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Dream Episode 26 & 27

Episode 26
Candace Noah
Startled , I froze in terror at the frightful sight
My whole b©dy shuddered as I watched Chase hold Nick unconscious b©dy
What the hell just happened? Will Nick be alright?
Someone should plea-se call the ambulance. I heard Chase yelled
oh my gawd! What should we do? Loretta asked worriedly
I brou-ght out my phone , I dialled the emergency number but it was not connecting
Is he going to die? Loretta asked while panicking
I don’t know. I shrug
The hall [email protected]£ noisier when the ambulance arrived
Two Emergency medics rushed in rolling a stretcher
I sighed in relief
Will he be fine now? Loretta asked
I think so…….
The medics placed Nick gently on the stretcher and rolled him out
Make way! Make way! they kept on screaming until they got to the ambulance ..
I sighed
But what really happened to Nick’s voice? I turned to face Loretta but she was no where to be found
Where could she be?
I looked around the hall and was surprised when I saw her on the stage beside Chase ….
When did she get there? I wondered while walking towards them
Chase! I called while climbing up the stage
he looked at me and smiled lightly
Are you alright? I asked
Yes.he sniffed
Oh chase! I pu-ll-ed him into a hvg
It is going to be alright. I as-sured him and he held me ti-ghtly…..
Chase Delgado
I held Candy ti-ghtly while [email protected]£ss!ngher hair
Are you really alright? She repeated while dis£ngaging from the hvg
I sighed
No, I am really worried about Nick
I un-derstand baby, he will be fine. but what really happened to his voice? She probe-d
I stared at her not knowing what to say
Chase! She called softly
Can we plea-se not talk about it? I pleaded
She gave me a puzzled look before she nodded
I nee-d to go to the hospital. I informed
Can I come with you?
No baby, you and your friend nee-d to go home. I replied glancing at her friend
Oh! She exclaimed
Do you have enough money to take you home?
I erm erm have i mean I don’t. she stuttered
I smiled
I di-p my hand into my pocket and brou-ght out my wallet
here, you can have everything.
But Chase this is much? she bent her head shyly
I sm-irk
You can give some to your friend
She looked at me and smiled
It is nothing. I grinned
I pe-cked her before walking out of the hall….
I dialled my dad’s number on my way to he hospital and he picked it up immediately
Dad! Nick slumped at the concert. I informed immediately
I know son , I am alre-ady at the hospital . he replied
how did you know? I asked in surprise
The news, it is all over in the new
Damn. I cursed
Where are you? he asked
I am on the way to the hospital
Good! I will be waiting for you. he sighed and ended the call
Oh Nick! Why did you have to push yourself too [email protected]?
Candace Noah
I wi-de-ned my eyes in surprise as I counted the money Chase gave me
Did he give me this much money just to go home?
And how does it feel like to [email protected]£ a rich guy? Loretta suddenly asked
I looked at her in surprise
What do you mean?
Nothing, I am just asking .She retorted
What has come over you Loretta? I asked
And what do you mean by that? She retorted
You are behaving kind of weird, Did I offend you in anyway? I asked staring at her
She huffed
Is it a crime to ask a question?
No it isn’t , but I don’t like the question you asked
She sighed
I am sorry. She apologised
It is alright
here. I said while giving her some of the money
Thanks so much Candy . She beamed
I smiled……..
We headed to the bus station together and I helped her flagged down a taxi
See you tomorrow. She bade as she hopped the taxi
I waved and the driver zoomed off
I waited for about twenty minutes before another taxi [email protected]£ into view
I flagged it down and got in
behind Diamond block! I called and the driver nodded before driving off
I sighed as my mind drifted off to the happenings of today
What went wrong? Why happened to Nick’s Voice? Why was his voice all croaky? The Nick I know had a remarkable voice just like my …… I st©pped when I recalled what Chase said about hearing Nick sing for the first time
What does he mean by that?
The driver st©pped in front of my house, I paid him off after I alighted
I walked Into the house and met my parent in the sitting room
hi mom! hi dad! . I greeted
how are you? My dad asked
Fine. I smiled
The concert was a mess. I added
I know , it was shown in the news. he sighed
Are you alright dad? I asked while studying him, he looked tensed
Sit down Candy!he instructed
Is everything alright? I stared at my mom
She met my gaze and looked away
Just sit! my dad repeated
Fine! I sighed while sitting
Do you want me to lose my Job? he suddenly asked
What do you mean by that? I was confused
Just Answer me Candy? he half yelled
I shook my head negatively
Good! then can you plea-se stay away from Kira’s man
Kira’s man? Who is Kira’s man? I asked in confusion
I am talking about Chase
I scoffed
Are you for real? Did Kira threaten you? Did she? I yelled
She did …..he tried to say something but I cut him off
Chase is mine, he belongs to me , he asked me to be his girlfriend so how the hell does he belong to Kira? I yelled
Calm down Candy! my dad held my hands
How can I dad? how can I Calm down? I cried
It is alright. my dad as-sured while pu-lling me into a hvg
I never knew you love him this much..
Chase Delgado
I soon got to the hospital and I parked in front.
I alighted from the car and rushed Into the building
I sighted my dad and Nick’s manager seated in the waiting room .
I walked towards them
What is going on Dad? how is Nick? I asked rushingly
he sighed
he has an internal injury and nee-ds to un-dergo a surgery. he explained
So what are the doctors waiting for? Let them go on with it. I retorted
he nee-ds blood. my dad informed
I sm-irked
So? Let them get it from the blood bank
The blood bank is short of blood. he complained
Damn! I cursed
What if I donate mine? I volunteered
he smiled
My blood has been taking for screening, the doctor will soon call me in
I nodded
What of his mother? I asked while looking around
She is on her….he st©pped when a nurse greeted
hi! how can I help you? my dad asked
The doctor nee-ds you in his office. She informed and flashed me a smile before leaving
My dad stood up
Come with me Chase! he instructed
Alright dad! I agreed
I glared at Nick’s manager before walking in with dad.
I was so sure he was the one who pushed Nick into this …….
My dad pushed the door opened and we walked in
hi Chase! the doctor greeted and I nodded
Can I start with the donation Sam? my dad asked
The doctor smiled
Have you seat Neil and you too Chase. the doctor offered
So can I start? My dad repeated as we sat down
The doctor sighed
I don’t know how to say this but your blood was not a match
how is that possible?
I was surprised myself but you see Nick has a type o blood while you have a type AB blood. he explained
So what are you trying to say? my dad asked with a wavering voice
I am afraid to say this but Nick is not your biological son. the doctor blurted out
What the hell do you mean? My dad yelled ….
Episode 27
Chase Delgado
Staring blankly at the doctor, I was confused about what to say or how to react
I don’t believe it Sam, there must be a kind of mix up somewhere. My dad panicked
There is none, I had to screen the blood twice Just to be sure. the doctor explained
You can opt for a DNA test if you wish. he added
My dad scoffed
I don’t nee-d any test, I just nee-d to confront that bit-ch I call a wife
he stood up abruptly and stormed out of the office in a huff
Neil! Neil! the doctor tried to call him back but I guess his mind was alre-ady made up
I sighed
Are you alright Chase? the doctor faced me
Can I see my brother? I ignored his question
No, he is in the emergency room. he replied
Oh! I nee-d to get going . I informed while standing up
I was about to go when the doctor called me
I looked at him
plea-se Calm your dad so he does not do anything stupid. he pleaded
I nodded before walking out of the room
Nick’s manager ran to meet me immediately I walked out of the doctor’s office
What is wrong Chase? Why did your dad come out of office looking so angry? he asked rushingly
I ignored his questions
What did you do to Nick?
What are you talking about? he retorted
You knew very well that Nick can’t sing so why did encourage him to? I fired at him
I just wanted him to be happy. he defended
happy? Is this what you call happiness? Nick life is in a mess and it is all because of you . I yelled
What do you mean? he asked confusedly
I sm-irked
Good night ! I bade and took my leave
I drove home as fast as I could. I was worried my dad might do something crazy
But how did it get to this? Does it mean Nick is a bast……. Damn!
If Nick is not a Delgado, then who is he?
I soon got to the front of the mansion. I honked the car horn and the security guard opened the gate
I drove into the compound and parked in the garage
I alighted from the car and ran into the house .
And as expected, I met my Dad and Nick’s mum having a heated quarrel
Dad plea-se st©p! I yelled
he looked at me and scoffed
I nee-d to get the truth from this bit-ch
I shifted my gaze to “the bit-ch”, she was whimpering in tears
plea-se Chase tell your father I know nothing about it. She pleaded
Did you hear that Chase? She is nothing but a lying bit-ch. my dad yelled
Dad plea-se just let her go, Nick nee-ds her. I pleaded
But she is yet to confess. My dad retorted
She can do that later , what is most important is saving Nick’s life
he sighed
Fine! You can go…….and also get re-ady to sign the divorce papers. he informed and stormed up the stairs
What did he just say? Nick mum asked in shock
I shook my head in pity before heading upstairs to my room…
Roxy Delgado ( Nick’s mother)
Tears streak down my eyes as I drove over to the hospital
I never expected all this to happen so fast
How will I tell Neil that I was alre-ady pregnant before I got married to him?
how will I tell him that I married him because of his money?
Oh Roxy! You are doomed
I parked my car and scurried into the hospital
Where is my son? I yelled to no one in [email protected]
Calm down Madam, can you first tell me who you are? a lady on white uniform asked while walking towards me
I am Mrs Delgado. I informed and her eyes wi-de-ned in surprise
Wow! You must be Nick’s mother?
Where is he? I barked
he is at the emergency room but you can’t go in . she replied
Why? I yelled
The doctor is in the best position to explain to you. she informed
Fine! I sighed and headed to the doctor’s office
I pushed the door to the office opened and walked in
What is wrong with my son? I half yelled
he looked up at me
Calm down Roxy! he said with a sm-irk
how can I be calm when I don’t know if my son is dying or not ? I retorted
He will be fine, Just have your seat . he as-sured
I sighed as I sat down
Who is Nick’s father? he suddenly asked
What do you mean by that? I pretended
Quit pretending Roxy, have you forgotten we used to close friends back then at college?
I scoffed
If you were truly my friend, then why did you tell Neil the truth?
he laughed
The truth? I can see you have finally confessed
No I erm mean that …. i stuttered
Shut up! he barked . Nick’s is in a critical condition and the least you can do is to say the truth
What exactly is wrong with my son? I whimpered
he nee-ds blood
Then use mine , we have the same blood type……
Candace Noah
I la-id on the be-d trying to f0rç£ my self to sleep but still couldn’t
My heart was heavy as I thought about the conversation I had with my dad earlier on
What would happen to us if my dad gets fired from work? how are we going to feed? how are we going to survive?
I sighed
What should I do? Should I tell Chase about it? I think I really nee-d to do that
I dialled Chase number and he picked it on the second ring
hi baby! he greeted
how are you? What of Nick? Is he better? I asked rushingly
he will be fine. he as-sured
I sighed in relief
how are you? Are you alright? he asked rushingly
I amm not rrreally fine. I stuttered
What is wrong?
Kira threatened to fire my dad. I replied
Kira! Why would she do that?… I mean what business does she have with your father? he asked confusedly
My dad is her family driver. I replied with a low voice
Oh! And what was your dad offence?
he did not do…… I was about to say when he cut me off
What qualifications does your father have?
Just a high school certificate, he dropped out from college. I explained
he sighed
I will talk to my dad about it and will get back to you tomorrow. he informed
Are you for real? I beamed in excitement
Thanks baby. I appreciated
It is nothing
I love so much Chase
I love you too baby.he said and ended the call……..
I wriggled on the be-d in excitement, Dad will be so happy to hear this ………

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