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Dream Episode 40 & 41

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 40
Candace Noah
Speechless, I stared blankly at my father while trying to digest what I just heard
Nick! my big brother, how is that possible!…..I mean how will a guy who stole my first k!ssbe my big brother?
No it can’t be , it really can’t be. I screamed
Oh candy! My dad called trying to hold me but I shifted back
It is not possible Dad, there must be a kind of mix up somewhere. I fidgeted
he sighed
I un-derstand how you feel but we all nee-d to tackle this as a family
un-derstand! tackle! family! What are you even saying? I yelled
plea-se Calm down baby. my mum pleaded
I shifted my gaze to her, she was whimpering and trying so [email protected] to control her tears
No mum! this is all bull$h!t, Nick can’t and Will never be my brother . I yelled
plea-se Candy, Just listen to what I say. My dad pleaded
I scoffed
You are asking for too much dad. I glared at him before stomping out of the sitting room……….
Sitting on the be-d , I beat my che-st as I wept uncontrollably
I tried to think but could not , I was so confused….
how did it get to this! how will I accept the fact that Nick is my big brother, he stole my first k!ssand even tried to [email protected]£ me
This will be so [email protected] for me!
Oh Candy! What will you do now?
The door suddenly creaked opened and my mum walked in
Candy! She called while sitting beside me
I just want to be left alone. I frowned
And do you think that will be possible, do you think I will fold my hands and watch your hurt yourself?…. I un-derstand how you feel but you just nee-d to accept it, he is your brother and there is nothing you can do about it …
I shook my head negatively
No mom , I can’t accept him as my brother
is it because he stole your first k!ss? She asked
I stared at her without uttering any word.
how will I tell her it is more than just the k!ss, how will I tell her he almost defiled me!
You really nee-d to forget about the k!ss,you have to put it behind you . She advised
I am trying to but it is not that easy? I said
She sighed
I know baby, but always have it in mind that he did it without knowing you were his sister
Alright mum. I f0rç£d a smile
So how do we [email protected] your successful duet record? She asked trying to cheer me up and that did the trick
Oh mother! I am really so excited. I beamed happily
Of course you should be , the duet has gone all viral
Yes mum , I am one step closer to becoming a celebrity.I wriggled my b©dy in excitement
She smiled and pu-ll-ed me into a hvg
I am so proud of your baby. She whispered softly
Thanks mum………….
Nick Delgado
What do you mean by letting her go? Andy asked in a huff
he just got back from the mall and was surprised not to see the girl with me
I let her go and that is all. I replied calmly
And why will you do that , do you know the stress I went throu-gh just to get you the girl? he retorted
I sighed
I am sorry Andy but I couldn’t just do it
Why? I thought you had feelings for the girl. he probe-d on
Of course I do, and that is more reason why I couldn’t do it…… I mean how will I [email protected]£ a girl I like?
he scoffed
You are really so pathetic! .. and that is why Chase will always be better …. he tried to say but i cut him off
Don’t ever compare me with my brother again. I warned
what! your brother! his eyes wi-de-ned in surprise
Yes or do you have a problem with that?
What has come over you Nick?
I sm-irked
Do you really want to know? I asked and he nodded
Fine, I am sick and tired of you telling me what to do. I yelled
But Nick I am only trying to bring out the best in you
And look at where it has gotten me too, the very bottom
I am sorry Nick but if we ……. he tried to say but I shut him up
Get out of my house. I barked
What!! You can’t do this to me Nick . he pleaded
Get out before I call the security on you. I warned
he gave me a long look before storming out in anger ….
I watched him go and sm-irked
I should have done this a long time ago
Picking my car keys from the table, I headed to the garage
I got into my car and drove off heading to the Delgado’s mansion
I really nee-d to right all the wrongs I have done, and I will start by apologising to Chase……
I soon got to the mansion , I honked the car horn and the gate was opened up by the security
I drove into the hvge compound and parked in the garage
I alighted from the car and close the car doors
Good evening sir Nick! the security greeted
I nodded at him and headed to the sitting room
I met my dad and Chase’s mother in the sitting room
Hi! I greeted and they both looked at me
Son! my dad called gesturing me to come closer and I did
how are you? he asked standing up
I am fine dad.. erm I mean Mr Delgado … I stuttered and he smiled lightly
I am your Dad and will always be your Dad so don’t you ever forget that , is that clear?
I nodded and he pu-ll-ed me into a hvg
I love you Nick
I love you too dad….
I dis£ngaging from the hvg and walked over to Chase’s mother
I went down on my knees to ask for forgiveness
Mother! I called and she gave me a surprised look
I am so sorry for everything, I am sorry for taunting you, sorry for always mocking you , sorry for always calling you a maid, sorry for………. she pu-ll-ed me into a hvg to st©p me from saying anything further
I held her ti-ghtly as I cried in her arms like a baby
She dis£ngaged from the hvg and wiped my tears
I am very sorry mother . I repeated and she nodded
And I can see someone is back to his old self . I heard a familiar voice say and I smiled knowing it was Chase ………..
Chase Delgado
Seeing Nick apologise to my mother made me heart melt
I smiled
I always knew Nick had a good heart but the kind of people he as-sociates with changed him to a complete different person…
And I can see someone is back to his old self . I said and he turned to look at me
For how long have you been watching? he asked while getting up on his feet
Long enough to see your genuine tears
It is time to go to sleep. My dad pu-ll-ed my mum up to her feet ,he flashed Nick a smile before climbing up the stairs with his wife beside him …….
I waited for them to be out of sight before facing Nick
So what made you have a change of mind? I asked
I am so sorry for everything I have done to you . he apologised
I stared at me for a while without uttering a word
I know it is [email protected] for you to believe, but I am truly sorry for everything. I miss my little brother and I want him back …
I smiled lightly
You haven’t answered my question, what made you have a change of mind? I repeated
he smiled
Someone special to you made me realise I was the greedy one
I arched my eyebrow
Someone special to me ! And who is that?
It is Candy , she made me see you for who you really are…
Candy! how is that possible! how and where did you see her?I asked confusedly
I am really sorry Chase , but I had Andy bring her over to my mansion today
Why? I asked calmly
I erm eem er.. he stuttered
I said why did you do that? I yelled
I planned on ra-ping her . he blurted out and i froze
hope it is not what I am thinking. I thought within
I am very sorry Chase, I am really sorry. he kept on apologising
Did you do it? I asked coldly
he shook his head negatively
Did you have any form of [email protected]ç£with her? I continued
No. he shook his head and i sighed in relief
You did the right thing bro! I patted his shoulders and he stared at me in surprise
Are you alright? he asked
Yes, why did you ask? I asked glancing at his wristwatch
I expected you to flare up immediately I told you about Candy but your reaction is so out of it
I smiled
Are you free for the night? I asked
Sure, Why did you ask?
I want us to go somewhere together, I want you to meet someone
And who is that? he gave me a curious look
Your father. I replied and he [email protected] in surprise….
Episode 41
Chase Delgado
My Father! he asked to be sure and i nodded
What, I mean how did you get to know who my father is? he stared at me in surprise
I kind of figured it out. I shrugged my shoulders……… do you know anything about him?
Not really! but the doctor told me few things about him , he even told me his name
Which is?
Phil!pNoah . he informed and i smiled
Talk to me Chase , who is my father? Where did you know him? how does he look like?he asked rushingly
When we get there, you will know ….
Fine! he agreed
We walked out of the house and headed to the garage
Your car or mine? he asked
Mine . I replied
We both hopped into the car and I drove headed to the Noah’s home
Nick Delgado
I was silent throu-ghout the drive to Phil!p……or should I say my Father’s home
I was nervous about the whole thing
How will Phil!preact when he sees me , Will he accept me warmly? I wondered
My phone suddenly rang , it was a call from Andy and I ban-ged it
Who was that? Chase asked glancing at me
Andy! I huffed
Then Why aren’t you receiving it? he asked
I don’t have any reason to. I retorted
Did you guys have an argument?he probe-d on
No, I just don’t want to have anything to do with the looser. I drawled and he smiled ……….
I am really sorry for everything. I apologised again
again! I thought we are gone past this . he sm-irked
I know, but I just feel my apology is not enough .you know after everything I did to you and …your girlfriend
It is alright Nick , I hold no grudge against you. he as-sured me
What of Candace , will she ever forgive me? I continued
you will get your answers soon. he drawled
What are you…..
We are alre-ady here! he announced and Parked in front of a small cottage house
Is this it? … I mean it looks like a store house ! I remarked staring at the cottage house
Behave Nick! this is your father’s house and not a store.
he cautioned
Fine! I sighed
I am not just happy with what I am seeing
Then you can do something about it . he retorted
Of course I will. I bit myl-ips
We alighted from the car and walked towards the front door
Chase knocked on the door and it was soon opened up by a little boy
hi Chase! the boy greeted while staring at me
How are you Max? is everyone home?Chase asked and the boy nodded
I stared in surprise at both of them
If this is really my father’s home, how did Chase get to be so familiar with them?if ………..
Let’s go in Nick . Chase snapped me out of my thoughts
Oh! Okay! . I smiled at the boy who was still staring intently at me before walking in ……..
A man and a woman was seated in the sitting room
Could he be my father? I wondered
hi sir! hi ma! Chase greeted while I just stared on
How are you Chas……. the man st©pped immediately his gaze met mine
he stood up and moved closer to me
hello sir, I am Nick Del…. he pu-ll-ed me into a hvg before I could finish introducing myself
My eyes wi-de-ned in surprise
Nick… my son. he called as his whole b©dy [email protected]
Is his crying? I wondered
he dis£ngaged from the hvg and stared directly into my face ……
I am sorry for not reaching out to you first . he apologised
Phili-p! I called
Yes,I am Phil!pyour father
I tried to talk but no sound [email protected]£ out …
he smiled
This is my wife Lucy. he said pointing to the woman
hi Nick! Welcome to the family . She smiled
Thanks. I bowed my head a little
And that is your little brother Max . he said pointing to the little boy who opened the door earlier on
hi Max! I greeted and he sm-irked
he stood up from the sofa where he was seated and walked towards me
Are you really my big brother? he asked
I guess I am
Then why did you make my sister cry? he frowned
Your sister? how did I make her cry? I asked softly
Are you really asking me that? she kept on beating her che-st while calling your name
Enough of that Max! his mum cautioned
No mum , I want my big brother here to explain to me why he made our sister cry. he insisted
I smiled
Fine! I will explain but firstly , I nee-d to know who your sister is
Of course, she goes to the music school and her name is………he st©pped when the door to a smaller room creaked opened
Candy! he called looking towards the the direction of the room
I followed his gaze and st©pped dead at who I saw
Candace! I called in disbelief
She just stared blankly at me
What is going on here , can someone plea-se tell me what the hell is going on here? I yelled to no one in [email protected]
Calm down son.
My dad tried to hold me but I shifted back
Who is She to you? I asked pointing at Candy
he gave me a confused look
She is my daughter and also your sister. he informed
No it can’t be true , it can’t be true . I repeated shaking my head
Get a hold of yourself Nick, you are not fully recovered. Chase advised
No Chase , just tell me I am imagining things, just tell me this is not true . I fidgeted
he sighed
This is the truth brother, Candy is your sister
I shifted my gaze to her, her eyes was clouded with tears
What have I done? I greedily stole her first k!ssand even planned to [email protected]£ her ……
Damn! I cursed
I turned to go but Chase caught me by my arm
Just let me go plea-se, I can’t bear to be here any longer. I pleaded
And where do you think you are going?do you think running away is the best thing. he scolded at me
I am not running, I just nee-d…… I st©pped when I felt someone tug at my cloth
I turned and met the gaze of Max
Where are you going to? Won’t you wait for dinner? he asked innocently
I am sorry but I nee-d to………….
Pleaaaaaas-ssseee, don’t make all the preparations we did go to waste
Preparation? I asked
Yes , my mum prepared a delicious meal to welcome you
Meaning you were all aware of my coming? I asked and he nodded
Chase s£nt a message to inform us. my dad explained
So plea-se son , spend some time with your family . he added
Oh! I looked at Chase and smiled
They are your family also, so plea-se don’t run away from them. he said in whispers
I looked around the room and met Candy gaze
I gave her a small smile and she did the same ………..

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