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Bridge’s of love Episode 9 & 10

🖋Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
🎗Entangled love 🎗
💓Episode nine💓
Isabella’s Pov
I gradually opened my eyes and looked around.
I saw Kim near the be-d I was lying, she was crying and wailing.
Isay! Isay!! Thank goodness you are awake now… You got me so scared! Kim said as she hvgged me and I f0rç£d a smile
How did I get here? I asked trying to get up
Well you were knocked down by a car, can’t you remember? And luckily the rich lady whose car hit you had you rushed to this expensive hospital and… Kim kept talking but she paused as the rich lady walked into my ward.
Good day ma’am! I greeted her as she smiled at me faintly
How are you doing now dear? She asked
Am doing good ma’am! I said quietly
I will go see the doctor in her office alright… She said as she turned to leave when suddenly the door threw open and mother rushed in with Nathan.
You ingrate! Useless girl you made me loose my customer with your carelessness… I know for a long time that you are nothing but bad luck worthless piece of trash…. Mother yelled as she rushed to me and gave me a dirty [email protected] as she dragged my long hair r0ûghly.
Am so sorry mother… I cried in pain as the annoyed rich lady quic-kly pushed mother aside to st©p her from [email protected] and dragging my hair.
Enough! Can’t you see that she’s not feeling well… The rich lady yelled at mother
Do you want me to sue you? What kind of a mother are you? Your daughter had an accident and almost died all you do is to walk into her ward and hurt her? The lady asked in anger
She can never be my daughter! She’s nothing but a trash baby… Mother said as tears circulated slowly in my eyes and rolled down
Listen up Isabella! I will make you suffer for this, the customer who wants to buy the charcoal have refused to because she bought from another available source… Oh my goodness! I feel like ripping off your useless eyes right now, what am I gonna do? Holy cra-p! You are nothing but ill luck… Mother shouted at me as i broke down in tears
Mother plea-se st©p it! You are hurting Isay with your words… Nathan said hvgging me
Who cares? Mother said
Fine! I know it’s my fault she delayed the errand you s£nt her so for that reason am going to give you a job… The rich lady and mother’s eyes wi-de-ned in surprise
Really? You can take her, she’s useless to me anyways… Mother said
I have a clas-sy h0tel where she can work as a waitress… The lady said
Thank you so much ma’am… I said still in tears
Just that the h0tel is not located here in San Francisco, it’s in Manila… She said
That’s far! I said but mother quic-kly dragged my mouth f0rç£fully
But I can give you an [email protected] and also pay you, let it be my way of apologizing for what happened… She said
Uhmm… Ma’am plea-se can I ask you for something? I said stammering
Yes! She said
plea-se can you also employ my friend Kim? I asked her as Kim pinched me in anxiety
Alright! No problem… Here is my card!! She said as she handed a card to me
I will foot the bill and you can call me when you are re-ady to come to Manila with your friend… excuse me and get well soon, once again am really sorry… She said as she patted my hair and walked out with her P. A
Useless bit-ch! Mother spat on me as she walked away
As Nathan and Kim hvgged me ti-ghtly consoling me.
Unknown’s Pov
I was on my way out of the hospital when suddenly i caught sight of someb©dy.
Mommy! Let’s go… A cute little girl who ran past me said as she rushed to the garage
Am so happy you are well now Audrey baby… her mom said as she walked out of the car.
my eye wi-de-ned in shock…
Isn’t that Daisy? That’s Andrew’s sister! So she’s married now and she has a daughter… A cute little daughter and made me loose my child.. I thought in annoyance as i wore my eyeglas-ses properly including my hood so that she won’t recognize me.
Hi dear! I said pretentiously
Ooh how may we help you lady? Daisy asked as she looked at me with a smile probably because she saw I was looking rich.
I love your little girl, she reminds me of my daughter… I said forcing back tears
Awwwnnn… Audrey say hi to auntie… Daisy said sweetly
Hi auntie! I love your hair… She said and I laughed
That’s sweet of you baby! I said
Where are you heading to? Daisy asked
To Manila! That’s where i live… I said
Really? What a coincidence! That’s where we live too… my husband and I including baby Audrey lives there …she said
Wow! Can I get your phone number or better still your card.. I can visit you some of these days… I said nicely
Sure! She said as she handed her card to me and i smiled warmly
And you are? Daisy asked
Uhmm… Vanessa, Vanessa Cruz… I said as she smiled broadly
And am Daisy Sebastian Sanchez… Sanchez is my husband’s name… she said as i chuckled
That’s nice… See you some other time… I said as i pe-cked Audrey and hopped into my car and drove off with little Audrey waving at me.
“An eye for an eye Daisy Sebastian! Little Audrey I never really want to add you to this but a child for a child… I will make you feel three times the pain I felt when I lost my Nana and when I lost my little baby “Idrianna” and I never really got to see or hold her so Daisy I will make sure you are going to feel all my pains, watch and see! I thought as tears rolled down from my glas-ses as i quic-kly picked up a handkerchief and wiped it off.
Aunt Best! Nicole screamed in delight as he rushed to me and hvgged me.
Oh my little Nick is now a man.. I smiled broadly as i [email protected] him
Nicole is actually Amy’s son and he has been like a child to me.
Imelda! Amy rushed out of the mansion and we ran into each others arms in excitement
Keep it down bestie! Am no longer that Imelda Rodriguez that was stepped on and bullied by people, I am now Vanessa Cruz… The rich and famous, influential lady and the only defeat for the Sebastian’s.
I am the unknown! I laughed as Amy hvgged me again
Finally Imelda I mean Vanessa you will be able to get the justice you long de-sired… Amy said as we held hands and walked into the magnificent mansion.
Isabella’s Pov
I packed my clothes into a bag, I was so lost in thought.
“Which kind of life awaits Kim and I in Manila? How are we going to survive in Manila? Oh God! Dear God plea-se lead us safely and give us a good future… I said my silent prayer as i picked up my [email protected]£ra 📷
I held my cheek and smiled… The [email protected]£ra is just reminding me of a resounding [email protected] given to me by a rich kid… I chuckled
I was about to leave the room when Nathan rushed into the room.
Here Isay! Your bead n£¢klace… He said and handed a n£¢klace to me
Thank you Nathan! Am really going to miss you so much… I said we ran into each others [email protected] in tears…
💓Episode ten
Isabella’s Pov
We boarded a bus and headed straight to Manila.
A lot is waiting for us in Manila Isay, I just hope we will be able to cope living in the midst of influential people… Kim said
I know Kim but we have to do this for our families and for our own good… I said
Promise me you will always be my best friend OK. Kim said in tears
Of course Kim! I cross my heart… I said in tears as we hvgged each other.
We got to Manila and we called her number and she s£nt one of her cars to pick us up.
The car drove into the h0tel building, it was like paradise…
Our jaw dropped in awe… Is this a h0tel or a palace? I asked myself
We met the rich ma’am secretary and she led us to a building behind the h0tel where she showed us a room.
This will be your room from now onwards and here is yours uniforms, don’t be late cos you will start fully by tomorrow… She said strictly
Yes ma’am! We said as we took the key to the room and our uniforms from her.
She walked away quic-kly as we opened the room and entered.
Oh my gosh Isay! Kim screamed in delight
This room is three times bigger than our whole house in San Francisco… I said in shock
There’s a room cooler here, it’s so cool and conducive here… Kim said timidly
Actually Kim it’s not called room cooler, it is called air conditioner… I re-ad of that from a book… I said smartly
Whatever! Kim said
We looked around the room in surprise… Though it was just one room but it was so big with a rest room that’s a dunny (🚽 toilet) and a bathroom including a kitchen.
The floor was tiled with colourful tiles and it has a bunk be-d, two chairs and tables including a television set hanged on the wall and a wall mirror.
We arranged our stuffs in the room still admiring the room.
Eric’s Pov
I walked out of my bathroom with a towel tied around my [email protected]!st as water dropped from my broad manly b©dy.
I stood in front of my dressing mirror as i dung my f!ngersinto my curly hair.
Minutes later, I was done dressing… Looking absolutely handsome.
I was still brushing my hair when my door was thrown open and Clara barged in as I fumed in anger.
Hi baby! Clara smiled mischievously as she walked to me and tried to pe-ck me but I dodged it
Sweetheart! What’s wrong with you Eric? She asked as she chewed her gum noisily and blew it into my face.
What’s wrong with Clara? I yelled in anger as i pushed her aside r0ûghly and picked up my suit to wear.
What do you mean Eric? She asked
Don’t you know how to knock? I mean you barged into my room and you still ask me what’s wrong with me? I asked angrily
Really? Come on Eric, am your girlfriend for crying out loud so I can enter your room whenever I want unless… She said as she paused giving me a suspicious stare.
Unless what? I asked anxiously
Unless you are hiding another girl in your room… She said as she quic-kly threw my bathroom open and then my wardrobe
What are you doing? I asked her confused
Just ma-king sure that my suspicions are not true… she said as i sighed angrily
Whatever! I said as i walked out of my room and she ran after me
Wait up Eric! She screamed rushing after me.
Well she’s Clara and her family happens to be my family’s business as-sociate and family friend.
We attended college together in the states and my mom insisted that she’s the one for me so having no choice she [email protected]£ my girlfriend.
She is so spoilt, arrogant and disrespectful of course that’s because she’s the only daughter of the famous wealthy family of the Martinez.
To wors£n the whole situation, since our families were friends and business as-sociate, she works for her family company with me working for mine.
We were always together and she’s a very jealous type so I can say that am just locked up with her.
Later that day, we were so famished and decided to eat out.
She told me she knows of a h0tel where we could eat.
Baby! Let’s just eat out at Vannie h0tels, it’s a newly built h0tel and their meals are super good.. She said
Alright… I said as i drove straight to the h0tel
We got into the h0tel and i must confess it’s superb.
We made reservations and orders.
Some minutes later, Clara excused herself and left for the restroom as the food were served.
Clara’s Pov
Shortly, I walked out of the restroom heading to the reservation where Eric and I were seated.
Suddenly, a careless waitress carrying a tray of wine bu-mped into me and the wine stained my expensive dress.
How dare you you piece of trash? I yelled at her as the [email protected]£ra she hung on her n£¢k fell on the ground as tears rolled down her cheeks.
Do you know how much this dress cost? You are so clumsy! I screamed as Eric rushed to me
What’s going on? He asked as suddenly his eye caught with the [email protected]£ra and he picked it up looking at it as I angrily pushed the weeping waitress and she fell on floor…
To be continued…
😜This is getting more interesting ahswear! But Clara’s so mean don’t you think? 😡
Stay tuned!

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