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Dream Episode 44 & 45

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 44
Candace Noah
Sitting in clas-s , I was shoving my books into my backpack when Miss Brenda walked into the clas-sroom
Good evening! She greeted , she looked around the almost empty clas-sroom and smiled when she met my gaze
Miss Noah! plea-se come with me . She instructed and walked out of the clas-s ….
Alright ma ! I stood up from my seat , sling my backpack across my shoulders and followed behind her ….
Where are we going ma ? I asked trying to make a conversation
She smiled
To the studio, your manager is waiting to meet you ……
Yippee! I squealed in excitement and she laughed……..
Entering the studio, a young woman on red go-wn was seated at a corner
Lucia! this is Candace Noah. Miss Brenda introduced
Who wouldn’t know the girl with the angelic voice? she smiled and I blu-shed
hi ma’am! I greeted
hi Candace, how are you? She smiled…. it is nice meeting you
Same here . I smiled
I will leave you both to get to know each other better . Miss Brenda informed
She smiled at me before taking her leave
So what next step do you plan on taking? I mean when do you plan on recording a solo? Lucia started
I can’t say for now . I shrug
She smiled
Do you have any composed song? She continued
Yes, but I don’t know if it will be okay for the solo
What type of song is that?
It is a k- pop. I replied and she nodded
Good! Let me hear you sing
Is it now? I mean it is getting late . I queried
Just the chorus . She insisted and I sighed
I picked a violin from a chair beside her, I tuned it and began singing
I can’t tell what Is happening
You [email protected]£ to me just like a dream
Do you hear me calling?
Just close your eyes with me
Just like wind you b!ow me away ……..
Wow! She applauded when I was done singing
How is it? I asked staring at her
It is beautiful! I love both the song and your voice. She praised
Thanks so much
We just have to work on some notes to make it perfect
Alright ma!
She glanced at her wristwatch
Erm … Let’s meet here after your morning clas-s tomorrow, if that is okay by you?
Of course it is ma. I agreed and she smiled
It is Nice working with you Candace . She stretched forth her hand for a handshake
Same here ma. I took her hands into mind and shook it
Bye ma. I bade and scurried out of the studio……
It was a bit dark when I got to the taxi station
I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 20:00
Oh what will I do? there was no sign of any taxi coming by
I brou-ght out my phone and was about dialling Chase number when I heard the sound of a car approaching
Is it a taxi or a pri-vate car? I wondered as I waited for the car to get nearer and when it did , I noticed it was a black sport car ….
I was Surprised when the car pu-ll-ed up in front of me
Who is this? I wondered
Candy! a hoarse voice called winding down the window
I tilted my head to take a closer look and wi-de-ned my eyes in surprise when I met the gaze of Nick
Nick! I called
Get in. he instructed and I did
he started the car and drove off without sparing me a glance
What is wrong with him? I stared at him, his eyes were red and kinda looked dull
Has he been crying? I wondered
Nick! I called softly and he glanced at me
What is wrong? I asked with concern
Nothing. he grunted and his breath smelt alcohol
he must be really hurt . I thought within
You can talk to me , I am your sister. I as-sured him
he stared at me for a while and sighed
It is my mother
What happened to her?
She chose her lover over me . he bit hisl-ips
I stared at him not knowing what to say
What kind of mother would choose a lover over her child? only a stupid one . I thought within
So why are you just leaving school by this time? he suddenly asked
My manager delayed me . I informed and he smiled
I am happy for you sis
We soon got to my house and he parked in front
Good night sis! he bade
Won’t you come in? I asked and he shook his head
It is alre-ady late
You can stay over for the night.. I mean it is your home also
he smiled
I know , but I nee-d to get going … I will come check on you all later
Alright! I opened the car door and alighted
Good bye bro! I waved and he nodded before driving off…….
Entering the house , I met my mom in the sitting room. She was obviously waiting for me
hi mom! I greeted
Oh Candy! why are you home by this time?
Guess what mom! I asked ignoring her question
What? She frowned
I have a manager now . I squealed and she jumped up in excitement
Are you for real baby? She asked to be sure
Yes mother, she was who delayed me . I explained
She smiled
Was she the one who brou-ght you home?
No mum, it was Nick . I informed
Nick! Was he in school also? She probe-d
No , he picked me up from the taxi station
Then why didn’t he just spend the night here? she frowned
I think he has some stuff to fixed. I covered up for him
I nee-d to go sleep mother , I am so tired
Alright baby
Good night mum. I bade and headed to my room
I was tired and at the same time very excited……
Nick Delgado
On getting home , I drove into the compound and parked in the garage
I alighted from the car and walked into the sitting room
There was no one in the sitting room so I headed up the stairs to Chase room
I was confused about everything
I pushed the door to his room opened and walked in
he was seated on his be-d with his eyes glued to his phone
hi! I greeted while sitting on the be-d
Where are you coming from? he asked with his eyes still fixed on his phone
The Bar,I went to drink . I answered and he scoffed
Is that why you switched off your phone? he continued
Yes, I just wanted to be alone
I can see you are still worried about your mother? he rolled his eyes
hell no! I am not worried about her , I am angry with her. I corrected
Oh yeah! he drawled
By the way, I saw Candy at the taxi station this night . I informed
Yeah, she alre-ady told me about it .
Oh I see!
I pu-ll-ed off my shoes and la-id on the be-d
What are you trying to do? Chase asked , he gave a puzzled look
And what does he seems like to you . I retorted
Are you planning on slee-ping here? he asked and I nodded
But you haven’t …. he tried to say but I cut him off
Good night bro! I bade
Crazy! I heard him cursed and I smiled…….
Chase Delgado
The sound of my phone ringing jo-lted me out of sleep
Damn! I cursed
I picked the phone up from the table beside me and was about receiving it when it st©pped ringing
Who can it be? I wondered
I sat up on the be-d and turned to look at Nick who was still slee-ping peacefully beside me
I smiled
I was about waking him up when my phone rang again
I checked the caller , it was Dave ,my manager
I received it
hi Dave! I greeted
Chase! Where are you? What about Nick? he asked in a rush
We are both home , is anything the matter? I ru-bbe-d my eyes
Oh Chase! haven’t you heard what happened to Nick mother? he continued
What happened to her? I asked in alarm
It is all over on the news and social media
What are you talking about?
Just make sure you stay beside Nick so he won’t do anything stupid. he advised and ended the call
What is he taking about?
With a heavy heart , I typed the name Mrs Delgado and cli-cked on it
Oh my gawd! I wi-de-ned my eyes at what I saw
It was the nûd£ pictures of Roxy all over the internet
I scrolled down and tears flowed down my eyes at what I re-ad
“The almost lifeless b©dy of Mrs Delgado was found at the t©p of the bridge, she appeared to have been brutally [email protected]£d… according to sources gathered , She has been rushed to the hospital…we all pray she survives it”.
No, it can’t be . I broke down in tears
Chase! I heard Nick called
I wiped my tears before looking at him
When did you wake .i faked a smile
he scoffed
Why is wrong? Why are you crying? he asked staring at me
I am not …… I tried to say but he cut me off
Don’t even go there bro, what is wrong? he repeated
It is your…. I tried to say but he dragged the phone from me
his hands shook as he scrolled throu-gh the phone
Whaaat arrre they talking about. he stuttered
Calm down Nick , she is still breathing. I as-sured him
What the hell are they taking about? he yelled
Nick! I called softly
Just tell me this is not true , plea-se just tell me it is not true . he broke down in tears
You have to be strong Nick, you really have to be . I tried to hold him but he pushed me away
her nûd£ is all over in the internet. he yelled
I stared at him not knowing what to say
he picked his car keys from the table and jo-lted out of the be-d
And do you think I will allow you to drive to the hospital on your own?
he looked at me
Are you coming with me ?
Sure , she is my mother also and we will hunt whoever did this to her?
And how are we going to do that? he said in between sobs
We will start by finding her good for nothing lover
Watching the news , I laughed out loud
Oh Roxy! You are a fool to trust someone like me
hope you did a good job? I asked Bosco who was seated on the sofa opposite me , smoking.
Sure bro, no one would link it to you. he as-sured and I smiled
Episode 45
Nick Delgado
On getting to the hospital, we met my dad or should I say Mr Delgado seated in the reception
he was just seated there,turning this way and that , with a bewildered look on his face
Dad! I called walking towards him
he looked at me and then at Chase who was standing behind me
Nick! your mother is a …… he tried to say but I cut him off
Where is she? I asked coldly
She is at the emergency ward, the doctor is attending to her. He informed
how is she? Will she survive it? I asked rushingly
I don’t know .he shook his head, her b©dy was badly mutilated
Oh my gawd! I exclaimed and broke down into tears
I heard Chase sighed
he walked over to me and tried consoling me but i kept on beating my che-st saying it was my own fault
he stared at me in surprise
And how is it your fault?
I pushed her away , I called my own mother a bit-ch. I said In between sobs
That was because she acted like one , she left you alone when you nee-ded her most. he said trying to make me think straight, because I was obviously not myself
What will happen to…. i st©pped all of a sudden when i heard my dad call a [email protected] name , a name I never wanted to hear
I looked up and watched him as he walked towards me
Nick! I watched the news and saw what happened to your mother , how is she?
I scoffed
Why do you care?
because she is your mother. he retorted
Mother! Why exactly are you here? I yelled
Calm down Nick. Chase tried to calm me down
No, I really nee-d to know why he is here . So Why exactly are you here? I faced Andy
I just wanted to check on you
I huffed
I thought i made it clear I never wanted to have anything to do with you again
But I …. he tried to say but I cut him off
Get lost. I yelled
Are you really s£nding me out of your life . he gave me a surprised look
Andy! plea-se just go , don’t make it ha-rder for him. My dad pleaded
Fine! he agreed
he looked at me and then at Chase before leaving
What is that? I wondered
The doctor soon [email protected]£ out from the emergency ward and I rushed towards him
How is she doctor? I asked trying to be calm
Where is your dad? he asked ignoring my questions
he is over there. I said pointing to my dad who was seated quietly in the reception with Chase beside him
he nodded …. you can go on in , i am sure your mother wants to see you
Alright doctor! I felt my heart thumping as I walked hurriedly to the ward………..
Chase Delgado
With a heavy heart, I listened to the doctor as he told my dad about Roxy critical condition
Will she make it? My dad asked
he shook his head negatively
What do you mean by that? I asked in alarm
he sighed
I am afraid to say this but she won’t make it. I tried my possible best but her vital organs were badly damaged
Oh my gawd! I bit myl-ips to st©p my self from crying
But who is the beast that did this to her?the doctor probe-d
I don’t know . my dad replied coldly
Well if that is the case , you are free to go see her. the doctor informed and took his leave
What will happen now? Will you allow her to Just die like that? I faced my dad
And what do you expect me to do? he retorted
You can fly her out of the country, you can s£nd her over to the world best doctors . I said with a trembling voice
he scoffed
And why will I do that?
Because she is your wife. I retorted
Wife! have you forgotten we were on the verge of divorce. he sm-irked
It does not mean , you can still help her if you want
he stood up in a huff and was about to take his leave
Where are you going dad? I asked in surprise
home. he replied without looking at me
But why? Won’t you at least see her
he turned to look at me and smiled slowly
No i won’t
Then why are you here if you don’t Care about her? I half yelled
I [email protected]£ over to clear her hospital bills . he informed with a straight face
But that is not fair dad, are you doing all this because you don’t love her? I continued
he shook his head
Talking about Love , i tried to love her after your mom talk me into it . I did my best to be a loving husband to her but what did I get in return, she cheated on me right un-der my roof
What!! I exclaimed in shock
Yes son, I [email protected]£ back from office one day and caught her red handed with another man on the same be-d we do make love and do you know what I did? I pretended nothing ever happened just to protect the image of my family . he explained
Dad! I called softly
But see where it has gotten me to…… my so called wife nûd£ pictures is all over the internet. he bit hisl-ips in anger
But dad…. I tried to say but he cut me off
Don’t but me , I should have divorced her a long time ago…just stay with your brother and make sure he doesn’t cry much , the bit-ch doesn’t deserve any tears …
See you later son. he bade and took his leave
I watched him go and sighed
I never knew he went throu-gh a lot ……
Entering the ward, I stared blankly at Roxy limp b©dy on the be-d . Nick was seated on a chair beside her with his head rested on the be-d
Is she alre-ady dead? I wondered
I walked towards them and sat down gently on the be-d
hey! Nick looked up at me , his eyes were red
how is she? I asked in whispers
I don’t know , what did the doctor say? he asked staring directly at me
he said that ….. I st©pped on hearing a faint voice
We both looked in the direction of the voice and I was surprised to see Roxy with her eyes wi-de opened
Mother! Nick called and she managed to smile
how are you feeling ma? I asked
She shifted her gaze to me and just stared on at me
Are you alright? I asked to be sure
Nick protect Chase . She managed to say
I looked at Nick and met his gaze , he was confused as well
What are you trying to say mother? he asked
Sorry both of you. She said again
Is she speaking in parables? I wondered
Who did this to you? I asked
It is Aaaaaa….. she started breathing and [email protected] heavily
What is wrong mother? Nick asked with a trembling voice
Aaaaaaaaaa…. She tried to say , she gave gave a loud grunt and soon [email protected]£ stiff
Mother! Mother! Nick called but there was no response from her
I watched him quietly as he put his head on her che-st
She is not breathing, she is not breathing. he panicked
Calm down Nick . I held him to me
What is wrong? Why is she not breathing ?
Mother is dead . I bur-sted into tears, she is dead
No it can’t be. he screamed and I held him ti-ghtly
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, what the hell was she trying to say? I wondered…..
Candace Noah
The whole clas-s went rowdy immediately the teacher left the clas-s
What did just say? Did I hear right? Nick mother is dead
No it can’t be . I screamed and all eyes turned to look at me
What is wrong with you? Tiffany asked in alarm
Didn’t you hear what the teacher just said, she said Nick’s mom is dead . I half yelled
Of course I heard and we are all affected by it ..but your reaction is just too out of it .
I shook my head
You won’t un-derstand
I stood up and sling my backpack across my shoulders
Where are you going? She asked
To the hospital. I replied
I walked out of the clas-s ignoring the stares from my clas-s mates
Nick must be really hurting, I nee-d to be with him
On getting to the taxi station, I was about flagging down a taxi when I heard a familiar voice called me
I looked in the direction of the voice and scoffed when I saw Loretta running towards me
What does she want? I wondered
hi Candy! she greeted while [email protected]
What do you want? I frowned at her
I was waiting …. she tried to say but I cut her off
What do you want? I yelled and she shuddered a little bit
I am really sorry about everything. She apologised
Sorry! Just get lost. I turned to go but she caught my arm
Just plea-se listen to me Candy . She pleaded
And why should I? I retorted
because this is the only way I can prove to you that I am truly sorry
I stared at her for a while
What do you mean by that?
Just act along with me and we will fish out your real enemy together …………..

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