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Brutally S-xed Episode 5 & 6

Episoe Five
She stood up, made her way towards the door to leave, the Three Musketeers pu-ll-ed her back, pushed her to the be-d, f0rç£fully took off her clothes and..
They were struggling who to go first, Mark insisted he would be the one to first climb the mountain. Tom and Alex all struggled to be on her first. She was calm, looking at them as they struggled.
Finally, they agreed that Mark go first. But she must be busy with the other two. She once again sounded a note of warning to them not to go ahead. But it as though her plea this time got them aggravated.
“You think say you go just carry *yourself come our room without us tasting this h0ñ£yp0t of yours? Not* *on this campus now, you don come be say you don come. Abeg make una help me* spre-ad her legs [email protected]”.
Mark ordered his friends as he f0rç£d *his d!¢k into her pvzzy. Tom and Alex held unto her *both legs and spre-ad them wi-de open. Mark* was having a good time on t©p of her, as she was only smiling with her eyes closed…..
Mark [email protected]£ down after some minutes and asked her to be on *t©p of him while Tom goes throu-gh her an-us. She complied, she was on Mark, Tom pene-trated* her an-us as Alex inser-ted his d!¢k in her mouth.
The Three *Musketeers “BRUTALLY S-xED” Lucifiana as she continued smiling and tears dripping* down her cheeks at the same time…
After about 45 minutes, they were all exhausted because they have all re-leased. They la-id on the be-d [email protected] for breath, then Lucifiana as them to continue….
“You guys will have to continue, because I am yet to get [email protected] and I must reach it”. She told them……
“Orga we-tin? Even if we must continue, let us have some rest. You wan kill person?”…. Quried Alex….
“There will be no rest for you guys, I warned you but you wouldn’t listen. Now get back to work the three of you”. She ordered with an authoritative tone…..
“Abeg park well, who you dey threaten or give orders? We be like those small boys to you?”. Replied Tom….
“You must get back to work right now because I am really thirsty for blood. Do it or I will do it myself and that will be very dangerous for you guys”….
Her threat meant nothing to them, Mark made for the door to get some fresh air outside. But she pointed one of her f!ngerstowards the door and it jammed beyond opening. Mark tried [email protected] to f0rç£ the door open but couldn’t.
He called on his friends to give him a helping hand, yet the three of them couldn’t open the door.
Once again, she ordered them to get back to work. This time, they [email protected]£ very afraid because they saw fire in her eyes as she spoke to them. She stood up from the be-d, and [email protected]£ three persons. They saw three Lucifianas as she walked to each of them and asked them to continue fv¢king her.
They all were with a different Lucifiana at the same time ma-king love and crying at the same time. They couldn’t st©p because at that moment she was totally in control of them….
“I warned you guys, I begged you to let go and allow me do it when I am re-ady for it. You would have enjoyed it more from me and even get some luck to yourselves. Now you went against my wish, did it your own way and you expect me to let go? This is the end of the road for you guys, I told you that I belong not to the kingdom you know”.
They were begging her to forgive them that they won’t dare do it to her again or any other lady on campus. But their plea-s all fell on deaf ears as she insisted they continue…
While they made love to her, she was draining their blood as they were dying slowly. The love ma-king lasted several hours, yet she refused to let go and insisted they continue despite all they pleaded with her. At a point, she used her eyes to turn off the light in the room and ordered them to go ha-rder on her…
Episoe Six (18+)
At a point, she used her eyes to turn off the light in the room and ordered them to go ha-rder on her…
The three of them [email protected] after several hours of intense S-x, she got up, sat on the be-d still n-ked waiting for them to wake up and continue….
One hour gone, she invoked some palatable and delicious meal from her kingdom while she await their revival.
They woke up three hours later, all happening at the same time. She ordered them to eat the food and get back to work. Fear could be seen on their faces and shivers all over their bodies.
“We beg you in the name of God”.plea-sed Tom……
“Taaaaaaaaa!!!!” She exclaimed. Don’t you ever make mention of that here again, did you remember that name all the while I was asking you guys to let go? You guys want to have me, here I am now re-ady for you. S-x me the way you want. I am still n-ked for you”.
“I swear, in my entire life I will not fv¢k again. If I should get out of this alive, my life will be dedicated to you Lucifiana”. Alex said pleading…
“Go and have your meal and get back to work”. She commanded once again.
“But, don’t be offended, how and where did you get this food. Because we don’t have food stuffs in the room. Not to talk of having this sort of meal”. Mark asked..
“Whatever you nee-d can be given to you from my kingdom. I would have given you guys what you wanted, but you chose to have it your way. Now you must pay for every bit of pain you caused me here and in my kingdom. You have done this for too long, ma-king love to everyone you want to. It may shock you to know that most ladies you have S-xed are from our kingdom. You guys have been initiated long ago. I just [email protected]£ to fulfill your woes. Your minds were [email protected] not to allow you heed to any advice given to you since you had it with one of our agents”.
“Every agent has their specific as-signment, some are to initiate you first, some to [email protected] your hearts *and some to finally destroy you. Have you wondered why you don’t see any of those ladies again on campus whenever* you were done with them? They return back to our kingdom because their missions were done”.
“My room mate, Linda warned you, so many people *warned you. Above all, I did not just warn you guys, but I pleaded with you. My name Lucifiana did not even scare you guys. I am a direct* *descendant of Lucifer, the name should have rang a bell to you guys* . (But they say, he *who the gods* want to kill they do not allow to perceive the smell of feases). Your day of DOOM is here. Get back to work”. She turned three again and ordered them to continue.
Their plea-s couldn’t help as they continued from where they st©pped….
It was 4pm the next day, some friends [email protected]£ looking for them because they were not in lectures all day. Unlike them, despite all they did in school, they were always academic conscious.
A knock [email protected]£ at their door, but they were so weak to even respond. Their friends knowing they were in kept knocking because the door was not padlocked outside as was the case always.
It was Mark who was able to speak out a little louder before they knew something was actually not right with them. They tried forcing the door open but it was [email protected] locked…

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