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Confused b©yfri£ndEpisode 17 & 18

CONFUSED b©yfri£nd🤦‍♂🤷‍♂
(I’m in love with two girls)
Chapter 17
Bella didn’t call her sister, Melinda -Paulina’s mom that night because it was late alre-ady – 9:00pm. as-suming she did, she would surely be asleep…the call would have disrupt her sleep and the bad news would also disrupt her mind and memories. And she would rush down to Wintry – Coker’s Avenue from Heintal.
Bella had pas-sed the night at the hospital after speaking a little with Paulina and watched her sleep. Her voice, she sounds okay and she doesn’t look ill at all but the problem is; What d’ hell is wrong with her?
She called Mrs Brown the next morning, told her about it and the hospital Paulina’s was brou-ght to. Without being there with her (Mrs Brown), Bella alre-ady knew how she felt.
In the next hour, Mrs Brown arrived at the hospital.
“Let’s go see the doctor. He said wants to see you” Bella said to her.
“Are you sure Paulina is fine? ” She asked again when she saw her daughter slee-ping.
“Yeah, she is still asleep” Paulina’s aunt as-sured her.
Then they left the ward together and walked to the doctor’s office.
“Morning sir” They simultaneously greeted.
“Doctor John” He corrected.
“I’m Mrs Brown, I’m the mother of the patient in ward 123” Paulina’s mom briefly introduced herself.
“Oh, welcome. Have your seat” He beckoned them.
“Are you sure you want me to talk about it with her here? ” The doctor asked Mrs Brown, peering throu-gh his glas-ses.
“Why not. She is my sister! ” Mrs Brown told him.
“Well yes I know. A case happened a week away. A murderer disguised as a patient’s uncle. So that’s the reason why I was a bit strict about disclosing the health of your daughter to her. I’m sorry” He apologized.
“OK, I un-derstand you have a reason ” Bella said.
“plea-se Doctor John, can you plea-se go ahead and tell me what’s happening to my child? ” Mrs Brown panicked instead.
“As you can see, she is okay and fine” The Doctor said.
“Yeah, you said just for now” Bella interrupted him.
“What did you mean by that? ” Paulina’s mom asked him.
“The ailment will re-occur and it might wors£n the whole situation. May I ask a question? Did she un-dergo any form of surgery?” He asked.
Paulina’s Mom and her aunt turned to look at each0ther, speechless to say the least.. thinking of saying the truth or not.
“I mean, the tests, my eyes and my instinct do not deceive me. Did she un-dergo a cosmetic or plastic surgery that involves her face? ” She asked.
“Her… Her whole b©dy” Mrs Brown stammered.
“Yes, she has un-dergone a plastic surgery” She told the doctor.
“Oh my Goodness” The man exclaimed.
“I am a medical doctor, my field doesn’t involve or related with plastic or cosmetic surgeries and I have no idea about it but I must say this, The surgeon must be a quack one” Doctor John said.
“Uh? ” Bella exclaimed.
“Ok, Ok plea-se Doctor John, plea-se st©p beating around the bush and tell me what’s wrong with Paulina? Tell me what to do! ” Mrs Brown said alre-ady with teary eyes.
“Her respiratory system, I’m talking about her nose! ” He said.
“What happened to her nose?” They asked simultaneously.
“Being a fake one is not the problem but who ever did the surgery didn’t do it well… That’s why she couldn’t breathe for a while and if nothing is done, she may not be able to breathe forever. You know what it means”
“Never! No! This can’t be happening”
“But it is, instead of sitting here and thinking it’s all a dream. Something must be done! I would have loved to help since it’s my Job to save lives but this problem is not related to my field” He said.
“Doctor, Doctor John, you nee-d to un-derstand something you don’t seem to, that girl initial look was so unbearable to people and she [email protected]£ a mocking toy” Bella tried to explain…
“I know. That’s the only reason that makes people go for cosmetic and plastic surgery. What I’m trying to say is that, The Plastic surgery she did was not successful”
“But he said it was” Mrs Brown argued.
“He said So? But it’s not” He said.
“Melinda, we’ve got to sue that man! ” Bella suggested.
Paulina’s mom maidian name is Melinda.
“Well, I don’t think It is possible to. It wasn’t a compulsory treatment, it was a voluntary one. Had it been Medical Doctors like me made such a mistake then there is every right to Jail us but for the plastic surgeons, No way. It was your decision” He concluded.
And they heaved a very heavy sigh.
– Terrified and confused on what exactly to do.
“When did the surgery take place? ” He asked them.
“18 days ago” Mrs Brown answered immediately.
“Before it’s get too late, you’ve got to hurry up. Return to wherever the surgery took place” He told them.
They nodded and stood up to leave when the door was flung and two nurses rushed in.
“Doctor John! The patient at ward 123” They screamed.
“What? ?” They all flin-ched.
The doctor hurriedly put on his white coat and rushed out of the office with the two nurses along with him.
Bella and Mrs Brown were not permitted to come into the ward no matter how much they wept and pleaded.
Chapter 18
Doctor John [email protected]£ out of the ward, sweating profusely and they (Mrs Bella and Brown) ran to meet him.
“My Daughter…”
“She’s fine now. The only thing that saved her for now is the oxygen ventilator. It covered her nostrils, so she could breath it in easily” He told them.
“We’ve got to take her to the surgeon immediately” Bella said.
“Immediately” Doctor John repeated. “And the ambulance would be of help”
Bella and Mrs Brown sat in the ambulance along with a young doctor whom Doctor John told to be their own aid.
..And Paulina was on the stretcher with her eyes opened and teary. Same as her mom and aunt.
*Soon the ambulance [email protected]£ to an halt and Paulina was pu-ll-ed out of it while her mom and aunt ran along with her.
Good thing, Surgeon Aaron was pres£nt.
“Take her over there” He ordered his as-sistant surgeons.
“Don’t t©uçh my daughter! ” Mrs Brown yelled at them.
“Don’t you dare t©uçh her! ” She yelled again.
“Mrs Brown right? ” Surgeon Aaron asked and she simpered.
“You knew it! You know this would happen, didn’t you? ” She shouted at him.
“Calm down Mrs Brown! ” He said and turned to two of his as-sistants and said to them: “Attend to her, you know what to do”
Then they pushed the stretcher and left.
“So what now? ” Mrs Bella groused at him.
“Come with me” He said.
“We are not going anywhere! ” Paulina’s mom barked at him.
“Say it here, say everything right here” She said.
He sighed, somewhat confused.
“O – -Ok first, I want you two to un-derstand that I didn’t do the surgery myself, the as-sistant surgeons did” He said.
“What are you trying to insunate?”
“The mistake in her nose wasn’t made by me. Listen Mrs’s I’m a professional in my Job. Will you believe that virtually everyone that works here have un-dergone plastic surgeries and it was successful” He beat around the bush.
“I don’t care. All I care about is my daughter’s health”
“Surgeon Aaron, so that’s why you called me twice to ask of Paulina’s health. You knew the surgery wasn’t successful but you lied to us, you couldn’t even the spell the truth to us immediately” Bella shouted at him.
“I.. I was hoping for the best” He stammered.
“You see, my daughter must be healed” Paulina’s mom said alre-ady weeping.
“That is what they are trying to do in there but I’m afraid and I won’t lie to you, this is a critical moment.. Nothing can be done” He said.
“What the’ hell is coming out of your mouth ?”
“The truth, I’m sorry ma’am. Is alre-ady late. We can only give to her temporary treatment and attention to her nose” Infact, Surgeon Aaron spoke boldly. – Knowing fully well that he cannot be sued for an unsuccessful surgery or if anything happens to the poor Paulina.
Mrs Brown would have [email protected] if not for her sister who held her closely and as-suring her that everything would be fine.
“Mr Aaron, do you know what it means if one cannot breathe for too long? ” Bella confronted him..
“Mrs Bella, we never told you to bring that child here for a plastic surgery. It was your decision” He said.
“And you were willing to attend to her! ” She fired at him.
“Well, no one is above mistakes beside every mistake we made isn’t our fault either” He sm-irked.
“For crying out loud Surgeon Aaron! St©p saying all this! We are talking about a child’s life here” Mrs Brown shouted at the t©p of her voice then she continued to whimper.
“It’s all the same mrs”
“Melinda, let’s leave.. It’s obvious this man is heartless” She whispered into her sister’s ear.
“We are leaving. Bring back the young girl” She said to him and the handsome but no heart surgeon sm-irked and said: ” We will”
“Mr Aaron!” One of the female as-sistants they met earlier ran towards them.
“She is no longer breathing” She announced and [email protected] when she noticed their pres£nce.
Another one ran and said “For the past 20 minutes now, she did not move”
“Wh..what? ”
“Wh…what are they saying Doctor?!”
“Let’s go there” He said as he put on a stethoscope and rush towards where they were coming from.
Mrs Brown [email protected]
“It was all my fault, I’m so sorry Melinda. I wish I could go back in time” Paulina’s aunt said and cried too.
“I.. I never wanted the plastic surgery but ever since you made mention of it, she insisted on doing it” Paulina’s mom wept bitterly.
“…And, I had no other choice than to let her do it, I regretted it. .To us, she was beautiful, she was like a precious diamond not untill she started to having inferior feelings about herself as a result of what her schoolmate said to her. Now where is she? ” She cried out loud, stabbing the couch really [email protected] with her clutched hands.
Her temperature was h0tter than fire and her hands and feet were trembling.
“It was all my fault.
Surgeon Aaron won’t go scort free, he must be sued. I alre-ady called two lawyers and they re-ady to bound the hospital and arrest him and his co-workers”
“Bella, would that bring my daughter back to life? Getting the whole world arrested for this, would it bring Paulina back to life?
I shouldn’t have Paulina go throu-gh it, I had a dream something worse would happen to her yet I let her do the surgery. I hate myself, I’m not a mother anymore! I’m not worthy to be called one. Now I have lost everything! I have lost my one and only” She cried terribly and her clothes were socked with tears.
Who won’t feel this great pain when they lose their child especially if it happens to be the only child?
There was a knock on the door, followed by the jingle of the bell.
“Tell me it’s Paulina. Tell me she is the one. Tell me she [email protected]£ to say the fake surgeon lied about her death, Just tell me she’s back” Mrs Brown cried.
“Melinda! ” Bella could not even control her b0ss0msister when she couldn’t even herself. She was only trying to strong on the outside but inside of her was damaged with pains b’cos a [email protected] of her had just left.
“I… I will go get the door” She stood up and walked towards the door.
She opened the door to see the familiar people she met two days ago.
“Good afternoon Mrs Bella” They greeted simultaneously.
“I.. We [email protected]£ to see Paulina. How is she feeling now? I’m kinda expecting her in school tomorrow” Frank said.
Mrs Bella sniffed then fresh tears began to roll down her cheeks. They wondered why.
“Come in plea-se, both of you” She permitted.
“Uh, Mrs Brown? ” Freddie exclaimed when he sighted Paulina’s mom.
“Freddie” She called his name too.
“I never thought I’ll find you here in Wintery. Did you come here with Paulina? I have been unable to reach her” He said.
“Paulina… ”

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