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Dream Episode 34 & 35

Episode 34
Plan backfired
Kira Montes
Staring at the girl in front of me , I smiled.
She was exactly the kind of person I nee-d, so desperate
I can help you become a celebrity. I as-sured and her eyes wi-de-ned in surprise
Oh my gawd! Are you for real? She asked and I nodded
You just nee-d to be a good girl, you just nee-d to do what I ask you to do
She beamed happily
I will do whatever you want , Just plea-se help me fulfil my dreams
I smiled
Come with me. I led her to an empty clas-sroom
Why are we here? She asked looking around the clas-s room
I nee-d your help…..erm what is your name again?
Oh! I nee-d your help Loretta and I promise to record a duet with you if you make me happy
Oh ma’am, I will do anything for you . She beamed happily
I sm-irked
Can you help me in framing Candy? I asked and she froze
What do yyyou mean. She stuttered
Can you? I repeated
She stared at me without uttering again
I scoffed
Since you can’t, you can as well forget about ……
I will do it . She cut me off
I smiled
Good girl!
What exactly should I do? I mean what is the plan?
I opened my bag and brou-ght out a gold wrist watch
We will make use of this
She stared at the wristwatch
The wrist watch is beautiful, but I still don’t un-derstand how we are going to make use of it in framing Candy
It is simple dear, you will kept in secretly in her bag and the whole school will see her as a thief
What will happen to her after that? She probe-d
I sm-irked
She would be expelled from this school, that is the rule ……. can you do it? I asked to sure and she nodded
here. I handed her the wristwatch, make sure no one sees you
She nodded and kept the wristwatch in her jean pocket
your phone . I demanded and she handed it to me
I typed in my number and handed it back
Message me on that number when you are done , I will take over from there
Alright. She nodded sheepishly
You can go to your clas-s. …….
I watched her go and smiled, she is really a terrible friend…….
Loretta Samuels
With mixed feelings, I headed to the clas-s . I was happy that my dreams were about to come true and at the same time sad about hurting Candy
I sighed
I am sorry Candy but I have to do this …
Entering the clas-s, I saw Candy pla-ying the guitar
I sm-irked and walked towards her
Candy! I called
She looked at me and frowned
Where have you been?
I was in the bathroom. I lied
Liar, I looked for you in the bathroom but you were not there. She retorted
Erm I went to erm. I stuttered without knowing what to say
What is wrong with you Loretta? You have been acting kind of weird
Nothing, I am just a bit feverish. I lied
Why didn’t you tell me? how are you feeling? have you used drugs? She asked in a rush
I shook my head negatively
Should we go over to the school clinic? She continued
I am too weak , Can you plea-se get me something to eat at the cafe? I asked and she nodded
She placed the guitar gently on the floor before leaving the clas-sroom
I made sure she was out of sight before I brou-ght out the wristwatch
I unZi-pped her bag and kept the watch inside
After I was done, I looked around the clas-s and met the gaze of Tiffany
She immediately looked away
Did she notice anything? I wondered
I stole a glance at her and she was talking with a girl beside her
I guess she didn’t notice …..
I faked a smile when I saw Candy walking towards me, she was holding a black flask
What a good friend! I sm-irked evilly
Here is the food. She dropped the flask on the table
Thanks girlfriend. I smiled
Can I have my phone now? She stretched her hand
Sure. I gave it back
She went throu-gh it and Pouted
No text or call from my Chase
Maybe he …. I st©pped when a teacher walked into the clas-s.
I smiled
I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket and messaged Kira
Candace Noah
I listened attentively to the teacher as she taught us how to control the high pitched voice
a high pitched voice is the highest vocal range , it can be controlled by ….. she st©pped when Kira and two other girls stormed into the clas-s
What is wrong Kira? You can’t just barge into the a clas-s like that
She scoffed
Do you think I will barge into a clas-s for no reason , My wristwatch is missing. She yelled
What wristwatch? The woman probe-d
My gold wristwatch, it was made specially for me
And do you think barging into clas-ses is the best way to find it. the teacher frowned
I forgot it at the music room and from my findings, only students from this clas-s go there
Is that true? She faced us
Yes ma. We all chorused
She sighed
All of you step out with your bags
Is it necessary? I mumbled
Let go Loretta. I whispered and she flashed me a smile
We stood up and walked to the front
Kira and the girls started with the searching
But who would have stolen it? I asked Loretta
She sm-irked
Someone who probably lives in a cottage house
I stared at her in surprise
What do you mean by that?
I just said ….. she st©pped when it was her turn to be searched
I watched Kira ransacked her bag and when she found nothing, she signalled her to go
Next! Kira called and I moved closer to her
Let me see your bag. She sm-irked
I handed her the bag and she immediately started searching .
Oh my gawd! My watch . She shouted while bringing out a gold wristwatch from my bag and I [email protected] in shock
Thief! Thief! the whole started screaming and I immediately wished for the ground to swallow me up
So you are the thief . She scoffed
I shook my head negatively
That how did the wrist watch get into your bag, did it grow wings ? She mocked
I reallly don’t know, I really don’t know …..
She scoffed
Take this thief out of my sight. She yelled
Chase Delgado
Sitting down in the studio, I was composing a song when my manager scurried it
You nee-d to come over to the Dean office. he informed
Candace is being questioned, she might get expelled
Expelled? Why? What did she do? I asked rushingly
I don’t really know, I just saw her being dragged to the dean office .he explained
I jo-lted up from the chair and ran as fast I could to the Dean office
I can’t let them treat my girl like trash
I pushed the door to the dean office opened and walked in
What is going on here? I asked staring at Candy , she was whimpering
Thank goodness you are here Chase , this young lady was reported to have stolen Kira’s wristwatch. The dean informed
My gaze shifted to Kira, she was seated beside the dean with her leg crossed
I scoffed
And why would she steal her watch, Did you make any investigation before putting the blames on her
We don’t nee-d to make any investigations. my watch was found in her backpack. Kira retorted
Shut up! I wasn’t talking to you . I barked
Are you trying to defend a thief? She continued
I huffed
One more word from you Kira and I swear you will regret it. I threatened and she looked away
Did you do it? I asked Candy and she shook her head negatively
Good! So can you plea-se let her go?
We can’t, stealing is a serious offence which attracts expulsion. the dean explained
I sm-irked
Are you aware she is my girlfriend? I asked
girlfriend? I never knew. She gave me a surprised look
Do you want to lose your Job. I continued
No Chase . She shook her head
Then do the right thing, investigate on it and find out what really happened
Alright I will….. she st©pped when there was a knock on the door
Come in. She drawled
The door creaked opened and a skinny girl walked in
Barbie. I heard Candy Called
Good afternoon. She greeted
Afternoon , how can I help you? the dean asked
She glanced at Candy
Candace is innocent …. I mean I know who kept the wristwatch in her bag
Are you trying to defend her because she is your friend ? The dean probe-d on
hell no! we are not even friends, Candy doesn’t even like me or do you? She faced Candy
I like …… she tried to say something but I cut her off
Who did it, who kept the wristwatch in her bag pack
It was Loretta, I saw her do it. She informed
No it can’t be, Loretta will never do that . Candy defended
I scoffed
What a two faced bit-ch! Get Loretta here now ……….
Loretta Samuel
Sitting in the clas-sroom, I felt so elated
Now, i can pushed throu-gh with my dreams
I bet Kira would be overly excited.
But Why does she hate Candy, Why does she want her out of school?
poor Candy! I shook my head in pity
My phone suddenly beeped , it was a text from Kira
I cli-cked on it and my eyes wi-de-ned in shock at what I re-ad
“Take full responsibility for your mistakes , I will see you after you get expelled “
What! expelled? What does she mean by that?
Did someone ……I st©pped when I heard my name
I turned to the direction and almost peed on my [email protected] when i saw a man on black standing at the entrance to the clas-s
Who amongst you is Loretta Samuels?he repeated
I am the one . I stood up
he sm-irked
Come with me, you are nee-ded at the Dean office
I followed behind him as we headed to the office
Oh Loretta! What have you done? What will happen to me now? I wondered as tears streak down my face
We soon got to the office and the man urged me to go in
I pushed the door to the office opened and I almost ran back when I saw Tiffany standing beside Candy
Damn! Why didn’t I think of it!
Goood afteeernoon. I stuttered
Afternoon young lady , plea-se come closer. a woman behind the desk gestured at me and I did
I guess she must be the dean
So can you repeat what you told us? She asked Tiffany
Yes, I saw Loretta put the wrist watch inside Candy back pack . She said boldly
Liar! I did not …. I st©pped when I heard Chase scoff
I faced him
Why did you do it? he asked coldly
I shifted my gaze to Kira and she immediately looked away
Why did you do it? he repeated
I I did nnot . I stuttered
he sm-irked evilly
Mrs [email protected]! he called the dean
Yes Chase
Prepare her expulsion letter , she is leaving this school
What! plea-se you can’t do this to me. I went down on my knees
Candy plea-se help me talk to him . I pleaded
She just stared blankly at me .
Get this Liar out of here. I heard Chase yelled ………
Episode 35
Candace Noah
Gobsma-cked, I left the dean office and headed to my clas-s
Tears streaked down my face as the memory of what happened in clas-s flashed throu-gh
Who would have thought a naive girl like Loretta would do something evil! Who would have thought that a girl I called my friend would try to frame me..
Oh Loretta! I trusted you , I loved you , i even treated you like a sister but you chose to hurt me , why
Candy! a familiar voice called and turned back knowing it was Chase
he was walking towards m
I smiled
I could have been expelled if he had not stood up for m
Candy! he called again when he got close
hey. I smiled
Why did you leave without me? he frowned
You were talking to the dean. I replied softly
So, can’t you wait?he probe-d
I am sorry . I sniffed
What is with the tears? he asked wiping the tears rolling down my eyes
I can’t just help it, the tears just keep flowing . I guess it is because I am in pai
why? he stared at me in surprise
I was called a thief , i was betrayed by my own friend
I un-derstand how you feel but…… he tried to say but I cut him off
Is it because I am poor? Is that the reason why no one tried to investigate. I yelled
Candy! he called softly
What would have happened to me if you weren’t there? What would have happened to me if I had not know you? I would have been expelled for a crime I know nothing about . I broke down in tears
I am sorry Candy. he apologised and pu-ll-ed me into a hvg
I am sorry. he repeated
I dis£ngaged from the hu
You did nothing wrong, so what are you sorry for
I am sorry for everything. he apologised for the third time and I smiled
I nee-d to get to clas-s . I informed
If that is the case, I will go with you . he insisted
Why? I stared at him in surprise
To right the wrongs……….
The whole clas-s [email protected]£ noisy when we walked in
Chase! Chase! my clas-smates kept on squealing in delight
I stared at him wondering what he meant by “right the wrongs
He [email protected] his hands to get attention and the clas-s soon [email protected]£ quiet
he glanced at me before he started talking
Good afternoon, I am here to clear the air on what happened earlier on. Candace here was framed and on no account should anyone tease or taunt her , is that clear? he asked
Yes .they all chorused
Anyone who tries it will have to contend with me .he warned
Are you happy now? he faced m
I nodded
Thanks so much
It is nothing. he smiled pu-lling me closer to him
What are …… I tried to ask but he shut me up with a kis
The whole clas-s [email protected]£ rowdy as some of the students were screaming and taking pictures..
he broke the k!ssand smiled
Why did you do that? I asked in whispers
To let the whole word know you belong to me . he sm-irked
Thanks . I blu-shed
Get re-ady , we will be recording the duet tomorrow. he whispered into my ears
What! I stared at him in surprise
he win-ked at me before leaving the clas-s……..
After Chase left the clas-s, some girls rushed towards m
hi candy , I am Becky . a dark girl introduced
Hi , I am Abby . another one introduced
I stared at them as they kept on introducing themselves
Can we plea-se talk later? I excused and walked over to Barbie seat
Barbie erm I mean Tiffany. I called and she flashed me a smile
Thanks for standing up for me . I appreciated
It is nothing. She smiled
But why did you do it, I thought you don’t like me. I probe-d
I like you candy but you always push me away . She corrected
I am sorry . I apologised
Can we be friends now?
Sure . I smiled……..
Chase  Delgado
After leaving Candy’s clas-s, I headed to the studio
I smiled when I remembered the look on Candy’s face after k!ss!ngher, it was priceless
Chase! I heard someone called me and I turned to meet the gaze of Kira
What is it? I frowned
Are you still angry? She asked
Then why …. she tried to say but I cut her off
I am very busy , let’s talk later. I walked out on her ……
Loretta  Samuels
Standing in front of the hvge gate , i felt so dejected
What will happen to me now? What will I tell my parent? Will I tell that that I got expelled because I betrayed my own friend
My phone suddenly rang, it was Kira
I received it
Hello ma’am. I greeted
how are you enjoying your expulsion? She laughed
What do you mean by that? I panicked
You are just too dumb , I just made use of you
What! I exclaimed in shock
Why? Are you surprised? You are nothing but a looser. She retorte
Looser? I will tell on you , I will tell Chase you asked me to do it . I screamed
Chase will never believe you and do you know why? because he trust me .
I got my eyes on you . she threatened
Why did you try …. I st©pped when I noticed the line was disconnected
Oh Loretta! You are so doomed ……
Phili-p  Noa
Sitting on the sofa , I was sorting out the  stuffs I will be nee-ding tomorrow when I heard a car drove In
I stood up and peeped throw the window and smiled when i saw Candy alighting from Chase Ca
This two are so in love ! I remarked …….
The door suddenly opened and they both walked i
Guess what! Candy screamed
Is that the way to greet your father. I smiled
Oh my bad! I guess I was just too excited
So what is the good news? I asked
I will be recording with Chase tomorrow. She squealed
That is good news baby! I remarked
I looked at Chase
Thank you so much for everything. I appreciated
It is nothing. he smiled …..
he pe-cked Candy lightly and was about to leaving when I felt the urge to ask him about Rox
Chase! I called and he looked at me
Who is Roxy to you? I asked
he stared at me for a while and smiled
Why are you asking sir
I mean I jjusy want to know . I stuttered
he sighed
She is the first wife to my father . he informed and I [email protected] in surprise
So the man she left me for is a Delgado. I thought within
I am sorry to pry but what do you mean by First wife , is she not your mother
he shook his head
She is not my mother but why are you asking sir? he asked
Nothing, I lied
Oh! So you know, she is the mother to Nick the popular singer. do you know him? he aske
I nodded
he smiled
so you see, Nick is twenty three years ol
but why are you telling me all this? I stared at him curiously
Just letting you know. he smiled
See me off to the car. he said to candy and they both headed outside together ……….

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