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Dream Episode 46 & 47

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 46
Kira’s plan
Candace Noah
Confused, i stared at Loretta wondering what she was talking about
Real enemies! I repeated
Yes. She nodded
What are you talking about? who is my real enemy? I asked rushingly
It is Kira. She informed and I froze
She was the one who asked me to frame you , she made me plant her wristwatch in your backpack so that the whole school would see you as a thief
But why would she do that? I managed to say
Isn’t it obvious, she is jealous of you
And why would she be? I asked still looking confused
Because you have everything she wants. You have a nice voice and most importantly you have the guy she wants, Chase ….
What! You mean she did all that because of Chase! … I mean i knew she likes Chase but I had no idea she would try to hurt me because of him. I bit myl-ips in anger
You really do not know Kira, she is a wolf in sheep clothing. I was really so naive to have trusted her . She shook her head negatively
but all this doesn’t explain the reason for your betrayal, Why did you betray my trust? I fired at her
I am sorry Candy , guess I was just too greedy. Kira promised to make me a celebrity if I should do her biddings. She confessed
Oh I see! Then what happened next …I guess she kicked you out when she found out the plan failed . I rolled my eyes
I am so sorry, I am very sorry . She kept on pleading
I scoffed
Is this the reason why you st©pped me, just to say sorry ……
No . She shook her head
Then what? I glared at her
Kira called me again , she asked the see me. She informed
Why? What for! I asked rushingly
She didn’t tell but I am very sure she wants to hurt you again
So what is the plan?
I want you to act along with me , so we can pay her back in her own coin
I stared at her wondering if I could trust her or not
Candy! She called softly and I sighed
Can you repeat all what you have just said? I asked and she nodded
Fine! Come with me , we are going to the hospital together………..
Chase Delgado
Bewildered, I stared at the morticians as they carried Roxy b©dy out
It still felt like a dream
I sighed
Where do we go from here? how do we get a hold of Roxy killer?
I felt a light tap on my shoulders and was startled for a moment
I quic-kly composed myself when I saw it was Nick
What are you thinking about? Nick asked sitting beside me
Nothing, are you done with the signing of papers?
he nodded
Where will she be buried?
In the church cemetery, it would be a small burial since she died a shameful death . he explained b!tt!g hisl-ips
But you know , I am just wondering who the killer might be . he continued….. the look on mother face before she died, her last words ,it was as if she was scared for us
What do you mean? I arched my eyebrow
I don’t un-derstand myself but I have a feeling that the killer is someone close . he explained
And who would that be? “the only clue she gave us is the first letter of killer’s name which is an A” . I informed
Yeah, and there are so many names beginning with the letter A like an Anthony, Azra or …..,
Andy . I completed and he sm-irked
Are you trying to say Andy might be the killer?
No , but it is just ……. I tried to say but he cut me off
It can’t be Andy , he is not even close to mother and neither does he have any reason to harm her . he explained
Oh yeah! I drawled
I know you are worried Chase , but the cops will handle it . he as-sured
Fine! So how are you feeling? I asked changing the subject
Just trying to be fine , you know crying won’t solve anything, it won’t bring her back to life
I smiled
You just have to be strong brother
I know . he nodded
So how will….. I st©pped when I heard a familiar voice call my name
Candy! I muttered
I looked in the direction of the voice and saw Candy with ….. wait a minute! Is that not the two faced bit-ch!
What is she doing here? Why is she with Candy? I wondered
Chase! Nick! She called again when she was nearer
I smiled
She went over to Nick and wra-pped him up in a hvg
It will be alright bro . I heard her say
I shifted my gaze to the two faced bit-ch, what is that her name again? …. hmmmh Loretta
What are you doing here? I glared at her
I erm er [email protected]£ here with Candy. She stuttered not meeting my gaze
Of course I am not blind , i asked for the reason why you [email protected]£ here and not who you [email protected]£ here with. I fired at her
I brou-ght her here to repeat what she told me . Candy answered
Which is? I arched an eyebrow
It is about Kira . she continued
Kira! What about her? I was confused
Can we talk here? She asked looking around the hospital reception
Is it confidential. I asked and she nodded
Is there an empty ward we can stay? I faced Nick
Yes, the ward where my mother gave her last breathe…….:
Loretta Samuels
On getting to the ward , Chase locked the door to the ward
I looked around the ward, it was so big and spacious
I shifted my gaze to Candy, she was seated beside Nick on the be-d and their f!ngerswere interlocked
What sort of relationsh!pdo they have ? Why isn’t Chase bothered about the clos£ness between his brother and his girlfriend? I wondered
So what did you have to say? Chase asked distracting me from my thoughts
It is erm about erm Kira. I stuttered, I was feeling nervous about the whole thing
Kira! What did she do? Nick asked coldly
I shifted my gaze to him and immediately looked away
Damn! he could melt someone with his cute gaze … oh Loretta! what are you thinking about?
What did she do? he repeated
she called to strike a deal with me . I informed while pla-ying with my f!ngersshyly
Continue. Candy urged me
Erm .. actually she was the one who asked me to place her wristwatch inside Candy’s backpack. I st©pped when I heard Chase scoffed
I looked at him
Why did you st©p? Continue. he drawled
She promised to make me a celebrity if I do her biddings but I found out it was all a lie, instead she waved me off and threatened to hunt me down if i tell you about It . I explained
So why are you telling me now? Aren’t you scared she will hunt you? he asked in sarcasm
I just want to do the right thing , I nee-d my friend back
he sighed
So what deal did she strike with you? he probe-d further
I can’t say , she told me to call her if I am interested.
Then what are you waiting for , Call her now, let the bit-ch know you are interested. Nick half yelled
I nodded
Do that now and make sure the call is on speaker
I dialled the number and she picked it on the second ring
I placed the call on the speaker mode
hello Kira! I greeted
hello baby !I have been waiting for you call , I knew for sure that you would call . She sounded so excited
So what is the plan? Are we gonna to make her look like a thief again. I asked staring at Chase
No, this one would be a little tougher than that
how! What do you intend on doing?
She chuckled
I plan on killing two birds with a stone
You are getting me all confused, what do you mean by that?
Let just say , I want her out of the music industry and also out of My Chase life …
And how do you plan on doing that? I probe-d further so she can spill out more
I will do that by tarnishing her image , I will arrange for some guys to [email protected]£ her and when they are done , the video will be all over the internet. She laughed
Oh my gawd! You are the best planner. I praised and she chuckled
Thanks baby, all you just nee-d to do is to be friendly with her again and invite her to the club at my command
Oh! that will be so easy, you can count on me . I as-sured her
I know! let’s meet at Petra hall tomorrow, I will brief you of the plan in details…
Alright ma but plea-se don’t forget your promises? I reminded
Sure I won’t, just don’t fail me this time . She said and ended the call
Wow! Wow! Wow! I never knew Kira was so ruthless. Nick remarked
She is a bit-ch! Chase cursed and jo-lted up from the Chair
Where are you going bro? Nick asked him
To confront the bit-ch . he turned to go but Nick caught his arm
You can’t bro , confronting her is not the best option
And what is the best option? tell me ……. Kira is planning a gang [email protected]£ against my girlfriend and you telling me not to confront her . he yelled
Calm down Chase , remember she is my sister also .. what if Kira denies everything?
What! Candy is Nick sister ! Did I hear right? Of course not, it must be a joke . I thought within
So what do you expect me to do?
Good! Candy will have to act along , that is the only way we will be able to catch her red handed but the question is Can we trust you? he asked while facing me
I nodded and he sm-irked
I am not as kind- hearted as my brother if you dare go against me , I will make sure I destroy you . he threatened
I won’t dare go against you . I said with a trembling voice
Good! he remarked
I looked at Candy and met her gaze , she flashed me a smile …….
After ending the call, I squealed and laughed out loud
I can’t wait to see the downfall of Candy, I can’t wait to see the look on Chase face when he finds out his girlfriend is a public bit-ch……. and as for her so called friend Loretta, I never imagined she would be so dumb to trust me again ……I mean I thought it would be so [email protected] to persuade her but she gave in so easily.
I guess she is really desperate to be a celebrity
Too bad for her. I shook my head
When I am done with Candy, I will get rid of her……
I can’t wait to have Chase to myself
Episode 47
Candace Noah
It has been two weeks since Nick’s Mum burial and everything went back to normal
The love between Chase and i has been waxing stronger likewise the bond between Nick and I ..
Walking to the studio, I felt my heart beating fas-ter
It was the day of my solo debut and I was nervous and excited at the same time …
My phone suddenly buzzed signifying a text message
I checked the s£nder, it was Loretta . I cli-cked on it and my heart skipped a bit as I re-ad it
“I just spoke with the bit-ch now, she plan on ma-king a move after your successful solo debut , she wants you to be recognised so you can be heavily disgraced”
I sighed
Why is she bent on ruining my life?
I cli-cked on the message and immediate forwarded it to Chase and Nick
I just hope all goes well……….
On getting to the studio , the whole crew was alre-ady on seat
Candy! My manager, Lucia called while walking towards me
hi! I greeted her
You are late . She queried
I am sorry , i was busy with clas-ses. I explained
Oh! Let us just get started . She led me to the recording room and I followed behind her
I listened to her as she instructed me on what to do
Do you un-derstand? She asked
Sure, this is not my first time recording a song. I drawled
She shook her head
Just do as i instruct you to do, when the blue light change to red , start singing. Is that clear?
I nodded
here, make use of this. She handed me a headphone which I wore over my ears immediately
Don’t panic, be your self . She patted me before leaving the room….
I took a de-ep breathe and immediately the blue light changes to red, I started singing……..
Every time I see you , everything just st©ps
I can’t even tell what is happening at all I know
You [email protected]£ to me just like a dream
darling you stole my heart
I know on my life that you are mine
I know on my life that you are my destiny
I love you
do you hear me calling?
Only you
Just close your eyes with me
Just like winds , your love b!ows me away
Whenever , wherever you are
Whenever, wherever you are………… I re-moved the head phone when I was done and I heard applauds
I smiled
With confidence , i walked out of the recording room
You did great girl! one of the crew men remarked
Wow! babe you killed it .My manager giggled
Thanks ma. I appreciated with a smile
What next ma? Will the song be re-leased today? I asked
Of course it will, I am sure it will surpas-s Kira’s new solo . She win-ked at me and walked over to the Crew board to instruct them on what to do
Kira! Speaking of the bit-ch, I wonder how she will react?
I pu-ll-ed out my phone from my jean pocket and was dialling Chase number when I heard my manager squealed
I turned to look at her
It has been re-leased Candace. She announced
I smiled……..
Chase Delgado
Returning from the bathroom, I went over to the wardrobe for a change of clothing
I pu-ll-ed out a red hoodie , a blue jeans and dressed hurriedly .
I sat down on the be-d and picked up my phone from the table beside me
Scrolling throu-gh, I saw a message from Candy and I cli-cked on it
“I just spoke with the bit-ch now, she plan on ma-king a move after you successful debut . She wants you to be recognised so you can be heavily disgraceful”
I sighed in anger
What is wrong with Kira? Why can’t she un-derstand the fact that I can never love her?
I scrolled down the Phone and was about dialling my manager’s number when I got a notification from the music record..
I cli-cked on it and re-ad it
“Upcoming singer Candace Noah just re-leased her solo debut , cli-ck on the link below to listen”
I smiled and cli-ck on it , I surprise to see she alre-ady has more than a thousand views
I sm-irked
Now the game begins ….but what kind of weird feeling am I having, I just hope everything goes as planned …………
Kira Montes
Cl!çk!ng on the link, I listened to the bit-ch solo debut and I must admit she has got a really beautiful voice
I scrolled down the phone and wi-de-ned my eyes in surprise when I saw the number of views …
“5000 in less than an hour “
Oh great!
It was obvious everyone likes and adore her more than me and i guess her duet with Chase did the magic ….
I picked my up my smaller phone from the be-d and dialled Loretta number
She received it on the second ring
hi ma’am! how are you? She greeted
We nee-d to get on with the plan. I informed without responding to her greetings
But I thought you made it clear that we would commence with it when… she tried to say but I cut her off
There is no time , she is alre-ady famous
So what should i do? She asked
Invite her to Rolex club, make sure she takes the drink. I informed
And what will happen next after that? She probe-d further
I will let you know , just make sure there is no mistake . I informed and ended the call
It is time to teach that bit-ch a lesson, and no one , I repeat no one will st©p me ……
Loretta Samuels
Standing outside the school gate , I watched the students troop out . Some pointed at me and whispered among themselves, some shook their head in pity when they saw me while others just pretended like they don’t know me ….
I bit myl-ips trying to control my tears
I could have been one of them but Kira ruined me…
I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket and was about dialling Candy number when I saw her and Tiffany walk out of the gate, they were holding hands and they seem to be very close
Candy! I called and she turned to look at me
Loretta! She smiled , she whispered something to Tiffany who glared at me before leaving
Loretta! She called again while walking towards me
hi! I grinned
Why are you here? She asked staring into my face
We nee-d to go over to the club today , the plan starts now . I informed and her eyes in wi-de-ned surprise
But why? I thought she said when I get very popular
I sm-irked
haven’t you seen the number of views you have got? you are alre-ady popular Candy and I guess that is why the bit-ch changed her mind . I explained and she shuddered a bit ….
Are you alright? I asked and she shook her head negatively
I am really scared
It will be alright. I as-sured and she nodded
Have you told Nick and Chase about it? She asked
No, I wanted to let you know first. I explained
She brou-ght out her phone from her pocket and dialled a number
I listened to her as she talked on the phone
Alright, I love you too. She sighed and ended the call
What did he say? I asked
he said I should be very careful, and also to remind you to be at Alert . She pouted
I smiled
And what of Nick, Won’t you tell him?
They are together. She informed and I nodded
Don’t worry, it will go on as we planned . I as-sured and she smiled
Candace Noah
Flagging down a taxi, we both got in
Rolex h0tel. Loretta called and the driver nodded before driving off
I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 7:00
I sighed softly knowing my parent would be so worried if I did not get home before 8
I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket and dialled my mom number
She picked up immediately
Hello mum! I greeted
Congratulations baby, we are all waiting for you to come home so we can [email protected] She squealed
I am sorry mom , but I won’t be able to come home tonight. I apologised feeling guilty
I am going on dinner [email protected]£ with Chase . I lied
She sighed
Okay baby, I guess we will just [email protected] tomorrow
Thanks for un-derstanding mom , I love you
I love you too baby….She said and ended the call
I stared at the phone and sighed
Are you alright? Loretta patted me lightly
I shook my head and bur-sted into tears
Why would I be alright! I just lied to my mom.
It is alright. She held my hands
Is it a crime to follow my dreams? What did I do to Kira? Why is she bent on ruining me? I asked in between sobs
You did nothing, she is just jealous you are better than her . Loretta consoled , she pu-ll-ed me into a hvg
Don’t cry Candy , it will be alright. She as-sured me
We soon got to the club and I was surprised to see it was a very small club
What a small club! I remarked
Sure, Loretta drawled, she was also surprise by it’s size
We walked it and I was surprised to see it almost empty
I thought clubs are always crowded! I observed
Me too , Loretta agreed while looking around
There were only three people seated in the bar, two men and a lady ….
We went over to the bar and sat down
Good evening! Loretta greeted the bar man
Evening! he grinned ex-posing his green teeth
Yuck! I looked away .
What a dirty teeth? I mumbled
What can I get you? he asked
Non alcoholic wine. Loretta answered and he bowed before going to get the orders
So what next? I asked in whispers
You will drink whatever he gives you . She said while looking around
What will happen to me after drinking it? I asked in alarm
You will black out. She shrug and screamed out
What is it? Do you want to arou-se any suspicion? She met my gaze
Suspicion! Who will suspect us? I stared at her confusedly
Are you blind ? Didn’t you notice those men are watching is? She asked in whispers
I looked in the direction of the men and met their cold gaze
Oh my gawd! I exclaimed softly
Everything is alre-ady planned , even the bar man knows who you are. She informed and my heart skipped a bit
What will happen to me now? I panicked
You just have to trust me , give me a chance to prove that I am truly sorry
I stared into her eyes and sighed
The barman soon brou-ght our orders, he placed a glas-s in front of me and gave the second one to Loretta
he win-ked at me and took his leave
I picked up the drink and stared at it
Drink it . Loretta whispered
Taking a de-ep breath, I gulped down the drink and immediately my head felt bigger
arrrrgh. I gro-an ed in pain as an headache hit me
My heads were spinning and I was seeing things in double
Loret…. I tried to call and soon blacked out
Loretta Samuels
Seeing Candy de-ep asleep, I knew I had to start acting to avoid raising a suspicion
The bit-ch is out! I announced and the two men grinned
They both stood up and walked towards me
I watched one of them wave his hands in her face to be sure she truly blacked out
Good job kid! he remarked and patted my back
Carry her ! he instructed the second one who carried her up in a bridal style
Where are you taking her to? I asked
It is none of your business. he retorted and I bit myl-ips
I watched them leave the club with Candy and I sm-irked
hey bar man! I called and he [email protected]£ rushing to me
Do you by any chance have an idea where they are taking her to? I asked
he shook his head negatively
I don’t know anything about that, I was just paid to drug her drink
I stood up and walked out of the club.
I dialled Kira number and she picked it up immediately
how did it go? She asked
Chill ma’am, it went well . I informed and she sighed in relief
The boys just left, where are they taking her to? I probe-d on
It is none of your business. She retorted and I chuckled
How can you say that! remember we are both in this together
Fine! She sighed
Meet me at the abandoned school close to the outSk-irt of the town
Is that where the [email protected]£ will take place? I asked to be sure
Yes baby. She said and ended the call
I smiled and immediately s£nt Nick and Chase the address ……..
getting to the taxi station, I flagged down a taxi and got in
OutSk-irt of the town . I called and the driver nodded before driving off
My phone suddenly rang . I checked the caller , it was Nick
I received it
Nick.. I mean Sir Nick.. I stuttered
Where are you? he asked , his voice was cold
I am on my way. I informed
Alright! just be careful , we are on our way too. he informed and ended the call
I t©uçhed my che-st and stared dreamily into space
he told me to be careful, did he care for me?…….. oh Loretta! snap out of it, this is not the right time to drool over handsome guys
We are here! the driver announced
Oh! I looked out of the window and nodded in satisfaction
I paid him off and alighted from the car
Walking hurriedly throu-gh the untarred road, i soon got to the abandoned school
I walked in and tried to adjust my eyes to the dim light
hello! Is anyb©dy here? I half yelled
hello! I repeated
Why is the place so quiet? Or are they yet to be here? I wondered
I turned to leave and st©pped when I saw a figure approaching me
Who are you? I asked in fear
There was no response
Who are you? I repeated and the person chuckled
I scanned my eyes to have a closer look and sighed in relief when I saw it was Kira
Ma’am Kira! You really scared the hell out of me!
Did I? she asked moving closer to me
I nodded
I stared at her and noticed she was holding a lacrosse stick
What is she doing with it? Does she [email protected]? I wondered
Where is Candy? I asked and she sm-irked
Why are you asking for her? Are you trying to betray me?
hell no, why will I do that? I asked
My boys called to tell me about your suspicious move . She informed still grinning
What are you talking about? I swallowed [email protected]
Oh baby! I am not a fool , You were un-der my watch so you see I am fully aware of all the secret meetings with Candy . She sma-cked herl-ips
What secret meetings? You were the one who asked me to get friendly with her. Remember? I asked trying to defend my self
Really? If that is the case , let me have your phone
What! I exclaimed
Let me have your phone . She repeated while stretching her hands
Why? I asked with a trembling voice
To confirm my suspicions. She grinned evilly
I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket at threw it to the wall
You can make your confirmation with the broken phone. I retorted
She sm-irked
Why did you do that? She asked moving closer to me
Just leave me alone. I yelled
I tried to run when I felt something hit me on my head
Argh! I gro-an ed and fell to the floor
Do you think you can fool me? She asked as she continued hitting me with the lacrosse stick
plea-se don’t ki….. I tried to say but she hit me [email protected] on the mouth
Argh! I gro-an ed and cough out blood
plea-se I am dying. I managed to say and she laughed
Of course that is what I want , I want you to die so I can frame you up for candy’s death.
Don’t worry I will bring her dead b©dy over here when I am done with her so it will look like you both killed each other . She laughed out loud
Pleeeeease. I pleaded but she kept on hitting [email protected] and only st©pped when her phone rang
She received it
What is it? I heard her grunt
Take her over to my penthouse at bronze estate and don’t get started till I get there.She informed
Sure, I will soon be there, I nee-d to take care of something . She said and ended the call
She looked at me and sm-irked
You heard that right , guess I will just have to finish you off
plea-se Kira . I pleaded but it seems my plea-s just made the matter worst cos she kept on hitting me ha-rder
I winced in pain and felt my soul almost leave me
What can I do? I wondered, I can’t just die . I have to save myself and also save candy …..
I guess I will just have to act dead. And with the last strength in me, I faked a loud grunt and [email protected]£ stiff
She hit me one last time and laughed loudly
In your next life , you won’t mess around with anyone called Kira
She spat on me before taking her leave ..
I listened quietly and made sure she was out of sight before opening my eyes
I tried to move my b©dy but couldn’t
Bronze pent house. I kept on mumbling ……..

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