Very fearful. The old man was sitted as if waiting for them.
–what can i do for you plea-se.
-great one, the dog has gone mad. We nee-d to chain it.
-.whose dog? daughter’s
-let her speak for herself. Young lady, do you want your dog chained?
Susan was a bit confused. She looked at her mother who was giving her sign to say yes.
-how many crate of eggs can you afford?
-(looking confused and out of fear she answered) 10
-your bill is #100,000. (He uncovered some crate of eggs). I will give you one. Make sure it is covered. Place it anywhere in the house. Every three months you shall renew the egg. The dog wont back again.
——–SUSAN’S [email protected]——
Tony wrote resignation letter on his wife’s behalf and gave someone to submit it to her company.
Susan brou-ght the egg home and did as she was directed. THE DOG CON REALLY DEY CHAIN!!!!! NO BE SMALL CHAIN….CHAI
—-Tony’s Residence——-
Nna nawa o. The egg, just one devilish egg did the magic. See how le-hub tony just cool down like ice water. Come and see madam susu o. Commanding like no man’s business. Argh!!!, susan [email protected]£ wild, weird, haba!!!!. It was just too much. But considering what she went throu-gh?..hmmmm
–Tony darling, there would be little little changes in this house from now on.
–it’s ok darling. Anything you want.
–nice. Henceforth, i shall be the company’s CEO. Considering the fact that i re-ad business administration, i know most of these things right?.
–wow baby, how come i never thought of it. That was really thoughtful of you. Atlist i will be relieved of some work load. Thanks sugar, i love you.
–but honey, how do you deal with your mum and sisters. I don’t want to be insulted.
–sugar, don’t worry about that. My dad left the company for me. I just employed them. You don’t nee-d to worry. First thing tomorrow morning, i shall call for a board meeting and do a proper hand over. I trust you’ll do well love.
–OH thanks so much sugarberry. I love you to the moon and back. you more baby. Dinner time.
…I’M on it (she tries to sit up when tony st©ps her)
-no no no. Hold it right there princess. Now listen, tomorrow you shall be resuming as the c.e.o of TONYbras-s GROUP OF COMPANY. Baby, it involves alot of stress and so, i won’t be nee-ding my boss lady to stress an inch. Now do this for me, order anything, just anything and i will prepare it.
-(with a wi-dely opened mouth) are you for real? Oh my God. Ok, lemme see. I would like to have spaghetti and fish stew.
–done!!!! Spaghetti and fish stew it is, for her majesty the queen of my heart. But then, (he rushed off to the kitchen and got a chilled glas-s of jui-ce) calm your nerves with this.
Chai!!!!!! Which kain egg be this wan o. How has the mighty fallen.
—————-TONYbras-s COMPANY————
In the board room . All executives sitted. Tony cleared his throat to speak.
–Good morning ladies and gentlemen. First of all i must say thank you to you all for your [email protected], support and dedication towards this great company. I have been meaning to do this before now but i think now is the right time. I shall be stepping down as the c.e.o of this company and my wife MRS SUSAN TONY NNAJIUDE will replace me. This is because of her experience as a renowed business expert. She is the [email protected] behind the success of ALPHA AND LEGEND our greatest business rival. She’s got strategic, thought provoking and instrumental business a¢v-men. Ladies and gentle men my wife MRS SUSAN TONY NNAJIUDE your new c.e.o.
There were [email protected] but certainly not from BRENDA AND CHINASA NNAJIUDE siblings of tony.
—–TONYbras-s COMPANY—–
The meeting is over. Everyone went back to their offices. Susan and tony were also about to leave when brenda and chinasa, tony’s sisters, surfaced.
-Hold it right there young man, Brenda fired. What was that all about?
-What was what all about? Tony replied. Are you insane? Have you gone mad? How dare you address me in such manner?
-Well, chinasa intruded, mr tony Nnajiude, you are a big fat disappointment. Gosh!!!!!!. How dare you make a total stranger the C.E.O of our father’s company? Tony you have started reasoning from a perferated [email protected]
She hasn’t finished her statement when tony fed her with a good dose of his Dirty [email protected] Come and see argument. The board room was on fire. Hanty susu just jejely went to her NEW OFFICE, put on the A.C and kept a we-tIN CONCERN ME FACE.
Tony called the security to bundle his sisters out of the premises. He was just shouting GO GET MARRIED OLDIES !! YOU ARE FIRED!!!!! BLACK OUTTA HERE LOOSER!!!! IT IS MY COMPANY YOU HEAR ME!!!! I DO WHAT I LIKE, WHAT I WANT, GET OOOOUUUUUTTTTT!!!!! chai!!! egg, look what you made him do.
Brenda and chinasa got home. No be small gobe o. Madam silvia nnajiude was mad. She picked up her phone.
-Hello. Tony, are you mad? Were you drun!kor something? Who authorized you to make that witch of yours the C.E.O of a company i laboured so [email protected] for with my late husband?
TONY….MUM, the company is now mine. I do what i wish with it. And….did i just hear you call my wife a witch? Mum, you must be out of your mind. Now listen and listen real well, i do not ever want to see and your daughters near my house, my company, and near my life. Leave me alone. (He dropped the call).
Susan walked in looking so unhappy
-HEY angel……what’s wrong? Why are you like this?
-baby , susan replied. can’t you see? Everything is falling [email protected] Maybe i should just step down
-No no no no, listen to me love, i got this right? You don’t have to worry. You are my C.E.O nothing is gonno change that ok?
Susan nodds
–Good. Now give me a smile. (She smiles) that’s my baby girl. Now, what would you like to eat?
..NOODLES and fried chicken. It has to be spicy.
–perfect. I love you.
———TONY’S [email protected]———–
-i can’t remember inviting you to my house,Tony fired at his mum.You invade my privacy and that is totally un-acceptable.
–(imadam silvia in tears) young man plea-se i’m looking for my son TONY. plea-se go in there and ask him to see me immediatly. GOD!!!!! where is my son?Where have you people hidden him?
-LOLO, you have to put yourself together. This is not why we are here and we won’t achieve anything with what your doing. (to tony) young man, what has come over you? You couldn’t even offer us a seat?. Why would you treat your sisters in such degrading manner by s£nding them out of the company shamefully. Tony, who authorized you to make your wife the C.E.O of a company Jointly owned by you, your mum and sisters without their cons£nt.
Ben was burning with anger and fury. Susan was just Shivering like fowl in h0t water.
TONY, onwe ife iriri gboooooo (if you have eaten anything vomit it) what madness has gotten into you? You will undo that ru-bbish you did or else?
–Or else what? Who are you? How dare you talk when i’m talking. How much were you bought with, cheap old as-s.
Tony’s mum went straight to susan and pu-ll-ed her by the hair
-WHAT in the world have you done to my son? I remember how this house was hell for you and i and my daughters were enjoying it.I WAS IN CONTROL, I CALLED THE Sh0tS. I give you three days to undo what you have done else ISHI-ISHI will pay you a visit.
Tony rushed to save his wife, took her upstairs and [email protected]£ down it a gun, fired it in the air. The elders and his mum took to their heels. Tony faced his gatekeeper.
–you son of a castrated monkey, the next time you let demons like that into my house i will waste you. (Chai see beating) what nons£nce!!!!!!! What ru-bbish!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Alright, i know what to do. Baby (he calls out to his wife) i’m so so sorry
—SUSAN’S MUM’S [email protected]——
..ehen susan (hands her a glas-s of jui-ce) what were you telling me over the phone?
..MAMA there is trouble. Yes the egg worked. My husband changed automatically. I decided to take his job because he made me loose mine. I requested to be the C.E.O of his company. Mama, to be frank, i never knew he would agree to it. Now i am the C.E.O but there’s trouble with his mother and sisters.
..SO? How does that affect you. It is tony’s headache not yours. Chai!!!!!! MY C.E.O (LAUGHTER)
–BUT mama, my mother in-law made mention of ishi-ishi o.
–What? Heeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!! If she knows ISHI-ISHI then you are safe.

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